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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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between rich and poor grows. life in an equal society's. divide starting november fifteenth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin lebanon's prime minister resigns and virus a broadside at iran saad hariri smoove took the middle east by surprise he talked about the evil that iran spreads in the region to get the latest from dave roups
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also coming up. a presidential tribute to servicemen who died of pearl harbor during the second world war trump visits hawaii ahead of his first asian tour with north korea topping the agenda. and we're going to look ahead to tonight's heavyweight bonus league a class where reigning champ spy and munich are about to kick off against a barista he adored inside in crisis. welcome to the program i met herman it is good to have you with us. the prime minister of lebanon has resigned unexpectedly taking a shot at iran as he went saad hariri attacked the harangue and its lebanese allies hezbollah for spreading chaos strife and destruction. throughout the middle east
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are really also suggestive political enemies were targeting him for assassination iran has rejected his accusations calling them unfounded he in a televised address from saudi arabia he should a warning to iran here's what he had to say well. i would like to say to iran and its followers that they will be losers in their intervention in arab affairs our nation will wake up as it did in the past and their hands in the region will be cut off. from doing. all right for more i am joined by ben to shelter in beirut she is the middle east director with the foundation fink tank there. hariri claimed that his life was in danger and made a rather unusual move or resigning from saudi arabia is this a legitimate threat we never know about the facts here but we also also have to
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keep in mind that his father was assassinated in two thousand pipe here and the plot until today has not completely been worked through legally and yet there were there are threats to the titians here occasionally and i think this is where this comes from and this allegation of course is pretty strong we haven't seen any indication before that his life might be up to that and if you mention that he has then his men from saudi arabia that actually is domestically difficult because many lebanese this seems to show that it's actually saw the influence in lebanon that it's being expressed here and that this is not only a domestic. yeah absolutely i mean limit on is a divided country it's roughly split between christians and muslims the muslims themselves are split between sunni and shia and you know the two big power brokers in this region are saudi arabia and iran who is representing in this conflict and where is the country go from here. well harry belongs to this silly group of
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eleven and thereby they have been supported by saudi arabia and you have. a lot of the other side of our being supported by iran and this has been between the political factions here particularly in light of the syria conflict hizbollah is siding with the us had a regime that has really kept his brother opposed to it and so are their respective international factors and this it definitely is the most strain on the small country as lebanon is and it is constantly an issue to negotiate compromise between the two of them. had been to shell out in beirut thank you very much for joining us thank you. we can move on now to some other stories making news around the world the german foreign minister is mark gabriele has held talks with his turkish counterpart moluccas shoulder a meeting took place during a previously unannounced visit to turkey relations between those two countries have
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been strained since turkish authorities detained more than ten german citizens on terror charges. an american journalist has been arrested in zimbabwe after allegedly insulting the president robert mugabe martha o'donovan is said to have called him a selfish and a sick man on twitter that she's been charged with attempting to overthrow the government which carries a prison sentence of up to twenty years. in vietnam at least one thousand people have been killed as tropical storm dumber lashes the country with severe wind and rain authorities have said more than thirty thousand people have been displaced and warned of further risk of flooding and landslides. alright u.s. president donald trump he is about to embark on a landmark tour of asia it's a five nation trip it will be the longest trip by a u.s. president more than twenty five years trump is currently in hawaii on saturday he
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will fly to japan where he will hold talks with japanese prime minister shinzo abbay from japan and it is on to south korea where talks about north korea's nuclear program are expected to take center stage after that they move on to china where he will hold talks with president xi jinping the next stop after that is down in vietnam there he will attend the asia pacific economic cooperation or apec conference and finally trump heads to the philippines this time for another summit it's the association of southeast asian nations now this trip promises to be something of a diplomatic balancing act for a president who has sought to make america great again while also looking to reassure asian allies that they still have u.s. support. richen symbolism the sights of the japanese attack on u.s.
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soil more than seventy years ago is the starting line for donald trump diplomatic obstacle course across asia. as he paid his respects at powell haba the suspect sort of conflict with north korea may not have been far from his thoughts. in tokyo japan's prime minister courting a deferent trump daughter ivanka enjoying the japanese hospitality ahead of our father's arrival the white house has been laying out its strategy on north korea. in assessing the degree to which were successful in galvanizing other nations to ensure that the leadership there concludes that it has to denuclearize we need some time for that to work some locals though are opera hence of. guys are not ready i do wonder if things will be ok. like what will happen to the world. i wonder about trump's response to north korea and things like that for you there
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are things that scare me. he's becoming friendly with prime minister abbott. i don't know if that's right or not. and so mike can the united states trump divides opinion. but. i don't think if we were to imagine a war i believe south korea would have an advantage however since the consequences of war would be detrimental to all of us i hope president trying for solves the korean peninsula issues through peace talks. from the presidential palace many c.n.n. has called for dialogue with their northern neighbors trump however professor tougher talk. he'll take that message to beijing hoping china delivers little tensions over china's ambitions in the size china sea and trade will also dominate discussions with president xi. how to increase business
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opportunities in an uncertain world that is the focus of the asia pacific regional conference being held now in perth australia the gathering brings together political and business leaders from australia germany and asia pacific nations to help boost trade germany is being represented by its president. here's what he had to say. is good for miss europe has not been as prominent in this region as it once was so me is an decades ago one and get to know their childhoods ok and so i think our attendance has as a way cool europeans to increase our presence in the presence here so i especially at a time when the world is changing also in this southeastern region. and in the china with this strong economy and the high. space stations on these politicians is naturally assuming an increasingly dominant role will people are
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asking where is america. and where is europe it's our america will always do and there are many good reasons why europe should take on a more prominent role in the region with india. but here in germany in duesseldorf there were scuffles after police blocked a demonstration by kurdish activists police stopped demonstrations from proceeding because they refused to take down banners showing the leader of the kurdistan workers' party p k k the state courts have earlier banned showing the image of the p.k. leader abdul or john during the protest germany as well as the european union and turkey have named the p.k. k. as a terror organization. well climate experts and activists are gathering in the city of boston here in germany for the un climate change conference that will try the way ahead for the paris accord cup twenty three is what it's called it doesn't
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start until monday we already activists are making their views clear twenty three thousand delegates scientists and activists are expected at the conference president donald trump announcer earlier this year he was pulling the u.s. out of the paris accord and must it can get a better deal but hopes are high that progress can be made without the united states. on to football where but just like a match to eleven continued on saturday hamburg they returned to winning ways after a dreadful run of form their opponents stuttgart had a man sent off early paving the way for hamburg to seal a three one win from with goals from aaron hunt for the cost and yon fee to op it was their first victory since match day to. day and extended their on beaten run to five matches after a one nil win over five work done caligiuri is deflected strike was enough to hand shellcode all three points elevating to fourth in the table on friday night
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vertebrae when travel to frankfurt the visitors have struggled this season they sacked their coach alexander noori on monday so caretaker coach foreign coach felt was put in charge for this game and it didn't start well frankfurt took the lead early through on to riches sweet strike which we've just shown you. but they would have. a say in the matter they battled back just eight minutes later because moyes sonder firing home from short distance the scores stayed level all the way until the eighty ninth minute when sebastian all there clinched the victory for frankfurt they are now unbeaten in five games. so we can now check out all the bundesliga results so far this weekend gladbach through with might explore did the same with leverkusen there's that shellcode win over fribourg rb leipzig came back to beat hannover and as we saw shouted down fribourg on friday frankfurt they did beat
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braman in a bit over fifteen minutes time by and will kick off against dortmund on sunday cologne take on hoffenheim and voles borg host here to berlin. now the one that everyone's waiting for and hosting by in the biggest clash of the weekend the home team they're in second place they trailed by just three points but they have been in dreadful form recently managing need to take just one point from their last three games on the other side though byron they have a perfect record since your pica took over as coach last month. by earning have their swagger back that's been the case says the return of coach you just in time for day classic when they go to dortmund that if any champs now are top of the table which gives them added confidence. but. i don't think the pressure is on us to be very unhappy that we're now three points ahead after two or three weeks of being five points behind. has
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clearly lifted the mood in munich and the club has strengthened its defense along the way but the coach doesn't want his team going into the match overconfident again struggling this. we shouldn't just naively believe getting weaker and we can take them with one hand tied behind our back on the contrary this will be a very intense game. intense and you've confused. but intensity calls for a strong black and yellow lately they feed us well no wins in their last three and the employer mentation a pay to boss his game play and continues to cost prop. him up in the early in the season we were on a roll and nobody talked about it it's normal that when you're not winning and he will talk about it because it is what football fans around the world talk about after saturday's game remains to be seen with the win dortmund could again be back in first and see some positive headlines. over in formula one this
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guy has announced he is out of the sport at the end of the season the brazilian driver will be retiring after having raced for ferrari mercedes and his current team williams winning a total of eleven grand prix races and finishing second in the drivers' championship back in two thousand and eight and he way you're watching news from berlin well have more news coming at you at the top of the hour if you want more news right now go to our website to get your dot com simple as that. they make a commitment they find solutions. they in stronger. africa on them.


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