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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2017 11:00am-11:15am CET

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visible. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin a brewing conflict in the middle east saudi arabia's new crown prince is on a mission to boost the oil kingdom's prominence but could upset in the delicate balance of power pushed the entire region into conflict also coming up. under pressure the european union upped the ante on london over leaving the block the
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e.u. is giving britain two weeks to agree unsettling its exit bill announcing that crucial trade talks won't kick off until it delivers. and an embrace in memory of the victims of world war one the presidents of germany and france open a new memorial site serving as a shared place of remembrance and reconciliation. but also coming up on the show brazil pays tribute to its greatest ever formula one driver the chief minutes of airtime set up are being given the musical treatment in a new theatre production over twenty years after his death he still remains a source of inspiration. i'm michelle henery welcome. in the middle east tensions between saudi arabia and
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iran are on the rise the power struggle between the two arch rivals has now spilled over into lebanon whose prime minister saad hariri unexpectedly resigned while on a visit to saudi arabia lebanon's powerful has bullets he is accusing said arabia of detaining hariri and now the u.n. and the u.s. or warning riyadh not to use the country as an arena for proxy conflicts. kuwaiti citizens heading out of lebanon that government is one of several gulf states that has ordered its people to leave the country this comes amid sharpening tensions in the region lebanon is being drawn deeper into a power struggle between arch rivals saudi arabia and iran. lebanese prime minister saad hariri is inside the arabia since he was designed last weekend accusations have been flying that the kingdom is holding him hostage for.
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iran backed militant group hezbollah says that amounts to a declaration of war the group is accusing saudi arabia of using lebanon as a proxy in its conflict with rival iran is that you know if your problem is with iran why you are attacking lebanon just to preview have influence we admit that you have influence but if you think that you can defeat the lebanese resistance or its political parties who refuse to comply with you you're mistaken. lebanon's president met with the saudi envoy on friday local media reportage that the president demanded harry reid's return riyadh says hariri is free to move as he wishes a claim that front supported on friday but there is no doubts that the complaint is escalating the united nations has sounded the alarm this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved.
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it is essential that no new coal fleet you're ups in the region is going to have devastating consequences about this side iran rivalry is also playing out in war ravaged yemen a missile was launched from that against saudi arabia last week the united states is now i said that the missile was a rainy and. in the proxy war yemen is suffering badly now they were fia's levanon could become the next battle cry and. to talk more about this i'm joined in the studio by now they're all stars from our arabic service but they are one of the biggest questions right now is has he really been detained by the saudi government is a very good question some people say he is detained like we saw in the report has on us from other his policy chief is sure that he's been detained the saudi government didn't confirm didn't deny it were. really has been since last saturday
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. and in lebanon itself most of the political parties and lots of the people are quite convinced that their prime minister or they resigned prime minister is not. able to leave so to rob arabia and he's detained against his will in riyadh. saudi arabia's crown prince is one of the key players in this conflict can you tell us more about him and what some of his aims are he's a. something people say he's very impulsive he's thirty two years old and he's trying to show himself as the new strongman and riad he's actually the de facto king his father is quite old and people think that he will announce. that he will step in and be even the king in the next few months and he's trying to fight iran on. many fronts like lebanon like yemen he
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waged war against the who's the rebels in yemen in a very disastrous and a very. very devastating. step of since two and a half years and you touched on yemen another rivalry. human rights organizations are warning of the biggest humanitarian crisis in modern history what is the latest on this. there have been missiles strikes from the rebels to riyadh in the steam evening wear on. really has resigned and saudi arabia has taken this as a sign that as bala and iran are declaring war against them now it's not the first time that the who feeds. the missiles or strike missiles with a sort of arabia but it's been i think seventy times but i think it's
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had been some on the grounds been prince he wants to end this war and i think he's trying to set up the action there have been airstrikes yesterday against what the defense ministry and some in the. yemeni capital so i think. where yemen is heading it's it's very wrong direction i think i think it's very very very tense situation there is a famine in the country seventeen people some seventy million people are. having food insecurity so it's very dangerous and there are cyrus thank you very much for joining us from. the european union is stepping up pressure on britain over brags that the chief breaks at negotiating michel barnier has given london a two week ultimatum to make clear how much it will pay when it leaves the bloc he
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says that needs to be agreed before talks on trade can start differences also remain on issues with the irish border and use citizens' rights. to date news of progress and consensus from the projected brecht's of negotiations has been thin on the ground all the more surprising that the u.k.'s breck's it minister david davis came out with a distinctly positive view of the most recent negotiations there's no doubt that we have made and continue to make including this round significant progress across a whole range of issues across the board that may prove progress towards resolving some really difficult questions and that of course will continue that place between now and december in comparison comments made by davis counterpart bracks and negotiator mischa been year seemed much more concerned by progress yet to be made compared the process to
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a matter of settling accounts as in any other separation and he offered a simple answer when pressed whether the e.u. is sticking to its two week deadline for clarification or concessions from london. my answer is yes. while many observers remain convinced that breaks it can't help but end in a nasty divorce there are still some who say the split doesn't have to happen at all as far as brussels is concerned as far as the treaty is concerned this country still has a free choice about whether to proceed as new facts emerge people are entitled to take a different view and there's nothing in article fifty to stop them i think the british people have the right to know this they shouldn't be misled the ball is once again in london's court if whitehall doesn't dede want to negotiate breaks it then the message from brussels is pay up. the german britons exit from the e.u. on. russia has issued a joint statement by president vladimir putin and u.s.
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counterpart donald trump the kremlin says the texas prepared ahead at the apec summit in vietnam which the two leaders are attending it focuses on syria with put it into. saying there could be no military solution to the conflict there there's been much speculation on whether the two leaders would hold direct talks at the summit as so far their meetings have been brief and casual. now to some of the other stories making news from around the world protesters have clashed with police near the u.s. embassy in the philippines hundreds turned out to protest an upcoming visit by president donald trump when violence broke out trump will arrive in the philippines on sunday the last stop on his eleven day tour of asia. u.s. comedian louis c.k. has admitted to allegations of sexual misconduct and the statement he said the claims made against him by five women were quote all true he also expressed remorse for what he had done the plan release of c.
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k.'s new film has been scrapped following the revelations. in what you know about a former u.s. soccer player hope solo has accused ex-wife of president sepp blatter of sexually assaulting her at an awards ceremony so claims in an interview with the portuguese newspaper that blatter groped her at the twenty thousand ballon d'or gala blatter denies the allegation. almost one hundred years after the end of the first world war france and germany have a nod rated their first joint memorial site president's a man on the cross and frank poulter of some wire traveled to the asanas region on the french german border for the opening the bush mountains was the site of heavy conflict tens of thousands of soldiers fell on both sides the new memorial and museum is intended to symbolize the reconciliation of the former archenemies and their shared european future. a war monument
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a moment of remembrance here at the first franco german memorial in a sauce looking out over the graveyard known as man eater mountain german president frank. and french president emmanuel mccall paid homage to the people lost to the atrocities and devastation of world war one. sixty two fifth we have a shared past one that we must embrace and which at the same time forms the foundation of our common future the buzz that he cheated on of new welcome the exhibition that the two presidents inaugurated documents the shared history. some thirty thousand german and french soldiers died gruesome deaths here in the trenches from nine hundred fifteen to the end of the war. the memory of the first world war is still very much alive for french families and french society much more
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so than in germany which instigated the conflict when it attacked its neighbor. political talks between the two leaders at the sorbonne focussed on macros reform proposals for europe a vision that vigorously supports. i'm sure the incoming german government will get in the swing of the moment that this a bond speech set in motion. a clear signal from the german president during the country's ongoing coalition talks not crawl added confidently that all parties negotiating in berlin have spoken out in favor of european reforms . this week and brazilian grand prix is giving that country a chance to remember its greatest ever formula one driver or ten senna his spectacular career ended in tragedy when he crashed in the one thousand nine hundred four race and died senna remains a sporting hero in brazil and for one weekend his achievements are being given the
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musical treatment. higher toned son i was an electrifying performer in his heyday his brilliance on formula one tracks made him an iconic figure around the world and now i think it's a native south paolo is honoring the three time world champion by turning his glorious korea into a musical. now it. is brazil's biggest at a sporting idol as there was only the only thing that made us proud of being brazilian was when we raised the flag off to his victory. in the current atmosphere in brazil which is probably worse than back in senna's day i think many people need a bit of hug this is a job. such an important and tragic figure requires a deft acting performance that could be a heavy burden for the star of the show googlebot i met but he says his job is simply to transport spectators back to the good old days. you don't mean to let you
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know he has become a legend there was already an image of who santa is and i am not a to change it just my role is to make sure the spectators feel pleasantly in a stylistic about him. as of the on the weekend of senna's homegrown pray cast and crew will be hoping that tribute is a soaring success. that certainly looks exciting and inspiring that's all for now until next time thanks for watching. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why.


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