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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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served in tightening monetary policy with brags that looming is the timing right. plus who will be the next chair of the u.s. federal reserve an announcement is expected to bend his ill and we'll have all your business headlines coming up and one. of. health. and hearings to long. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows.
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like in an equal society's. divide starting november fifteenth on g.w. . make your smart t.v. even smarter with a t w force more to. what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary. and you decide what songs find out more than double dog come smart t.v. . at the. british central bank is in damage control the bank of england raises interest rates to fend off the effects of bragg's that. global financial markets a flat as they wait to find out if the wrong power will take over as fed head. and . facebook shares fall the social media giant will have to spend big on preventing
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russian meddling in u.s. politics. and benefits all in let's do business the bank of england has raised its key interest rate for the first time in over a decade from one quarter of a percent to half a percent but u.k. is at a crossroads as to where brags it is going to take the nation v.o.a. governor mark carney says it's time to tighten fiscal policy tucked under this man's arm brittney's vis a vis not such good news for those with a mortgage to pay on thursday the governor of the bank of england announced that for the first time in ten years the time was right to not u.k. interest rates up points with unemployment at a forty two year low inflation running above target and growth just above its new lower speed limit the time has come to put a little off the accelerator so a little and slowly rates are only set declined by a quarter of
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a percentage first but the prospect of britain's departure from the e.u. means bragg's it is already beginning to bite with consumer prices reaching a five year high many analysts agreed action was needed. to meet with inflation probably going to go about three percent this is something that they need to do particularly at a time when the u.s. federal reserve is probably going to raise rates in december this year in the e.c.b. it's starting to pull back its own stimulus program further rate rises from the bank of england are expected over the next three years depending on the financial impact of bragg's it because as the governor of the bank of england put it himself these are not normal times. i asked our financial correspondent ali bartz if the u.k. central bank has basically trying to break the break that fall. that's right it's not like in the united states where the fed the fed is raising interest rates because the economy is going along at such
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a good clip and the labor market is stronger and getting ever stronger no thanks it is making itself felt in the british isles and above all in terms of inflation everything that's imported is now more expensive since the brics it because the pound the currency has fallen so drastically at the moment it's around fourteen percent below where it was before that back said vote investors worldwide don't just want that confident that the british economy would make it through unscathed and that's basically the case the british economy is weak so this is an interest rate hike out of weakness believing that with higher interest rates the pound becomes stronger and buying power returns at least a little bit inflation goes down leading to a healthier economy but i guess this would also hurt brits. it would hurt those with a mortgage for example anyone with credit on their books and for many people
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a report said today you know people who took out a mortgage in the last ten years for many of them it will be the first interest rate hike and they will be looking who can i afford the mortgage with perhaps more interest rate hikes coming for savers different story other side of the coin they're looking at that better yields for importers it means better conditions but for for exporters that means worse conditions if the pound indeed does go up and their terms of trade worsen could be another blow to the economy and britain the markets took a differently the pound went down because of you mentioned the gradually. mark carney saying that any increases further would be gradual the market took that to say that the pound won't strengthen very very much and the footsie the market went up the positives and negatives of the ease rate rise from all. in frankfurt. u.s. president donald trump is set to announce his pick for the new leader of the federal
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reserve is going to take the helm of the world's most important central bank just about everyone's betting on the road pal a fed governor since two thousand and twelve is a centrist on monetary policy and is known as pragmatic the head of the u.s. federal reserve is the most powerful central banker in the world some past fed chairman have even attained near cult status like alan greenspan he opened the money floodgates and sent equity markets into a feeding frenzy it led to a time of unprecedented growth fueled by credit. until the bubble burst in two thousand and seven unleashing a global financial crisis greenspan wasn't around anymore it was his successor ben bernanke who had to do the damage control but he kept monetary policy loose the u.s. economy had gotten used to extremely low interest rates a rapid reversal would have caused shocks to the system but it was business as usual under his successor janet yellen at least at first now she's opened the door
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to gradual rate increases amid stable growth in the us federal reserve stronger intervention in the economy stands in contrast to the policies of the european central bank which has favored a lighter touch and focuses on inflation the fed reacts to developments in the job market yemen's term ends in february. jerome powell is the man tipped to replace her the former investment banker is a republican and already part of the fed's governing board markets look ready to welcome such a choice he's nomination would signal continuity theoretically stanford university economist john taylor remains a candidate but his chances are slim analysts caution that he might be quick to tighten policy. janet yellen would normally be expected to serve a second term but because she was appointed by former president barack obama that is out of the question for the current white house by replacing
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a fed chairman only after one term president donald trump looks set to break another tradition. facebook says it's taking a big fold despite a surge in quarterly profits c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says new security measures will hit profitability facebook is in the hot seat in the u.s. for the way it handled political ads allowing the spread of russian propaganda to influence last is presidential poll. some of facebook's huge profits came from entities that wanted to influence the u.s. election the internet giant has now admitted that fake accounts created in so-called troll factories and russia had an impact with posts that were widely shared the question is how big of an impact. the messages were incendiary that were heavily partisan the content is really really striking and that's the kind of stuff that gets shared for free and you don't have to pay to get that to too many
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people one of facebook's legal advisers has admitted that the platform should have done more tech clamp down on fake accounts the most recent numbers indicate that in the space of the two years ahead of the last election one brusha based group generated some eighty thousand posts that reached around one hundred twenty six million users that's roughly half of the people eligible to vote in the u.s. election facebook says it's now taking steps to address the problem c.e.o. and founder mark zuckerberg has said he wants to beef up tools to prevent misuse. protecting our community he said is more important than maximizing our profits. and that protection won't come cheap facebook says it will be doubling the number of reviewers and security personnel that's ten thousand new positions critics say the move is overdue and that facebook has ignored hate speech and propaganda on the world's largest social media platform for far too long. now how
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do you like to get up close and personal with this guy a great white the largest of predatory fish a booming tourist trade in south africa and he's a reason to feel a little more comfy about diving with these fellows a lot more shocks wind up on our dinner plates than we do on their. off the coast of south africa the great white shark glides silently through the water. on the lookout for its next meal the predator stalks the thousands of seals that gather in the channel known as shark alley. the area is also one of the world's top commercial cage diving destinations but here in hunts by visitors can book a short tour for one hundred to one hundred fifty euros goosebumps guaranteed. coming face to face in icy water with the great white shark with just a few metal bars for protection is
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a thrill few tourists will forget. their size their their the mystique that surrounds them. you know i don't live near an ocean and so. the only experience that i had was sharks is what i see on t.v. movies and seeing the first hand is ok i don't think you could compare to anything else it's pretty amazing. the shark tourism brings in revenue. but it also enables researchers to inform the public about how vulnerable sharks are how they're caught in troll nets or targeted for their fins. cage diving industry hansen's bias been operating for a number of years many of these boats collecting daily observational data now to better protect an animal and we first have to know something about it so we can hype to push legislations at high levels if we don't have that knowledge to to
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first investigate. great white sharks have been called the lions of the oceans helping to maintain the ecological balance of the marine environment but populations have been decimated leaving only about three thousand worldwide in south africa they're now our prize tourism resource if other countries also. realize that the iconic fish is more valuable as a tourist attraction than in a soup bowl the great white shark might have a chance of survival. who are more of a. enjoy being shocked by the next holiday lasting business with.
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more intrigue international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week with donald trump's america first policy wind up putting china in the international driver seat find out on question to me.
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