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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin president trump calls for a world wide action in response to north korea isn't in south korea on his asia tour trump says that every responsible nation should push for an end to north korea's nuclear weapons program but he also urged his kim jong un to come to the
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negotiating table also coming up no end in sight more than ten thousand killed as the conflict in eastern ukraine simmers all three years after russia addicks fight mia is there any hope for a political solution. russia's military chooses to celebrate a world war two baffled but not the communist revolution one hundred years ago today a moscow correspondent tells us why the kremlin wants tight control over lennon's legacy. plus the politics of climate change scientists say the effects of global warming are clear as this glacier in alaska melts away experts and activists at the u.n. climate summit hope to save it there so who don't want them to succeed. and in bogus lead a song for the debate over a controversial video assistance seized of just won't go away the project leader has been. mr moss are far from home.
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alone terry barton thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has called for worldwide action in response to north korea visiting south korea on his asia tour trump said that every responsible nation should push for an end to north korea's nuclear weapons program but in a shift of tone trump abandon his aggressive rhetoric and instead signaled a willingness to negotiate he urged john yang to quote come to the table and make a deal we'll give an update from our correspondent in seoul but first this report would president trump landed in south korea today with a clear message on north korea as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to
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defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be. it's a far cry from trump's earlier fire and fury threat but protesters were still having none of it they lined the route to the presidential residence in seoul shouting no war and no trump south korea's president moon j ian was there to receive trump and first lady maloney a trump trump visit comes amid growing tensions with north korea the regime has launched twenty two missiles in fifteen test since february including over japanese territory in september it conducted the sixth nuclear test in its history the north korea doesn't need nuclear weapons to devastate its southern neighbor seoul is just fifty kilometers from the border within easy reach of conventional weapons the back and forth may be a negotiating tactic trump says he isn't looking for a war that being said i really believe that it makes sense for north korea to come
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to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of north korea and the people of the world trump is also looking for a deal with his allies he has not been subtle about his economic interest and a united front against north korea we make the greatest military equipment in the world whether it's planes whether it's missiles no matter what it is we have the greatest military equipment in the world and south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment which frankly for them makes a lot of sense and for us it means jobs it means we do sing our trade deficit with south korea regional defense for american jobs he said much the same while in japan over the weekend nextel move on to china a much trickier partner. take is following
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tribes visit and joins us now from seoul boston the u.s. president there is said in his visit to south korea that he will be working with south korea and using all available to tools short of military action is now taking a softer line with respect to north korea. well terry he definitely sounded very different than he did just a few months ago if you look back and if you remember that was bellicose remarks of . fury fire and fury and locked and loaded and those remarks actually made the south korea's president moved somewhat angry at the time saying that it can't be that some third party pushes his country closer to a military confrontation with north korea and he said that there shouldn't be any military action taken or considered without the consent of north korea and so today we didn't hear any of that harsh rhetoric from from donald trump now i
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wouldn't say it's a policy reversal they still agreed that they want to exert maximum pressure on north korea and that's something that president from had been pushing for the entire time but it seems that at least they were a bit more considerate of each other's needs and positions terry ok with donald trump now taking that leap using some of the lead the way about really and is that mean that washington and seoul on the same page in dealing with the north. but i think at least they took some steps to find towards each other to find common ground it was president moon who said that they would be enhancing military cooperation for example and he it was also him was said how important it was to maximize pressure on north korea and as i said that's of course something that
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president trump wanted so i think overall they tried to display a unity in their positions and i think that's exactly what president trump had been looking for starting this whole asia trip that he wanted to align the u.s. is key allies namely japan and south korea with u.s. policies on north korea and tonight it looks like that he's achieved that terry. austin heartache there in seoul south korea thank you. elliot's rolls two hundred countries have gathered in the german city of ball and for the u.n. climate summit they're looking at how to move ahead with the paris accord on climate change in that debate alaska's ice fields have come into pokus scientists say they're melting rapidly and that that's evidence of the effects of global warming but pushback from local business leaders has shown the stark divide between
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environmental activists and climate skeptics. alaska's juneau ice field spans nearly four thousand square kilometers of glacial wilderness . it's alan gordon's favorite place on earth. he heads here whenever he can spectacular views await those who scale to the top but the ice is vanishing over time. and when i first came out here a long time ago. the ice is a couple hundred feet higher and it was just flat across i could ski to or crossed out here. to get here but now i have to ice climb to get out here and it's completely changed. allen says each trip is different because of how rapidly the ice cover is changing. scientist aaron hood is also watching the changes the two encounter each other often and talk about the weather pathways
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and what's happening to the ice. aarons measurements indicate the height of the ice is dropping by about ten meters per year meanwhile the white house is reducing funding for climate research aaron blames us president trump for making his research more difficult and for sowing doubt among americans about the existence of climate change. they're convinced that donald trump can come in and cut back on regulations cut back on climate change research and that's going to somehow stimulate the economy and you know that's very convincing to people that are you know need jobs and need to support their families. but the facts speak for themselves the mendenhall glacier alone receded by five hundred fifty meters from two thousand and seven to two thousand and fifteen there appears to be
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a lack of political will to reverse the trend elsewhere in alaska people are banking on a new oil and gas boom under president obama offshore drilling was outlawed in large areas of the arctic that's now changing under trump. republican weed treadwell was a politician in alaska today he advises big companies he sees a golden age ahead for the state president trump has kept his promises to alaska to reverse obama's policy on energy to push exports to push infrastructure to push national security to reduce regulation we're seeing all those things happen. need treadwell wants to convince us of the advantages of climate change and invites us to his home for him the melting of the ice in the arctic ocean is a good thing. that the major advantage is that the arctic ocean is certainly accessible for big tourist ships we will see the crystal serenity come
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around through the northwest passage again china has already begun to ship container ships across here russia which only had a european market for its siberian natural gas now can ship it to asia he says he'd like to see the whole environmental debate settle down. that way of thinking puzzles alan gordon he wants to see fewer people and politicians turn a blind eye to the environment. and the news just in from the u.n. climate change conference in balling here in germany syria has announced that it plans to join the twenty fifteen paris agreement others would leave the united states is the only country opposed to the accord syria and nicaragua had earlier refused to join the agreement nicaragua as since said it will join as well. now to india where doctors in the capital delhi have declared a public health emergency as air pollution levels reach more than twice what
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authorities last as hazardous authorities have called for schools to close and have cancelled a running race scheduled for later in november of it fears for the athletes health . afghan security forces have ended an attack on a private television station in the capital kabul witnesses say at least three attackers including a suicide bomber entered the building after an explosion at least two people were killed so-called islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack without giving evidence. you're watching news still to come one finger in the future forget your credit card we'll look at how a shop near london is letting its customers pay with just the price of a thing. but first who's in and who's out in saudi arabia that's the question that has the whole of the middle east talking in recent days it follows a purge in the royal palace with eleven members of the royal family and dozens of
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present or former ministers arrested due to corruption claims among those detained prince ali what the bin talaga who's one of the richest men in the world forbes magazine value says fortune at seventeen billion dollars also out prince bin. who was also sacked as the head of the saudi national guard he was once seen as potential heir to the throne and definitely still in crown prince muhammad bin some on now he's often been described as the power behind the throne he's the heir apparent to the ailing saudi king. well for more of what's going on in saudi arabia let's turn to another. for some analysis he's a correspondent with the arabic t.v. service good to have you here with us not a story tell us about these men who've been detained what are they accused of and
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why have they been arrested now the most prominent of them you mentioned him he's one of saudi arabia's and the world's richest people. although the accusations are related to corruption accusations and the. people of those princes were put in a hotel they were not put in jail because you know there's a joke about there's no jail for royals and so to arabia and it's basically corruption because couple of hours before that and how mackinson on the crown prince was put as ahead of him to corruption. committee and just just after that he started arresting and detaining all these. princes and ministers and it's ministers explains to some degree the timing of these arrests but still want to the question is being raised to what to what degree do these
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arrests help to consolidate the power of the crown we have to understand that the power and sort of arabia is divided between the branches of the royal family were called assad is not only the current kink someone who nodded as he's innocent it's a very big family about thousand princes and all these branches. in the last few decades they have they share power and now mohamed bin someone he wants to consolidate his power by getting rid of the old princes who had their share of the power at the time of the former king or the late king abdullah. abdulla and i visit these who died two years ago ok so there is a consolidation of power going on there let's look at the broader implications for just a moment of these developments within the kingdom what do they mean for saudi arabia's
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role in the middle east in the larger cond side arabia has a major problem with its economy the economy is having real problems because the oil prices are sinking on the other hand how much been some non who's actually the real king he wants to show that he's he can take action he wants to take action against iran the actual actual enemy of in the region and he has the support of donald trump the american president so. what he's now trying to say is i'm the i'm actually defacto king and. iran cannot miss with me anymore not a thank you so much not a satirist there from arabic t.v. service thank you so much for talking with us today. gary hart has more now on the trade fallout that power struggle at that power story that we're discussing is
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having all in the saudi kingdom terror that try to crack down on corruption in saudi arabia is being widely welcomed in the business of corruption has an influence throughout vast sectors of the saudi economy it may have made influence the price of oil an economic promise that is usually huge importance for the global economy so investors are supporting the move of the saudi government. the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh was once a popular meeting place for saudi arabia's wealthy its financial bosses ministers members of the royal family now the luxury hotel has become a prison a prison for the rich and famous targeted by the country's anticorruption committee its leader crown prince mohammed bin shown left on this poster with his father king salmon once it known he means business class with the detention of people on charges of corruption who are in positions of high or thirty and possess lots of money and who trade throughout most of the world's continents also proves that the
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economic side is considered important to our leadership. among those targeted is prince our lead been tell our one of the world's richest men from riyadh's tallest skyscraper he controls luxury hotel chains broadcasters and a real estate empire and significant stakes in the u.s. bank city group the electronics for apple and the messaging service twitter riyadh stock exchange appeared anxious following the arrests investors fear that because those arrested control such a vast assets this could have a negative impact on the economy or indeed the oil price but so far the opposite appears to be the case. first impression is that there is a wide welcome from investors and there are important signs from these decisions that no one is above the law even a prince or a minister. yet questions remain is this really about fighting corruption
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or is it simply a way of eliminating political and economic opposition. u.s. president donald trump seems to be a burden to the world economy that's according to a survey of more than nine hundred kilometer experts worldwide conducted by germany's been on for. the overwhelming majority said they were. donald trump's policies were having a negative impact on the global economy especially when it comes to climate protection and social justice as well as international trade at home trump enjoys a more positive for the u.s. only a minority of experts believe his economic policies are harmful let's see whether that view is shared on financial markets as cross over to frankfurt where my colleague our financial correspondent standing by danny what's the view there is donald trump the businessman president bad for business well let me unbundle this to you this for your care from the trading person active i don't
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know how many times i have you know already told you during this year that chair prices have been falling because of comments made by donald trump and this is really what investors are calling a dangerous they are considering donald trump as a politician who was very unpredictable just one of his sometimes very careless tweets can result into a massive landslide at stock markets all around the world some investors here even told me that they have an app alerting them whenever he's sending one office very controversial trees so that this together with all the promises that he has not been really fulfilling in the last time is really being considered here is doing bad business and then there's also his is protection is stands can be very helpful here this protectionism is really a big topic of course also in the financial world let's just talk about the nafta
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agreement for example between a canada and mexico donald trump has been really keen in the past for new goshi ation but those have been very slow and this really has been harming in the past countries you know like canada and also mexico and both countries still don't really know which effect this is going to have for them in the future. for us thank you very much a convenience store the outskirts of london is giving customers well the finger that is giving them the opportunity of using finger scanning technology to pay for their shopping here's how it works. just pop your finger on to the scanner to purchase your items customers at this grocery store on the outskirts of london cannot choose to leave their cash and credit cards at home. the biometrics gun bill
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it's a three d. model of your finger veins that generates a key that users can link up to their bank accounts. the companies behind the new payment technology say it could help businesses forge closer ties with customers. you have no identity of anybody in use and it's very difficult with a relationship any way they can to give you a little to which people don't carry these days so what their idea is is that you'll figure with the loyalty cards you never going to forget it you're always going to have it with you if you're also can make the payment it becomes much more convenient but the technology has also raised concerns about previous see the crypto key generated by the finger veins gun is stored anonymously on servers but linking your finger to your bank account could enable your movements to be traced because so far around two thousand people have signed up to use the technology proponents say its potential is huge and that it could even be rolled out in other areas like border security. now more business to come first what started as
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a trade dispute between ukraine and russia terry strike but it's turned into something really horrible it's a conflict now that's killed more than ten thousand people says the violence in eastern ukraine has escalated over the last few days it's more than three years since russia annexed crimea following a controversial referendum there russian backed separatist forces are still fighting the ukrainian army on the front lines in parts of donetsk and han in eastern ukraine see that on your map there both sides repeatedly accuse each other of breaking cease fire agreements this year the. special monitoring mission to ukraine has recorded more than three hundred twenty five thousand ceasefire violations. well with me in the studio to talk about this is alexander hook he is from the organization for security and cooperation in europe he's the deputy chief of the o.s.c. the mission to eastern ukraine thank you so much for coming in this morning nokia
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is accusing the separatists of firing mortars across the cease fire line in recent days says its troops have come under heavy machine gun fire are we witnessing an escalation in this conflict the special monitoring mission has observed during the summer months comparatively low number of ceasefire violations however in the past four weeks we have seen a steady but surely increase of the numbers of ceasefire by elations reaching again four digit numbers on single days kuhlmann a thing to sweet and if the use of multiple launch rocket systems some of the most heavy and largest caliber weapon both sides use a discount flick resulting in multiple civilian casualties that are more of those have been corroborated now over the weekend what's behind this there are two main reasons why the fighting is continued is a military technical reasons one is the persistent presence of heavy weapons mortar tanks artillery devices including multiple launch rocket systems on both sides of
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the conflict lines in areas where to scientific rate they should not be namely not to be in engagement distance as well as the very close proximity of ukrainian forces and the are formations in many places as close as ten twenty thirty meters tensions are unavoidable under these circumstances and those of translate that into long lasting bottoms now there is a diplomatic process in place to try to resolve this conflict but given what you've just told me do you see any progress being made towards a political solution on the ground indeed the dialogue continuous dialogue continues and on different platforms one is the minsk platform where on a very regular basis everyone involved in this conflict older stakeholders and the signatory. the minsk agreement sit down and try to find solutions to dialogue itself is a positive aspect of this the open channels it creates helps to avoid further escalations it is true that it is difficult to find measures that can be
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implemented but dialogue assad should not be disregarded is very important ultimately this conflict can only be solved through dialogue ok we've seen this escalation that you just described i was looking at your website and there are hundreds of cease fire violations every day that are being reported the military positions between the separatists and the ukrainian government they haven't moved much in the last almost three years is this becoming a frozen conflict on europe's eastern flank it is first important to recognize that while the conflict line of such hasn't been moving much in the past time the sides positions have moved to were it stopped contact line closing up to one another which led to these very intense fighting in some of the places now the conflict has been producing lots of violence as you've mentioned over free on the towers and ceasefire while ations which is alone this year that means it is far from frozen
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this conflict that continues to be very active very unpredictable if measures agreed in minsk are not implemented in full it will remain a conflict that will be very unpredictable and bill producing more suffering among the civilian population your organization is one of the very few that is able to bring people into both sides of that cease fire line and talk to the residents who are dealing with this you mentioned civilian casualties how do civilians on the two sides of this cease fire line feel about what's going on indeed our unarmed civilian moratorium on both sides of the conflict line to interact with the civilian population who is very affected by this conflict unlike the armed formations and the ukraine and army. the civilians have no protection they are not in trenches that any guard is that they go to school they go about their normal lives and they are often affected by the continued fighting not least because society sides plays armory in built up areas which then come in return as targets
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this year alone the mission has been corroborating four hundred and twenty one civilian casualties at that is the equal number in the same period last we have been registering last year alexander hook the deputy chief of the o.s.c. mission to eastern ukraine thank you so much for talking with us this morning and thank you you are watching the news still to come why these eight letters have turned many people against twitter and sparked a heated debate about online censorship. and the controversy over the bonus latest video assistant system just won't go away project leader has been dismissed club bosses are. the monday through google and as nick group in the amazon. the land is trying to and from gigantic dam projects like tibet i'm on tape. if the river dies
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so does that culture and the way of life they've had for many generations. brazil in the shadow of the nec it damns. close in forty five minutes on d w. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn how are nations working to make their paris agreement targets. g w is there and reporting daily. from the cup twenty three this weekend next on d w news. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone.
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do you buy your tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights oh often the last thing on our lands. invisible hand is. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. welcome back you are the news i'm terry martin they're our top stories this hour president trump has called for worldwide action in response to north korea but on a visit to south korea on his asia tour trump also urged enjoy going to come to
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then go shifting take. and it's a hundred years since the communist leader lenin took power in the russian revolution but it's been a subdued anniversary in moscow with russia's military choosing to celebrate a world war two buckle and stick. l.g.b. t. plus activists have drawn attention to the fact that the word bisexual has been blocked or was blocked from search results on twitter but why have eight letters sparked off such a heated debate on the social media platform liz show joins us now to tell us from our social media desk list what happened. well terry activists from the u.k. were fighting for the rights of bisexuals they were among the first people to point out what is happening on twitter so this is what they said today a twitter introduced a search filter blocking photo search on the hashtag bisexual and also on the
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hashtag bi sexuality among others the hash tag trend sexual is also affected now we tried this ourselves today because this is actually from three days ago and even today take a look at the search results that you get when you type in the hash tag bisexual so if you go to photos there are no results for photos and when you go to a videos you get the same information in fact twitter telling you that it is protecting you from some potentially sensitive content and now today twitter issued a statement saying watch has happened they say late last week we discovered a technical issue that affected search results searches for certain words related to sexuality did not populates complete results we apologize for anyone negatively impacted by this bug it is not consistent with our values as a company but up until now terry they haven't fixed the so-called bug
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a bug technical issue. i can imagine a lot of people are still very upset about this. yeah that's absolutely right and they actually want to twitter to get its priorities in order when it comes to blocking content on its platform let me just run you through some of the comments that we have seen online the risk for example is asking why does social media shrug off hate speech threats and violence yet tries to protect us from six pleasure and diverse relationships this author from the us says hey jack this is jack dorsey the founder of twitter i'm bisexual and i write novels about bisexual people some of which have even been shortlisted for awards how about not raising us so asking twitter to not hide the existence of bisexual people on a line in fact many people pointing out that they use the hashtag bisexual not to
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post any explicit content or sexual content but as this user says sometimes just to post selfies and to show their sexual identity and now an activist group of from the us they are fighting against discrimination of members of the l g b t plus community in the media they say this is not the first time that innocent l g b t q content has been wrongfully blocked on twitter yet each time we see the superficial of fixes that ignore the root of this issue and of course they together with other activists are hoping that with all this backlash that twitter is facing right now the company will really make the necessary changes to its search results the show from our social media desk thank you so much. european football now and since the beginning of the season the bonus league has
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been one of two leagues in europe to test out the video assistant referee system. it's not been without controversy and project leader helmet was dismissed by the german football association on monday the future of the program is anything but clear. the bundesliga has found it tough to grow accustomed to the referees newest assistant fans of complain that interrupts the flow of the game while clubs are worried the system is being used outside agreed parameters and have pleaded for clarity. the rule should be simple it's. used how is it used and who makes the final decision is going to it isn't complicated it just needs to be clear and they can't be any grey areas. coach mark is good still feels the project needs time to develop despite having decisions going against his team this season. i am not sure if you know those who feel it's a disadvantage complain but i think it pans out over the course of the season fact
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is this will be a story and so we have standards set in all areas. questions have surrounded v.a. since its inception but the programme hit the headlines last week with accusations that the video referees were going outside the initial remit proved to be true. in mid september when this league of video assistants were given secret instructions to change the way they use video replays in their decision making instead of intervening only in cases of a clearly incorrect decision v.a.r.'s were instructed to contact the referee on the field when ever they thought he or she might have got something wrong. on top of that the project supervising him a kook was accused of actively influencing decisions during at least two matches this season. despite the allegations being so far proven the german f.a. dismissed group for his roles. he's been replaced by former top referrer look smith
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. well here to help us sort it all out is all of our movie from d.w. sports all over this controversy it's just not going away is it to start off with. he's been relieved of his key duties in connection with this with the system but he's somehow still involved in it tell us about that going to be what exactly to me it smacks of the terry they also asked him as we just said he's getting a lot of them and a lot of bad press and i think the jenna football association the day they realized they needed to make a statement they needed to make some kind of a semblance of big change just to kind of people. as it is though i feel like this is a kind of unsatisfying middle ground you know if i really thought how much he was the problem with the i os as to the moment then why is it still working on a project you know you know when someone's been the project leader so then to keep them in it it can create a lot of kind of personnel problems within a palm and a lot of egos in the same road on the other hand if they didn't think he was the
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problem they should have stood by him and given him more time to work out the kinks in the system and syphon me this is much more. about appearances than substance is much more about trying to calm things down and quiet down a few critics lot of than actually bring about proper change and fix the system as you say a semblance of change for the referee has already sounded the alarm about v.a.r. is there any chance that this video trial could be dropped by the pool to sleep well i mean first the main kind of complaint against. the members of nepotism favors is and in terms of certain referees getting certain jobs in games and he was supported incidentally by fed ex but who is probably germany's most senior active referee at the moment he took charge of the champions league final earlier this year and so there is support for the kind of criticism that. has as levied against . but even with all that and even with all the other controversy surrounding the
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i.r. at the moment i can't see it getting canned any time soon the d.f.t. is behind this trial so grindle the german football chief is behind trialing v.a.r. in german football and i think a lot of the problems that exist at the moment could be put down to teething problems you know this is still pretty early in the life of using video assistance and i think if you just if you bring in change that could revolutionize football and then throw it all out after a few months because of criticism and some controversy then not just months of chaos to make and i think it's right that if they will look for solutions look for ways of fixing the problem changing when video systems they used or how it's applied what the process is i think is right that they'll follow that rather than just throwing it all out just quickly what implications if any could for the twenty eight thousand world cup could we see the video ref in russia i don't think we will see in russia i think the problems that we've had in germany the latest i saw the problems that i think it's really were also trying to the problems that come
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federations cup lost during the summer where it was really a fosse inside that it was not ready to be used i think that would have been safe things and i don't think they'll risk it that prime tournament that big money spent i don't mean the risk the controversy kind of overtaking everything that oliver moody from d.w. sports thinks. well horseracing now where there was a family feel to one of the world's most famous races australia's melbourne cup rekindling took the crown for irish trayner joseph bryant beating his father's adrian's force your husband near into second the twenty two year old joseph is the youngest trainer to win the prestigious race which has been run one hundred fifty seven times. you're watching t.v. news still to come one hundred years ago russia's october revolution ushered in a new political era and with it new parked and architecture but with the communist
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regime now as dead as the rule of the tsars see how russia is dealing with that legacy. first more business with got hot starting with the sins of the oil sector and the siege of the neverending according to a recent study nigeria's oil companies alone flare all fade billion cubic meters of gas each year is toxic for the environment also a huge waste of resources the gas is a byproduct of all that action and could be used as a source of energy but so far all companies have avoided making the necessary investment to do so. what we are witnessing here should have ceased long ago nigeria's high court ruled gas flaring by oil companies illegal as far back as two thousand and five but only a few hundred meters away from these people's fishing village global oil giant shell continues to flare off its toxic gases with impunity the locals say that
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every family here has members who suffer from cancers and chronic bronchitis village headmen but i are dark color is what i lost. more than two decades. gospel and next year at gaslighting and st twenty guys flying in twenty and so on and so forth and this is going to seventeen and gaslighting is right behind me you can see it gas flaring produces greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide as well as toxic nitrogen oxides the oil industry has long had the technology to collect the gases released during oil production and use them as energy according to university lecture hall r.g.p. over two hundred it's just that it's simply not profitable enough to do so in poor regions like the niger delta. the gas which is usually it can simply be called back to do before i made available what it would use so it is of use and careers in the way you move would you would you. if direct impact or simply no forest in the ga or
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the villages around where the gas would use of firewood for you to put in source of energy so even guys made you can afford it then they would have to call that. one approach to show refused to comment on the accusations the company shies away from this kind of publicity many of its gas flares up barely accessible hidden deep in the jungle. it's a well known part of residents complain about health issues experts confirm the devastating environmental consequences of the international i firms remain silent obviously a successful strategy many members of the local political elite seem to be more concerned about oil profits than about environmental damages however we do find a small oil company that's prepared to talk to us element oil deputy director pedro diaz says his company won't repeat the mistakes of the industry giant we are cautious with the environment and we would like to take
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a bad case of. the super to completely the flare so our plan is by two thousand and eighteen we will not be flaring any gas. can only hope that's not just another empty promise he's become documenting his religious health problems and if need be here take their cases all the way to the courts in europe. half a century after the last man walked on the surface of the moon america's nasa space agency also sent humans back up there with a new arayans spacecraft europe's group as part of the endeavor its defense and space division is currently busy finishing the orion service module vital to the success of that mission. these brownout he subscripts may not look very impressive but they're indispensable the wafer thin thermal membrane to protect delicate components like sensors from extreme temperatures in space. you know hours of
3:45 pm
painstaking work technicians apply over twenty thousand individual strips to the for me to hi module. the strictly sequenced work is done under a clean room conditions initial testing is due within a few days. for me. personally it's the most exciting phase of the program because we're off the drawing board and on to the hardware breathing life into the vehicle as soon as we finish the integration will transition to the respective test phase. the module is a component of the arayan spaceship seen here in a computer simulation effectively its energy supply. its main features are its four special fuel tanks which can carry as much as nine tons of rocket fuel. arayan operates in conditions where temperatures can be as low as minus two hundred thirty degrees. if we
3:46 pm
encounter this extreme temperature drop when the spacecraft is in high elliptical orbit behind the moon when it's innocent shadow and they help us to maintain the fuel at a constant temperature so that we corresponding always in a position to supply the engines with fuel and get them started. to stop. nasa enlisted the europeans for the project five years ago the first time ever to help construct a u.s. space capsule. atlas plans to deliver the module to be americans in early summer twenty eighteen fulfilling a key role in a moon flight project. and absolutely critical strike ocean supply and energy supply and supplies for the astronauts absolutely critical elements out there especially important. because. without nurse it basically wouldn't have been possible for nasa to accomplish this mission. and the supply module costs three hundred ninety million euros and the two hundred people who built it can look
3:47 pm
forward to even more work naza has already placed the order for its successor. and also anniversary of the events that truly changed the world terry absolutely one hundred years ago this week bolshevik revolutionaries seized power in russia one of the defining moments of the twentieth century. of november seventh one hundred seventeen was masterminded by a bloody ilyich the young off known as lenin the communist party leader began preparing for revolution during his years in exile in western europe eventually became the leader of a communist state that grew into the soviet union but lennon's vision of a classless society soon gave way to a to tell a tarion state. well a century. and what is the legacy of the communist dream moscow correspondent yuri rachet it was a revolution square where a communist rally for the anniversary is taking place your e.r.c.
3:48 pm
of dress for the occasion how important is this anniversary for twenty first century russians. well it used to be very important today in the past but as there are many reasons terry is the scene of us three and a verse or makes it very difficult for today's russians first it's over aleutian was a radical upheaval and op evil is something russians don't want nowadays neither their president was no putin no ordinary citizens want it in this country since ninety seventeen each generation of russians has leave to go back to the clues make up people first of the boss of evolution we are talking about now then of all two or two and finally the collapse of the soviet union so for ordinary people for russians today stability is the most important issue in their life so there's a quite a bit of ambivalence surrounding celebrations it sounds like what about the government are they supporting these celebrations surrounding the october revolution.
3:49 pm
not really the message from let me putin and the kremlin on the anniversary has been a muted condemnation of evolution as a political to military parade has made its way across threats to be had today earlier and that made sense given the anniversary of the bolshevik revolution was one of the most significant events last century only that parade to waltz and celebrating the ninety seven thousand communist upheaval instead of that it was a reenactment of world war two of a military parade from which soviet soldiers went directly to the front lines another more or less official event was scheduled as the bolshie at right here on place of revolution at this place it was a concept sunday even in cold hammer and sickle commemorating the revolution but it was interrupted by a bomb threat that's all. so you've got people on the streets there are celebrating competing anniversaries one supported by the kremlin the other not is a potential for unrest. no i don't think so.
3:50 pm
for a few thousand people who came to this rally today at lane in still seems to leave on as dust of the soviet union is that a member with nostalgia i don't think so of course as the security men are high and strong about to their on until now is this really is going on very very peaceful ok well let's go in a little more into the history here and tell us more about the complexities surrounding lennon's legacy because as you say this is a very important anniversary in twentieth century history. yes indeed to lenin lift lenin lives in lenin the will live on that's what i was told as a child in the soviet union a country created by bloody middle each day and and one that doesn't exist anymore . you know. they're out. still many elderly communists and all the very people in
3:51 pm
the russia who at bowling in and to associate with him the soviet union the country they lost and the with it is their soviet identity so today's lead us in russia understand if lenin for example is removed from he's not a lame on red square and buried with his family as he actually wanted to be many people would be simple upset so that's why lenin will stay on red square in his mausoleum his legacy is very very ambivalent and very complex. as moscow correspondent yury rachet oh thanks. well despite putin's attempts to keep the commemorations to a minimum there are some low key events to mark the anniversary of the bolshevik revolution this three d. light show is running for several nights at st petersburg's winter palace which the bolsheviks stormed one hundred years ago putin will not be in attendance now for more on how russia is dealing with the legacy of the october revolution a century later we have david leavitt's here with us in the studio from our culture
3:52 pm
desk. what about the revolutions cultural significance is moscow trying to downplay that too well actually it seems like art is the one area where it's really being explored more closely people are taking a closer look at the aesthetics of the revolution which is perhaps maybe i'd say for a way to look back at that chapter of history through gallery exhibitions and so on now artists actually did play a significant role in the revolution they were helping promote the bolsheviks idea of a new society of new people of this new classless society and we've got some images here from a show at the tretyakov gallery in moscow under the bolsheviks of on guard artists were no longer at the fringes of the revolution got rid of the borzois art world that had been in place and made room for them and particularly a group of artists called the constructivists went on to really fight for this new order they made propaganda posters as well as. as more color
3:53 pm
rich paintings but probably the most important design of the time was tightly in the tower this pretty awesome twin helix design and it was said to be made out of glass steel and revolution and the idea was that it was going to be taller than the eiffel tower it was going to project messages on to the clouds on cloudy days in st petersburg which i think there might be quite a few of it was never built for lack of steel actually but there were many constructivists buildings that were built they have not such a great faith in the last decades our reporter emily sure when i went to take a closer look. a new beginning in a new world where paypal would be equal that was the gold. traces of the october revolution can still be found right in the middle of moscow the ideals of the time may have faded into the background but the legacy of the
3:54 pm
buildings and style that massively influenced modern architecture have been experiencing renewed interest in the not confident building built in the one nine hundred twenty s. constructivist architect who. designed the building according to socialist ideals with shared spaces like a canteen and daycare center. grandson is in charge of restoring the building. the level of forethought that went into this building is unique you can study every detail here and nothing is random everything has a maining a purpose a function all that together makes this building an icon of modern architecture. officially the not come from building it's a cultural heritage site but it's been repeatedly remodeled repainted and nearly torn down. this is our trade mark around the world but in russia it was
3:55 pm
deliberately ruthlessly demolished or simply remodeled. the restoration under lexi's watchful eye is being done with keen attention to historic detail. the shock of radio towers came very close to being torn down in twenty fourteen after a massive campaign the moscow city council announced at a place a preservation order on the town to safeguard it. the unusual milne the cop house was recently opened to visitors many have on guard monuments from this time though a still under threat and it remains. to be seen how much the renewed interest. to protect. and testing architecture why do you think some of those old buildings were left to crumble for so long actually this is the story of russia constantly reinventing its those architects out of favor pretty quickly under stalin's
3:56 pm
dictatorship and what we've got today now is a look back at there is statics if you've got especially a lot of fashion that is based on constructive outfits even the last olympics russia's outfits were based on constructivism so well doesn't want anyone getting any ideas of rising up nowadays look of the revolution as definitely back in style and well made it long live the aesthetics of the revolution they would love us for cultured us thank you so much. it's all in news for now they will be with you at the top of the next hour with another full bullets in the news thanks for watching .
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the mundo and as nic group in the amazon. that land is trying to and from gigantic dam projects like the bella monte. if the river dies so does that
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