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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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it's roots and language it brought forth a ripples of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's imply that we're serious starting november fifth own g.w. . this is due to every news coming to you live from berlin love and prime minister resigns and takes a parting shot at iran saad hariri is moved took the middle east by surprise it talked about the evils that iran spreads in the region we'll take you to beirut for the latest also coming up
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a tweet lands an american journalist behind bars in zimbabwe she's been charged with insulting president robert mugabe for calling him a selfish and sick man on twitter. and us president donald trump's us all for japan the first stop on a five nation tour of asia but it's north korea's looming nuclear threat that's expected to top the agenda. welcome the show my name sarah harman thanks for joining me. the prime minister of lebanon has resigned unexpectedly taking a parting shot at a wrong as the left saad hariri accused iran and its allies in lebanon of spreading chaos strife and destruction throughout the middle east were also suggested political enemies for targeting him for assassination iran has rejected his
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accusations calling them unfounded. the lebanese prime minister saad hariri his resignation came as a shock to the country in a television address from saudi arabia the lebanese leader blamed iran and its lebanese proxy group has been for what he called its meddling in the region well read and leave it on i would like to say three iran and its followers that they will be losers and their intervention ensure that terrorism obeah our nation will wake up as it did in the past and their hands in the region because not all the. time they had elected. to reraise late father referee could also be prime minister of lebanon he was assassinated in an explosion in two thousand and five which several hezbollah members of being tried in their absence in the hague saad hariri said he to now feared for his life the prime minister's resignation has shown a plate divided opinion. he has decided to steer lebanon
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away from danger it's a hard step taken at a difficult time. but i support the resignation the government and country are frozen the country is collapsing and the government's targets have not been met. every decision to quit leaves lebanon facing uncertainty not least the question of who could replace him. well for more i'm joined now by ben to shallower in beirut she's the middle east rector with a high risk both foundation a think tank in the region and thanks for being with us hariri says his life was in danger here are his claims seen as credible eleven on. well you know this meeting is a waste to look through words and so we cannot really know what actually has happened about according to. they have spoken to security perms actually heard the
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fat to fly what we can also know for sure is that currently there is a lot of pressure on lebanon pressure coming from damascus to normalized relations but syria and there were discussions last week here on whether eleven and should be the person or country to reappoint and the best leader to damascus so we definitely know as prime minister has been in a difficult position and there are many divisions in love and on along political and also along religious lines what does horary represent and where is the country go from here. well how did it is with a future movement which is the main representative in terms of parties at the. members of lebanon and so of course that the vision in this country has become extreme over the past years the division between this alliance and she has especially when it comes to what should happen inside syria what should happen with syria and one of the main problems of course lebanon is pasting his resignation
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puts and danger the elections that are planned for next year or next year we were planning to have a parliamentary elections here and of course this makes it all very difficult and makes it all very difficult not only for lebanon but also for the region how do you say herrera's resignation impacting the broader region iran has already come out with criticism. obviously so because you heard how much he reached out to them and accused iran of meddling into the curse of lebanon we see a divide between saudi arabia and iran in the beaching and their religion and is somehow the microcosmos of this confrontation so we definitely can see that there is if they're there it divided through the deepening of that the fight. that's going to shall our joining us from beirut thank you saudi arabia state television has said the kingdom's air defense has intercepted and destroyed
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a ballistic missile northeast of the capital city riyadh who say rebels in yemen have claimed that they fired the missile this is according to reports who say controlled media yemen has been torn apart by a war between its saudi led neighboring alliance and who is the rebels that are backed by iran. an american journalist is behind bars this evening is why after allegedly insulting the president robert mugabe twenty five year old marceau donovan is said to have called him a selfish and sick man on twitter she's being charged with subversion and attempting to over that throw the government a charge which carries a prison sentence of up to twenty years. lawyers for o'donovan told the court of that subversion charge is a legal because o'donovan was not informed of it at the time she was arrested lawyers also said she denies both charges and will be applying for bail at the high
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court on monday. through allegations the most coned. he's undermining the forty two or insulting the office of the president and the second judge is that attempting to what the role of men and question all means. which they mean to deny. well examine it works for harare based among the t.v. which is the zimbabwean satire channel that was found or condemned the charges as an attack on free speech this is not just against my but it's against everyone in zimbabwe wants to use the internet as a space for free expression to be free. let's cross now to do a correspondent for privilege on here he joins me via skype from zimbabwe's capital harare a privilege thanks for being with us we just heard from the founder of mcgaha t.v. saying this is an attack on free speech what can you tell us about the state of
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press freedom in zimbabwe. press freedom and free expression in zimbabwe it is always been under attack you find that there are laws that are punitive when it comes to the governance of the media particularly now president mugabe recently came up. minister of cyber security to guess and. which is. monitoring social media in anything that has to do with. cyber issues so freely and in zimbabwe if we may say offers a little bit about the charges that have been leveled against martha o'donovan she made these comments on twitter she's facing twenty years in prison is this really
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about a tweet or is there something more going on here. there could be more to it because the target for martha actually does come as a surprise for jenny for the. founders of. nitwit which is when martha weeks because martha is just a loyally employee and the challenges that are being brought before her. why and will for me the organization and also forming another platform that is always up that is a disposable for tweeting from phantom and all of these things were formed before she even came to zimbabwe and if you have less food in two thousand and seven when my mother was one of the fifteen and living in the u.s. and saw it is surprising that she's now being charged for forming these organ in
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this organization and you know attempting to overthrow the government or prison i'm glad i did have his privilege much fanfare e in harare we thank you for your parting you're welcome. well move on now to some of the other stories that are making news around the world a leader of one of his biggest separatist parties says it won't participate in upcoming elections and was jailed members or freed from prison earlier to pose cattle on president carles post-mark said hill so far and international arrest warrant issued by a spanish judge pushed him on flood to belgium following catalonia separation of independence. and vietnam at least one thousand people have been killed as tropical storm don right lashes the country with severe wind and rain in the borders of said more than thirty thousand people have been displaced and they're warning of a further wisc of flooding and landslides. thousands of protesters
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have converged on the city of bomb calling for more action to halt global warming this is the western german city prepares to kick off a u.n. climate change conference on monday representatives from one hundred ninety five countries are gathering there and they're expected to chart the way ahead for the paris accord. here as trump has departed from the state of hawaii for an extended visit to asia in hawaii trump visited the u.s. navy memorial and probably harbor and the u.s. pacific command his trip to asia will encompass five countries in less than two weeks and a key focus of this trip is going to be threats stemming from north korea's nuclear program. rich in symbolism the sites of the japanese attack on u.s. soil more than seventy years ago is the starting line for donald trump's diplomatic obstacle course across asia. as he paid his respects at powell haba the spec
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sort of conflict with north korea may not be far from his thoughts. in tokyo japan's prime minister courting a deferent trump doll to revive enjoying japanese hospitality ahead of our father's arrival the white house has been laying out its strategy on north korea. in assessing the degree to which were successful in galvanizing other nations to ensure that that the leadership there concludes that it has to denuclearize we need some time for that to work some locals though are opera hence of. judgment about ready i do wonder if things will be ok. like what will happen to the world. i wonder about trump's response to north korea and things like that for you there are things that scare me. he's becoming friendly with prime minister. i don't know if that's right or not. and so mike in the united states trump
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divides opinion. but. it's one thing if we were to imagine a war i believe south korea would have an advantage however since the consequences of war would be detrimental to all of us i hope president trying to solve the korean peninsula issues through peace talks. from the presidential palace menu c.n.n. has called for dialogue with their northern neighbors trump however professor tough are told. he'll take that message to beijing hoping china delivers little tensions over china's ambitions in the size china sea and trade will also dominate discussions with president xi. once they give up all our barn mainak put on a commanding performance to beat their arch rivals dortmund at a late game on saturday are in robin open the scoring in the first half and robert eleven dollars came back to brace for the reigning champs mark boucher up old one
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back for dortmund near the end but that was not enough three one for wire in the final score in the much anticipated encounter. a second look now at friday's bonus league action is fair braman travelled to frankfurt on match day eleven the visitors have struggled this season and they sacked their coach alexander nori on monday interim coach floor and colesville was put in charge for this game and frankfurt took the early lead through on to brave it creating a spectacular strike there but braman hit back just eight minutes later as they equalize their through nicklaus twice sander. scores and saved level until the eighty ninth minute when sebastian allaire clinched the victory for frankfurt they are now unbeaten in five games. and a look at the rest of the bundesliga results so far this weekend. well there is
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that byron munich win over dortmund gladbach true with minds as to augsburg with laver cruzan hamburg defeated should be leipzig came back to be had over and shall go down freiburg on friday frankfurt's win over braman on sunday cologne take on hoffenheim involve spork host character burley. that's your date of news at this hour you're up to date but don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website at steve everyday dot com i'm sara harman of the news desk for the whole team here in berlin thanks for watching we'll see you at the top of the hour from. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on earth or for.


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