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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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magical creatures. emotions can no. longer seem to have really turned on t w. this is deja vu news live from berlin the death toll from the iran iraq earthquake goes up to more than five hundred thirty. some eight thousand are injured many more lost everything the government in iran promises to
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rebuild the areas destroyed by the point. also coming up u.s. president donald trump heads home from his tour of asia he promises the fruits of his labor will be incredible and tells the world to prepare for a major statement. plus the on a manageable happens italy crash out of the world cup after losing to sweden in the playoffs what now for the former powerhouse of soccer. i'm sorry so much going to good to have you with us iran's state media says the death toll from sunday at sunday's earthquake has now risen to at let least five hundred thirty people around eight thousand people were also injured in the disaster which struck a mountain region bordering iraq president hassan rouhani visited the worst to hit a province of kermanshah earlier today as the country observed a national day of mourning promised
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a swift help for the seventy thousand people left homeless by the quake emergency teams conducted searches through the rubble but hopes of finding further survivors are dwindling. amid the rubble the noise of vicars is broken by house of sadness. as rescue workers retrieve the dead the bereaved are left to grapple with homes and lives ruined. in remote support also how in the worst hit area buildings have been destroyed with much of the town laid waste. the frantic search for the living is now turning into a recovery effort for the injured survivors the town's only hospital is not an option. with only makeshift aid facilities and a shortage of vital supplies hundreds happen ferried halfway across the country to the capital to run there was nothing where we came from no electricity no water.
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i'm in a bad way i was in a hospital for eighteen hours. across the border in iraq people are trying to return to normal darbhanga khan bore the brunt of the damage here. the building was flattened by the earthquake the rubble collapsed on a family of seven we only managed to rescue five of them the other two were killed . the disaster has left an estimated seventy thousand people homeless. neighboring countries have been answering the call for help turkey has sent humanitarian assistance along with three thousand tents and ten thousand beds. heads the u.k. based iran's children charity we asked her what the main priority was in dealing with child victims of the earthquake. i mean obviously the first. full show specially in the cold cold weather out there and there are people sleeping
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rough outside so still a lot of news intense and blankets but as a charity arkansas news long term and more we don't now are affected traumatized. and post traumatic stress syndrome and we are hoping to organize workshops at various locations obviously some of the schools we were hoping to do perhaps talk to their workshops there's about twenty two of them have been destroyed in the region but we estimate around twenty thousand children might need that sort of support for for effect of the trauma from this sort of tragedy so we are hoping to to you know obviously work with other agencies to raise funds to be able to support them in next months coming that that's going to be the
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challenge of how this is going to affect those show don't afterwards helen a judge is speaking to us earlier there now u.s. president donald trump has wrapped up his official twelve day tour of asia and is on his way back to washington trump had a packed visit taking him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines the president said he had made progress with his agenda on trade and he also claimed to have made friends at the highest level in the region. donald probably have written the art of the deal but the art of diplomacy hasn't always come easy so this was going to be an ambitious two by any measure he was there to rally u.s. troops in iraq. confront pyongyang's provocations. north korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action and do some deals. trouble
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to bed to shore up the pacific alliance began in japan where traits of subtlety and nuance were in short supply. not his host prime minister shinzo one that very much. the reception was always going to be frosty here in south korea trump has accused all of weakness in the face of the north. yet trump speech to parliament confounded his critics. if you want peace you must stand strong at all times the world. at a big banquet the commander in chief had a diplomatic trick up his sleeve. videos of his granddaughter singing in mandarin a surefire way to please his hosts trump had cause to celebrate as he later claimed president xi would up the sanctions against north korea and move to ally foreign
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companies access to the country. it was a casual some see cozy encounter with vladimir putin at his next summit that threatened to derail the grand. trump was again dogged by questions of russian meddling in u.s. democracy. by the end of his odyssey he was getting used to the red carpet treatment even if it meant embracing filipino president rodriguez. a man accused of mass extrajudicial killings. this was turning to be entertained. three. at the end of the summit and relationship with new friends that. among allies.
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so let's bring in our washington correspondent for more on the story hi carol you know i don't try and describe this trip as tremendously successful what do people back home think about it. well let me analysts here question whether the tour was a public relations show with only if you can create a chief ment's we have to point out that president campaigned on multilateral trade agreements he saw as i'm fair like the trans-pacific partnership known as c.p.p. donald trump rated during his trip his regular criticism of passive ministrations saying that they allow to the to be taken advantage of on the world economic state he is said that the trade overall must be fair and beneficial for both sides his main critics have always been against china but now during this trip and this trip to china and this part of the trip tom has softened his words towards this country trump was full of praise for the president being and he even said that he wasn't
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china's fold about the trade deficit between them is widening he said he does not blame china he said after all who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of his own citizens so lots of nice words coming from president all time towards china but no concrete trades results have come out of this part of the treaty as it seems beyond trade and did anything like a trump strategy for asia emerge. well there really he say she started to be is the economy in the economic sector has maybe changed but in a retiree way now really in an economic way he remains saying he wants to protect the united states economic protectionism his part that is his policy also the nuclear threat from north korea was of course on the top of this
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agenda during this trip in south korea the president began toning down his fire and fury retiree towards. and said he was open to diplomatic efforts still the united state department expects much more support from china in the north korea issue they say china should be putting a lot more pressure on north korea nevertheless donald trump did not point this out during his meeting with she's being in china he's on his way back to the u.s. now and he's promised a major statement when he returns to the white house what can you tell us about that well donald trump has said he is planning to make a major statement about his trip to asia later this week he also spoke of the many good friends he made during that trip we'll be hearing more about it during the next days to give you more reporting from washington for us thank you.
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now to some other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has held talks with me and mars' leader aung san suu kyi on the sidelines of the summit tillerson flies to me in march tomorrow to discuss the refugee crisis under global pressure to take action more than six hundred thousand rohingya muslims have fled a military crackdown to neighboring bangladesh. president trumps oldest son has released messages he exchanged with wiki leaks during and after the two thousand and sixteen election this after a media report suggested donald trump jr liaised with the web site which published leaked emails from hillary clinton during the campaign the messages have been turned over to a congressional inquiry into russia as a legit involvement in the u.s. election. former supporters of french president say they are leaving his. party because it's become too authoritarian one hundred party members wrote a letter criticizing what they called the personality cult us running across his
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party's you to hold its first conference this weekend amid falling approval ratings for my home saudi arabia's ambassador to the un says riyadh will lift its blockade on ports in yemen within the next twenty four hours but the move will not apply to ports controlled by the rebel who these tens of thousands of protesters had earlier taken to the streets of the capital sanaa to protest against the week old blockade and thousands of women have protested in brazil over moves in parliament to criminalize abortions without exception terminations are currently allowed in limited cases including rape and life threatening pregnancies the proposed total ban would need a majority in both houses to become law. to football and it was italy's a worst nightmare not qualifying for next year's world cup and it happened italy fail to beat sweden in a qualifying match and they're out of the world cup leaving the nation stunned and
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disappointed. i tell you and football's worst nightmare has come true a lack of firepower against sweden leaves for name company missing out on only the third world cup in the team's history the a series fans were understandably dejected afterwards and blaming everyone for the defeat. but this is everyone's fault not just the fault of the coach it's federation president to vecchio fault it's the federations fault the match mirrors a country which is falling apart like you italy is still trying to accept their earth shattering loss to sweden. two and. down. we're all in tears because we did our best but this will haunt us forever. it's a huge disappointment that we will struggle to comprehend. it's a tearful farewell for gigi buffon his tenure between the posts in one match shy of
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becoming the only goalkeeper to play in six world cups the dominant defender defined italy's on field persona for two decades without him italy's football future is in question. now there's big news for diamond lovers today this is one of the largest flawless diamonds ever caught and it's set to be auctioned off this evening in geneva auction house christie's is handling the sale of the massive one hundred sixty three carat jewel set in an emerald necklace it is expected to fetch as much as thirty five million dollars and the gem was cut down from an even bigger rough diamond found last year in a mine in angola. we just have time for a minder of our top stories at this hour rescuers in iran have ended their search for survivors of sunday's earthquake tehran has announced a day of mourning for the at least five hundred thirty people would die. and u.s.
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president donald trump has wrapped up his twelve day tour of asia after talks with regional leaders in manila despite protests on some legs of the tour tramell the trip as a major success. thanks for watching news had to a website dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock we'll be back at the top they are. healthy. and here in studio. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and torn grows. in an equal societies. the divide starting november fifteenth.


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