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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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this is. ten million people in the world this think they have no nationality and are totally made up along and. that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say or. this is the news live from berlin a show of strength from catalan separatists in boss alona thousands take to the streets of the catalan capital one day after the region's separatist parliamentary speaker is released from jail this follows days of strikes amid aimed at putting
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pressure on madrid to also coming up. levanon demands on its president wants an explanation from saudi arabia of why prime minister assad how do the house and left of the country both see what that crisis means for the region. and brazil pays tribute street's greatest have a formula one driver in a new musical over twenty years after his death at santa remains a source of inspiration. i'm a money welcome to the program thousands of pro independence protesters have taken to the streets of boston lona they're demanding the release of officials who were dismissed and jailed for backing catalonia is independence from spain at least eight former members of the cabinet are in prison on charges of sedition rebellion
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and misuse of public funds on friday the former catalan parliament speaker was released from prison after she posted bail she had been jailed a spot of an investigation into the succumbs to us is that led to cuts alone you're declaring independence from spain. our former leader of the region is pushed on currently in brussels backing extradition to spain has called for catalyst to create common noise in the protests today and the pictures you're seeing on your screens right now where live from barcelona and joining us for more is d.w. correspondent michelle and hannah he is in violence here michelle thanks for joining us so deploying to find a spot is still think they have a chance at an independent catalonia i think so well we should remember just over a month ago there were two million people in catalonia voting for their own independent state during a referendum that later was declared illegal so these people have not simply
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changed their mind over the past weeks these are the people that we now see again on the streets of barcelona all the observers and journalists expect massive participation during the protest for today and so i think the political parties who reflect the views of these people certainly expect that they will increase or at least gain the same roads than they did in the last elections in two thousand and fifteen just remind our viewers that we are getting live pictures from catalonia where those demonstrations are happening but back to you michelle with the x. lead a color switched on currently fighting extradition in brussels has madrid won this round in the battle for catalonia independence. madrid certainly won all the legal battles so far but that has been at the center of the
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criticism of many people actually i spoke to a judge yesterday who is the spokes person of judges for democracy a well respected institution in spain and he complained about the fact that the government is trying to solve a political conflict through the u. disher e. and they were very successful we know that eight x. ministers and two activists are in prison and pretrial pretrial detention but if that really solves the crisis in catalonia is yet to be seen and despite the number of people we're seeing on our screens right now the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is expected in barcelona on sunday and it's going to be the first time he's appeared this is a crisis again. is a focus now on the elections in december it surely is the demonstration and the protests today are for sure
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a kickoff to the pre-election campaign for the snap elections in december several of the independent is parties have already presented their candidates it's a very unusual situation as the strongest independent party. their candidate number one is actually in prison right now and still they nominated him to run for these elections and be their leader so those painters will experience a very extraordinary regional elections and catalonia with many political leaders so far being held in prison extraordinary times in spain right now the pictures we've been seeing thousands of pro and dependence protest us taking to the streets in barcelona michel thank you you're welcome. far right extremists from across europe have gathered for a mass march in poland a march takes place every year on poland's independence day but attracts extremists
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from across europe tens of thousands of people marched through the capital on saturday while the organizers of the rally include several radical groups with roots. organizations active before world war two observers say the event has grown considerably since it began in two thousand and nine and joining us by way of phone is journalist. in poland thank you for joining us so thousands out in poland today and their demonstrations have been growing what's their message. march has become the largest independence day. and years. doing official state celebrations and other. what is a very. saddening is that the far right march it has become
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a demonstration of far right of radical movements some participants obviously expressing sympathy folks in the phobic or white supremacist ideas you could see under islam and or i'm anti you banners carried by opal issues members are going to haitian news which ideology is based on nationalistic doctrines. and radical movement camp well you could well you could say that the motivation that is taking part in the polish independence day my feeling to white supremacy some participants you could hear participants sang on state television that they were taking part to remove jewelry from power you could hear nationalists saying we want god or something. god with us or even see kyle.
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this is. it is very controversial because you could see that. right the far right march has become a very fertile ground for all kinds of radicalism and you could also. claim that the current. political climate climate climate in poland is rather sympathetic to those kind of ideas being. being expressed during events like this one well gosh acosta joining us from stitching in poland thank you. in the middle east tensions between saudi arabia and iran are on the rise the power struggle between the two are tribals has now spilled over into lebanon whose prime minister saad hariri unexpectedly resigned while on a visit to saudi arabia lebanon's president is demanding an explanation for the
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saudi got from the saudi government or why he hasn't returned. kuwaiti citizens heading out of lebanon their government is one of several gulf states that has ordered its people to leave the country this comes amid sharpening tensions in the region lebanon is being drawn deeper into a power struggle between arch rivals saudi arabia and iran. lebanese prime minister saad hariri is inside the arabia since he was signed last weekend accusations have been flying that the kingdom is holding him hostage for. iran backed militant group hezbollah says that amounts to a declaration of war the group is accusing saudi arabia of using lebanon as a proxy in its conflict with rival iran. that if your problem is with iran why you are attacking lebanon just to preview have influence we admit that you have
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influence but if you think that you can defeat the lebanese resistance or its political parties who refuse to comply with you you're mistaken. lebanon's president met with the saudi envoy on friday local media reported that the president demanded her a return riyadh says hariri is free to move as he wishes a claim that front supported on friday but there is no doubts that the complaint is escalating the united nations has sounded the alarm this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved in lebanon. it is essential that no new conflict erupts in the region it could have devastating consequences for the saudi iran rivalry is also playing out in war ravaged yemen a missile was launched from that against saudi arabia last week the united states is now said that the missile was a rainy and. in the proxy war yemen is suffering badly now there are fears
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lebanon. become the next battle cry and. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world demonstrators have clashed with police near the u.s. embassy in the philippines hundreds turned out to protest an upcoming visit by president donald trump when violence broke out arrive in the philippines on sunday that's the last stop on his eleven day tour of asia. london's big rock has chimed eleven times to mark day that's the day world war one ended ninety nine years ago two minute silence was held across the british capital and the rest of the country to honor the war dead. former united states soccer player hope solo has accused x.p. for president sepp blatter of sexually assaulting her ten awards ceremony solo claims in an interview with a portuguese newspaper that blatter groped her at
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a twenty thirteen ballon d'or gala blatter denies the allegation. in london last night the renewal of one of soccer's big rivalries england hosted germany in a friendly and that's between two countries that have already qualified for the twenty eighteen world cup the pace was quick especially in the first half and both sides had their share of scoring opportunities but neither could put the ball in the net the final from wimberley stadium a scoreless draw as both sides experimented with different combinations in preparation for world cup finals. it's important for us to have different systems to use against italy in the euros for example the three man line that we played and that was the reason we were able to take away the off chance of strength of the opponent. and depending on the opposition we're able to bring different players and styles of play to the game. of the plus point can well
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champion driver lewis hamilton wants formula one to boost security this after drawbars held some of his mercedes team at gunpoint as they were leaving the brazilian grand prix track in sao paulo hamilton tweeted that shots were fired and that a gun was held at one of the steam's head he assured his fans that there were no injuries but added that similar incidents have occurred in the past the news comes after the britons smashed into lago track record during practice sessions. this weekend's brazilian grand prix is giving the country a chance to remember its greatest ever formula one driver senna his spectacular career ended in a tragedy when he crashed in and i ninety four race and died senna remains a sporting hero in brazil and for one weekend his achievements are being given the musical treatment. i had a ton son i was an electrifying performer in his heyday his brilliance on formula
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one tracks made him an iconic figure around the world and now i think it's a native south paolo is honoring the three time world champion by turning his glorious career into a musical. or is brazil's biggest ever sporting idol as there was only the only thing that made us proud of being brazilian was when we raised the flag after his victory was in the current atmosphere in brazil which is probably worse than back in senna's day i think many people need a bit of hug this is a job. such an important and tragic figure requires.


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