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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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hold g.w. on one. for been focused global insights the news out for local heroes. you don't make for mines. this is due to the news live from berlin cracking down on the catalogs spanish media reports a judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of dismiss catalan leader carlos pushed him off as he refuses to return to madrid from brussels other catalan leaders are sent to jail pending their trial on charges linked to the region's declaration of independence
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also coming up the man accused of carrying out the new york terror attack tells the court he feels good about what he has done donald trump says the suspect should be given the death penalty. at a took them fifty six years but the houston astros have finally taken baseball's top prize the world series we'll take a closer look at how they did it. i'm so me so much going to thank you for joining us according to spanish media a judge in spain has ordered the arrest of the dismissed catalan leader karla's proved him on the move comes after pushed him on failed to show up in court in madrid today to answer questions on catalonia declaration of independence he is currently in brussels along with four other members of the dismissed regional government the judge in madrid sent to other members of the former catalan cabinet
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to jail without bail. freedom chant the demonstrators outside the catalan government building in barcelona a show of support for sacked catalan officials appearing in court in madrid they are facing possible charges of rebellion after the region last week declared independence from spain. what i find shameful is the defending people's opinions is considered a crime and letting people's voices be heard is not a crime they haven't done anything but allow the parliament to work normally. nowhere to be seen in barcelona as the catalan leader car less push demand who's traveled to belgium he failed to appeared caught in madrid today and the spanish state prosecutor wants him arrested. when someone doesn't appear after being cited by a judge to testify in spain or in any other e.u.
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country and arrest warrant is issued it's a duty to answer to the summons pushed amounts lawyer says he will cooperate with both spanish and belgian authorities. before. and he can defend against this extradition. exception. we will be in warrant the court. a few. outside the supreme court in madrid lawyers representing catholic leaders said pushed for months no show would impact on the other defendants. we want to analyze whether it will be beneficial or detrimental but it is going to have an effect that's for sure. despite his passionate support in barcelona months refusal to come before the courts in madrid can only damage his case. let's
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bring in our correspondents barbara basal is in brussels and charlotte shell some pill is in barcelona with the latest good to see you both barbara let's come to you in brussels first spain state prosecutor now requesting a european arrest warrant for and some of his ex deputies has there been any reaction there in brussels. very dry comment off the state prosecution office here in belgium and that says as soon as the arrest warrant iran leaves here in brussels the law will be applied now that means because this is merely an end a purely judicial process between the two authorities in spain and here in belgium which means that then the belgium police will probably arrest card as the moment they will maybe put him under supervision in any case they have to make sure that he doesn't flee again because that he has left spain they'd prosecution there and
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so of course there is the risk that he might do it again so for the bajan. that means there is a flight risk they mourn his have to arrest him and then the whole process starts rolling barbara if we do feel this one step further could carlos push him on an e.u. citizen be extradited to spain. this whole european arrest warrant it regulates the relatively easy and formalistic sort of educational procedure for extraditing one citizen to another that you stayed where that prison is supposed to have infringed the law and is being sought by the courts that's the purpose of the whole thing so basically yes he needs to go he can appeal before a belgian court there are some grounds for appeal the chances are not very high for success he can make time he can sort of push this further later into into the winter basically the belgian has sixty days to extradite to put him on and
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we will see how this plays out traditionally. try to stay here for as long as possible but his chances of winning this case are basically nil all right charlotte let's come to you in barcelona now where there have been a pro independence protests today how of people there been reacting to this escalating crisis surrounding pooja ma and members of colonial government. that's right just a short time ago there was an enormous crowd of pro independence supporters behind me they were here to greet several returning catalan officials who faced the supreme court today to offer their support they were chanting that they were behind them and that they did not belong in prison earlier today we also had a similar protests outside the regional government office people were saying that it is a hero you do of course have
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a divide though from people here in catalonia it cannot be forgotten that more than half the population isn't in favor of independence and will be looking with a very critical eye at the proceedings that have followed that independence declaration on friday show we heard what barbara said it looks to be a difficult case for carlos bush to ma and he's facing charges of sedition and rebellion they carry long sentences so are some of his deputies what is at stake here for catalonia. well we've got this election that's happening on december twenty first and of course it's going to be crucial to see whether or not the leaders of this independence movement all in prison at that point it certainly does look like that's going to be the case so the key question is how exactly are they going to fight an election behind bars or whether indeed they can surely as well without them there are going to be some questions as to whether or not the independence movement can survive and whether we're just going to see an
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election where pro independence posses can't run in which case they'll be a lot of people wondering whether or not it's going to be a fair representation of how people feel here in catalonia about this independence movement charlotte shell from hell in barcelona and barbara vessel in brussels thank you both for your insights. to the u.s. where donald trump has renewed calls for the death penalty to be handed to the suspect in tuesday's attack in new york city the accused to pause waived his right to silence and told authorities he was inspired to kill by the so-called islamic states online propaganda meanwhile u.s. president has called for a capital punishment for sar pov tweeting he killed eight people and should get the death penalty family and friends of the eight victims have been holding vigils in their memory let's bring in our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena with the latest hi alexandria could donald trump's death penalty remarks actually
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jeopardize a fair trial well actually it is possible that donald trump's remarks could have consequences because he's demand for death penalty for the suspect could be seen as a public intervention that could in the case and that could come back and haunt prosecutors and help defense attorneys defense attorneys could use those remarks now to argue that they're a client has no chance of getting a fair trial and that is actually why presidents are normally advised not to weigh in on pending criminal cases meanwhile xander this investigation is continuing as you said any new details have emerged about the suspect and the attack. well actually we actually we are learning more and more details of the suspects personality we know nor know that they he had been planning this attack for about
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a year that he to test run in a rental truck last week and then decided to choose halloween to carry out his tag hoping that more people would be at this time on the streets he is being described by the investigators as a voracious consumer of propaganda the f.b.i. found about four thousand pictures as a seated with. a state on his cell phone they also found about ninety views including feed years of my ass or i asked fighters killing prisoners and the suspect himself told the end this to gators that he was inspired by a video in which the leader of the so-called islamic state. was questioning what muslims in the united states and elsewhere were doing to responds
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to killing or for muslims in iraq and alexander we understand that the f.b.i. have identified a second back man who they're calling a person of interest what more do you know about him well the f.b.i. released a poster yesterday saying that they were looking for this man the main suspects associates and then only after. time they said that they found this man but they didn't want to comment on him or to say whatever he is providing them with any important information. alexander phenomena reporting for us from washington thank you alexandra. not to some other stories making news around the world in afghanistan at least fifteen people have been killed and dozens injured in a fuel tanker bombing officials said an explosive device triggered the blast which engulfed nearby vehicles in
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a town northwest of kabul there was no immediate claim of responsibility the british and israeli prime ministers have met in london to commemorate one hundred years since the controversial balfour declaration the one nine hundred seventeen statement declared britain support for a national home for the jewish people in what is now israel thousands of palestinians in the west bank and gaza strip gathered in protest kevin williamson has been appointed britain's new defense minister he replaces michael fallon who has resigned after allegations emerged about inappropriate sexual behavior felons departure is the latest twist in a growing scandal over abuse in the u.k.'s corridors of power. and aung san suu kyi has visited the conflict torn areas of rection state for the first time as me and mars leader she met with officials then headed to row hinge on muslim villages her government has said it is working on repatriation plans for the hundreds of thousands of
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a hinge fled ethnic violence. in baseball the houston astros won the world series for the first time in the club's history the best of seven contest against the los angeles dodgers went right to the wire but the astros pulled off a solid victory in the decisive game to the utter delight of their fans. lol this is the moment fifty five years of hurt finally came to an end it was to his fans watching on the big screen it's houston's home stadium went wild as they saw their team become world series champions in enemy territory oh it was history in the making and a big moment for the city after recent events go you through google houston exploded out of the blocks
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a game seven hitting five home runs in the first innings. george springer was the hero as he hit a homerun for the fourth consecutive game from their houston held out the dodge's winning the decider five one to seal a memorable first championship. thousands are still displaced following hurricane harvey's devastation this victory was a boost for the whole city. everyone down on their luck but the answers crickets that they gave us some hope for you or something to cheer for now we're champions of the world up. to fifty five years y.c. for glory the posse in houston will be less and proud. you're watching news still the calm for the first time in over a decade the bank of england raises interest rates joining the u.s. federal reserve in tightening monetary policy with brags that looming is the timing
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right. plus who will be the next chair of the u.s. federal reserve an announcement is expected trickling benzo and we'll have all your business headlines coming up in one minute. health. and hearings two long. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor rose.


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