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remembering and every person has the right under the universe to take rational human rights. and he's not a. right david man a human rights lawyer in australia head of refugee legal in organization there david thank you very much again for joining us on our program thank you. you're watching news still to come air boss is in trouble in the u.s. after admitting some of its statements to the u.s. government were not completely accurate that comes on top of corruption charges here in europe. dad has the details coming up in one minute.
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they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the minds of. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about a motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands d.-w. is a new multimedia series for africa. d.w. dot com africa on the move. who'd have thought of world trade continues to boom german machine makers have their order books full and they your commission reports ever rising confidence of
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bragg's a triumphant catalonian never happens. and more trouble for us while dealing with corruption charges in europe the company now admits that there have also been inaccuracy in the us. also on the show netflix pulls its money spent on house of cards the real world fall out of kevin spacey sex assault admission. but first a good day for samsung shareholders for a change the korean electronics giant has forecast substantial increases and shelter returns for the next three years shareholders will reap the benefits of record earnings q three profits are up nearly one hundred fifty percent samsung said it will increase its annual dividend by twenty percent this year and double it next year than it plans to hold it at that level until twenty twenty the company's share price has more than doubled since the beginning of twenty sixteen and with
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a growing demand for memory chips in advance display panel samsung is likely to post even bigger earnings in the coming quarters. when you listeners news these days you might worry that we're heading for bad times economically speaking u.s. president trump threatening to cut the u.s. from globalization britain turning away from the youth through brazil and separatists trying to whole countries apart like in spain but you might be surprised to find that global trade is actually booming. german engineering companies are overwhelmed with work. and the orders keep coming in other industries as well. demand for german products is not just growing at home but elsewhere in europe and globally experts say the main reason is an unexpected upswing in wild trait. the outlook for international imports and exports is far better than it was at the beginning of the year the world trade organization expects global trade to
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grow by three point nine percent this year the international monetary fund even for costs that an increase of four point two percent is possible. the trend is expected to continue in the coming year as well. that's down to the continued economic recovery across europe an important trading partner for many countries worldwide. trade with the us is also strengthening trumps threats of import tariffs and other trade barriers have barely been implemented. this will also benefit asian countries which are posting a strong growth as a result of robust global trade. and that rather positive picture is also reflected in fresh figures from the european commission showing a surge in economic confidence in october the index of industry and consumer sentiment in europe rose to its highest level in almost seventeen years the mood barometer rose by an unexpectedly high zero point nine percent to one hundred
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fourteen points from the one hundred and thirteen point one in the previous months that comes ahead of quarterly growth figures for the eurozone of zero point six percent margin more than the expected half of the cent considering a time of strengthening global economic headwinds it's a surprisingly robust picture for the european economy so why is everyone so full of confidence earlier i spoke to callum pickering senior economist at bell bank bank in london and i asked him if all this optimism is actually justified. well the fundamentals are actually pretty good certainly relative to a decade ago household balance sheets are stronger we have record employment in many places firm profits are up we kind of have this post lehmann caution still hanging over us and we're finding it a little hard to deal with the usual political uncertainty and there's something odd going on if you ask an individual how he's doing he tells you he's doing fine
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but then when you ask people in aggregate they don't feel so good and of course are always political risks to watch but my impression is we just have a bad dose of economic pessimism which doesn't reflect the fundamentals and over time we will learn to live with the political worries which probably won't manifest in a major way and will continue to see an improvement in economic fundamentals over time where we look at your ability specially of britain for example. briggs's being the key word there are other worries and warning is going to be forgotten. certainly not britain is going to have to suffer for it but economic policy choice which was to go for brics it if it goes for a hard break that is the u.k. and the e.u. don't strike a trade deal britain could get hurt quite badly in the longer it but i don't think that will happen in the u.k. mii you will come to some agreement and it will probably end up hitting the u.k. in the long run something to the order of zero point four percent per year of
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g.d.p. so inside the e.u. the u.k. can grow around two point two percent outside it can probably grow around one point eight that is not a good economic policy choice but it is certainly not the end of the world. briefly what do you expect. the consequences for the e.u. of the brits they'll be virtually no effect whatsoever on the european economy so long as the u.k. avoids a heartbreaks it. can pick through from berne back bank in london thank you very much. today posted quarterly call operating earnings of six hundred ninety seven million euros as revenues rose two percent but these underwhelming numbers were overshadowed by a surprise admission that the company had found in accuracies in statements to the u.s. state department regarding sales of military hardware this comes on top of unresolved legal troubles resulting from corruption probes in europe that may cost the company
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heavy fines their boss employees should prepare themselves for turbulent times this morning came from the c.e.o. himself tom enders and was directed to around one hundred thirty thousand employees worldwide the c.e.o. has also filed a corruption complaint with the british authorities against his own company and is wanted to clean up the european aircraft giant. this is going to be a long process and there are potentially serious consequences including significant penalties to the company this is what and his road to the aircraft make a stop in early october the extent of the damage is not yet known the allegations are of kickbacks during sales of air bus passenger and military aircraft the effort to boost business also involves the use of illicit funds and g.p.s. sales agents for hot but boy from transparency international one thing is clear the company's management has filed an end as a c.e.o.
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is responsible. as of venice who is that in which to most if it's true that he didn't know then there's definitely organizational problems which can be traced back to him and there's no question about it because after twenty years of o.e.c.d. rules ten years after the semen scandal to not ensure that you know what's happening in your company is impossible and especially in such a difficult business situation with competition from boeing and other competitors it's clear there's a strong temptation to do something like that industry has taken more care even if you really didn't know. the result is that airbus could be hit with fines in the billions in britain and france and that could have a severe economic impact on the company in germany authorities are investigating the sale of fifteen euro fighter jets to austria here too they're also believed to be irregularities but in germany there's been no indictment against the company only individual employees they're doing we desperately need a corporate criminal law where companies are threatened by serious punishment this
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is long been the case in britain and france we're thirty years behind and this is perhaps the consequence of the german age a network of interconnected german companies who protect each other and it's not ok . global companies like airbus and siemens are particularly susceptible to corruption especially in situations where the local customs are more blurred. and is now needs to demonstrate full cooperation with the authorities. house of cards has been a cash cow for the video on demand service not flicks and although the show is full of divorced immoral characters it doesn't reflect well on the company if the actors are behaving like that in real life in the age of harvey weinstein's shaming sexual assault allegations against house of cards star kevin spacey a seriously bad for business to the show is being canceled. for years house of cards has been netflix's most popular show since the video on demand
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service launched the groundbreaking political drama series in two thousand and thirteen its number of suspects reivers has grown sharply to one hundred ten million worldwide now netflix says house of cards will end after its upcoming sixth season the company said in a statement that it was deeply troubled by anthony raps allegation the actor and star trek discovery star said that spacey had made sexual advances towards him in one thousand nine hundred six when rap was only fourteen years old spacey said in a twitter post on sunday that he was beyond horrified to hear rap story of the encounter which he claimed he did not remember he wrote that he owed rap a sincere apology for deeply inappropriate drunken be a via spacey who's very secretive about his private life use the incident to come out of the closet as a gay man much to the chagrin of the gay community. i'm incredibly disappointed that kevin spacey has used this situation to come out as gay it suggests that there
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is a correlation between his sexuality and has allegedly its conduct and there simply isn't this really doesn't help any of us in our fight for equality it actually just plays into the hands of those who would continue to marginalize us. netflix insists that it's not canceling the show because of the allegations it planned to end it before they came to light. netflix is currently worth some eighty billion dollars its share price has hardly budged. and that's me and the business team in stories on background you can find. on the school of business of course and if you don't already follow us on facebook. twitter has more news on the. top of the top of the hour before that here's a look at world markets and all that before me right now thanks for watching.
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