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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin president trump takes a parting shot at north korea from seoul say to the north do not underestimate. and do not try to. trump graphs up his visit to south korea with a start warning to few young yang over its nuclear ambitions but
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a hint at possible talks he has to china for the next stop of his inaugural asian tour also coming up catalonia separatists plant their flag in brussels their ousted president is there launching a war of words against spain can he convince the rest of europe that secession is a good thing. twitter doubles its character like the movie is supposed to reduce the time we spend editing down forty tweets a lot of users are asking is it brevity the point. car makers in europe are bracing for a new proposal out of brussels to slash automotive emissions but they are already having a big trouble meeting existing targets and one hundred years ago communist revolutionary seize power in russia did he go to st petersburg where new generation of political activists is seeking regime change.
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i'm gonna get to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has delivered a sharp warning to north korea telling the nation do not try us trump made those comments in a speech before south korean lawmakers in seoul as he wrapped up his visit to the country he also called on nations to exert pressure on north korea to abandon its nuclear program the speech marked a return to have a strong rhetoric trump is used in the past just a day after he seemed to be taking a softer approach towards pyongyang let's listen to. the regime has interpreted america's past restraint as we can this. this would be a fatal miscalculation this is a very different administration than the united states has had in the
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past today i hope i speak not only for our countries. but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try. well at the next stop on trump's marathon five country tour of asia is china the u.s. president and first lady departed south korea just a few hours ago they are expected to land in beijing soon trade in north korea are again at the form the focus of the trip observers expect trying to push chinese president xi jinping to up the pressure on pyongyang something they say he is reluctant to do china is north korea's main trading partner but it's repeatedly said the west has exaggerated its economic leverage over pyongyang. well let's bring in did abuse mathias bellinger who is standing by for us in beijing hi mathias north korea as we said a big topic here on the agenda how is your pain likely to respond to trump's strong
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words once again for p.r. yang. china has already made a gesture it has prohibited chinese tour a gin cease from bringing tourists into north korea just now which is also another economic leverage that china has on north korea it's possible that we will see further concessions from the chinese government either verbal or. what we can for sure know is that they are not going to do anything with kim jong un's regime in jeopardy and it is this is a big meeting the leader arguably of the west visiting the leader of the east let's take a look at what is at stake. but you know the leaders of the world's two biggest economies but they couldn't be more different. the shoot from the hip impulsive donald trump and the guarded protocol nothing jinping. and things didn't start out too well
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between them. and continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing on the campaign trail trump took a hard line against china and its economic policy accusing it of manipulating its currency to gain unfair trade advantages. but since becoming president has taken a noticeably coziest stance to its america's one time for. when she visited the u.s. in april trump had warm words for his chinese counterpart we have developed a friendship i can see that and i think we're ok we're going to have a very very great and i look forward to. trump was also quick to convey his admiration after she consolidated his grip on power and the communist party congress last month.
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spoke to president xi to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation also discussed north korea and trade two very important subjects. and two subjects where despite the friendly rhetoric the two presidents don't see eye to eye. north korea is the major issue that's testing u.s. chinese relations and it will top the agenda of trump's visit china remains north korea's closest ally the u.s. has increased pressure on beijing to rein in pyongyang but china is reluctant to become directly involved in the escalating conflict. the us is china's biggest trading partner but it imports much more from china than it sells there and trump has threatened hefty tariffs on chinese goods. china's plans to build in the disputed waters of the south china sea have angered
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washington's allies in east asia. while the u.s. navy's continued patrols and what china considers its territory have riled beijing . these contentious issues remain unresolved but one thing has already become clear trump's isolationist policies have played into president she's hands trump turned his back on the world she has cast himself as an advocate of globalization opening the doors for china to gain more influence in the world. mathias are coming back to you know what are china's expectations of this visit. well trump has two big topics on his agenda one is as we said north korea and the other one is trade both topics are topics which china wants the u.s. to be to be not too proactive with to put it this way so china's expectations would
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probably be to have this visit as friendly and with as little results on these two issues as possible something that china might be hoping for is that trump will agree to some diplomatic formulas to china has been pushing a had that will be interpreted in beijing as consolidating beijing's new role as it sees itself which means that might recognize some something like core interests which would would mean china's grip on. taiwan for example or china stance in the south china sea but i think the most important thing for china is to make this visit as pleasant as possible for trump so there would be no conflicts and the u.s. would not partly pushing with their own it's him and his we saw in that report you know donald trump and she isn't paying these are cute very different men different
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styles of leadership yet donald trump saying that they have forged a friendship how well do they get along. but she didn't ping is very good at telling audiences what they want to hear and that's a strategy that works especially well with donald trump so creating a friendly friendly atmosphere with donald trump is not too complicated they have selected him and both men also share something in common and that's a taste for power and and strongmen politics and that's probably where they can get a. good of these mathias bellinger following a donald trump's a visit to china thank you very much thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world the u.s. democrats have won to several high profile victories in state and may oral elections were also north america here winning a tight race against his republican rival in virginia other wins for the democrats
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where the state of new jersey and the new york city's mayor is office the elections were a key test of voter sentiment exactly a year after donald trump won the white house. the united nations says trafficking networks are preying on children in refugee camps in bangladesh the country has been overwhelmed by the arrival of more than six hundred thousand were fleeing me in marjah the last two months children make up more than half of the new arrivals in the bangladesh camps. long lines of cars have formed at gas stations in yemen's capital sanaa after the price of fuel jumped overnight this after a saudi arabia's announce announced it would close all air land and sea ports to yemen the u.n. has called on the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen to allow food and medical supplies into the country where seven million people are facing famine. meanwhile the rivalry between saudi arabia and iran continues to escalate we are at has
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accused tehran of carrying out an act of direct military aggression saudi crown prince mohammed is claiming that iran had supplied rebels in yemen with a missile that was fired towards the capital riyadh main airport over the weekend that strike was intercepted the foreign ministry of iran says those accusations are destructive and false well this all comes as saudi arabia is in the middle of a shake up itself saudi authorities have made a series of arrests to crack down on corruption but critics say the crown prince's consolidating his power. the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh is normally a popular meeting place for soviet reviewers wealthy c.e.o.'s ministers members of the royal family. no more bell phone for to chose how this luxury hotel has become a gilded prison the rich and famous arrested in yesterday's corruption crackdown sleeping on mattresses. sodhi leader chrome prince
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mohammed bin salman on the left of this poster with his father king salmon once at noon he means business class with the detention of people on charges of corruption who are in positions of high authority and possess lots of money and who trades throughout most of the world's continent also proves that the economic side is considered important to our leadership. that. prince hourly been told is among those arrested one of the world's richest men. from riyadh's tallest skyscraper he controls luxury hotel chains broadcasters and a real estate empire and over twelve hundred bank accounts were reportedly frozen with more to come. traders at the riyadh stock exchange were initially nervous following the moves investors worried as there was a rush to control such vast assets that there would be a negative impact on the economy or even the oil price but the mood soon lightened
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. a little while. i was parched impression is that there was a white welcome from investors and that there are important signs from these decisions that no one is above the law not even a prince nor a minister. yet questions remain is this really about fighting corruption or is it simply a we have a limited political and commercial opponents. catalonia the ousted leader carlos pushed him or has sharply criticized the european union for not supporting the. regions bid for independence he made those comments in a speech in brussels where he is a facing possible extradition back to spain to face charges bushnell had some supporters from home in the audience two hundred separatist mayors from catalonia flew in to rally behind his cos. you got the right of the. freedom these mayors wanted for catalonia and for the regions next leaders now behind bars
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. there was a period toast is the mayor of a small cut along village he joined his colleagues in brussels to say they want support from europe it's very difficult for us that the european commission is doing nothing catalonia is a very pro european country we see ourselves as part of the european family alongside berlin and paris. catalonia is ousted president carlos puts them on got a hero's welcome from the mayors gathered in brussels he too condemned the response in europe to his region's push for independence to sit there is this the europe you want is this the europe you want to build a europe with a government in jail a country without the right to choose its representatives in a democratic way. on himself could
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face up to thirty years in jail on charges of sedition and rebellion if belgium sends him back home to spain. puts them on currently is in belgium on provisional release that means a number of conditions apply for instance he can't leave the country but it seems he can campaign and so europe will have to prepare for more events like this one. but european commission chief sean claude isn't budging he says the u. doesn't need any more splits and he's urged cut along leaders to stop violating spanish law. a group of protesters in brussels some to say message to the separatist mayors there are many who don't want to see a breakup of spain. twitter is rolling out a new feature that strong plenty of cheers and jeers it is doubling the number of characters allowed in most tweets from one hundred forty to two hundred eighty
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twitter had previously raised the character limit for just a select group of twitter users and a lot of people been commenting on that let's take a look one gamer and you tube user used all of the new characters to repeat this was a mistake many critics say doubling the character limit ruins their favorite thing about tweeting the brevity others think the update sounds better than it really is a one woman joke me with out two hundred eighty characters i have so much to say me with two hundred eighty characters false alarm some people just seem a bit confused about the whole issue of character limits and see her with this that this picture and for all the skeptics the american medical association had this to say change is resisted because it is psychologically and physically uncomfortable your brain feels good when you hold firm to what is known and familiar and what's familiar is using science to rationalize why i feel so weird to tweet using two hundred eighty characters. well let's bring in our social media editor all when at
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to not to give it away let's talk about this why is twitter making this change well as you already mentioned sumi this changes coming about after a limited trial also a limited amount of twitter users use the new two hundred eighty characters limit and twitter then released a statement announcing that it was expanding to two hundred eighty characters because it said under the old one hundred forty character limit people were having problems fitting all their thoughts into a single tweet so it also released statistics and saying that nine percent of twitter users were having a problem fitting their thoughts into one hundred forty character tweets but when it did this trial and allowed people more space to tweet if then that only one percent of users run into this problem so one big reason is better user experience and it also said that during its trial these longer tweets got more engagement
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so that they were liked more they were shared more about also amounts to a better user experience because people feel better about tweeting when their tweets are shared and liked more but we have to mention that this change does not apply interesting me to tweets in korean japanese and chinese ok because twitter says that twitter users using these languages. they're able to fit more thought into a shorter tweet because of the nature of these languages so that's one interesting point about it for those of us who do get two hundred eighty characters how is this going to change the essence of tweeting well twitter itself says that it probably won't change very much because it referred to this trial again saying that actually most users in the trial they stuck within this the old character limit so only a small amount of tweets actually ended up being more than one hundred forty characters but. you know we have to wait and see now that this change is being
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rolled out to the whole platform. you know maybe it's going to have a different effect and we must note that one of the most powerful twitter users in the world if not the most powerful donald trump the u.s. president he's already been making use of this new one hundred new two hundred eighty character limit so you know thinking that his tweet can one of his tweets can have an impact on global policy politics then maybe it is going to have been packed that hasn't been for seen yet so it's a wait and see on that i think all right a big change in the twitter sphere all went to not give us from our social media desk thank you very much all when. you're watching t.v. news still to come germany's football team is gearing up for a friendly fixture against england on friday a vital chance for the world champs to test out their line up ahead of next year's world cup. ok now a story about a new emissions regulations here in europe and why car might makers of monaco are
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concerned yes they're not amused to me i can tell you that much european car makers are about to be hit by a new set of challenges the e.u. is scheduled today to announce a plan to slash allowed auto emissions by another thirty percent but several producers already having trouble meeting existing targets that's according to a study by international consultancy firm p a consulting become makers in europe currently aim for new cars to emit an average of a maximum ninety five grams of c o two per kilometer that means that some models can produce more than this as long as others are more environmentally friendly but german carmakers are exposed fox watching dial and b.m.w. cannot meet existing car targets according to the report their emissions are still well over the existing threshold toyota and p.s.a. are in a better position at eighty nine and eighty seven grams per kilometer respectively
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they already come in well below the current target but the industry as a whole is not moving fast enough in reducing emissions and that is why the e.u. wants to extend reductions until two thousand and thirty and lower the allowed limits to sixty six grams of c o two per kilometer german comical folks of course chose to break the law rather than conform to emissions regulations worldwide so there is widespread doubt the automotive industry will accept further restrictions from regulators. there's a lot at stake and nowhere more so than in germany carmakers here were on tenterhooks as they waited. to find out the new rules of the game. the european commission's proposals on emissions rules will cover the period between twenty twenty one and twenty thirty. report suggest c o two limits could be cut by thirty percent. but according to germany's. there will be no real penalties
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for failure to meet the new target a breath of relief or germany's car industry already grappling with the fallout of the diesel emissions scandal taking a closer look at the country's auto industry the livelihoods of some eight hundred thousand people depend on it german carmakers produce fifteen million vehicles worldwide each year that amounts to around four hundred billion euros in revenue almost a fifth of g.d.p. . so it's hardly a surprise that german carmakers enjoy a rather cozy ties with lawmakers in the past efforts to get tough on regulation have been met with fierce resistance here's what the head of germany's automotive industry association had to say back in july. the older misleading don't get the wrong kind of political intervention could threaten the car industry. as long as politicians propose guidelines instead of interfering with technology this sector will continue to succeed in the past politicians or bureaucrats making decisions on
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technology has not been good for jobs or for the economic development of the country for the shift to go to go traffic and become a small. jobs and economic development under threat environmentalists say such arguments have enabled car makers to get away with far too much the auto industry may have a sympathetic ear in germany but on a european wide level there may be a bumpy road ahead. and just how bumpy is it going to be for con makers let's ask greg ought to direct a claim to have a trance but. he joins us now in brussels good to have you with us first of all i'd like to put a quote to you i mean german foreign minister sigma gabriele who was economy minister previously has told the european commission president joke led you to that he has he's against toughening of european car emission targets by twenty twenty five and the reason is he says he believes that stricter rules will cost jobs and
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growth how do you argue with that it's known since there's a recent study that dime love b.m.w. and folks work and have participated in been done by the european climate foundation that shows it's net positive for jobs in germany until twenty thirty and that includes more than twenty thousand jobs in the automotive industry nearly seventy thousand jobs in the electrical industry and more jobs in services also this is a this is a regulation which drives innovation and creates jobs so how do you explain the resistance then i think the resistance is because the car industry wants to continue to sell the same old days of technology in europe because it can't sell it anywhere else in the world and is desperate to try to recover the investment which is made what what kind of rules do you expect the e.u. will propose today and how will those rules impact the car industry. we think
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they'll propose a fifteen percent cuts by twenty twenty five in a thirty percent cut by twenty thirty we also think that they will propose a fifteen percent and thirty percent share of zero emission vehicles including plug in hybrids by twenty twenty five in twenty thirty but crucially after the intervention of the midst of his men there will be no sanction if they don't actually hit those targets so they are effectively meaningless and just paper regulation so that there are only so there is no no no repercussions and no impact for the motorists with those rules either know that the impacts on motorists will be very positive because the cars will have lower c o two emissions so they will be lower. roads taxes but in particular they will be much lower fuel
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costs overall we think this will add about a hundred year owes to the price of a new car but that will pay back in lower fuel costs within maybe two years so overall this is something that benefits the driver to if if the cars and the car makers adhered to the new rules you just said that a lot of them may not do it because they won't be penalties so no repercussions there for motorists either just briefly. there won't be penalties for the targets for zero emission vehicles there will be penalties for missing the thirty percent and fifteen percent overall reduction targets we think those penalties will be the same as they are at the moment and in that will drive the industry to achieve their goals personally i don't agree with the analysis i've seen it doesn't take account of some of the flexibilities which exist in the regulation the car industry will hit their targets for twenty twenty ok and for twenty thirty ok well greg we have
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to leave it here thank you so much directed linda has a transport and environmental joining us in brussels. thank you. football now and world champions germany are facing england in a friendly fixture on friday the match will provide coach joaquim love with a vital opportunity to test his squad for june's world cup in russia he's been able to select some returning stars as he strives to strike the right balance in his team. joachim love has a clear vision for germany's world cup squad he wants his place to exhibit social skills teamwork and a strong mentality. left back marcel house and has been called up for the first time while mario kurtz is finally back along with the one after both missed international. illness and injury. isn't. he this is a game to prepare ourselves for the world cup we've seen that we have an incredibly
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wide range of play is and of course every game against an opponent like england is important. germany's new kits was also on very old this week with space on the chest for a fifth stuff for a possible fifth world cup thoughts all. you're watching d.w. still to come a hundred years after russia's bolshevik revolution we meet modern day protesters in st petersburg seeking to topple the establishment. and a small dutch town that's drawing tourists from around the world we'll take you there that's all coming up in the next thirty minutes. a career in sports and german design. skier a good sport with the stinger. and upgrade
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w. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connections road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport managed by from. welcome back you're watching news our top story u.s. president donald trump has issued a stark warning to north korea telling the nation do not try us trump made the comments as he wrapped up his visit to south korea he has now to china the next stop on his five nation asian tour. and let's get more in trump's visit to china
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with bernhard parsis and asia specialist with the bertelsmann foundation that's a think tank here in germany thanks very much for joining us in our studio this morning that china is considered the most if not the most probably the most important stop for translation for him for him why do you think that is and do you think that he's been able to build a good reporter with paying over the time that they have met. i think the two men couldn't be more different from very freewheeling he came paying very controlled but in the last couple of months they have been getting into a relationship where they do talk to each other whether they respect each other it's mainly the chinese driving this relationship in april she jim ping said i have to go to the u.s. if you want to have his first meeting at this illegal of course let's do it there but let's sit him down and let's get a feeling for what he wants the chinese are actually very good at developing
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a feeling for what needs back home so that he feels good about the relationship. and they're going to put up a great show for him in china this week while they're expected to talk about north korea's nuclear program as well and the four trump left he said that he believes that china is playing a constructive role let's just listen briefly to what he said. i do believe that china where i'm going very soon and president xi has been working. i really feel this has been working very hard to see if he can do something but we're going to see but i think that estimate hopefully is extremely high so what is he expecting to do. actually he's hoping for him ping to take this problem off his hands to solve it somehow which shows that the u.s. doesn't really have a very coherent strategy towards north korea at the moment it's true that china could do more if any other country could influence north korea it is china but
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he didn't things hands are tied to he's again going to make don't feel good going to make him feel that something is going on and that's going to be enough for this trip. but we're not anywhere near solving the north korea crisis so his hands are tied what could beijing offer. they could always put on more economic pressure basically all of north korea's foreign trade goes through china very dependent on on oil technology basically everything but. china has no intention of letting north korea collapse and they don't have a lot of options because north korea is not only very suspicious of the u.s. and its allies it's also very suspicious of china and you said that china is going to put on a good show for donald trump which of these do two leaders do you think is in a better position to get his way i think he has a very clear plan of where he wants to go and where he wants donald trump he wants
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donald trump to not interfere too much in the pacific and that agenda is going quite well right now from a from a chinese point of view the u.s. administration at the time doesn't really have a very clear. approach to what they want to do in china what they want to do do in asia and this incoherence is something that the chinese are very much benefiting from at the moment that's a position from beijing what about the chinese people how do they see the u.s. president i think mused by him they don't have a lot of respect for him as a politician they of course knew his story. glamorous billionaire well before he became president and they like these characters and china but for them it's really more an entertainment issue than
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someone that they take seriously politically trade is also likely to be a very big issue on the agenda is beijing prepared to make any concessions there. i know they will say they will look into it but they have no reason to make any concessions at this moment there's there's no instruments there's not a lot of pressure that the u.s. or any other big foreign nation could be putting on china at the moment the dependence on the chinese economy is so high for a lot of multi multinational companies that china can just go on the way it's go in been going for the last couple of years for quite some time to come in donald trump was very critical of china in the campaign leading up to his presidency how damaging do you think that was to u.s. chinese relations. i think the chinese government is very concerned about this of course they don't want. china hawks to become too dominant in the u.s.
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that is why they are making a big show of accepting u.s. positions. but then. the chinese know very clearly that a lot of that is just talk and as long as nothing happens on the ground is there long as there are no real policies that are a threat to chinese core interests they're quite relaxed about it we've talked about the differences between xi jinping and donald trump where do they share common ground. well they did they both like like power they both have this this vision that they they are they are great men in history she jim ping at the party congress a couple of weeks ago we re assured his position in chinese history and donald trump has these absurd visions of what he is going to do for the the u.s.
7:37 am
and that that's where they meet they both want a new world order the only thing is she didn't think has quite a concrete idea what that world order could look like well donald trump doesn't all right well i donald trump said to arrive in china in the course of the morning about hard part and asia specialist with the foundation thanks very much for sharing your analysis with us today thank you now the u.s. president a billionaire from his own previous business ventures is coming to a country where the number of a super wealthy is rapidly growing many enterprising chinese are hoping to strike it rich in the new economy but some of them who have made it are discovering that money doesn't always buy happiness. the wee hours of the best time for you lee. cracks a few jokes and looks at the screen he has more than one hundred fifty thousand viewers right now and the numbers keep going up. now a short skirt a dancer is featured one of his team she's
7:38 am
a hit dragons and numbers flash. ulead gives his all the figures translate into virtual cash and then later into real cash a lot of real cash. whole thing then today all in well over fifteen thousand euros one viewer alone has given me thirteen thousand and now there's a couple of thousand and i'm very happy and there's still some good ideas on what you want. three hours of jokes shouting poor in on the charm usually is china's number one live stream or he has more than thirteen point five million subscribers. stay t.v. in china is censored it shows pedestrian and boring instead this is weird silly and harmless everything goes here except sex and politics.
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lots of business people watch the big bosses that use it to relax they give me money in the same way they might spend over ten thousand euros on a bottle of wine in a beijing or shanghai club it's their way of treating themselves the. next morning uli is clad in a more streisand facial mask an antidote to too little sleep one of his pupils pops by she wants advice from the man she calls the grandmaster. grandmaster not many come to my chat room what can i do differently on the days of utah you need to show you something special something that makes people laugh will relax is going mentally if you want them to like you some part of you needs to echo in their hearts ok or you go for the. day has started badly and last night was difficult to her equipment doesn't work including the microphone and even one hundred who everyone calls the old tiger the man who can
7:40 am
usually fix everything was baffled and yet all hunting ning wanted was to revisit her performance from yesterday her chance to acquire fame and wealth in her grandmaster show. even sitting there singing along doesn't help she messed up there were simply too few viewers. you know i just wasn't good enough i was too nervous because so many people had watched him it was a bad performance on. her stages a flat shared with other would be internet stars cables are strewn throughout like spiders webs workspace doubles as a bedroom and in the shared kitchen complete with leftover food old tiger monitors the shows it smells of cat and old smoke. and there's a flatmate next door noisily wrapping it breakneck speed. yes. i.
7:41 am
was. being tries again her show begins with her applying her make up there's no such thing as privacy here of course she earns far less than her grand master and as one of his employees she has to give him a percentage he's the boss and she's the internet proletariat sometimes old tiger chats to just to get things going. she said i are the new team at first i was really excited and full of hope i thought if they can become stars why not me. now after a few months i know how hard this business can be like an internet. you know until . you know sometimes i'm so sad after the live stream because there are so few viewers i cry and they cry so. who.
7:42 am
her grand master is on the road in a rolls royce which cost half a million euros. you leave used to be a car mechanic. his dramatic rise to riches is perhaps only possible in china with its population of one point four billion. bought myself a rolls royce because i often meet with internet personalities fashionistas translators the others usually buy a mercedes s.u.v.s or land rovers i bought these instead. but on the road with them they want when you lean out things on a different scale everything has to be big like his new headquarters where one being and the other live streamers will be based. the architect explains that this is where the accounts department will be because it's a good thing shway and don't forget says uli to plan enough space for my good business buddha. and then it's back to his marble and guild
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suite it's nearly show time again his hours of flirtation with the lonely in the rich who he must entertain and who are becoming more and more demanding more critical when he repeats himself suddenly it all comes out. it's huge pressure to look at my swollen eyes i can hardly sleep day and night get mixed up in this business i don't have friends anymore i can't make any wonderful lunch just very briefly in the evening and then i have to get back this work cuts me off from real life completely. and then he carries on as if nothing had happened tells his jokes does a show when it seems he may be searching for the same thing as his clients as if what he really wants is not the money nor the viewers nor success but some closeness and friendship.
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now nato defense ministers are meeting in brussels later today one item on their agenda is reforming the alliances command structure to better counter the threat posed by russia the us ambassador to nato kay bailey hutchison sat down with g.w. ahead of those talks she said in moscow continues to play a disruptive role in the international community. it's a terrible situation russia is not keeping its promises then they are hurting the people of the ukraine and they are encroaching on their sovereign territory and they we are we are doing everything diplomatically and with sanctions against russia because of that and in fact i would have to go farther and say that it has really. caused the nato alliance to not be able to
7:45 am
trust anything russia is doing they're not being transparent in their exact. exercises they they're supposed to allow observers if you have more than thirteen troops well it's laughable to say that that exercise was thirteen thousand it was closer to one hundred thousand probably on house even more and so i think that russia is not they're not living by international norms and we keep the door open we keep the hand out for trying to come to some accord with russia but until they abide by some of their agreements or show any willingness to be helpful in security threats like north korea or iran yeah or syria it's just impossible to have a good relationship with a country that's doing so many things against other countries i mean the hybrid
7:46 am
warfare the meddling in elections they attempted to do so in france and germany and they did so in america. that was the u.s. ambassador to nato kay bailey hutchison speaking to terry schultz in brussels now this week we're taking a special look at events from one hundred years ago when communists seized power in russia and pave the way for the birth of the soviet union and today we're focusing on the city of st petersburg russia's former capital where the movement began to be a correspondent yury were chateau went to see how that revolutionary spirit is playing out today. and october twenty seventeen this is the sound of anger held in st petersburg russia second largest city has become a hotbed of protest as was the case one hundred years ago when lenin and his comrades orchestrated the toba revolution and change the world but what do today's
7:47 am
protests mean are they a real fight more of a romantic idea how revolutionary are young russian intellectuals. many of the young people here in st petersburg good because more than the revolutionaries the very presence of the defeat the recall that the generation taking to the streets to demand political change and they even risk going to prison for their. like eighteen year old dmitri me action he supports opposition politician alexina valmy. when i feel like a revolutionary my goal is a change of power in russia. action was arrested at an anti-government demonstration several weeks ago he stands accused of injuring a policeman as he was trying to get away he's been put on trial for allegedly attacking a government official and faces jail time. you know. i
7:48 am
don't want to see violence of victims like in my down in ukraine i hope that we can change our system through democratic means but if the government doesn't listen to us then we may see radical protests in russia. with. the armed insurrection in one thousand seven hundred ultimately so russia transformed into the soviet union a country of socialist workers and farmers the soviet union lasted more than seventy years yet even today many memories of the uprising still stand in st petersburg so do tributes to the soviet state such as street names. soviet sky can be found around the city a total of ten times. the victims of the revolution are commemorated here at mosques over paul or. the shot that kicked off the revolution was fired from the washington aurora today it's
7:49 am
a sparsely visited museum. for dimitri me action the soviet union is a close chapter and its heroes are inch in history. not impressed by the communist revolution the only parallel i can see today is the concept of a people's revolution of course i'm a bit scared but i'm trying not to think about it we must be courageous that is the only way to achieve our goals. that the courts are so sure they're beautiful. young people like dmitri me action view what's happened in st petersburg in one nine hundred seventeen as a coup a coup that led to repression and not emancipation of the people they're trying to fight the same tendency in contemporary russia. me action says the history of his hometown is a source of inspiration he even dreams of a true democracy in russia.
7:50 am
but when i look down on my city from up here it is clear that we have many talented people who are capable of building beautiful cities people who want to improve their lives. one hundred years ago young people expressed the same hope hope that remains more relevant than ever today. and let's bring indeed over use your ear shadow for more on that story yuri what do you think it is about st petersburg that makes young people more inclined to protest. and because books to me is the most beautiful cities in europe with most progressive young people invest ideas i'm joking of course but in petersburg does have its own culture different from the rest of russia it's a culture of discussion and politics it's a city that has been home to great cultural figures musicians point its painters writers. precedents walking through the streets you feel a very special atmosphere there even the russian language is
7:51 am
a bit different so there is a spirit of creativity in st petersburg people are more relaxed and have more time to ponder life than in moscow where everybody is just running after happiness and of course of the city is the cradle of the russian revolution what about other cities you mention moscow your ear is there also that spirit of protest. well i think it's not a question of other cities to me it's more a question of big cities to far as small villages a difference between urban and rural areas it's a difference between well educated teenagers that the children of high earners who travel to europe would have more and more western the outlook on the one hand and on the other hand young people in the rural areas in a wide parts of russia which are far removed from the positive economic developments felt in moscow and st petersburg they have been much worse hit by the economic crisis but i think this gap is getting smaller because of the internet which is still quite free despite the some restrictions. russian police they've
7:52 am
been criticized for being quick to move in on unauthorized gatherings like the kind called for the opposition politician alexina vali does the kremlin really feel threatened by even these very small protests yes and no no because vladimir putin is still very popular and even independent poll say he's got a lot of support throughout the country and to the so-called opposition in russia soon is not in the position in the sense that we know it in the west that is a so-called systemic opposition which means accepted within the government system such as the communists in the russian parliament they claim to be in the position but they were established to support the team of putin's ideas and simply make as sure for assistance of the other hand there are young people like my protagonist it's between action from san petersburg who are distant dissatisfied who dare to go out on the street after the brutal dispute dispersal of past demonstrations young people who are probably too young now but who will be holding the country's fate in
7:53 am
their hands in the next few years and who are absolute absolutely out of reach for the gram and no but inspired by it and within reach of opposition politician alex in a valley for example and that's exactly sumi what the kremlin is actually afraid to about all right. the reporting for us thank you yuri. now the netherlands is famous for being a country that's reclaimed much of its land from the sea canals are everywhere not just in amsterdam but also in the small town of heat horn which is called the dutch venice he torn has become popular with tourists from all over the world. this is heat on in the early morning it's like going back in time a village with night the streets no noise instead there's plenty of water and.
7:54 am
this is the tone in the late morning local residents might be out on their bicycles but the tourists approving traffic jams a possible even without cars one place to contrast in wild's how do they get together. martin found dead just lives and works in heat on he runs a guest house right in the middle of the bustle. it's been quite extreme the past few years ever since he torn was featured on the international monopoly game board and since bloggers have been writing about this against recently said hey you're famous in hong kong and that was down to a visiting blogger with eight thousand followers. with a small population of just two thousand five hundred people he tone is flooded by more than a million visitors a year daily life is a challenge everything takes place by the same waterways the tourists use including
7:55 am
garbage collection and deliveries not to mention the emergency services. we had a fire recently that could of course only be reached by water it was night time and raining so it wasn't such a big problem but if something like that happened during the day it would be difficult then we'd have to see if we could reach the site within the prescribed fifteen minutes. it's been. a long war to waste. his knitting from it he builds according to traditional he plans he doesn't mind that some aspects of life are just as on us as one hundred years ago and. as residence for example we have to get all our provisions into for it gets cold to last us through the winter. as a charm about it. and that is costing a spell on people from around the world if you like it in the books in my to put it
7:56 am
very nice very nice. one. summer days i'm busy but they do come down in the late afternoon leaving the motorways once again peaceful and free residents. you're watching will have more news in just a few minutes. ok
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a dynamic all around. thirteen. when cities are engulfed by the sea. all the dams walkies and costly protective measures will have been. nothing. once. the future starting november nights on d w. alchemy mika's agenda stop corporation was founded in two thousand i mean our initial stuff of two has meanwhile grown to eighty i just don't know well the site was chosen because we have all the competency in excellence here design and sex and
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your film very good it was history for our company through five three is the driving force behind in the street four point zero zero so what's special about us is probably that we don't only present the formulas how it could be but that we also make tests on a running system in organic semiconductor you have the largest cluster in germany and in europe we have to university we have a sort of on the phone see through to your three players of equipment and materials for us is going to cost it's absolutely important that our staff have their minds free when they come to work this means we do have these child friendly facilities creativity in india take this as a fruit off see atmosphere. surrounding your company and we have also extremely good support from the political system is entrenched quite proud of where we are today i see what we still need as human power because the end of the day the industry says of course they go where they get their problems solved and that's
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possible here on the signs they are leaving see us so even china before my french but doesn't is a very good place to raise a family. and i love it was my somebody and. this is news live from berlin president trump takes a parting shot at north korea from seoul i say to the north do not underestimate this and do not try a word or think trump wraps up his visit to south korea with a stark.


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