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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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castro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is due to be a news live from berlin a deadly quake on the border between iran and iraq at least two hundred people are dead in iran alone with more than a thousand injured relief efforts are underway after the powerful trying or hit near the iraqi town of kolob also coming out. u.s.
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president donald trump meets his philippines counterpart but we go to terence a outside the summit of asian leaders in manila hundreds of protesters demonstrating against their policy. i'm brian thomas thanks for being with us rescuers are scrambling at this hour to help the earthquake victims on the iran iraq border now that after a seven point three magnitude quake struck about thirty kilometers from the iraqi town of law late sunday a rainy and fishel say the tremor killed at least three hundred people in iran alone a baghdad has yet to report an official death toll but hundreds of iraqis are known to have been injured. when the earth began to shake the shoppers began
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to run. other states. this reporter escaped injury as the tremor shook his studio. and baghdad these residents knew all too well how quakes can turn buildings into death traps. suddenly the glass is dropped off the table that was very strange the fog was shaking we were so afraid that we had to run out of the house because our house is an old one. you know but most of the many others were not so lucky in iran hospitals have been inundated with the injured and the walking wounded. local t.v. stations in the region show the scale of the damage done to homes and buildings. these children forced out of their beds in their pajamas. one hospital feeling
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aftershocks moved toward on to the streets. rescue teams have had to walk under the cover of darkness officials fear the death toll will rise as the full extent of the devastation becomes apartment. ok let's go live now to vladimir van valkenburgh a journalist who joins us from air below the capital city of kurdistan region in northern iraq what can you tell us about the dimension of the the quake's damage where you are. well i haven't heard about the earthquake the years because i've been very severe for some time so this is the first time that people here with the situation here and kurdistan region of iraq at least four to five were killed but in general so many rounds in iran the damage was much higher so they say iran two hundred fifty one of them total maybe killed what do we know about the rescue
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operations is help getting through to the people who need it. while most of the rescue operations are organized locally are there also are you see and some turkish aid organizations that came to the rescue but most of this one was fine of locals and most of the damage was at the iraq and iran border where the earthquake started so there is damage is the biggest and also the local governor. from is now calling for is that they should be sort of down because there are some fears the local. ok what about the political divisions where you are between the kurdish iraqi authorities a rainy authorities well that prevent help from getting throw law until now there are some complaints not back that that's not so and eight because most of the comments are iraqi border on the kurdish control but we'll have to see and the next coming days. until now the personal
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a front back that i'm sure that's morally did. i mean just earthquake in the middle of the night so it's very difficult to meet the organizers say ok what about international aid it has been offered is it needed well will the offer be taken up by the various authorities in the area with that of that's been had. yeah prison the thought of everything that there was already call for international inspection teams because of them and also injured people in that area so they cared you would . help them and the international aid workers the coalition is also here to be fighting against isis well listen but so far there's no international aid but i'm sure there are. blood journalist joining us from air below in the kurdish region in northern iraq now for some of the other stories making in the news president emmanuel mccall has led the memorial ceremonies in paris to honor
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the victims of france's worst ever terrorist attacks two years ago is almost extremists killed one hundred thirty people at a number of locations across the french capital francis since passed a far reaching antiterrorism law that's been criticized for curtailing civil liberties. south korea's military says a north korean soldier has been shot and wounded while defecting to the south across the demilitarized zone north korean troops reportedly fired on the soldier as he attempted to pass through border village to factor has been taken to a south korean hospital to u.s. president all trumps a visit to the philippines now and there have been clashes between police and demonstrators in central manila as the u.s. leader met his counterparts at a regional summit security officers using water cannon on the demonstrators in the filipino capital protesters are angry over the president's visit they say it will
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worsen the human rights situation in the country away from the crowds leaders took part in the opening ceremony for the two day is he on summit. well later on the president met a controversial filipino president rodriguez to territory on the sidelines of the event the white house says human rights briefly came up in their conversation but the president made no mention of the subject and his remarks to reporters we had a great relationship this is very successful we have many meetings today with many other leaders the conference has been handled beautifully by the president in the philippines and your representatives and all the white house has been saying that the president would be taking up the issue of human rights in the let's go now to the deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch feel i'm kind joins us from bangkok thanks for being with us this morning president to territories war
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and drugs the extrajudicial killings of cost thousands of lives do you see president trump addressing that in manila. it's pretty clear that the president did tear to is inflicted calamity of human rights abuses on the philippines is off the table in terms of president trump's priorities and which is very disappointing but not surprising because president trump has repeatedly proven that he has an affinity for strongman rulers with well documented abuses against their citizens but the wider issue is we have these human rights abuses going on the philippines but rule of law is under attack in the philippines and rule of law fairness transparency predictability president rodrigo to tear to his throne those under the bus and that has wider significance and ramifications beyond human rights its business its investments and so any country particular united states that wants
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to have a meaningful sustainable mutually beneficial relationship with the philippines should be absolutely concerned about what president is doing to his country but apparently president trump is unsurprisingly going to look the other way ok now you say you said that the detector is thrown at you human rights and the rule of law under the bus your organization has been investigating to territories war on drugs what are your findings. our findings are that philippines national police and agents connected with that with the police are implicated in large numbers of the estimated more than twelve thousand killings extradition executions linked to this war on drugs and president rodrigo to terror today has enthusiastically incited and instigated these killings now these killings could very well constitute crimes against humanity so this budding romance between trump and do terror today and this
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diplomatic trump is giving to terror today he's dealing with a likely future crimes against humanity suspect so that makes this meeting even more. awkward and odious than it already is ok what about public support to territories war on drugs that have a lot of public support initially what are your research findings showing right now in terms of public backing for the war on drugs in the philippines. look it's unquestionable that the thirty eight percent of the filipino a lecturer at that voted to tear it say into power in may of twenty sixteen that he retains really strong support among second statement c. but we have to take a look at the numbers there you know president territories popularity ratings actually have started to decline since there has been very disturbing evidence that the philippines national police have been intentionally targeting children with the
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extradition executions but the other issue is that you know there's a difference between popularity and legitimacy you know present a terror tape was elected to support and defend and protect the rights in the philippine constitution number one of which is the right to life he has absolutely trashed that right and this is something that has profound implications for future rule of law in the philippines that will last far longer than his time in office phelim time deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch thanks so much for being with us today lebanon's former prime minister saad hariri says he'll be returning home from saudi arabia quote within days now this was his first televised appearance since his shock resignation last week hariri made that announcement from saudi arabia as well saying he feared there was a plot to kill him back home is moves have raised many questions in lebanon about
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why exactly he's in riyadh. the former prime minister insists his resignation and his stay in saudi arabia are voluntary but he says he remains worried about his safety back home. and a home i'm free here in saudi arabia if i wanted to leave i could do so tomorrow but do i want to doand i have to protect my family. but many lebanese officials including president michel own aren't convinced harry reid's free to do what he wants the president's office said saudi arabia may be violating international treaties with its treatment of lebanon's leader. viewers in lebanon scoured the resigning prime minister's interview for clues about his condition. we don't know that. really didn't even hear he's.
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looking his good guys. what do you think it is not being in saudi arabia and if i do. that that's why not me to watch the. harry reid interview raised another question is he resigning at all. harry reid hinted at retracting the resignation of his governing coalition partners like hezbollah avoid participating in regional conflicts. to football though and on monday night italy and sweden face off in the second leg of their world cup playoffs take a slender lead to milan after winning the first leg one nil on friday now if they can hold on to their advantage though cause quite the upset by knocking out one of football's powerhouse. back the clock to the two thousand and six world cup final in berlin and it was happy days for italy lifted the world cup trophy for the
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fourth time. fast forward eleven years and it's a different story italy having been the side that one struck fear in their opponents hearts a mediocre qualifying campaign and a poor performance in the first leg defeat to sweden sees italy on the brink of missing their first world cup since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. where team we are italy where a team that has to play football and if we qualify it will do it by playing football. by playing football that's something italy's golden generation with the likes of david piano. could do with their eyes closed. is the last relic and he knows what's at stake. is the positivity the possibility to rebound from this result we're working on this dream on this subject. we also know that it's an important match for all of us.
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for the nation and for the history of our national team. proud and rich history which will be tainted should be as we walk off the pitch as loses. big a showpiece. that's all we have time for be sure to tune in for more news at the top the hour we'll be with you than from a. entire news team thanks. successful with a silver spoon in my mouth to find success.


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