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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free with g.w. . this is news live from berlin president trump is in china the centerpiece of his first official asian tour china's president treats trump to a private tour of the forbidden city but just ahead likely tense talks between the world's two superpowers at odds over trade and north korea also coming up catalonia
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separatists plant their flag in brussels their ousted president is there launching a war of words against spain can he convince the rest of europe that secession is a good thing. and twitter doubles its character limit the move is supposed to reduce the time we spend editing down forty tweets but a lot of users are asking isn't brevity the point. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us donald trump has arrived in china for what is now aides view as the most significant part of the five country tour of asia chinese president xi jinping and his wife are giving the u.s. president first lady a private tour of the forbidden city a compound in the center of beijing and talks between the two presidents are set to focus on trade and north korea the u.s. hopes china will work. economic pressure on its ally to abandon its nuclear
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ambitions north korea was also the focal point of trump's last stop south korea before leaving seoul trump delivered a stark warning to pyongyang before the south korean parliament here's what he said the regime has interpreted america's past restraint as weak in this. this would be a fatal miscalculation this is a very different administration than the united states has had in the past today i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try. well
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debuts mightiest bellinger is in beijing covering trump's visit i asked him how he was likely to respond to the u.s. president's latest tough rhetoric against north korea. there has been a sign of goodwill by beijing. from yesterday on aging has prohibited tourists chinese tourists visiting north korea which is an important source of income for the north korean regime there it is possible that we will see further restrictions on trade with north korea announced by the chinese president but we can be sure that we will not see anything that will hold the north korean regime inject a material as you've been speaking of we've been looking at some live pictures of donald trump and the first lady as they have arrived in china what else is on the agenda for this meeting. well there are a lot of feel good programs or names on this program they are
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going to visit the forbidden city together but they will have a state banquet anything that would feel welcome because china is trying to charm this president hoping maybe that she will be softer on some issues as north korea as we talked about or the trade imbalance between china and the u.s. is on the agenda as well you know we can see these are very bad pictures of a very grand a reception for donald trump so far this is the leader of the west arguably and the leader of the east a very big meeting let's take a look at what's at stake. they are the leaders of the world's two biggest economies but they couldn't be more different. the shoot from the hip impulsive donald trump and the guarded protocol of a xi jinping. and things didn't start out too well between them.
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to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing on the campaign trail trump took a hard line against china and its economic policy accusing it of manipulating its currency to gain unfair trade advantages. but since becoming president has taken a noticeably cozier stance to its america's one time for. when she visited the u.s. in april trump had room words for his chinese counterpart we have developed a friendship i can see that and i think we're ok we're going to have a very very great deal and i look forward to. trump was also quick to convey his admiration after she consolidated his grip on power at the communist party congress last month. spoke to president xi to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation also
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discussed north korea and trade two very important subjects. and two subjects where despite the friendly rhetoric the two presidents don't see eye to eye. north korea is the major issue that's testing u.s. chinese relations and it will top the agenda of trump's visit china remains north korea's closest ally the u.s. has increased pressure on beijing to rein in pyongyang but china is reluctant to become directly involved in the escalating conflict. the u.s. is china's biggest trading partner but it imports much more from china than it sells there and trump has threatened hefty tariffs on chinese goods. china's plans to build in the disputed waters of the south china sea have angered washington's allies in east asia. while the u.s.
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navy's continued patrols and what china considers its territory have riled beijing . these contentious issues remain unresolved but one thing has already become clear trump's isolationist policies have played into president she's hands trump turned his back on the world she has cast himself as an advocate of globalization opening the doors for china to gain more influence in the world. so materials as we saw there are donald trump paying these are two very different leaders donald trump says they have been able to found a real friendship together but how well do they really get along. well of course we don't know how well they really get along but see jinping is somebody who just tells foreign audiences what they want to hear and he mostly gets away with it and this is exactly what he has done with trump trump might be an easy
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person to handle in this regard he has been flattering him he has incredibly thin by his vanity he has done some. concessions business wise to trump's. this has worked very well so far i think that persons they also share a common. value with a very very high power and they have. built a strong man they. also is something that brings them to get these materials billing or in beijing thank you very much. and we're some breaking news that's just coming into us a germany's a constitutional court has ruled that the country must legally recognized the third gender of the ruling means germany may become the first european country to offer people the option to identify as neither male nor female lawmakers now have until
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the end of next year to define a way for trans and intersexual people to identify their gender and i will have more details on the story for us they come in to us. for now though let's move to some other stories making headlines around the world the u.s. democrats have won several high profile victories in state in mayoral elections were all from north of here winning a tight race against his republican rival in virginia are there wins for the democrats where the state of new jersey and new york city's mayor's office the elections were a key test of voter sentiment exactly a year after donald trump won the white house. more than fifty men have said they were abducted and tortured by sri lanka's current government according to an investigation by the associated press the men from the ethnic minority are seeking political asylum in europe they say they were accused of trying to revive a rubble group from sri lanka civil war sri lankan authorities deny those allegations. authorities in india's capital delhi have closed all schools in the
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city as dangerously high levels of pollution choked the city for a second day authorities have also issued health warnings for the sick and elderly local media say the level of pollution has reached twenty five times the limit deemed safe. and people in vietnam have begun the cleanup following last weekend's flash floods more than half of the ancient town of remains under water authorities say at least eighty nine people died in the floods they were triggered by a typhoon that struck the south of the country on saturday. catalonia as ousted leader carlos first of all has sharply criticized the european union for not supporting the region's bid for independence he made the comments in a speech in brussels where he's facing possible extradition back to spain to face charges first of all had some supporters from home in the audience two hundred separatist mayors from catalonia flew in the to rally behind his cause.
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freedom these mayors wanted for catalonia and for the region's next leaders now behind bars. it was a very a toast is the mayor of a small cut along village he joined his colleagues in brussels to say they want support from europe it's very difficult for us that the european commission is doing nothing catalonia is a very pro european country we see ourselves as part of the european family alongside berlin and paris. catalonia is ousted president carlos puts them on got a hero's welcome from the mayors gathered in brussels he too condemned the response in europe to his region's push for independence. is this the europe you want is this the europe you want to build a europe with a government in jail. a country without the right to choose its representatives in
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a democratic way. on himself could face up to thirty years in jail on charges of sedition and rebellion if belgium sends him back home to spain. pitched him on currently is in belgium on provisional release that means a number of conditions apply for instance he can't leave the country but it seems he can campaign and so europe will have to prepare for more events like this one. but european commission chief sean claude isn't budging he says the u. doesn't need any more splits and he's urged cut along leaders to stop violating spanish law. a group of protesters in brussels some to say message to the separatist mayors there are many who don't want to see a breakup of spain. now twitter is rolling out a new feature that's drawing both cheers and criticism it is doubling the number of
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characters allowed in most tweets from one hundred forty to two hundred eighty of a company said it decided to make the change after testing it with a limited group of users it says many people were wasting time trying to fit their thoughts into a one hundred forty character tweet and it wanted to be easier and faster for everyone to express themselves well the response has been mixed many critics say doubling the character limit ruins their favorite thing about tweeting the brevity the user took advantage of all the new characters to repeat this was a mistake actor james phelps as more positive he says this new two hundred eighty characters is like eating your big mane and then realizing you still have time for dessert and coffee twitter itself predicts that both users will keep their tweets short and the american medical association use science to explain why the new feature feels so strange to many people changes resisted because it is psychologically and physically uncomfortable your brain feels good when you hold firm to what's known and familiar. in sports and football world champs germany are
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facing england in a friendly fixture on friday the match will provide him with a vital opportunity to test his squad for june's world cup in russia he's been able to select some returning stars as he strives to strike the right balance and his team. joachim loew has a clear vision for germany's world cup squad he wants his place to exhibit social skills teamwork and the strong mentality. lovesick left back muscle howsomever has been called up for the first time. kurtz is finally back along with the one after both missed international for a year due to illness and injury. isn't. he this is a game to prepare ourselves for the world cup we've seen that we have an incredibly wide range of players and of course every game against an opponent like england is important to the victory here germany's new kits was also on veiled this week with
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space on the chest for a fifth stuff for a possible fifth world cup so it's all. we just have time for reminder of our top story u.s. president donald trump has arrived in china for what's being called the centerpiece of his first asian tour trumps expected to push president xi jinping on trade imbalances and to increase pressure on north korea to curb its nuclear ambitions. thanks for watching. when cities by the sea. the wall and costly protective measures will has been.


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