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to others it's a story to offer you a new problem it's chemistry physics it's material science. who would do it if it could take time to do. this as did every news live from berlin going it alone president shrunk left isolated in climate change negotiations syria announces that it will sign up to the paris climate accord leaving the u.s. as the only u.n. member not to support it we'll explore what the potential fallout could be also
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coming up. the cadillac crisis comes knocking on that used door some two hundred pro independence katla mayors braley in brussels to demand action from european politicians will get the latest from the belgian capital and president trump calls for world wide action in response to north korea's nuclear ambitions but honest message to south korea also strikes a new tone urging the world nations to come to the negotiating table. unless it's a pleasure to have you with us war torn syria has announced it intends to sign up to the paris climate accord leaving the united states as the only u.n. member not to do so while the decision comes as experts and activists me to bolster the two thousand and fifteen agreement at the u.n.
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climate conference in the german city of bottled a surprise move by war ravaged syria comes after nicole rogerson also signaled its intention to join the pact to cut carbon emissions. are you want to take you now to body of use of correspondence and dean who is joining us from there is covering the climate talks assign a war torn syria intending to sign onto the paris agreement that they see this coming. it was absolutely unexpected and what we understand syria has not signed anything yet but we were able to speak to a source who was present at the ad hoc working group meeting where apparently a representative of the syrian government expressed interest in receiving the paperwork for signing we also spoke with the u.n. f.c.c. see that's the u.n.
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climate framework that is running this event and in fact they told us it's their understanding that syria is intending to join so i think it really took everyone by surprise all right took everybody by surprise so it tell us about some of the reactions at the climate summit in bonn where you are. well of course the reactions are very positive that a country as politically troubled as syria would make it a priority on its agenda political agenda to tackle climate change and so the response has been overwhelmingly positive and. just a recognition of how the world is really coming together around this topic right well let's to your point there of course we had that nicaragua also announcing that it's going to sign on which puts the u.s. in a very awkward position as the only country in the world to have step to wade stepped
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away from the paris agreement so how isolated is the u.s. by going it alone. well i would say that certainly the government of donald u.s. president donald trump is extremely isolated it's literally the only country in the world after this announcement to not be. not intend to be a party of the pair's agreement as trump announced that withdraw. but however i think that it's also a clear. there's also clear indications of how the us population is very much in favor of climate protection and is working at local and regional government levels to carry climate action forward so yeah i'd say it's donald trump against the world and not the american people against the world right society reporting from bonn where the climate conference is taking place thank you
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and we stay with the theme because alaska is ice fields have come into focus in the climate change debate scientists say they're melting rapidly because of global warming but pushback from local business leaders has shown up the stark has shown the star divide between environmental activists and climate skeptics. alaska's juneau ice field spans nearly four thousand square kilometers of glacial wilderness. it's alan gordon's favorite place on earth. he heads here whenever he can. spectacular views await those who scale to the top but the ice is vanishing over time. and when i first came out here a long time ago. the isis price a couple hundred feet higher and it was just flat across i could ski to or crossed
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out here. to get here but now i have to ice climb to get out here and it's completely changed. allen says each trip is different because of how rapidly the ice cover is changing. scientist aaron hood is also watching the changes the two encounter each other often and talk about the weather pathways and what's happening to the ice. aarons measurements indicate the height of the ice is dropping by about ten meters per year. meanwhile the white house is reducing funding for climate research aaron blames us president trump for making his research more difficult and for sowing doubt among americans about the existence of climate change they're convinced that donald trump can come in and cut back on regulations cut back on climate change research and that's going to somehow
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stimulate the economy and you know that's very convincing to people that are you know need jobs and need to support their families. but the facts speak for themselves the mendenhall glacier alone receded by five hundred fifty meters from two thousand and seven to two thousand and fifteen there appears to be a lack of political will to reverse the trend. elsewhere in alaska people are banking on a new oil and gas boom under president obama offshore drilling was outlawed in large areas of the arctic that's now changing under trump. republican mead treadwell was a politician in alaska today he advises big companies he sees a golden age ahead for the state president trump has kept his promises to alaska to reverse obama's policy on energy to push exports to push infrastructure to push national security to reduce regulation we're seeing all those things happen. me
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treadwell wants to convince us of the advantages of climate change and invites us to his home for him the melting of the ice in the arctic ocean is a good thing. that the major advantage is that the arctic ocean is certainly accessible for big tourist ships we will see the crystal serenity come around through the northwest passage again china has already begin to ship container ships across here russia which only had a european market for its siberian natural gas now can ship it to asia he says he'd like to see the whole environmental debate settle down. that way of thinking puzzles alan gordon he wants to see fewer people and politicians turn a blind eye to the environment. and want to shift our attention now to brussels where two hundred catalan politicians have taken their call for independence to the very door of the european union mayors from kalon communities
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staged a protest outside the e.u. offices in the belgian capital with chants of freedom they intensified their calls for european union leaders to intervene in the political standoff with madrid catalonia is former president carlos put huma fled to brussels when the spanish government filed charges of sedition against him for declaring independence from spain. and. respond to set witness to that rally here tell us more about what took place i just came back from outside the commission which you see behind me here in the picture a sunny day in brussels and that what is what the mayors told me of the sun is shining for them and they hope that the e.u. takes an initiative takes more support there are a number of them have told me they are disappointed that so far they haven't seen any support from the european union they they hope this changes and some of them were outright and said very very straightforward and said look we are here to
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internationalize this problems there's a number of succession is new from ins in europe they don't want to be part of a nation states and they should have their rights here and that is what they came for also of course to express solidarity for their leader and one of the mayors told me that he's very keen to meet him tonight in brussels are right now is the e.u. is hands off approach that you've just alluded to tenable at this stage because the catalan issue is not literally at their doorstep. exactly and that is a big concern of course for the institutions here but you have to understand this is a club of nation states so the e.u. institutions here in brussels particularly the commission is here to represent the spanish site and that is why officials here say you know they would be not suited in order to play any form of negotiator or. affiliate or two to help either of the sides they would not be a good partner because they are
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a bound by the rules of this club of nation states to represent the spanish side and also they made clear that the catalan leader acted in defiance of spanish law and upholding the rule of law is something that all twenty eight member states on the last summit said on the catalan crisis is key to the even policy already and let's talk a little bit about callen is that deposed leader. he is of course still in belgium any update on what the belgian judge has decided will happen next to put you want on his associates. apparently the belgian just wants to hear put them on and these other four ministers that are here with an interest with a european arrest warrant but free to walk out of the country under the obligation not to leave belgium so he wants to hear them again probably next week he has now fifteen days to decide whether to hand them over to spain or whether to not uphold this internet this european arrest warrant if pushed him would then
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appeal and against any form of decisions that that want in involve him being sent back to spain which he already said his lawyer already said that's what he would do things could be postponed so we're looking you know in the worst case scenario if you want from the spanish perspective at about sixty days that it could take to send put someone back to spain all right and then taking into consideration of course does their regional snap elections taking place on december twenty first that's just a couple of weeks away or i thank you so very much. reporting from brussels thank you and your washington news you still have a lot more to tell you about here's what's ahead. president donald trump calls for a worldwide action in response to north korea's nuclear ambitions but on his visit to south korea he also urges the rogue nation to come to the negotiating table or in seoul to find out what's behind trump's moderate rhetoric coming up in business with their art bell first saudi banks freeze more than a thousand accounts in a corruption crackdown on the rich and famous but observers wonder of the
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investigation is about business or politics. that coming up in just a minute but to now some of the other stories making news around the world u.k. politician carl sargent has been found dead just days after he resigned over sexual misconduct to allegations the former welsh government minister had also been suspended from the opposition labor party police said his body was found at an address in north wales is believed to have committed suicide. russia is barreling over twenty forced fires in its south eastern free mori region the emergency ministry says firefighters are fighting the flames both on the ground and from the air while officials say the situation is expected to improve by the end of the week with rain and snow expected in the region. doctors in india's capital new delhi have declared
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a public health emergency as air pollution levels reach more than twice what authorities classify as hazardous authorities have called for closed to be for schools to be closed and have cancelled the delhi half marathon later this month because of fears for the runners health. us authorities say the man accused of fatally shooting twenty six people at a church in texas was able to buy firearms because of an error by the us air force they failed to add devon patrick kelly's criminal history to the federal database used to conduct background checks kelly had received a domestic violence conviction while working for the air force back in twenty twelve. u.s. president donald trump is in south korea the second stop of his first official five country tour through asia the visit is being seen as an attempt to present a united front against north korea's nuclear ambitions but south korea has offered
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a look war welcome to trump's ideas of well to rein in pyongyang's missile and nuclear threats. president trump landed in south korea today with a clear message on north korea as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be. it's a far cry from trump's earlier fire and fury threat but protesters were still having none of it they lined the route to the presidential residence in seoul shouting no war and no trump south korea's president moon je in was there to receive trump and first lady maloney a trump trump visit comes amid growing tensions with north korea the regime has launched twenty two missiles in fifteen test since february including over japanese territory in september it conducted the sixth nuclear test in its history the north
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korea doesn't need nuclear weapons to devastate its southern neighbor seoul is just fifty kilometers from the border within easy reach of conventional weapons the back and forth may be a negotiating tactic trump says he isn't looking for a war that being said i really believe that it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of north korea and the people of the world trump is also looking for a deal with his allies he has not been subtle about his economic interest and a united front against north korea we make the greatest military equipment in the world whether it's planes whether it's missiles no matter what it is we have the greatest military equipment in the world and south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment which frankly for them makes a lot of sense and for us it means jobs it means we do signal trade deficit with
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south korea regional defense for american jobs he said much the same while in japan over the weekend nextel move on to china a much trickier partner. boston heartache is following tribes visit and joins us now from seoul boston the u.s. president there is said in his visit to south korea that he will be working with south korea and using all available tour tools short of military action is. taking a softer line with respect to north korea well terry he definitely sounded very different than he did just a few months ago if you look back and if you remember that was bellicose remarks of . fury fire and fury and locked and loaded and those remarks actually made the south korea's president mugabe and somewhat angry at the time
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saying that it can't be that some third party pushes his country closer to a military confrontation with north korea and he said that there shouldn't be any military action taken or considered without the consent of north korea and so today we didn't hear any of that harsh rhetoric from from donald trump no i wouldn't say it's a policy reversal they still agreed that they want to exert maximum pressure on north korea and that's something that president from had been pushing for the entire time but it seems that at least they were a bit more considerate of each other's needs and positions kerry ok with i and that was my colleague terry martin speaking to us and hard to there earlier but i want to take you now to get you've got an update on that on saudi arabia and that's indeed rides saudi arabia is getting tough on corruption and not even the highest echelons of saudi society bad eleven members of the royal family and dozens
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of present and former government ministers have been arrested corruption affects. of the saudi economy it might even influence the price of oil and economic promise have with huge importance for the global economy. the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh is normally a popular meeting place for saudi arabia's wealthy c.e.o.'s ministers members of the royal family now the luxury hotel has become a prison housing the rich and famous arrested in the anti corruption commission's purge. saudi leader crown prince mohammed bin sound man on the left on this poster with his father king solomon wants it known he means business. with the detention of people on charges of corruption who are in positions of the highest authority and possess lots of money and trade throughout most of the world's continents also proves that the economic side is considered important to our leadership the.
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prince al will lead bin is among those arrested one of the world's richest men from riyadh to tallest skyscraper he controls luxury hotel chains broadcasters and a real estate empire and over twelve hundred bank accounts were reportedly frozen with more to come. traders at the riyadh stock exchange were initially nervous following the moves investors worried as those arrested control such vast assets that there would be a negative impact on the economy or even the oil price but the mood soon lightened . our first impression is that there is a wide welcome from investors and there are important signs from these decisions that no one is above the law or even a prince or a minister. yet questions remain is this really about fighting corruption or is it simply a way of elimination political and commercial opponents. paradise
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papers leak was on the agenda today as european finance ministers met in brussels stopping tax revenue from offshore tax havens but even inside you there is no simple solution to closing loopholes and shutting down. fresh outrage for a problem they're already struggling to solve european countries began working the same tax sheltering well before the latest leaks last year the e.u. identified eighty one jurisdictions connected with tax avoidance the e.u. wants to finally create a blacklist of offenders before the end of this year such a list would name and shame the worse tax shelters it would even provide a way to sanction them. we know those are very recently cooperation among states to have more information and more transparency but states have to sticks to their commitments and if states do not stick to their commitments we have to put sanctions on those states at stake is billions in lost tax revenue as wealthy
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individuals and companies move taxable business to low or zero tax lands like the isle of man off the english coast according to news reports germany loses as much as seventeen billion euros a year to tax havens the problem is that tax sheltering isn't necessarily illegal countries can tax at whatever rates they wish and that includes european countries e.u. members like ireland luxembourg and the netherlands used local for tax research truck firms luxembourg's finance minister on tuesday appeared optimistic despite his country's hesitance overpass proposals on people we need consensus will never states must be an agreement we've already made lots of progress in recent years and we've adopted a new directives and will all work together to put them in place and go to the outrage over the new leaks could be wind in their sails but consensus will be far from easy. the u.s. president apparently is a burden to the world economy that's according to a survey of more than nine hundred economy experts worldwide conducted by germany's
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you know an evil institute the overwhelming majority said they believe donald trump's policies were having a negative impact on the global economy especially when it comes to climate protection and social justice as well as international trade. enjoys a more positive reputation in the u.s. only a minority of experts believe his economic policies are harmful. now they call it a davos for geeks tens of thousands of developers entrepreneurs and business executives are gathering this week in lisbon for the web summit it's billed as the world's largest tech conference bringing the industry's policy and programming sides together representatives from internet and technology giants such as amazon facebook and siemens are attending as well as politicians major tech investors and advocacy groups summits topics include tech regulations and investment.
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our reporter jenelle demand is there on the ground a little earlier i asked her. i asked her about a topic that was discussed yesterday artificial intelligence. keven hawking who we were who we heard from last night was able to talk a lot about other promise and perils of artificial intelligence and he was saying that humans have to work hard now to be able to ensure that artificial intelligence doesn't sideline or surpass human intelligence and he called for the call for the creation of a european robotics body to be able to provide oversight to this development and people here seem to agree with him on that front if it's any indication margaret the star that you commission committee your competition commissioner she was received a very warmly here at this tech conference despite her record of taking big tech companies like google and facebook to task so that shows you that people are excited about tech and where it can take and where it can take us but at the same time they want regulation they don't want this to go unchecked. our both us now
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they're all on their websites and there's been. a full fifteen minutes of business news in the next now it's back to later thank you gary hart to team germany unveiled its new kit for the twenty eighteen soccer world cup in russia the retro design pays homage to the nine hundred ninety germany team that won the world cup in italy while the national squad will be hoping the shirt brings them luck while they try and defend their title next year. as the beginning of this season the bundesliga has been one of two leagues in europe to test out the video assistant referee system it has been without controversy and project leader how much kook was dismissed by the german soccer association on monday now the future of the program is anything but clear. the bundesliga has found it tough to grow accustomed to the referees newest assistant fans of complain that v.a.r.
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interrupts the flow of the game while clubs are worried the system is being used outside agreed parameters and have pleaded for clarity. the rule should be simple it's. used how is it used and who makes the final decision is going to it isn't complicated it just needs to be clear and they can't be any grey areas. hamburg's coach marcus gears dole feels the project needs time to develop despite having decisions go against his team this season. those who feel it's a disadvantage complain but i think it pans out over the course of the season the fact is this will be a story and so we have standards set in all areas and. questions have surrounded v.a.r. since its inception but the programme hit the headlines last week with accusations that the video referees were going outside their initial remit proved to be true. in mid september bundesliga video assistants were given secret instructions to change the way they use video replays in their decision making instead of
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intervening only in cases of a clearly incorrect decision v.a. hours were instructed to contact the referee on the field whenever they thought he or she might have got something wrong. on top of that the project supervisor hem a kook was accused of actively influencing decisions during at least two matches this season. despite the allegations being so far proven in the german f.a. dismissed group for his roles. he's been replaced by former top referrer lots of hurley's. want to remind you now of our main headline right now. president trump has been left isolated in climate change negotiations assyria announces that it will sign up to the paris climate accord the u.s. is now the only un member not to commit or support a climate pact. you're watching the news on little rock in berlin we'll see you
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again at the top of the hour. kick off the bendis legal highlights. hamburg secure their first win since august defeating stuttgart to leave the drop zone.
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dortmund turn from houston to crisis on saturday crumbling three two one hand to buy. the business safe the climate question at the u.n. climate change conference told sarah kenney discusses the su with a distinguished panel of expects businesses from contributing we have solutions we have company we have the technology we can be a moment of father companies it's not only about today it is also about to pause. obviously on the future global talk. in sixty minutes one mo d. w. in the next. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in both. our nations working to meet their paris agreement
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targets come twenty three this weekend next on the doubling news. the sling and d.-w. that as we speak the language being dug out. for content in dari pashto and for the prospects for returning our web special refugee journeys of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. d.w. may for mine.


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