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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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state by state. t w dot com story that people will deliver information they provide to the plans they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. posted on the news coming to live from berlin a texas church shooting reportedly leaves at least twenty people dead of a gunman opened fire at sunday services at a rule church in texas witnesses say children are among those who've been shot the
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latest from our correspondent in texas also coming up millions of documents are leaked purporting to show how widespread tax avoidance is among big companies and the wealthy will find out what's in this so-called paradise papers. and sarah holland welcome to the show we begin with some breaking news reports say that more than twenty people have been killed in a church shooting in the united states to that number has not been confirmed yet the incident happened in the u.s. state of texas in the town of sutherland springs which is near houston the government excuse me the gunman reportedly opened fire inside the church before he was shot himself. well i'm joined now by jenny hoff she's a reporter in the texas state capital austin jenny good evening do we know anything
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more about the shooter so far authorities haven't released any information about who the a shooter might be or what his motive might have been but apparently witnesses did say that a lone gunman as far as they know when into the church around eleven thirty at eleven o'clock is when services started and they heard about twenty rounds of gunshots fired through the air and as you mentioned more than twenty people they are assumed to be dead more than twenty also have been flown to the hospital children included so it's definitely a situation that is tragic for that area tragic for the country and authorities on the scene and i'm sure more information on the shooter will be released as authorities get everything confirmed can you confirm that the shooter is dead that something that local media was reporting earlier. right media has reported that the shooter is dead and also the county commissioner of that county has confirmed that the shooter is dead he says that there was a chase less than ten kilometers away from the church he was killed and now it's
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not confirmed whether deputies did shoot him or if he shot himself but they do say he is deceased for those of us who don't live in texas and are familiar with the area tell us a little bit about sutherland springs the area where the shooting occurred. sure sutherland springs is about an hour south of austin right located right now and it's just east of san antonio another major city in the texas area but sutherland springs itself is a very small quiet rural community about four hundred people live there and this church itself had about fifty parishioners who came and so this was the whole church that was there about fifty people and as you heard more than twenty killed and assumed more than twenty also injured that means basically be entire church were either injured or killed and so this is going to have a very huge impact on that community there are children involved a lot of adults and it's a very quiet town there's not been any kind of issues there before with crime and so i think a lot of people in the area are very shocked to see something like this happen and
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to see whether the shooter knew the people in the community or his something random we don't know that yet so a lot of questions we were looking there at some live pictures of the church in sutherland springs jenny tell us a little bit about how the community is reacting i know it's very early. yet many community members have parent we already been out to the church i'm trying to pray for the victims there and of course a lot of people are wondering who they know or who what family members of theirs might have been affected again with a community of four hundred people surely everybody knows everybody there and so it's a very devastating moment for the community but at the same time we've got local law enforcement the f.b.i. so federal authorities are out there are two and a lot of authorities are on the scene around the church tape to get off interviewing witnesses interviewing people that may know something about what happened and trying to get people away and so at this moment there's just so much to information coming out as authorities gather that information but the people of that community are are clearly devastated and many have come to the church seeking
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if their relatives or their friend was there and are among the dead or the injured by an absolutely tragic situation that's jenny hoff she's a reporter in the texas state capital austin thanks for bringing us up today. well reactions to the shooting of been pouring in on social media including from the u.s. president donald trump he's currently on a tour of asia but he took time to write this on twitter may god be with the people of sutherland springs texas the f.b.i. and law enforcement are on the scene i am monitoring the situation from japan the texas governor greg abbott also shared this on twitter writing our prayers are with all who were harmed by this evil act our thanks to law enforcement for their response more details from the department of public safety soon. and we'll continue to update you on the shooting in texas that has reportedly left at least twenty people dead in sutherland springs as we get new information for now we'll turn to
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some other news a big developing story on a massive leak of files from an offshore law firm showing just how widespread tax avoidance is among big companies and the super rich is paralyzed by a top german newspaper this working with an international consortium of news outlets thirteen million documents reveal how politicians celebrities and corporations have placed their money in secret tax havens. bermuda is a well known tax haven the appleby law firm is based here its offshore experts advise clients in tax avoidance and shielding business from the public it's among the companies exposed by this massive data leak over four hundred reporters from a consortium of news organizations spearheaded by germany's pseudo git citing have spent months sifting through the data uncovering a complex corporate web aimed at hiding money. u.s.
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commerce secretary wilbur ross is among those implicated. according to the paradise paper's ross hid secret business contacts from congress. the new data shows he's tied to a shipping firm through a series of dummy corporations. and this company has ties to russian company z.b. or energy. a major shareholder is a sanctioned russian oligarch with close ties to russian president vladimir putin as well as putin son in law. that suggests ross has profited from this company with close ties to the kremlin. sports label nike and u.s. tech giant apple also featured prominently in the paradise papers apple apparently sent secret e-mails inquiring about tax friendly domiciles for their head offices a blatant effort to avoid taxation but not illegal. just because it is
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legal does not mean for us that it is legitimate or morally ok we're taking a close look and we're seeing the billions that should rightly be going to taxes are disappearing so. now that the paradise papers have been released the journalists involved hope even more light can be shed on these offshore havens. our political correspondent simon young joins me now in the studio for more simon what else can you tell us about these paradise papers big bombshell today indeed sarah just to give you a scale of this sense of the scale is a huge dump of sensitive financial information said to comprise thirteen point four million documents from nineteen different tax havens and the data is said to refer to more than one hundred twenty senior global political figures from fifty different countries so those are just some of the some of the numbers around this
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is a huge revelation and people are going to be trawling through it the material comes from a leak possibly a computer hack from a basic law firm called apple bay and this information was passed to a major german paper the zip tortured site and it's been passed on to ninety other media organizations around the world they spent a year would you believe sorting through this before releasing these details tonight it's are tremendous amount of information i can guess that journalists are going to be sorting through this and parsing the details for days and weeks to come one thing that does seem to be clear that is that trumps commerce secretary bubba ross is reportedly involved in this how exactly yeah wilbur ross the claim is that he as a close confident of president trump has been profiting as a private citizen from his business dealings with a firm that has ties with or belongs to the son in law of vladimir putin
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the russian president and also is also owned by other people with close links to the kremlin now we don't know many more of the details at this stage but clearly in view of the investigation into links between donald trump's election campaign in last year's presidential election and russia that's something that's going to put even more pressure on donald trump has these details to emerge right. most of our viewers will remember the panama papers coming out a few years ago is this leak bigger put it in context for us yeah it is similar it's a leak of information from off shore banks and investment firms you know it implicates notable political figures in the panama papers led to changes of political leadership in countries like iceland and pakistan and many other examples of fallout from there so there is a similarity that was eleven and
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a half million documents i think so this is slightly bigger in that sense one interesting thing sara some insiders say that applebee the firm here is much cleaner than second which is the firm at the heart of the panama scandal in that sense you know some people saying if this was at the heart of wrongdoing if the shown to be wrongdoing we should say not all the activity described here is illegal but if there is wrongdoing then it could be that you know there's a lot bigger problem in this area of offshore investments than was previously even realized it sounds like we're going to be learning a lot more very soon simon young our political correspondent thanks for your insights. the else did come on president carlos pushed him on along with four other former ministers a surrender to police in belgium the five are wanted in spain on the european arrest warrant that was issued there they face charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds the holding of the illegal referendum on october first the
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belgium last week when madrid moved to impose director of rome catalonia after the regional parliament declared independence. saudi arabia has arrested dozens of princes and government ministers and a high level perch among those arrested billionaire prince all will leave forbes not using names him the richest man in the arab world you know west has been sanctioned by king solomon under a new anti corruption body hughes put his son in charge up the move is seen as cementing crown prince muhammad's power in the kingdom. in the studio with me now is daniel gary locke he's the editor in chief of the magazine zenith which focuses on middle eastern affairs daniel welcome this feels unprecedented dozens of arrests of very top is this really just about corruption i don't think so i think it is popular to fight corruption and it is necessary to fight corruption and also the
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idea that members of the royal family and there are thousands of them in saudi arabia would be immune to penalties if that is over and that is a positive signal to many but i think what is really happening here is is momma been some on the crown prince is preparing to take all of power and i think we will soon in the next couple of months see that and so this night of the long knives that happened yesterday was also intended to silence those in the palace or the royal family that might be able to counter such of such a move or that might even be able to at all stage a coup against it and is because this is not the only reason that saudi arabia has been in the news this weekend because saudis foreign ties are coming into sharper focus yesterday. we saw the lebanese prime minister resign an announcement he made from riyadh where he's now fled in exile put this in context for us what are the broader implications for the region lebanese prime minister saad hariri was somehow saudi arabia's man in lebanon as was his father who was assassinated spectacularly
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i think everybody or the viewers of this program know for saudi arabia. how they need to step down because i think what we're looking at is preparations for another military conflict for another war in the middle east i think saudi arabia's gamble is that they think israel in the united states may be in a position to attack hezbollah in lebanon and saudi arabia would obviously support such a move because hezbollah is the proxy of iran of its archrival in lebanon and i think my speculation i cannot of course i have no no evidence of that at the moment but i think that saudi cannot be member of a government that would need to defy or attack such such a military move cannot be a member of a government in union with hezbollah and at the same time know about this this military move of the saudi government i think that's why he stepped down that's why the saudis convinced him to step down and i think they will bail him out because
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they also knew that he was in a deep financial crisis he has business not going well and i think saudi arabia will support him financially that is again my speculation but i think it is permitted speculation on this that is why we invited you here today know gary locke from the magazines thanks for being with us today thank you for. our minder the top story we're following for you right now u.s. media report more than twenty people are dead in a mass shooting in the u.s. state of texas that number is still unclear witnesses say the gunman opened fire inside of a church in the small town on southern long springs the shooter has been shot himself. more at the top of the hour the other.
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