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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 11  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2017 3:30am-4:00am CET

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porting daily. from the car twenty three this weekend next on d w news. health. and hearings to look. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in an equal societies. the divide starting november fifteenth on d w. one.
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of the. pressure it's how we deal with it that counts. results in the most basic of. pressure can be measured. boiled down to a simple formula and its physical force exerted on a surface by something in contact with. his failing the pressure. there is pressure i believe that when there's pressure like there is now it can only help us. the pressure is high his team have one point from three games. will it be too much to get. the newly promoted the pressure is off. will help them against leipsic. it knows what is the pressure was mounting and we saw the individual quality their lives become. hamburger feeling the pressure.
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games with out so when. his good ol find a way through. the pressure mounts. and who will find relief. can pressure mold this seventeen year old into a diamond. oh well it bright can. kick off as all the answers welcome so much to eleven. dollars is a man under pressure is hamburg side have taken just one point from their last eight matches conceded sixteen goals and scored just three against all needs a savior and youth is his best hope specifically this youth seventeen year old young feet are too young to drive
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a car by himself but still needs him to steer hamburg back in the right direction. tension is right at home in hamburg forever flirting with relegation the one time greats truly live my phone the edge they were under the cosh early on against a card. but the relief sometimes takes a strange form a kick to the head for example. are took one for the team and stood guard sanest burnage took a yellow card after just five minutes. hospitable reception for the youngster on the occasion of his first ever start in the bundesliga. the next challenge was somewhat softer but the result for stuttgart sportage was the same a second yellow card after just thirteen minutes. run for the. wasn't
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even a foul on and on for wasn't even a foul the second yellow card is oftentimes as no point moaning about the can't change it now. it wasn't a foul i'm a bit lost for words as well as like it was never a second yellow causes everyone i can see there was a god who doesn't see a water line is unfortunately for ron robert cielo his afternoon was about to get even worse after aaron hunt's tamed free kick the keeper took his eye off the ball and a load of pressure off of hamburg shoulders. the first time since august that the home side had been in the lead thanks to a gift from the keeper. i thought the goalkeeper is always the phone and it was pretty funny after it's been as i was dictated to stop in the corner he took care of the rest of it is. a rare moment of joy for mr his dog. and it almost got better straight away. our nearly made it too. but
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sailor was in a defiant mood after the first call. never mind still time. time to for hamburg to shoot themselves in the foot as it turned out a silly found an unnecessary free kick and a daft handball and the home side were right back in trouble again. this to start strikers had seen it the referee hadn't but he could always call for backup. one more experience she a tingly long pause later the video assistant confirmed what the players already knew and still don't have a penalty. self harming handball really is a good chance of. one who wants to daniel can check. in checks glory was his dolls misery. but if there's one arch that hamburg have. affected it's the escape and sure enough they dodged this
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disaster to his coach's delight phillip hostage put his side back in front. then the boy wonder himself ice the cake. i've they do come good every now and again the youngsters. to see that right marcos the bar second never going to sleep at all also happens to be his second in two games. and we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves after a game like this they will still have phases in their form still be on the bench or even in the stands now and again so let's take it easy trick fish deckard i did well today for the ages very well. matching lee complimentary is dull celebrated hamburg's five hundred home victory in the bundesliga how many more how
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long can hamburg evade the drop the youngsters ought to give the club hope for the future but expectations are high around here and it will take more than just three points to dispel the doom. let's set down south now. the big move. for violating kazan are enjoying a little more freedom for the club might not be where they once were. and dortmund have scored more than lay the case in this season. young talents like. always dangerous going forward. and at the back well play the casing can count on like the ball the precious video assistant no penalty given to this time. it's almost time to just say how bullies
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how moves and be done with it on the threats also told me he was pushed in the back and that's why the ball he just kind of accept for me it wasn't a penalty this from becoming that. it'd be rude not to capitalize on a gift like that so i went out specs kevin dunn so i fell over kevin fall and i played occasions like count on. one nil off to forty seven minutes. delight for the guests dispatched for the hosts. and what about paul kevin dunn son under pressure from fall on the nineteen year old slipped up and was my to fight for his mistakes. as a defender the main objective is to defend your goal and this occasion i didn't do it and i think i slipped and then lost. the chance to win the ball again i didn't.
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down so i was distraught. even when he scored the equaliser the defender remained inconsolable his first ever goal in the bundesliga and he still couldn't even from smile. only i would celebrate but because of what happened before it was hard for me to say were still down so i had another chance to make things better i like to sack all my saw the high scrap all three points. off the post came to a lucky old lady kazan's rescue. now when. i go hammocks job is his for the forseeable. future and despite his dreadful mistake having done so i was safe in a job as well someone to tell him. half. the time to find out how things went elsewhere intellectual and. braman arrived in
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frankfurt hoping to secure a first win of the season under caretaker coach slowly on call felt. his presence couldn't prevent until maybe each from putting the hosts ahead. a little no scratch should sort things out right and it did. eight minutes later braman were put back on level terms by nicholas moyes and. braman celebrated their fourth goal of the season. and told felt was dreaming of a first win just one goal would do it. but frankfurt's look us read that speech had other ideas and then brains hopes of a victory were crushed a minute from time s├ębastien lairs late winner for frankfurt sent the guests home empty handed.
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it could be worse brightman fans you could be they've lost sight of the last ten games and when they welcomed tottenham resistance was. not even ten minutes ago and the visitors lead this way. denis guy go with the goal. things went from bad to worse called ski bundled into the back of my. hands on the steps up to convert the penalty. business. to know. about me and then converted a fine andre courage cross to make it three. strikes and twenty second goal cologne have conceded so far this season it's been painful to watch. but the fans keep on singing. it. this one was
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a goal fest both spork in berlin with one of the games of the season so far they got a busy bitch put berlin ahead after just fifteen seconds. the reply came quickly but all was not as it seemed this goal for mario gomez was ruled out for offside with help from the video assistant then gomes smacked a penalty against the crossbar before the video assistant ruled out yet another goal for the wolves. but martin schmidt side did eventually find an equaliser. to. go you know smalley with the goal. shortly before half time gomes found redemption and off both posts to one. prelim responded quickly car in reykjavik slipping header making it to to. a better
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blow for both sport and yet another twist in the spectacularly entertaining chide. but full sports fans would celebrate again devo already with a late winner or so they thought. and still the game was and. still the game was unfinished. davies l.j. refused to give up on this cause and was rewarded with the sixth goal of the game. that's no seven draw us in seven for marcus schmidt. it didn't take long for this to become a viral hit. and narrowly avoided disaster for meit's keeper robinson the most. not about goalkeeper a young zalman didn't cover himself in glory either as i do jalen rose above him to put the visitors. in front. of best
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a god was on hand to sight the day does one more on the final score. you don't see this every day to stanch time it was taken out by his own player as freiburg host a child to. the freiburg boss fell on quickly on his shoulder and spent the rest of the game in some discomfort. there was more pain to come in this match for the hosts. freiburg the better team for much of the game lost this wildly deflected shot at least the goal score x. freiburg or daniel didn't rub it in. his old pal because duncan toe was the unlucky d. flexi shall cause a good run continues. with
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. not everybody does that your coach is feeling the pressure just ask andre brighton rights. have attained just. meant he's feeling calm and confident. as a form he remembers precious now he just enjoys every guy. when he's up against a team like leipsic nobody expects to win anyway. although i have made a habit of troubling the big. like this where we've shown that we can win against a team like dortmund it's like this week we've shown that we can win against. despite them being favorites we can be too if we give a top performance. why not the pressure's off the same tame the defeated and started again with the same objective light with coverage that gets kicked off and it wasn't long before they started creating to.
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dances the bottom of the with tears of joy like with the sharks the way to get like she had to stretch the but if your fearless there's nothing you can't manage brighton right and knows that. doesn't want to tell us a newly promoted club we can be proud of playing so courageously against the champions league side of that in so doing. a top performance against a club that may soon be among the world's best be like take out a talented young squad. passionate fans and an astute coach so why are they so despised are they simply too perfect. the but still even they found life difficult against the now by appeared irritated nervous or under pressure after poor displays against buying and in the champions league they needed a good result the but without chances there are a man the biggest of which came just before the break with team of venice fierce
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shots taking a deflection on route to the crossbar and have to do better than that. after almost an hour it was kind of a not the host that made the breakthrough of the john it's not something home to put on either in front of the booming at the freedom of playing without the precious but however to an unlikely win against lightning. baton and abi like they had a lot of quality on the bench after all the swedish international m.l. forsberg came on the buy a team of vanna in the band use of pools and finish. have determination and decision just one might think needed to turn the game on its head i think it shows mentality we have the mentality to win every game and want to win every game and i think we did and we did look tired today and the last thirty minutes we believe we played really good and we were. the winner we got it the
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victory was secured just five minutes from time. to force back to the and i have to have the young german striker had been feeling the pressure after his return from illness he showed that he knows how to handle it. if if me and they helped me that go the assist help me too sometimes you need to give more than one hundred percent you also need the will to win games to score goals it wasn't just me but from all of us out on the page that's the reason we won the thing i'm a good one like the coach roughhousing who will break the heavy sigh of relief the underdog defeated but not without a fight. for it if you put in a courageous performance and showed why we deserved to be up there with so many points on the board already the performance was just
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a confirmation of the work that the team has been doing for months the latest. hard luck andrei like to take was simply too much for his side this time the young pretenders might soon be by and biggest challenges. right now that's dortmund so here it is dec classic at. the biggest game in germany dortmund against biron like take or no life take this is the highlight of the bundesliga season. attention is also fixed firmly on coach peter bosch just one point from his team's last three league matches and a measly draw against people champions league opposition is he feeling the pressure . there is always pressure at dortmund. if you play like we have recently and if you haven't been when. says i didn't pressure him down on the giving it's
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part of the job. when you have to play against by an extra pressure on the. fire and on the other hand have turned things around seven wins in the last seven games through to the champions league knockout stage and top of the bundesliga once again. so the pressure was firmly on dortmund but could they gentle this into a positive. in the opening fifteen minutes it looked like they cut they stayed compact and created chances the but not even care ima take over my young could open doors months account the but always with the strikers if they don't score de de stop thinking and. questioning their performances but what he need is a goal of the bus so on one hand you have struggling strikers like obama i am
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homeless in five games and all the other forwards who are really just covering their confidence like aryan robin the bit of the dutchman has always enjoyed these occasions. he opened the scoring here is ninety third goal for byron the b.'s now the club's highest scoring non german player ever observed and seems to love the pressure that comes in the big games the better boss meanwhile appears to be cracking his team are short on confidence they could only look on as biron doubled their advantage spot harvey levin dawson obscene you know the body language says it all. this is bonnie and. this is dortmund. the
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club are left wondering if they made the right decision in hiring a relatively unknown coach why did his system work at the start of the season but not any more. the offensive football dortmund are playing is actually quite impressive. they put their opponents under pressure but they just can't seem to make it count. over my young knows that he's not the problem. last season's top scorer already has ten this season. but he can't do it all by himself. meanwhile the competition for this year's award is hitting its stride. robert levin dostie is already seeking his twelfth of the campaign. if only his feet were bigger he'd have got it as it happens david all about claimed this one. byron's third arriving in the sixty
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seventh minute. three mill to the champions. shortly before the final whistle dortmund finally produced the magic of which there are occasionally capable of mars bar transfer shot made three one. effect if proved to be a mere consolation. continues to look for a way to drag his team out of this bad patch. still it was never going to be easy against byron. of course disappointed if you play tough game when you lose it's disappointing but i think if you look at the game especially the first half by and deserve to. and
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there were far better than we were that play better. not exactly the performance he was hoping for. dortmund struggles continue. their next meeting with byron is in the german cup it will be tough. the champions are riding high dortmund suffering fans less so. a look back at the result for a match the eleven have not celebrated their five hundredth home victory in the bundesliga congratulations and that after a games without a win no such glory for cologne o'brien and they're both still without a win this asian domains the fate of the hands of the champions also bring a smile to a few faces unlike say. that because rb have leap frogged the black and yellow they're now in second spot on fire and stale. shelters have also made a remarkable jump up the standings for the first time in a long time fairfax in the champions league spots. and watch as the bottom half
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tell us the move forward could really do with a win and an end to their string of draws that hamburg have left the drop zone and that cologne are still anchored to the bottom of the five. star what have we chosen as our match time moment of course this goal from our u.n. rather than. the goal put by and ahead against dortmund that made him the club's top scoring non german player is ninety third in title congratulations yeah it's a nice milestone you know this is these are like special things you know icing on the cake. enjoy the cake that's so from kick off this week until next time.
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you were.
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