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tv   Check-in - On Beethovens trail in Bonn  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm CET

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raymond targets cop twenty three this weekend next on the doubling news. d.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there you know. and with us our innovations magazine for asia. every week and always looking to the future on. science and research for asia.
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with this flowing hair and fierce look this statue might seem familiar to you i'm in boise in western germany and betts the city's most famous son. is the guy on the plane and beethoven. i guess he was born here correct getting lucky what did he do your music maybe you have a melody in your head now. beethoven's fifth. fifth right go ahead what is it i don't know i mean it's one of the symphonies but there's a ninth that is even more popular sing it for me. ok having met. do do do. do do do do
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do yeah i know that yeah right and there's another one for. the bullet. today i want to find out what bond has to offer in connection with the legendary beethoven in the old town along the river and in a ballroom dating back to the great time the composer spent the first twenty two years of his life here in boston. on today's show we find out what else there is to do in books. we check out the celebrations for beatle fans to hundred fiftieth anniversary in twenty twenty. and we go to vienna where the two of you worked after his time in.
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a number twenty beatles and was born in this house in seventy seventy here you can learn almost everything about him from his success as a child prodigy to the great dramas of his life the unfortunate relationships and his loss of hearing. my to the director of the beatles the host explains the most important stage is. what was childhood like he lived in this house for the first four years of his life . with my. job and grew up in a whole family of musicians his grandfather was a music director for the prince electors court in bonn so we had the chance to meet all of the band's most important musicians to his family they were frequent guests in the beethoven home. and the tennis course in a family that was so musical placed great value one would becoming
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a musical career. and it was the. next topic beatles and romance many of his compositions are dedicated to women for example to iliza. beethoven is known as a womanizer but women. play a role in his life and who exactly was ill easy. we don't know it for sure because the dedication on the original copy isn't specific. so there are different theories one of the most significant things about his life is that he devoted himself entirely to music and never married in its own kind of. he looks pretty grumpy we had a frenzy all you would do in his position in. that post was modeled on a cast that was done live with a plaster mask. they would cover the entire face with plaster but first stick to
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strong as into his nostrils so he could breathe. and in a situation like that you might have looked a bit tense yourself. but it's about it's authentic portrait that's been handed down to us and it allows us to show visitors how we look to people at the time that was twelve when he was forty two years old. yet. looks like a big soup stew with. visitors telling us. that's another major factor in beethoven's life his hearing loss. i think the question that especially fascinates people about beethoven is how could somebody who couldn't hear create such great music. when he said it and he was barely thirty years old and in first they tried to help him by constructing hearing aids these
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were basically funnels that would condense the sound in directed into his ear. and you can see how they developed. and the more hearing he lost the bigger these aids got. how does it work how can you hear with it. on the air we've got a replica. this is. listen it's a brass instrument and he would put the aid on because it's sort of like a hair band and then whoever he was talking to but speaking here. how does this sound to you. it would make edith it's so loud. every september a huge festival is dedicated to beethoven it features both established stars and
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promising young artists but above all the visitors to the beatles the first one can soak up the awesome energy that classical music still exhibits to this day. runs beethoven dressed as a major and highly prestigious classical music festival every september over fifty concerts featuring the main program alone naturally that includes music by lou big beethoven. twenty seventeen for instance spanish pianist javier pouty honest played the fourth piano concerto. of course playing in a city like born and playing beethoven is something very special and that should be because he's not for today and for there is to play in the safety and
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where i was born beethoven. twenty seventeen was the electorate's beethoven interests were don't you better organized a public viewing on bonds mark not square. this is what it's. wonderful to have this in bonn i brought him along he comes from iran and i just wanted to show them the beethoven festival here but yes he gets like. it's was a really good i like. this in the guns should use ok. i think it's nice that you can bring along your camping chairs and enjoy the whole thing in a completely different atmosphere. as a beethoven fest media partner deutsch of the invited some prominent guests every
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year the beethoven fests to record their nico wagner spotlights a new slogan and twenty seventeen it was about unfulfilled desires. as everyone knows beethoven had a hard time when it came to love he never found happiness with a family of his own he had his long distance affairs with his aristocratic piano students and he was always unhappy. so the theme is biographical. but it also allows us to hold a festival under the general slogan of love. the perfect slogan to bring people closer to the music of beethoven at this year's public viewing of the beethoven fest.
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church is another setting off beatles these childhood it would have sounded something like this in the seventeen eighties. the young beatles used to play bach . is a professor at the university of which this church now belongs to. you have this image in my head of the little guy on the organ with the whole church packed with people he didn't they take him seriously. you have to remember that beethoven was like a child star and the ladies in waiting thought he was really cute because he was so young but played so well. people were kind of proud that they had such a talented year and it's. come to.
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visitors to will find out that attractions are limited to bring two of them there are plenty of other sites too for starters one was the capital of west germany for forty one years during the cold war. several international institutions have settled in the former government quarter of the x. west german capital among them is the united nations campus in germany. right next stored talk to the produces its programs in many languages for broadcast the world over. also on the banks of the rhine or the headquarters of dr possed designed by star architect young. from one hundred forty nine thousand nine hundred ninety will germany was divided fall and served as the capital of west germany the parliamentary chambers are now
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a historic site and a venue for international conventions. politics occasionally has a place here to the villa hama schmidt is the chairman president the second official residence. of the chancellor's bungalow is open to the public it's a prime example of one nine hundred sixty s. design. of the leaders who lived within its minimalist walls only helmut schmidt and his wife loki are said to have felt truly at home. in the old. town hall unmarked plots at the city's historic center for nearly two hundred years the prince aleck tours of cologne resided in bonn and left their mark on the old town. in one thousand nine hundred the university was established in the former electoral palace the pleasure garden became its campus. phones museums offer an abundance of art culture and history.
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the house statistician to collect objects that became part of western life after nine hundred forty five among them are the limousine of west germany's first chancellor. and the parliamentarians first benches and chairs one sat on by home of a new trial as they discussed germany's reunification in one thousand nine hundred eight. the beatles the orchestra is also a major institution in bonn they rehearse here in the auditorium of the university . dick cuffed on has been the conductor since summer two thousand and seventeen what does it mean to you battle beethoven as a driving force for us the cuffed as it's in our name out there the beethoven orchestra and beyond his beethoven city. but it's a blessing and
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a curse having such a title and your name but of course a big advantage of beethoven is that the name has so many positive connotations and i think these are nominal gonski oppose it people feel been warned and become a. beatles music has been around for so long how do you create something new something you haven't heard before. and it only works if you don't just commemorate and reappear him the whole time with and you have to take him down off that he had stolen and. stand him as an energy is a source of inspiration a lawyer and he was always looking to discover something new and looking forwards to give new ideas and new music a chance to a guy system in a cage with the intellectual movements of the time to create a better world. and that's all part of beethoven and it's a tool of opportunities. part
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of preserving b two of his legacy is also to perform less well known pieces like this sinfonie by beatles a student said the ninety's. back to being two of them he was born here and born in seventeen hundred seventeen so in two thousand and twenty he would have turned two hundred fifty and bets and anniversary that deserves to be celebrated in style a whole year long a major event that you can already get a taste of now s. chuck berry certainly not saying rock n roll beethoven. many people have tried to modernize the interpretation of beethoven with varying degrees of success. the beginning verse or year of twenty twentieth's to pair this
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logo. for now and hamburg advertising agency created the mogul with help from experts on beethoven. most people primarily associate beethoven with just the ninth symphony but there's so much more than that. hope is that the logo reflects this diversity and that other people will for. it in with other music perhaps or other content we want the logo to become famous worldwide as the beethoven brand throughout two thousand and twenty and beyond. and. the idea for the logo came from helmet under a as hard. as a patron of the arts and an advertising expert he was confident that a contemporary logo would help give beethoven a modern image. and. he could do that today where you get disobeyed
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because this is about beethoven about magnificent music and about beethoven the innovators who called about someone who looked to the future this is the objective we hope to achieve all through our logo or by. the origins of this logo live with beethoven himself the only modern abbreviation can be found in some of his original scores and it was the inspiration for the new logo a signature in the style of a text message with no vowels. the ambition for the anniversary year two thousand and twenty is to make the new logo offend the your site all over the world to. another be to the state you can be found in bone stock got to talk i'm here with chris john lentz who is the artistic director of p.d. h.p.n.
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for a whole year in the run up to beatles anniversary on december seventeenth twenty twenty there will be a variety of concerts exhibitions and festivals. and once that's as the artistic director. i'm sure you can't tell me what's happening in twenty twenty five of the b.d.f. or anything you could say peachy h.p.n. is our d.n.a. it's what guides us. based on these five letters that stand for beethoven we've come up with five theme is being used to be a stands for bon beethoven stands for tone constant which is german for musician that of course is the main focus especially interesting is a cheat at that stands for beethoven the human asked the values of the french revolution liberty equality and fraternity were important to him and he puts them across in his music the stands for visionary beethoven always broke the boundaries
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that is the format of composition in his time and shape the creativity of the future. and stands for beethoven as a friend of nature and. beethoven sought inspiration and peace in nature essentially from a romantic perspective. and the united nations climate change secretariat located here in bonn gives us a reference point for highlighting the question of humankind and nature from beethoven's perspective and of course with a view to the future to begin with who went and what does beatles mean to you personally what was from that my grandchildren has been with me since i was a child i've always been interested in this music and especially the ideas in this utopia of a better world a better coexistence for humankind that i hear that and his music and working for that in presenting it to other people is something that gives me great joy. because
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if i'd have. time to leave the city the rhine will take me to another important location and i can also see the river and the nearby hill range of the beatles and enjoy the landscapes around this region and. the end of the story in bun begins to a certain extent. met one of his musical idols as if i hadn't in the room he'd do with. this stuff who now hires out the formal ballroom for events shows me where they met maybe you can transported back in time what was it like in the eighteenth century when i was here . when i was employed with the prince the lectern and he
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performed often and had a regular salary. as if i hadn't met beethoven in the redo. that i had been invited to visit on his return trip from london the elector wanted to show him the finished redo. beethoven told him about his composition. i had told him to come to vienna and he would help his career along. today said that was when he was discovered that all had been touted as. after that went to vienna. as i can't be in vienna at the same time we asked an expert from austria to show you the most important beethoven related locations in the composer's adopted home.
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i know hello and a warm welcome to vienna my name's dorothy cotton misaka and it's a pleasure to show you the city of vienna including a few places where beethoven lived and worked and then in a. sense that he an ist i'm interested in beethoven is a master of the first viennese school his music fascinated generations and speaks to the heart. and being there in many places in vienna that remind us of beethoven you can walk
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in his footsteps and visit residences that have survived to this day. vienna gives you this special connection to beethoven on the sets and with a bit of his own. interest in beethoven moved a lot he once lived here in the possibility house. beethoven worked on his only opera fidelio it's incredible how easily we can look back in time. when it. is a city with lots of history so it has a very special atmosphere. knowing the history of the great first viennese schoolmasters like beethoven mozart schubert and haydn gives you energy and inspiration. this is
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a recent get done in costume in spirits on. this toy does you know any of the documents have been preserved so you can really relive everything. here in the house of music there are various exhibits and an interactive section about the era. that. the mission document that's important to me is the highly can stop testing and it gives us a sense of how beethoven must have felt. as i've he writes baron mind that for six years i've been afflicted with an incurable condition his deafness took him outside society it prevented him from taking part in conversations and here he really expressed his desperation i know you're here it's a mouthful get bought. this
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is the pits this is beethoven's apartment on lyme group near tail tucked under where he also lived. even with all of these historic rooms you can still sense the spirit of beethoven according to one story this is where he created the young friends list. that was an inspiring stroll i'm sure there's a lot more to see as a pianist i've been working with a top in music all my life my goodbye know. my trip to the beatles and sear at the i thought soil the old customs house with
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a view of the right. and i've learned a lot a typical traveling experience you start off quite curious and by the end you are usually quite impressed i'm already looking forward to the beat will and in verse three and twenty twenty we will come back.
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