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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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go about our daily life human rights oh often the last thing on the minds. invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. story december second on d. w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump backtracked on comments he made about russian election meddling trump has said he supports u.s. intelligence assessments that russia tried to influence last year's presidential
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election his comments come in vietnam a day after he announced he believes russian president vladimir putin when he said that russia did not meddle the coming true anger from leaders back home also coming up. hundreds of thousands take part in a pro independence rally in barcelona that's a spain's prime minister prepares to visit the region for the first time since opposing directly. i'm michel henery welcome to the program. u.s. president donald trump has sought to clarify remarks he made about russian election hacking at a news conference in vietnam trying to distance himself from remarks he made on saturday in which he suggested he believed russian president vladimir putin when he said there had been no russian meddling in last year's election his comments come
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under fire from republicans and democrats back home trying to met with putin in vietnam as part of his official asia tour. band and the military god set the sane for the light this carefully choreographed encounter on donald trump's diplomatic tour in hanoi trump met his vietnamese counterpart. but before arriving in vietnam the president tweeted out a tirade against north korean leader kim jong un and slammed quite hide isn't food for criticizing his meeting with vladimir putin yesterday. trump had been mocked up to saying he believed the russian president when he denied meddling in the u.s. election today he clarified those remarks and signaled a potential end to his feud with the intelligence community i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election as to whether i believe it or not i'm with our agencies especially as currently constituted with their leadership i believe in our intelligence is our intelligence agencies i've worked with them very
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strongly in my not baby and they rekindled relationship he was asked if he could be friends with kim jong un i think anything's a possibility. strange things happen in life that might be a strange thing to happen but it's certainly a possibility if that did happen it would be a good thing for i can tell you for north korea but it would also be good for lots of other places and it would be good for the world. this is the most ambitious trip to asia by u.s. president in decades but so far it's not who donald trump has met but rather what he has said. that have again dominated the headlines. spanish prime minister marianna is due to visit catalonia today head of elections triggered when the trip dismissed the regional government meanwhile hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets on saturday to demand the release of officials jailed for back in the region split from spain the protest organizers also hope to keep up the
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momentum for independence as the spanish government aims to quash it. by nine a familiar sight in barcelona huge crowds of independent supporters on the streets of the capital on capital they're demanding the release of jailed separatist leaders and former catalan ministers. we have ten political prisoners in catalonia among them a vice president and the majority of our ministers there are also representatives from civil society we want to tell the world we want freedom for our prisoners and freedom for catalonia that they continued. after catalonia as referendum madrid dismissed the region's government former ministers and separatist leaders were taken into custody on charges of sedition others fact about him including former catalan president. majority has issued a european arrest warrant that could see him extradited to spain he says madrid is
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wrong to prosecute him and his former ministers. you know to be treated like a criminal like a drug trafficker like a pedophile like a serial killer i think this is abuse this isn't politics this is using the courts to do politics. has called on the european union to intervene. the some of the it is very disappointing to see that the european union that we're all part of they can respond to situations of poland and hungary but cannot respond to the situation in couple or near the percent of the world. the situation came to a head on october the first as catalans went back to vote in what madrid called an illegal referendum they were met with scenes like these. many catalans where i raged madrid's heavy handed approach may well have boosted support for independence . the question why is whether that support has
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waned and whether separatists will triumph in catalan elections next month. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy wants to convince voters to choose pro unity parties he set to visit barcelona on sunday for the first time since the referendum to launch his party's campaign. for. the drama continues tens of thousands have joined in a march and poland's capital warsaw that was organized by the far right the march took place in poland's independence day polish nationalists have taken part as well as far right groups including some from across europe among the rallies organizers are subtle radical groups with roots in anti-semitic organizations active before world war two observers say the march has grown considerably since it began in two thousand and nine. lebanon is calling for answers after its prime minister saad
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hariri resigned unexpectedly he announced he was stepping down during a visit to saudi arabia last week lebanon has now called on the saudi government to explain why he is still there and has not returned home on saturday hariri appeared on state television but the saudi king the lebanese government believes hariri is being held against his will his surprise resignation has plunged lebanon into a political crisis and made it the new focus of the long running power struggle between saudi arabia and iran. and a brief look at the few stories making news from around the world now to the palestinians have attended a memorial ceremony in gaza city to mark the anniversary of the death of yasser arafat the palestinian president died in two thousand and five he signed a nine hundred ninety three oslo interim peace accord with israel but like a dead the uprising after subsequent talks broke down. dick toxic smog has envelop large parts of pakistan meteorologists say the pollution is caused by dust the
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burning of crops and emissions from factories more than ten people have been killed in road accidents linked to poor visibility upcoming winter rains are expected to bring some early. the un climate change conference currently underway in bonn is the first major opportunity for governments to discuss the implementation of the paris climate accord but it's also an opportunity for protesters to draw attention to issues they believe are being overlooked germany has recently said it will comply with tougher questions on coal fired power stations after initially threatening to take the issue to court but for some that's not good enough. more than two thousand climate activists made their way through bone on saturday for the protesters most of the blame for global climate change lies with the burning of fossil fuels such as brown coal. it was not moving we should be happier with less leave it was not necessary then we don't need this extra production.
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there are twelve power plants in germany that still run on brown coal they will be heavily affected in twenty twenty one when strict new european what regulation on coal comes into effect german states with coal industries want the federal government to challenge the european union's plans and reject the coming regulation deadline i know much about the star deadline is not possible for us currently there is no alternative for the outrageously production it's a reasonable price of all the jobs that will be lost for words and could there be job losses experts say a number of plants are likely to close. but the environment ministry says the power company's future is lie in their own hands. moon mostly i think after each of the farmers just have to assess if they want to apply for exemptions for some of their individual plants then they would just have to open their books and prove that it is economically essential i passionately don't understand the fast of the groom just three months back and barn of the climate conference those opposed to the
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brown coal industry say they're hoping to find new allies for their find. you think you know. what we think there is a growing chance that there are more and more decision makers in berlin who are saying yes we need to move away from franco in germany not just for climate protection reasons but also to protect the health of citizens should step aside for now the energy giant he is playing it cool the firm says ultimately the exact costs of the coming industry changes are not yet known. sports now and there is joy in two african countries and despair in several others that after the continent's final two spots of the twenty eight hundred world cup were decided all too busy needed against libya was a draw to finish atop their group and they got it to near zero is headed to russia next summer they'll be joined by morocco who beat ivory coast to nil to reach their first cup finals since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. across scenes of
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jubilation celebrate a return to the world cup after two decades away the team they defeated ivory coast had become a regular fixture of the tournament in morocco's absence young and old took to the streets in cities like this america cash in academia as fans partied well into the night. in europe in qualifying denmark and ireland battled a school a strong copenhagen in their first leg of their playoff denmark had far more chances but couldn't get past the tight irish defense arm and will now have an advantage going into the second leg on tuesday after denmark failed to score at home. formula one now and at the brazilian grand prix a mercedes driver but not the one you might expect has taken pole position for today's race finland sponsored by times will start from the front of the grid after his mercedes team mate lewis hamilton crashed in qualifying hamilton to start at the back of the field by the way in the crowd world champion tweeted earlier that
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the members of his team had been robbed at gunpoint after leaving the stop our race track. to lose this one of the world's most famous museums and now it's opened a branch in abu dhabi thousands of visitors attended the opening and it's protecting the building designed by french architecture of the building like the museum itself attempts to combine eastern and western influences it's the first museum of its kind in the arab region here's more. thank you ing in the thirty degree heat we're now name from the somewhat cooler paris is already pulling a crowd in the arab world for the opening of the louvre abu dhabi the five thousand tickets went quickly like the arts many visitors have come from europe but the locals seem to like it. we've been waiting for more than ten years so we're very proud to have an institution like this here the europeans took our artifacts and so the arabs are ok with taking the name at least and create also museums and bring
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part of the art back and also some european art so i think it's actually quite a good thing that. it's precisely what the rich immersive he wants the orient and the rest of the world to come together an art grand historical qur'an additions to vinci's belfair on the air by way where a sculpture fountain of light. the shakes have left the structure of this arabian news read through a frenchman star architect john nouvelle in time spans one hundred eighty meters as designed it invites interpretation. just looking at this and thinking about how they did this based on like the palm trees the print of the palm trees at so creative like you know it's connecting that culture and modernism together so it's really nice to see that. i'm there celebrating this in their own way as our to stick expertise as name recognition come as a price the emirates has spent around one point five billion euros on the overall
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project including loan fees for the arts from the original in paris it gives a stronger exposure in terms of cultural associations with with france and with europe i think it's fantastic that the louvre opened a new branch slits in the middle east it's for a limited time though the name louvre can only be used for thirty years in six months they want to the opening has been long and ostentatious now it's time to see whether this temple of high art can help bridge the arab and western worlds. and looks absolutely incredible that's all for now but be sure to tune in for more news at the top of the hour in the meantime you can log on to de talking dot com for more around the clock updates thanks for watching.
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