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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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experience outstanding shopping and dining office and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by for. this is due to abuse coming to guard from berlin lebanon's prime minister resigns and he takes a shot at iran software is moved took the middle east by surprise to talk about the evils that iran spreads in the region we'll take you to beirut for more plus
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a tweet lands an american journalist behind bars in zimbabwe she's been charged with assaulting president robert mugabe for calling him a selfish and sick man on twitter. and the u.s. president donald trump sets off for japan the first stop on a five nation tour of asia but it's north korea's looming nuclear threat that's expected to top the agenda. and sarah harman welcome to the show thanks for joining us. the prime minister of lebanon has resigned unexpectedly taking a parting shot at iran as you left so hariri accused tehran and its allies in lebanon of spreading chaos strife and destruction throughout the middle east hariri also suggested political enemies were targeting him for assassination iran has
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rejected his accusations calling them unfounded. the lebanese prime minister saad hariri his resignation came as a shock to the country in a television address from saudi arabia the lebanese leader plame dhahran and its lebanese proxy group hezbollah for what he called its meddling in the region well read and leave iran i would like to say three iran and its followers that they will be losers and their intervention ensure that. our nation will wake up as it did in the past and their hands in the region will be cut off. and i had the luck to. reraise late father referee could also be prime minister of lebanon he was assassinated in an explosion in two thousand and five which several has been members of being tried in the absence in the hague saad hariri said he to now feared for his life the prime minister's resignation has shown up late divided opinion. harvey has decided to steer lebanon away from danger
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it's a hard step taken at a difficult time. i support the resignation of the government and country are frozen and the country is collapsing and the government's targets have not been met. every decision to quit leaves lebanon facing uncertainty not least the question of who could replace him. well for more i'm joined now by ben to shallower in beirut she's the middle east rector with foundation i think tank the region and thanks for being with us hariri says his life was in danger here are his claims seen as credible in lebanon. well you know this nation is always full of rumors and so we cannot really know what actually has happened about according to a bia they have spoken to security permits actually come purpose but to just lie
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what we can also know for sure is that currently there is a lot of pressure on lebanon pressure coming from damascus to normalize relations with syria and there were discussions last week here on the with eleven and should be the first arab country to reappoint and investor to damascus so we definitely know he as prime minister has been in a difficult position and there are many divisions in lebanon along political and also along religious lines what does hariri represent and where does the country go from here. where that it is with a future movement which is the main representative in terms of parties at this only to make up lebanon and so of course that the vision in this country has become extreme over the past years the division between this alliance and she has especially when it comes to what should happen inside syria what should happen with syria and one of the main problems of course lebanon is pacing his resignation puts
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and danger the elections that are planned for next year or next year we were planning to have a parliamentary elections here and of course this makes it all very difficult and makes it all very difficult not only for lebanon but also for the region how do you say herrera's resignation impacting the broader region iran has already come out with criticism. obviously so because you heard how much he reached out to them and accused iran of meddling into the air supply and then we see a divide between saudi arabia and iran in the beaching and there are eleven and somehow the microcosmos up this confrontation so we definitely can see that there is if there are there it divides it through the deepening of that the bite. that's going to shell are joining us from beirut thank you. thank you. saudi arabia state television assad the kingdom's air defenses intercepted and destroyed
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a ballistic missile northeast of the capital city riyadh the rebels in yemen have claimed they fired the missile this according to reports on who is the controlled media yemen has been torn apart by a war between a saudi light alliance and who backed rebels. an american journalist is behind bars in zimbabwe after allegedly insulting president robert mugabe on twitter marceau donovan works in the capital harare for an online satirical news channel arrest comes a week after the government appointed a cyber minister tasked with policing social media mathur o'donovan allegedly called robert mccarthy a selfish and sick man on twitter that could have serious consequences the twenty five year old u.s. citizen is accused of subversion that could mean up to twenty years in jail. for his face into allegations the cone. is undermining the
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forty two or insulting the office of the president and the second. is that of attempting to have up all the government and question all means the charges on which they mean to deny. at ninety three robert mugabe is the world's oldest head of state and widely seen as one of its most authoritarian o'donovan works for harare based mcgann the t.v. as zimbabwe channel which describes itself as a cutting edge producer of political satire and comedy have you seen the latest member when it comes back in the some of the gamba took part in global media forum in bonn their mission statement using satire as a weapon. in the saddle we thought that this would the phenomenon was imported from western countries. gambas found condemns the charges is an attack on
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free speech. this is not just against it's against everyone in the ones to use the internet as a space for free expression to be free as well as denying both charges of donovan's lawyers say she'll apply for bail at the high court on monday. and have a correspondent privilege mushed on here he joins me now via skype from zimbabwe's capital harare privilege thanks for being with us we just heard twenty years for a tweet martha could potentially be facing a sentence that long is this really just about a tweet privilege are you there yes sorry i missed that part of the. yeah tell us a little bit about the charges against martha o'donovan is this really about a tweet. it's hard to say and.
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it may not be just about it tweets because. if it is a tweet if you look at the treat the treat that she's a little. tweeted did not do originate from she actually the treated it tweet tweeted by one carry the one that she's now being accused of wanting to tweet out condiment to god. it would be you sure maybe this state is trying to get at their organization not gun but since they have been producing. you know politico such and quantity that pokes if the state where his her the head of the gun but tavy martha's ball thanks this is a clear attack on free speech what can you tell us about the state of free speech in zimbabwe. freedom of expression and free speech in zimbabwe. is cotillard and limited by the existing laws
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more so with the. means to each has a recently introduced the cyber. security ministry we separate i'm going to introduce to you his latest book of the reshuffle you find that right now they will be targets you know and getting more freedom of speech and he's been at it one social media and one line because that was this piece that zimbabweans with freely expressing themselves about what is happening in their country and the kind of leadership that is in the country thai privilege thanks for bringing us up to date on the situation in zimbabwe. u.s. president trump has departed from the state of hawaii to begin an extended visit to asia while he was in hawaii visited the u.s. navy memorial at pearl harbor and the u.s. pacific command is upcoming trip to asia will encompass five countries in less than
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two weeks a key focus is going to be stemming threats from north korea's nuclear program. rich and symbolism the site of the japanese attack on u.s. soil more than seventy years ago is the starting line for donald trump's diplomatic obstacle course across asia. as he paid his respects at powell haba the suspect sort of conflict with north korea may not have been far from his thoughts. in tokyo japan's prime minister courting a deferent trump doll to revive enjoying japanese hospitality ahead of our father's arrival the white house has been laying out its strategy on north korea. in assessing the degree to which were successful in galvanizing other nations to ensure that that the leadership there concludes that it has to denuclearize we need some time for that to work some locals though are opera hence of. judgment but.
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i do wonder if things will be ok. like what will happen to the world. i wonder about trump's response to north korea and things like that for you there are things that scare me. he's becoming friendly with prime minister. i don't know if that's right or not. and so mike can the united states trump divides opinion. but. i don't think if we were to imagine a war i believe south korea would have an advantage however since the consequences of war would be detrimental to all of us i hope president for solves the korean peninsula issues through peace talks. from the presidential palace menu c.n.n. has called for dialogue with their northern neighbors trump however professor tough are told. he'll take that message to beijing hoping china delivers
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little tensions over china's ambitions in the size china sea and trade will also dominant discussions with president xi. turning now to some sports news in bundesliga soccer byron munich put on a commanding performance to beat their arch rivals dortmund in the late game on saturday henri and robin and robert lewandowski both found the net in the first half david a la added another after the break mark bartra poured one back for dortmund near the end but that wasn't enough three one for biron the final score and that much anticipated encounter in front is going to slow your action better braman travel to frankfurt on match day eleven the visitors have struggled this season and sacked their coach alexander nori on monday interim coach florian cole felt was put in charge for this game in frankfurt took it or leave and to ray bitch who crawled in a spectacular strike. one frame and head back just eight minutes later as they
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equalised their nicholas why sander. the scores then stayed level until the eighty ninth minute when sebastian allaire clinched the victory for frankfurt they're now unbeaten in five games. and in the other bundesliga results this weekend we have a table well there's that byron munich win over dortmund god drawing with mines as augsburg did with labor furious and hamburg defeated stood guard army life just came back to beat hanover shaka down freiburg on friday frankfurt's win over braman sunday will see cologne take on hoffenheim and. host here to berlin so what does all that mean for the standings well you're about to find out. by reading it increase their lead at the top four points ahead of rb life so you move up to second dortmund take third further down hoffenheim make their first appearance in
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the bottom half this season hamburg escaped the relegation zone while freiburg slip into trouble. and reminder our top story this hour and a shock move eleven his prime minister saad hariri has resigned the accuser wrong and it's has a lot i was in love with on of selling political chaos in the middle east are wrong has rejected his patience. as did every news you're up to date i'm sara harmon in berlin thanks for watching i'll see you at the top of the hour for more news and updates by for now. when i'm traveling.


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