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tv   Made in Germany - Marketing 2.0 - the power of influencers  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2017 5:30am-6:01am CET

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i will buy cycle of my home but it took me years to when i. finally gave up and went to buying me on my side but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreate for goes than riding a bike and no i want to meet those women back home who are bound by their duties and social rules and inform them of oded basic rights my name is the amount of people and i work i need to. the advertising industry has always been a hub for creative thinking this mindset allows it to move with the times and
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embrace totally new business models and if you are an avid social media use you could get a piece of the action welcome to made in germany now if you're under thirty chances are you're not that interested in watching ordinary t.v. programmes into it with ordinary t.v. ads so how can advertise its reach you well they use social media of course and that's where influences marketing comes in now from social media rock stars to lesser known bloggers influence us tail and show us what we simply have to buy we met a few of them to find out how it works. moisturising eye cream feeling for you and . happiness but elation micah furstenberg wants to become an influencer you want to push out there's already one cookie an energy drink and a power bank you know has more than two hundred forty thousand fans on instagram
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alone. michael has only five thousand they both incorporate advertising into their posts. the twenty eight year old from berlin reports on her life as a vegan she sometimes spends up to eight hours working on a photo at the moment if she uses it to advertise a product she earns less than one hundred euros even so it's taken precedence over her psychology studies. i had so much fun doing that i don't want to do anything else. i try to inspire people not just about food but about the vegan lifestyle which is what i'm trying to convey. a lot of putting yonah is seventeen and still goes to school but he's already been a youtube star for two years he documents his every day life and that now includes activities such as travel paid by advertising partners for me at my home because
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it's still a hobby for me i make a little money but i don't really need it right now because i still live with my parents but it is cool to buy new props and finance and travel for the videos it was advising us of if it was financing on your own it doesn't want to reveal how much he earns a recent survey shows that german influencers receive an average of six hundred euros for advertising posts but the stars of the scene get significantly more at the berlin industry meeting in reach seeks to engage with advertisers one possible project he'd like the german carmakers association vdare to finance his driving lessons. when you're doing your test an advantage car would be cool right yeah sure would you have a model i might. want. you know that comes across as very authentic. and that's something we look for in advertising. he's
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a credible opinion maker for us in a community of twelve to twenty nine year olds that we can't reach more traditional ways. micah first and baggage still hoping for offers like that. man to sharpen her skills she's at the influencer marketing academy in berlin and. you should really think about whether it's big and recipes who want to emphasize. the one day crash course costs just under three hundred thirty euros in return the organizers promise graduates higher income and more followers. the key to success is unique content and keeping fans loyal over the long term. and you have to respond to the one who makes the effort to write to you and says hey i think you're awesome you have to make it feel worthwhile to follow you that's the only way you can increase the number of followers and then companies will
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approach you and find you relevant enough to work with this level of trust on an equal footing a base of friendship is very important where like your friends from the internet who are recommending something that you have you know. but there's a problem if those friends from the internet the influencers don't disclose that they're receiving money or gifts for recommendation even though they're required to do so. regional media forty's and germany are cracking down on this covert advertising. that is a relative this relatively young and easily influenced target group is at risk of not understanding the difference between real content and a promotional message that's why we need to protect them. not only the audiences young many of the most popular influencers haven't reached adulthood even though they're working together with big corporations for example you want to push a advertisers a tour operator and a media company. i'm not worried because my dad watches over everything and i'm
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slowly learning what's legit and what's not. in the influencer workshop micah furstenberg is starting from the bottom. she's learning how to build up contacts to companies and how to make her photos to reach more people. she's also learning how to write bills and organize work. perhaps the most important thing i learned is judging from blog and that's really helpful i think organizational strategy is a really big issue if you want to be successful as an influence thank you would be great if i could earn a living with that sooner or later oh man the important thing. to get more advertisers to notice are michael plans to carry on and post a new photo on instagram every day curated down to the smallest detail.
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a lot of young looking for there being an influence a can of course be very lucrative certainly for celebrities like singers activists or athletes now this gentleman he had twenty course is a german football star and i bet his influence a status and normal but even if you are less a known you can still be part of a system that generates billions of euros in revenue yes some of the top that field . thirteen million euros that's what the world's number one you tube star and in a year. a single photo once and an italian instagram influence or one hundred yards and uro's. who has the most instagram followers in germany two soccer stars of course with some fourteen million subscribers each. influencers can are and twelve hundred euros a post if they have more than
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a million followers on instagram. companies in the entertainment. travel industry paid for in the world to pose. the same just reach fifty percent of young people in germany the new form of marketing largely bypasses the older generation at least for now. well joining me in the studio now is a very young. and she's a model also works as an influencer using her instagram side good to have you here with us i'm not going to tell your age but we can tell you belong to the young generation that embraces social media and you also work as an influencer what exactly do you like about it. i think i like the most about influencing is that you have a good connection with you community so you can ride direct message with them every day and i think that's a good motivation to do the instagram influencing thing and how do you do it we saw
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in this report earlier that a lot of them are using photos or shooting videos would you prefer. i prefer to do photos like photo shooting. because i'm a model. thing and i upload high value photos and videos on instagram ok because you're a model i mean we've prepared a little film in order to learn a little bit more about you so before we continue our chat let's take a look at that little film. the modeling profession usually revolves around cat books and magazines but just as important on a t. deployed patch is instagram. being a social media influencer is also a part of her job. the twenty year old first stepped into the spotlight in two thousand and fifteen as a contestant on the t.v. show germany's next top model. since then she's picked up more than four hundred thousand followers on instagram and a single one of her posts can get tens of thousands of likes. this reach makes
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instagram lucrative supply catch. she can earn good money by promoting products from sportswear to lipstick and her products. according to updated instagram rules like that she now has to label these posts as paid partnerships this is a step forwards in terms of transparency but the advertising content is still mixed in with moments from play pitches personal life. many of her followers react with likes and comments by young in gauge audience that's perfect for advertising partners. and my pitch is here with young engaged follow us i definitely feel left out i remember times when i watched t.v. ads. in front of the television where you ever influenced by that yeah definitely
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like when i was a kid like to try to like toys or. when i was ten i was like oh my god mom i want to have yeah i was influenced my dad but that is the past now i mean when you when you want to be inspired as a consumer to buy a product where do you go and look. nowadays on instagram. yeah i find my inspiration on other influences like ok. what are the wear like clothes or products of beauty products just inspired by instagram influence of no it stays in the family do you have an influence on the kind of product that you advertise for an instagram or those produces just coming to you and say listen would you take a picture or would you wear this jumper because we would like to sell this for you . i'm not judas at all like every time someone asked me i just
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looked that. if it was self or my concent. that's important things do you have a special criteria to say basically it's lipsticks and jump posts and shirts that i want to advertise for or would you be open to other things as well. yeah like clothes and beauty products and shoes and everything i mean that fits of course with you as a model which is your main job if you like course but what other products could you imagine other products. it's difficult it is because it is difficult because every day as you know your product you're in you're in very good company on the deal ploy pitch because we have another report right now afterwards which is about a blogger and she is one of the most successful bloggers that we have here in germany she is called jessica vise and she spent ten years writing about fashion
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beauty and lifestyle and let me just thank you first for being here in the studio of course with us. i mean writing about these subjects but not about technology that is an issue that my colleague because deena cuba as well takes issue with and she followed up that particular story. fashion babies cooking i feel a blogger stuck in the fifty's. women have been fighting for decades to be taken seriously in their world of work. but when i look at this young female blogger all i have to say is this is not the way to go. there or just lucky to have a question the baby is. so close she could go to work out the women blogging about
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science i take economics politics or even car repair. they just worry in forest all this terror types about women that all we care about is lifestyle and cooking so why do they do it. jessica lies she's germany's most successful female grover i want her to answer these burning questions. jessica our female bloggers are stuck in the fifty's not in this decade no i don't think so it's taken a decade just to develop a job description when i started blogging it wasn't a profession and today i'm able to earn a living with it and i'm fairly well known and i can pay my entire team with it and . so we're making progress all the time. and we can use angles to dance that side
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will fall on you write about passion why do you do it and after near very stagnant that there is no first of all i'm passionate about fashion and i have been since i was a girl you have to listen to your gut feeling. and then i'm someone who tends to think things through and i've developed my product in a gradual and deliberate way i wanted to establish a brand that i turned down plenty of off. as to collaborate which could have been quite lucrative help they didn't get my brand. as i mean if you get a bag on the path to. donate is life is much more than clothing cooking and kids when if their kid syndicates ago and that also holds integrated our world. from the influences on social media to politicians with influence the european union wants to reform the so-called posted workers' scheme no evil member nations
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like france and britain blame to that scheme for wage dumping and high unemployment among french and british nationals they say the posted workers directive in its current form opens the door to unfair competition a planned reform aims to remedy that by ensuring that workers from poor at you nations get the same wages as their counterparts in economically stronger states where wages are usually higher. equal pay for the same work in the same country that rule applies to all workers in the european union who are sent from one country to another. for example if a construction worker from or sell is sent by his polish company to germany he has the right to earn at least german minimum wage. the european commission is now proposing a revision to the rules under which he'll get the right to the same wages german colleagues get and all the usual benefits the current law unposted workers dates
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from one nine hundred ninety six when the e.u. had fifteen member states there was a wage differential of one to three the law was supposed to close today the e.u. is much larger and so is the wage differential now it's one to ten so in luxemburg workers earn ten times as much as in bulgaria. not surprisingly the posting of workers is increasing in twenty ten it was already one point three million people in twenty fourteen already one point nine million an increase of almost forty five percent. germany france and belgium are the countries with the most foreign workers from within the e.u. most come from eastern europe most workers who came to germany in twenty fourteen came from poland that thirty six point five percent slovenia at twelve point one percent and hungary at eight point nine percent one in three works in construction
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one in five in industry and one in ten in the health care or senior care sector the new bill is designed to improve conditions for these workers. now i rather complex labor scheme let's break it down a bit with your empathy from the german trade union confederation there he consults for a project called family bill ity and as i understand it correctly it basically wants to enforce fair wages and working conditions for migrant workers from central and eastern european countries here on the german labor market so you're the expert perhaps you can just briefly explain to us i mean what is the problem you have an open free e.u. single market with freedom of movement and you've got the post of working yeah the posting of workers is of course one form of employment quite popular no in the u. and it means that people are still working for their foreign employer let's say from an eastern european country they still have their own labor contract there but they
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are sent to germany to work for a certain period of time and here the minimum conditions have to be guaranteed but everything else is still. based on the foreign conditions and the foreign labor law so so who benefits from that scheme right now as it is it depends i think sometimes it is used as a method to actually. to get workforce for a lower costs so if you look at the german transport company for example that phone company abroad in order to hire the people there at a lower cost than they would actually. create in when hiring in germany and the workers still do the most stupid job in the work in germany so this is kind of a circumvention. and and a problem in terms of fair competition on the labor market do you understand to
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those complaints about wage dumping from originations like france. well from for us important is the perspective of the worker and of course we are not we don't agree if a postal worker gets less salary than a local worker doing the same job so for us this is the important thing that the workers are treated equally and this is also why generally we are in favor of a proposal to introduce equal pay and posting of work risk ok the proposal is one thing reality another just briefly are you confident that under the new proposal companies will actually get you to it that's very difficult of course because in the end it all comes down to the controls. at the workplace and also to the question if the worker is ready to take action against lawyer when he or she for
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example doesn't receive his wage and there needs a lot of information counseling in order to actually get active and to do something that it is very difficult but still we hope that the new framework will provide a better protections for post of workers. from the german trade union confederation thank you so much for being here thank you. well there are more problems brewing in the e.u. also between economically equal states foreign companies that do business in france for example now facing creasing bureaucratic hurdles they were put in place by the french government under president manuel call the new red tape appears to be a clear move to protect the french labor market rather than improving business relations with the european union german companies are up in arms.
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french president a man who likes to be seen as a passionate european. believe in europe you have to believe in it. and that means you have to stick to certain rules. is also steadfastly pro european but he's disappointed in the german businessman sells enclosures for swimming pools his company is located near the border with france where he exports a quarter of his production. however he's very disappointed about a law that moscow spearheaded during his tenure as france's economy minister because of it says now has to wait weeks for construction permits. it feels like a straightjacket next year we'll have to pass on the costs of these french regulations to our customers because we cannot afford to shoulder this burden alone
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. these costly registration procedures are strictly regulated with a two thousand euro fine for noncompliance and four thousand for repeat offenses so we'll have to tack on a surcharge for our french customers. the regulations mean fez can no longer offer a speedy and efficient service which is a big selling point and he has to employ people especially to deal with the french bureaucracy the rules apply to foreign companies wanting to do business in france french parliamentarian. says they're designed to protect the french labor market so . that is why we plan to expand these regulations next year all sectors not just construction companies will need to fill out the additional paperwork and would like for an extra permit. rules may be complex but they provide access to a part of our market in exchange for that because they know it would. have the most in it. with
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a little bit of money in what is going to morris says says the new rules are unjust . and he thinks that other european companies will also be disadvantaged by policy . he decided to lodge a complaint with the german government but it merely advised him to file a lawsuit at the european court of justice. is looking for stevens the responses we got are really frustrating non-committal answers with no new information. yes we know but we don't have the answer and if you're unhappy you can file a complaint you have a sprint. many other german companies share his frustration. fare from the local branch of the chamber of commerce represents german businesses here she says thousands of them fear they'll have to stop exporting to france and that would also have a knock on effect on the french economy. that. we all live and work together
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more freely according to the european ideal i think that's been dented a bit because if german companies can't cross over into france can't operate easily then they won't attend trade fairs and when the trade business slumps the french retells sector and restaurants will all face problems. with their. borders fares has been moving with the heads of other german companies he hopes they'll join him in taking the case to the european court of justice. his company with its thirty employees depends on its exports to france even more so now that it's just invested half a million euros in a new factory. it's all just delaying tactics for me businessman it means continuing to struggle with this mess without any hope of change and having to entertain the possibility of getting out of the french market altogether if things
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don't improve. always had faith in the european single market he can't understand why barriers are suddenly going up across europe. that's it for this week and made in germany thanks for keeping me company.
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because that is where they start to divide the country needs you know where they start to divide the language your blood will flow and of course the collapse of the soviet union left its constituent nations on their own politically economically.
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rise and fall of moscow's empire part two of our series. in fifteen minutes on the double. strand him i wasn't always successful i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth i had to find success now came. to my store and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war about it and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child is she not the only friend their homeland of the enemy invades. no one wants russia here in the midst and which is the. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d. w. made for mines. i am
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a flower. yes i'm beautiful and i've heard it before and it never grows old. i'm worshiped from my looks my scent my looks but here's the thing. life starts with me. you see i feed. every fruit comes from me. everybody taito me every kernel of corn me every grain of rice me. me me i know but it's true. and sometimes i feed their souls. i am their words when they have none i say i love you without a sound. i'm sorry without a voice. i inspired the greatest of them painters
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poets pattern makers i've been amused to them all. but in my experience people underestimate the power of a pretty little flower. because their life does start with me. and it could end without me. zimbabwe is on edge after explosions were reported in the capital and military vehicles were seen in the streets overnight the british embassy warned its citizens to stay indoors and the u.s. embassy closed to the public amid rumors of a potential.


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