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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is d w news law even from berlin tonight an urgent call for action to stop global warming as the u.n. climate summit opens here in germany. the in the after a colorful opening delegates gone to work to take the paris climate agreement to
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the next stage the goal to prevent the global temperature from climbing more than one and a half degrees celcius also coming up a small texas town is in mourning after another mass shooting in the united states it seems these suspected gunman had been in a domestic growl before he sprayed a church with bullets and u.s. president donald trump tells north korea its aggressive behavior is a threat to the civilized world but he says he's still open to talks with the north korean leader kim jong un. also coming up trouble in paradise a huge a leak of documents it shows how big corporations and the super rich invest in tax havens or find out who's been implicated in these so-called paradise papers.
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i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight the dangerous effects of global warming on pacific islands takes center stage as fiji opens the un conference on climate change here in germany it builds on two thousand and fifteen sparrow's climate accord which aims to reduce the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions from twenty to twenty the year twenty twenty these are considered to be a major cause of global warming one hundred sixty eight nations have ratified the agreement so far and their representatives are in the german city of bone to hammer out the details fiji is cheering the conference like other island nations in the south pacific it has already been hard hit by rising sea levels with more than twenty three thousand people from one hundred ninety seven countries attending its
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remote location means that fiji cannot physically host the conference itself now the objective of this conference is to reach agreement on how to cap expected global temperature increases to cap them at one and a half degrees celsius. instead of taking their seats in class they're taking to the streets these youths staged a demonstration near the climate conference center and bone. they want the global community to limit greenhouse gas emissions. conference participants say the paris climate agreement of twenty fifteen was a step in the right direction countries have national climate targets now but they have to be solidified. this is an urgent moment and so i expect delegations to come here ready to do their jobs to get the rules set for paris and make progress but also individually to say what they're ready to do more. there's a south pacific ambience involved island nations threatened with submersion amid
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rising sea levels are getting special attention at the climate conference the targets set out in the paris agreement don't go far enough to prevent the impact of a climate disaster. in paris it was clear that our efforts would not go far enough it's also part of this agreement that we keep checking to see what we can do better . it's doubtful whether that will happen in bonn meeting the paris climate targets will require much more work but everyone here is aware that the pacific islands are quickly running out of time. all right we want to pull in louise osborne she is our environmental issues editor she joins us tonight from the german city of bonn always good evening to you so people watching us tonight are going to think ok you had the paris climate agreement two years ago so why do you need this conference in bonn now. well i mean the paris agreement indeed was very important
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and it really brought together the and national community for the first time but now it's really about how marrying out the nuts and bolts of how exactly they're going to implement climate action plans that they're all putting in place at the moment i mean if you think that the the paris agreement was like a smartphone and the rule book that they are now working on to make sure that they implement all of these issues is going to be the operating system a smartphone come without an operating system and so that's what they say conference is really about is making sure that they can make the parse agreement what ok that's as a great analogy a problem you know with a couple of updates to keep it running smoothly is well it seems if we look at the latest data that we are on track to see a three degree temperature rise that's based on the latest models for the entire planet is that adding urgency to these talks. that's right i mean if they stick
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with the climate action plans that the countries have already put in place that will be a three degree rise and that's what's been projected and it is really adding i didn't see to the talks because they realize that they have to have more ambition they really have to make sure that they can keep elite below that two degree limit one point five degrees if they possibly can with fiji as the the president for the conference obviously they are feeling some of the impacts more than anyone else and so with them taking charge it's really about trying to make sure that they can they can keep those targets in place yeah i mean even if the world manages to limit more warming to one point five degrees or two degrees celsius i mean how much risk will there remain for these pacific islands like fiji. well like i said fiji is already experiencing some of the problems when it comes to climate change there's
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increased flooding the island nations are going to feel this to some extent even with the the one point five to two degree rice it's really about limiting the the damage that's already being caused it's not just about the island nations i mean we've also seen extreme weather events in all over the wild and also increased forest fires and and all linked in some way to climate change and so it's really it's really something that they need to work on. louise osborne joining us tonight from the german city of bonn helping us to put this latest u.n. climate change summit into perspective louise thank you very much. thank you. now here are some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world vietnam has been hit by heavy flooding after a powerful typhoon killed at least forty four people and left more than a dozen missing more than one hundred thousand homes in the countries of south
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central region have been destroyed or damaged a former lawmaker has filed a petition with kenya's supreme court challenging the results of its presidential election which was won by president can yatta the country's opposition refused to participate in the rerun describing it as undemocratic in refusing to accept the result. u.s. president donald trump has warned north korea that what he calls the era of strategic patience is over now speaking in japan in the first leg of his twelve day tour of asia trump also pushed his host to buy more american military equipment to protect itself against north korean attacks well despite his comments from said that he would be open to talks with north korea's leader kim jong un. going for the gut president trumps hawkish stance on north korea got personal when he met
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with japanese families of those abducted by the nuclear arms regime he's not the first president to do so but with tensions the highest in years the meeting added emotional firepower to trump's tough talk and for sizing the u.s. his close and long standing relationship with japan he called north korea's ballistic missile launches over japan outrageous the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric is very strong but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last. twenty five years look where we are right now. prime minister shinzo abbay said his government stands one hundred percent together on the issue even agreeing with trump that all options are on the table. not him or another no one wants a conflict neither myself nor president trump know about you north korea continues challenging the international order under provocation it looks like the
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international community needs to apply pressure to north korea to change their policy i mean you know it'll cut. the prospect of armed conflict took on an economic dimension during the visit trump called for free and equal access for american exports to japan's market his answer to north korean missiles is japan buying more defense hardware from the united states he will shoot him out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the united states he will easily shoot them out of the sky. from japan trump heads to south korea which has also long been north korea's crosshairs. but tonight police have released a photo of the man suspected of killing twenty six people and injuring dozens more at a texas church yesterday there he is devon patrick kelly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after he fled the scene the u.s.
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air force says that kelly was discharged for beating his family investigators have said the gunman's motives appear to be through a domestic dispute local media are reporting that kelly's in walls sometimes attended the church in sutherland springs the shooting was the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the state of texas. well our correspondent michele it's nigga is at the first baptist church in sutherland springs texas he joins me now on the phone good evening to you michelle so you've been talking to residents they are what are they telling you. well people are really shattered about this tragic incident here and they can't really explain what what happened what what. what happened to make this this shooter kill so many people in this in this small community. there like twenty six people at least at this community's only
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a little bit more than seven hundred people so it's a high percentage of those people who were or were killed yesterday and they say they can't fathom what what made this shooter do what he did. and they're they're grieving and they're praying and they're also hoping some of them that this will change maybe the perception of assault. assault type weapons in the states that they should be outlawed that's what an old resident told me he said he wants to sell. your rifles to hunt deer but he can't understand why why those high powered assault style weapons are are allowed yeah i think i think a lot of people are asking isn't selves exactly that question tonight and what about the shooter we've seen his picture we know that he he's a twenty six year old who lived near sutherland springs what more do we know about
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the motives of devon patrick kelly. well authorities now say that they're looking into what they call of the mystic situation as a possible motive for the shooter he had yet apparently sent threatening text messages to his mother in law before. and it's all it's also known that that relatives of the shooter attended this this church sometimes and yet been charged dishonorably from the air force in two thousand and fourteen three years ago for yet for assaulting his his wife and his kid and that he actually spent some time in a in a military prison a year the military prison and was then dishonorable discharge so a lot already so looking whether that might have something to do with what happened the u.s. president has said that this is not a guns situation but rather a mental health issue is there any evidence that this shooter had mental health
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problems. well so far there is no no medical records. having any mental health issues. that we know also i mean this is very still very early in this investigation so something else might turn up yet but it's at least not publicly known so far that he had a in fact a mental illness or mental disorder. still a lot of questions to be answered there are correspondents. at the first baptist church in sutherland springs texas forced to knocked michelle thank you very much for. these so-called paradise papers are making waves in the world of business it was first it was panama papers now it's the paradise paper just like when it is paradise indeed for the filthy rich we're talking ten trillion dollars stuffed away in offshore accounts governments around the world scrambling to investigate they you snout says the paradise papers have placed
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a renewed emphasis on fighting tax avoidance they could press forward with plans to make a blacklist of tax havens among the millions of documents evidence that some of the world's richest individuals and businesses are doing whatever they can to hide that cash from the tax man. the queen of england is there the rock star bono to american firms apple facebook and nike are also part of it. the massive paradise paper's leak is a snapshot of global tax dodging in sixteen million documents most of them out of bermuda big names and big companies are caught once more in a controversy over their finances that's boosting those who want to end tax dodging in the u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn suggested the queen should apologize after the leaks showed her state made offshore investments we simply have to challenge the culture that the something clever about avoiding taxation taxation is what gives us
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ambulances gives us far tenders gives us safety in our lives and we all have a responsibility to pay for it others have greeted the revelations with a shrug russian officials have pointed to the legality of the transactions in the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross said there was nothing improper about his investments in a firm connected to the russian state us president donald trump could even use the leaks to support his plan to slash corporate taxes the reality is more complex however governments like the u.k. and germany say they've been trying to close down loopholes with mixed results the e.u. has meanwhile suggested a collective response but even this could face challenges sometimes we have blocked were blocked by the fact that the member states consider to be should be you go from this or that. and now we're in a different period that's what i call the transparency. it's high time that everybody goes into seeing the reaction to eliminate fraud and to combat that's evasion when it comes to clamping down on tax dodging for now the shame game might
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be the most effective option. and one of the revelations from the paper's apple used an offshore account on the british crown dependency of jersey to hide billions in profit that's according to media sources analyzing bleak documents we spoke to a member of the european parliament's fen gold who's been pressing to close tax loopholes asking him whether it is plausible to place the blame on britain for helping people hide their money well if you look at the facts very clear that most of the islands of which business was wheeled were clearly british territories and therefore this is the key question with the upcoming brics it discussions so i believe british banks investment funds insurance companies they have a strong interest to keep market access to the e.u. twenty seven and we should clearly make that conditional on closing down the tax
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haven business around the u.k. . and joining us now from the international consortium of investigative journalists which expose the paradise papers is gerard ryle gerard thank you very much for joining us it hardly comes as a surprise that wealthy individuals and firms are avoiding taxes so what exactly do you expect to come from these latest revelations well i think it's another blow to the secrecy that's being afforded by tax havens i think that's probably the first and most important thing but maybe you know by repeatedly embarrassing people we're looking at they are the richest people in the world here they're the biggest corporations in the world and really what we're showing is of you know all of this talk of politicians over the last couple of years to try and close us down is really just being a farce i mean basically these corporations and individuals go shopping for a better tax deal the way that you and i would go shopping for a car yes but picking up on that point to the casual observer it does look like
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nothing has changed since the panama papers a year and a half or so ago is that the case. and very much so i think people dismissed the papers as a sort of a role that was. documents that came from a panama law firm called. and i think people dismissed it and said this is a law firm doing bad things you know for bad people here this is very different to paradise papers basically mainly involves a company that is catering to high end people high end corporations high end individuals who are not criminals and what we're seeing here again is that this is legal but again is it is it moral is it acceptable i guess is the real question for public ok and we're talking about as much as ten trillion dollars stashed away in offshore accounts maybe you could give us an impression about how damaging this kind of tax evasion is. what we really don't know how
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much is in tax havens people can you can quote a figure you can pretty much make up a figure if you want to reading people don't know simply because of the secrecy and we know that almost half of world trade now goes through taxation so we have no idea how much is stashed there and it's not like the money is stashed in the caribbean account it's actually in the banks in britain america and in germany and other western countries that's where the money stays it's just that on paper it moves to know if your company for tax reasons so basically you make sure that your profits end up in a place where they're not being taxed so to summarize this all why do we need leaks like this we've known the rich and famous hide their money forever yet it seems that it's still never really a big election issue in most countries and after all that's what's needed to make a big change. well i think the leaks really do go to the heart of the one
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product that this offshore world does provide and that is secrecy and if you no longer have secrecy then you no longer have a product to sell and i think that's probably the biggest blow that you can take to this is the system basically is i think it will take more leaks like this it will take whistleblowers coming forward you know luckily we're in an era where people can leak information on a scale never thought possible before and i think that unless the governments are prepared to fix this then people will continue to take matters into their own hands by giving this kind of material to journalists and of course there is plenty more still to come from the paradise papers carol thank you very much for that. it was the mudra that wasn't to be talks between telecom rivals team obama and sprint to broken down the two telecommunications companies have failed to reach a deal that would benefit customers and shareholders shares in both companies tumbled on the news team obama an affiliate of germany's dodgy telecom and sprint
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the third and fourth largest wireless providers in the united states this ends years of merger speculation. now seems catalonians former president can stay where he is at least for now but at least for now you know that's right talking about belgium of course these sacked cattle on leader in four other former ministers they have been released from police custody but they have to stay in belgium and attend their court sessions within two weeks i mr bush tomorrow and the other four had turned themselves into police earlier on sunday to face possible extradition to spain prosecutors there have filed charges against them for their role in last month's independence referendum which the spanish government says was illegal. well belgium's interior ministers accusing the european union double standards in this case. young the young born said the e.u. has remained silent about madrid crackdown on catalan separatists despite taking
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legal action against the right wing governments of poland and hungary for defying democratic norms or our very own catherine martin's asked the former president of the european council herman for on point about the e.u. strategy in the catalonia crisis. as former european council president the european union so far treats the crisis of catalonia as an internal matter of a european member state can the european union can brussels keep that defensive line because the european union is respecting the rule of law. in spain the referendum was considered by the supreme court as illegal. the unilateral declaration of independence was considered by the supreme court supreme court as illegal and we have to respect let's say not only the independence of
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spain the depends of the additional in spain we have to respect the rule of law as long as the rule of law is not violated the european union has nope role to play and you always have to be very cautious and i'm speaking no as a belgian. interfering in domestic politics we had a crisis or five hundred forty one days it was a major crisis it was about the future of the country. we solved the problem after one year and a half without any mediation without any intervention of the european union we never asked it and it was never suggested but what would be wrong for a strong european union as a broker showing to the european citizens its capacity as a crisis manager. it needs always to or to tango if
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a country is not asking for support or for mediation you cannot impose it it has to be in consensus with the member states and as far as i know there is no request there is no demand but catalonia was calling for a mediation in this case and the european commission president juncker for example he wants his commission to be a political one is the european union falding short finally just referring all the time to the rule of law we are working with member states and as far as i know the rule of role is respected in spain and just referring to decisions of the supreme court that's importing it or not even political decisions the political decision was to in some way to suspend autonomy of catalonia after
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a unilateral declaration of independence but major decisions taken it were judiciary decisions and we have to respect the separation of powers so it is not because a region is asking that the european union has to intervene we are working we are dealing with the member states. that was him as the room boy there speaking with our catherine mark. sports news the head of the buddhist league as video assistant referee system has been replaced amid accusations of inappropriate lee influencing matches the controversy swirling around the da r. system since its introduction to this season cost you see it helmet crude his jaw in the latest incident to first half goals for vosburgh were disallowed in their clash with her to berlin on sunday the league's clubs have opposed the system's widespread use and fans complain that it interrupts the flow of the game krueger
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has been replaced by former top referee look. for an ace. high say with of her vote one of the all time greats of the italian game as hung up his boots under a pillow and played his final match on sunday night for new york city f.c. known as a free kick specialist the thirty eight year old was the midfield lynchpin of the italy team that won the world cup in two thousand and six. also bagged two champions league titles and six italian league crowns with milan and given to us. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that. against
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climate change. the head of the u.n. time in conference. three thousand. china and
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the usa. is doing their part to protect the planet and who isn't. three thousand in sixty minutes on d w. two w.'s program guide to the highlights with the whole. dot com highlights. their black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i was. taking holiday group and being you know different than the rest. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seems as. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely
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a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. and the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the phrase like this i could never completely disappear if you see all of these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy so i thought wow. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . it has happened again a shooting massacre in the u.s. twenty six people gunned down inside a small texas church. they're just worshipping why would you attack them on something such as.


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