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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2017 6:02am-6:15am CET

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still unclear. cordingly it is my pleasure and my honor to announce my nomination of. powell to be the next chairman of the federal reserve gradually. so the news is out to us the president on trump has nominated general paul as the next chief of the federal reserve pala republican will replace democrat janet yellen. and task last old steel actually comically laced a livery of its new sedan and post its largest quarterly loss. hello from berlin i'm funny for char and this is your business news general paul who has been nominated as the next fed chief has generally supported the policies
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of janet yellen his predecessor and therefore is expected to remain cautious about raising interest rates too quickly. if trump had his way this man would head up the most influential central bank in the world jerome powell a former private equity executive has been sitting on the governing board of the federal reserve for years analysts expect him to hold on to the policies of his predecessor janet yellen that means he'll adopt a cautious approach to raise interest rates but the president's pick still has to be confirmed by the senate powells appointment would be considered a good compromise when acceptable to the democrats and republicans would assume his post in feb twenty eighth. but. with much more on this issue and we are crossing over now to the to our man of wall street. the entire process of nominating the chief was very unorthodox to us i mean astray she was floating names quite openly
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quite loudly hall much damage does that do to the office of the fat. well i mean the costing show is over and yes it is a very crucial job because a lot depends on monetary policy looking forward if the u.s. economy can remain at the pace and in the past us presidents have barely mentioned that they're even looking at different candidates so it has been very unusual but first of all most people younger knighted states they do not really pay attention to who is the chair of the federal reserve and then you could also make the counter argument so who is making this decision so public maybe even more people became very of this position and this job so i do not believe that it's really going to have a negative touch on the federal reserve looking forward or do with the image of the chairman chairman of the federal reserve and yes it is a first statement of the new wing i mean i just thought chief let's listen. in the
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years since the global financial crisis and our economy has made substantial progress toward full recovery by many measures were close to full employment and inflation has gradually moved up toward our target our financial system is also without doubt far stronger and more resilient than it was before the crisis our banks have have much higher capital and liquidity they're more aware of the risks that they run and they're better at managing those risks well post-crisis improvements in regulation and supervision help to achieve these gains i will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure that the federal reserve remains vigilant and prepared to respond to changes in markets and evolving risks sells rather positive and prepared what is your view. yeah i was standing on the floor of the new york stock exchange when the nomination got out and a trader right next to me yelled borings that's basically his reaction but boring
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can be good jerome powell is considered to stand for continuity he's probably not going to do any crazy things if it's really to be good to be not creative to be not innovative that remains to be seen but at least wall street they like continuity they like if they get no surprises then we saw it here in the thursday session we actually achieve the new record high for the dow jones industrial average but we also should be aware that the possibilities of will be limited to some hours to get out of this easy money policy and then the federal reserve amassed a good amount of over four billion dollars in u.s. treasuries and mortgage papers and to get rid of this lot is not going to be easy and will limit the possibilities that your own power will have looking ahead to new york thank you so much and you're staying in the u.s. to lower taxes that is what us president dollar trump voce to do companies and
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families should benefit from a new tax reform assassin just a first draft here is more. where it's supposed to be the biggest tax cut in u.s. history and the first major tax reform effort for more than thirty years trump might call it his biggest success but the average citizen would benefit little. especially big companies down to profit with the tax rates had to be reduced from thirty five percent to twenty percent. smaller companies would see their taxes capped at twenty five percent. and income tax for employees could be anywhere from twelve to thirty five percent but families are set to receive more tax incentives. with this plan we are making progress three forms so that yes america can compete with the rest of the world but we're also making it so that families like these that are here can have more take home pay this is it this is
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a very important and special moment for our country for all americans but these tax cuts would cost the state around two point two trillion dollars over the next decade that's money that would be missing from the budget analysts say these reforms are set to widen the already gaping deficit whether trump manages to get the plan through congress is uncertain and even influential industry groups have been critical. troubles at electric com a cause burning through cash to record right last quarter it was a whopping loss of six hundred ninety million u.s. dollars in production bottlenecks at its latest siddhant are delaying delivery hitting the company's share price. it promises to be the call of the future but the tesla electric cars out in the parking lot of this california dealership all the older models the long awaited model three sedan is nowhere to be seen music
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production delays in the company posting its biggest quarterly loss ever so it shares slide five percent investors don't like surprises and when tesla c.e.o. in all moscow unveiled the model in twenty sixteen he promised them a cheap a vehicle much sooner. you feel fairly confident that it will be next year. and then in terms of price well of course it'll be thirty five thousand dollars. she is back then and the public still finds the idea of a cheaper model appealing i think it's great that it's more accessible financially for some people because i don't think everyone can afford one hundred fifty thousand dollar car whereas people i think are more prone to being able to afford a thirty thousand dollar car but now problems with its battery production among other issues means even if they can afford it will have to wait at least another three months leaving musk to hope that his on wavering vision for the future is
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shared by customers. how would you like to get up close and personal with this guide to great wide still largest of predatory fish and of pulling tourist trade in south africa. off the coast of south africa the great white shark glides silently through the water. on the lookout for its next meal the predator stalks the thousands of seals that gather in the channel known as shark alley. the area is also one of the world's top commercial cage diving destinations but here in hunts by visitors can book a short tour for one hundred to one hundred fifty euros goosebumps guaranteed and. coming face to face in icy water with a great white shark with just a few metal bars for protection is a thrill few tourists will forget. their
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size they're there and the mystique that surrounds them. you know i don't live near an ocean and so. the only experience that i have sharks is what i see on t.v. and i believe these and seeing the first hand is ok i don't think he could compare to anything else yes it's pretty amazing. the shark tourism brings in revenue. but it also enables researchers to inform the public about how vulnerable sharks are how they're caught in troll nets or targeted for their fins. shark cage diving industry hands bias been operating for a number of years many of these very collected daily observational data now to better protect an animal we first have to know something about it so we can hype to push legislations at high levels if we don't have that knowledge to to first investigate. great white sharks have been called the lions of the oceans helping to
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maintain the ecological balance of the marine environment but populations have been decimated leaving only about three thousand worldwide in south africa they're now our prize tourism resource if countries other. he's also realize that the iconic fish is more valuable as a tourist attraction than in a soup bowl the great white shark might have a chance of survival. apple's quarterly profit is up by ninety percent to ten point seven billion u.s. dollars and the company is set to cash even more the i phone x. is such a drop in stores on friday following fast sales for preorders last week on the eve of the fellow selling on the high street some of the most dedicated apple fans here in berlin have already secured spots in what's expected to be a long queue in front of the apple store that's in the city's main shopping street core first and the tenth anniversary smartphone is apple's first phone to have a full screen display and functions such as facial recognition security
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