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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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this resignation wasn't normal it's an insult to the lebanese people and to the government and to society as a whole. the idea. behind it. there's a volcano about to erupt in this region we don't know what the consequences are going to be. international diplomacy is now stepping up its efforts with french president among your marco making an unscheduled visit to saudi arabia yesterday in a bid to help defuse the situation. well the hezbollah leader hassan fattah law said saudi arabia had declared war on lebanon and hezbollah said the nominees and prime ministers are the heavy who resigned in a speech from riyadh on saturday was being detained in saudi and he called kerry's resignation a quote unprecedented saudi intervention in lebanese politics and said had it must return to lebanon he said lebanon's government was still legitimate and had not
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resigned. and all of these events are taking place against a backdrop of growing saudi arabia and saudi and iranian tensions that has everybody on edge daniel agger is a mideast expert and chief editor of current affairs magazine xenophon a very good evening to you daniel so this scene for us please if you will where why this hardline now against lebanon why is saudi bahrain kuwait and the u.a.e. taking on beirut. i think because they can and because they think it's an appropriate moment in particular this accounts for a moment in some on the powerful crown prince of saudi arabia he feels that this is this moment he has the backing of the united states because there is no real u.s. presence and no yet real u.s. policy on the middle east and i think it's for him i understand that this is an opportune moment for him to try his luck but with regard to the other gulf states that are of course very close to saudi arabia and coordinate the policy in particular but in the united arab emirates not so much kuwait i think the decision
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to withdraw to call the citizens out of lebanon is also a pragmatic decision which is security related and we have seen that also in recent years several times that they have done this for one simple reason the kuwaiti can very easily be mistaken for a saudi in beirut and he might be exposed to violence or to attacks all right well let's talk a little bit about that what can only be described as a bizarre resignation over the weekend do we know where it started how did he is currently has anybody spoken to. him well somebody knows i cannot tell you. of his if it was a deliberate decision for him to stay in saudi arabia there is a lot of polemic in the news as well of course is accusing saudi arabia of detaining him of having him forced to resign and detaining him at the moment i heard sources out of saudi arabia that say no he he is here he can walk out freely if you want. we have. battles in the news robert fisk of the independent ruled that
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it's quite odd for assad how do you to leave and then stay where as he had scheduled many meetings with the world bank and other meetings official meetings then to the following day on the other hand he brought his family along we don't really know what's happening at the moment but i find it hard to imagine that the saudis would just like detain him against his will spontaneously unless there's other things just the politics involved right and of course we have to remind our viewers he's a dual citizen yes saudi and lebanese citizenship business interests in saudi arabia a big construction company which went sour this year went bankrupt and he needs to be bailed out and maybe he's expecting for the saudis to bail him out and he needs to give something in exchange all right now extraordinary sequence of events unfolding in saudi and in the region help us understand why crown prince martin samana made a series of shock moves for size sleep at this time was he trying to fend off something or somebody i think is preparing to take the throne or the crowd in the
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more it's not really crown in saudi arabia but i think he will because he wants to become the next game very soon and yes he needs to go against rivals but you also have to bear in mind that he is probably the first truly populist ruler defacto rule of saudi arabia somebody who tries to rally the support of the street of citizens against the couple of thousand princes in his family and us calling it the shock movement or shock move i think that is true but if you want to change something in such a monarchy. i think probably the shock move is the right thing to do i don't want to justify it but i think this helps us understand the ways the means and the instruments you applies right down to mideast expert and chief editor of current affairs magazines and a thank you i think you. are i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. the russian lawmakers say they plan to make foreign media and social networks register as foreign agents this after russian state
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funded channel russia today said it would comply with a u.s. demand for foreign agent registration u.s. intelligence alleges that the channel was used to interfere in the presidential election. afghan officials say one policeman has been killed and two wounded in a suicide car bombing that targeted a police compound they say a single bomber caused the blast in the southern helmand province no group has claimed responsibility. more than five hundred asylum seekers remain stranded in a decommissioned australian migrant camp and pop by new guinea the camp was officially closed on october thirty first and power food and water have been cut off most of the camp's residents have refused to relocate because of concerns for their safety and threats they say they've received from local residents. now with all the insecurity are surrounding briggs said the british economy is
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proving surprisingly resilient to a degree to a degree first figures show industrial output in britain rose in september shining a bit of light on the rather grim overall outlook for the u.k. economy british industry had the sharpest rise in production this year producing zero point seven percent more goods in september than it did in august according to government statistics the figures exceeded analyst expectations as demand for british goods rose a broader weaker pound has made u.k. sports cheaper since the break for breakfast at the restaurant. let's bring in our financial correspondent daniel koch was standing by and frank for that the stock exchange there don't you know does this mean that the brakes the doomsayers have been proven wrong. what i talk to analysts about this and of course they are more nurturing this as well and they're linking this also also mostly to the weaker pound that we are seeing at the moment of course the
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industrial output is a very important figure but also other things need to be taking into consideration just this week it was also released that the british inflation rate is at the highest point at the moment since april two thousand and twelve also housing prices a very important factor for the economy as well has not have not gone up again after the brics a referendum so with this latest news breaks that supporters might say that at the end everything is going to be good for the u.k. but analysts here do have grave doubts about this well talking about the future will be where you carry be able to hold on to this you can only help to ms. well first we have to see you know how much the u.k. actually has to pay for the brics that will there have been numbers in the room of up to one hundred billion euros and that would be also already something very expensive even for a strong country like the u.k. and there's still so many unanswered questions at the moment also we have to take
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into consideration that so many companies have already announced to leave the u.k. if we are really going to see a break said so at the end i do at the feeling of course this is not going to diss troy the u.k. but of course starting with you know a real record at least at the beginning it's going to be turbulent and a little bit bumpy for the country it's going to be a bumpy road for sure thank you very much. u.s. president donald trump is in vietnam at the apec summit of asia pacific leaders where he's been stressing his american first message she said he's open to bilateral free trade talks with all of the apec members but he said the u.s. would not tolerate what he called chronic trade abuses with the region pushing ahead with the free trade deal without the u.s. drums policy could make him the odd man out. immediately after his arrival in
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denying donald trump was quick to make clear his position on some players on the global markets. they ignored the rules to gain advantage over those who followed the rules causing enormous distortions in commerce and threatening the foundations of international trade itself he went on to express his clear rejection of some free trading zones for his america such agreements were off the cards i will make bilateral trade agreements with any in though pacific nation that wants to be our part and that will abide by the principles of fair and reciprocal trade what we will no longer do is enter into large agreements that tie our hands surrender our sovereignty and make meaningful enforcement practically impossible. china's president xi jinping couldn't let
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unchallenged trumps comments albee it directly by expressing his support for free trade which you're forcing here over the last few decades economic labor.


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