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she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about us because it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with a. afro germany starting december tenth w. . i don't welcome to the news i'm on the thought she money but and and these are all top stories. zimbabwe's army has seized control of the state broadcaster and deployed tanks in the streets of harare is denied it's leading
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a coup against the ailing leader robert mugabe as a power struggle over his succession. and australians have backed gay marriage in a postal poll you organized by the government more than sixty percent said they were in favor of allowing same sex couples to marry and the government says it will introduce legislation to make it possible before the end of the year. one leaders have arrived at the global climate summit in the german city of bonn the a bid to add a final push to negotiations aimed at implementing the paris climate accord delegates and politicians from more than one hundred ninety countries have been meeting to move ahead with the implementation the balance accord commits countries to curb greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning environmental campaigners have called in german chancellor angela merkel to freeze the use of coal by two
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thousand and thirty. let me now join up political correspondent charlotte is tracking that story for us shot of the chancellor merkel had one point was described as a climate chancellor but now some environmentalists are saying she has failed why. well she is a climate chancellor still on the one hand i would say she's a trailblazer in the fight against climate change internationally on an international level we shouldn't forget the scientist by profession a physicist to be exact and as such she's been trying to reduce emissions since she first started since she first took office we remember the g eight in two thousand and five where she was pushing her international colleagues on the issue of climate change and also she was a strong advocate of the paris agreement so she has been a trail blazer internationally and when for example donald trump pulled out of the
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paris agreement she had this to say let's listen and. growing and we must take on this vital challenge and we cannot and must not wait until the last person on earth this accepted the scientific findings on climate change or in a word the paris climate deal is non-negotiable. with its four hundred. so this is the one side of machall there is another side to domestically though and that side of her has not been pushing hard for environmental policies at home it looks like germany is not going to meet its climate goals by twenty twenty to reduce its emissions by forty percent and that is because america has been in part driven by the coal and especially the auto industries those industries both huge job providers and if there are going to be changes there are going to be job losses in those industries so there was always
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a political trade off for her so yes there's a two faced anglo-american on the one hand she is internationally a trailblazer in climate policies but domestically not so much i'm talking of a political creative shot at a chance american is actually in the city of boston for this human climate conference where she's going to be making an address but after that she's going to rush back here to berlin but she's in the midst of coalition talks to form a new government and one of the coalition partners is likely to be the green party and the baron clee climate is long the biggest sticking points in these negotiations it really is i mean people are criticizing that machall is just having a layover in bonn today and rushing back to berlin but this these coalition talks are on top of her agenda of course at the moment to form a government in the long term and the greens are the german trailblazers in environmentalists policies and the other partners in the potential coalition the business friendly liberals and the very insistent party see as you and the
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conservatives in bavaria they are let's say not so environmental from mentally friendly so this is one of the most contentious issues and the big question is how is machall going to balance this push for environmental policies and the one against it. charlotte boss is always a political dimension to climate change thank you very much for being us up to date on that story. delegates in bonn push to try and find ways to rescue a woman this article look at one place where the impact of the rise of temperatures is already being felt one of the most visible signs of global warming is the melting of polar ice caps ice caps and gaseous seven percent of the earth's surface and that's more than europe and north america combined now this animation that we have for you from nasa shows the gradual reduction in the ice coverage near the north pole and based on satellite observations nasa says the arctic ice cap is
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declining at an average rate of thirteen percent per decade next report takes us to the no no region occupied to go in the arctic circle scientists they are researching just what is causing the ice to recede we have this special report feel. the small part archipelago is covered with ice snow and glaciers as far as the eye can see at first glance there's no obvious sign of a drastic climatic changes taking place here. but the arctic is warming two to three times faster than the rest of the earth. the appropriately named ice fjord or ice fjord west of the island and spitzbergen no longer freezes over now fisherman catch salmon and macro here in the winter in the past they can only do that further south. jim hall maine of the norwegian polar institute says whatever the causes of
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the current warming of the arctic is unprecedented. we see quite a few results that point to the fact that it is unlikely that we can explain the entire warming the last thirty years without invoking that it must be to a large extent man's change of the atmosphere. in long you have been the main town and. climate change is also changing people's lives as the permafrost thaws the soil can no longer support the houses the number of accidents from avalanches has increased dramatically. an international team of researchers led by meteorologist man for adventitious from leipzig university is trying to find out why the arctic is warming so rapidly. every day they head to longer bins tiny airport.
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the two converted d.c. three's waiting on the runway are polar research planes from the alfred of a going to institute his business on their flights the scientists hope to solve one of the biggest riddles of arctic warming. i just told them that there is global warming but it's most intense here in the arctic. several factors play a role and we think clouds are one of the main ones and we hope to prove it here and it's not surprising how can clouds cause warming put simply they create an insulating layer in the atmosphere that prevents the arctic from cooling down so the scientists take to the sky to collect their data. base or leave for duty and. ice crystals go through as it takes a major shadow of the ice crystal we chatted post to the size of. the right shape and we can also get consultation of ice cores from the planet.
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today they're heading two hundred kilometers to the northeast the team will be airborne for more than six hours. the arctic sea ice has shrunk by half over the past twenty five years due to rising temperatures. as the ice thaws so-called melt ponds are formed then the ice breaks up. the darker water in the ponds absorb solar radiation more strongly than the light colored ice launching of badal spiral of events. in forty to fifty years the north pole may be completely ice free in the summer with enormous consequences for other parts of the world. on this trip the researchers didn't encounter any large clouds but they did collect some useful data their analysis will take years years in which temperatures will continue to climb many of the things we associate with.
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are changing and to that extent. is. detrimental to this do we know. the mild weather is certainly detrimental to dog sledding people and long you have been worried that one day the dogs here will . no longer legs but hearts all year round. the high level delegates at the un climate conference in bonn are due to make an address shortly and of course we'll go there live as soon as they start speaking meanwhile on that we do and christopher springeth my colleague he is in bonn at the cop twenty three as the climate conference is court christopher on the human climate conference is entering this high level phrase today mackel mccraw and other world leaders will be holding speeches what can we expect from them. well the high level segment as it's called is the moment in every climate conference where. heads
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of state arrive where the ministers for environment and energy arrive at the conference and basically their expectations is that they give negotiations a final push push towards resolving whatever issues remain unresolved at the moment what we're hearing is that the main issue that remains unresolved is financing adaptation to climate change in other words the promise made by rich countries to put up one hundred billion dollars a year from the year twenty twenty until the year twenty five twenty five and put that money at the disposal of poor countries the vulnerable countries who are most affected by climate change now that amount of money hasn't been raised yet the u.s. donald trump have start stop paying into that fund so what people are looking for here is a fresh pledge from rich countries to come up with the money needed to help poor
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countries adapt to the impacts of climate change that they are already feeling that's one key unresolved issue we're hearing that the so-called rule book for the implementation of the paris agreement twenty fifteen. parents agreement that that there is a draft already. on the pages if you want so good progress apparently has been made there but as i say the expectation now is for the the bosses as it were to come here and give negotiations a final push before the final day of the climate conference on friday in fact as you're talking to bosses are getting ready we've been taking pictures b. so the german president front by this time i had there as well as germany's environment minister of the u.n. sector general antonio good tabish as well as on him a dhamma the president of fiji who is officially hosting this climate conference we are now actually the hearing front by i mean by the madama talking this just take
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a listen to as to whether the seedings of officially started on not. these. serving as a. meeting of the parties to the paris agreement. this afternoon we honored to have with us is excellent c. dr frank what i'll stand by the president of the republic federal republic of germany. also with us of course his excellency mr and on your good that is the secretary general of the united nations. and his excellency mr lazaro of the zacks president of the united nations general assembly. oh sorry.
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i think. he's on his way here is on his way from the airport. here. before we begin i would like to take a. few minutes to convey to this gathering. the human face and i mention. of climate change. and who can do this better than a child. please join me. in welcoming a very special child. a child all the way from fiji to muddy. to
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share his story with you today. in the beginning god created the universe it respect. there are beautiful trees plants multi-colored birds and will feel the and the cries and songs of the light in the sea the colorful fishes and marine life eliminates the rationalization bodies. was indeed impeccable then he desires that all these creatures needed at last the creation of mankind to john of a new era. the under-vote present of the cop twenty three. the president of germany this chapter of the f.c.c. says. ladies and gentlemen this and will of in now must be as lucky for you and good morning to you all many of us it today is in recognition
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that the threat from climate change is real urgency serious and is growing overnight according to the former president of america mr barack obama he states and i quote climate change is no longer some for out of problem it is up and here it is happening now and coach yes ladies and gentlemen this is real it is not a mere dream i you are ready to face live either does have you contemplate what will happen if we ignore this relative this nightmare that is the corys and of us being here is then to take action as our indeed beats leadership action and cop twenty three again leadership action and cop twenty three the question is what to do how to do and who to do it well my dear audience what how or who it's about what you can do as an individual as parents a ditch is what can you do and students all it is what can you do it is
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a terrible problem and it needs to be solved it deserves to be a huge priority. ladies and gentlemen i sit at home watching and hearing the. news where the sea is swirling villages getting nowhere charland withering of crops relocation of people cries over lost loved ones die of hunger and this it's catastrophic it's sad but it's you know this is search google today will get almost sixty five million pages as a result but are we doing enough is it possible to receive it contributing to it my dear aren't all of you is happening elsewhere then we tell you master it to bring you closer to home i am for the medieval province of failure in a small village called levy the love which is in video with the largest island in fiji early in two thousand and sixteen we were hit by one of the strongest that
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there ever struck the strongest in the south the name is fear my home my school as does the food. water money was totally destroyed my life was and. i asked myself why is it happening by the second getting stronger but am i going to do out of the lands up and this and searching for what to take home food. fish in the eve of a visual problems what the monks once a dunce first of all it's a big deal with this band frustration mounts a beautiful village island school is now a barren and empty wasteland most that furloughs some attempt just continue rising production of painting on land in fertile trees not bearing fruits and ages was isn't what the body is getting dry each day fuses dreams bruns fields dead on lakes and river i feel the pain very more the angle the loss the
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sara the insecurity worthless and useless as i watched everything around me it's in you from we're in the yellow then brown eyes just signs that riyadh dying said to indicate that a total of forty thousand homes were damaged or destroyed by these marshes disaster there is an eye opener for as an individual communities nation and also as a blow by the village according to desmond tutu he says that and i thought thank you five years ago people could be excused for not knowing or doing much about climate change today we have no excuses and coach to blame me only days are over we need to act now they're full there's somebody putting rubbish in the bin implementing the hour drive reduce reuse and recycle less to plant and go green drive let's not be more economical rented that's been law and environmental oriented ladies and gentleman speeches and does
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a lot solve the problem but walk the talk is more effective that change the mindset and set a platform in combating this environment the issue for on edge and. aeration we need to prepare our safety precaution has to be adopted and solid to keep us secure israel uses paramount and should be done every time not only during the. crewmember prior and proper preparation prevents performance ladies and gentleman in school teachers and educators to students on what to do before during and after a disaster but as parents and guardians you must be vigilant and careful at times this is sure not going to happen if you pull and wait for others in stem to night to move forward together we have heard we have seen where witness now it's time to say it isn't german system a change human can change but climate change is here to stay unless you do something about it with these words let us be more and vitamin tell all rented and
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help restore. thank you vinegar and now art. thanks thanks. thanks. what. if you've just joined us here watching live coverage coming here to you from the city of bonn at the climate conference cop twenty three we just heard a young child from fiji talk about climate change and his message humans can change
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but climate change is here to stay and made a powerful appear to the adults in the room that they have to take action to save people like him the adults of tomorrow the children of today will be the adults of tomorrow he was lifted up of by his president of the president of fiji frank by name and the german president frank about to steinmeyer. well. we're waiting to hear live address coming to you from the high level panel at the cop twenty three the united nations climate change conference underway in the german city off bonn. we're expecting the german president from pastor steinmeyer to start his address to . delegates that is why we are here in. future generations are counting on us like to.
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let us know. distinguished delegates ladies and gentlemen i will plenary just but just before i do that i just want to tell you that the more the comes from the little. one of the best problems is in which in fiji. you're listening to the president. as well as the president off top twenty three this is fiji is chairing the summit but the summit is being hosted by germany he's about to start his address let's listen all. heads of states. and government excellencies ladies and gentleman. will of annika good and in a very good afternoon to you all. i feel
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a great sense of history in this room today as the first leader of a small island state to preside over a cup. this proceedings will emerge imagined in the late one nine hundred eighty s. when scientists working together and supported by the u.n. system created the intergovernmental panel on climate change whose work we still turn to for guidance the i.p.c.c. led to the world climate conference which in turn led to the negotiation of the mother grimm and the un framework convention on climate change adopted in rio de janeiro in one thousand nine hundred two in one thousand nine hundred seventy we achieved a landmark agreement with the kyoto protocol with this measurable reduction targets it is a dangerous and of
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a city of the dream and next month and is something worth the governessing today. after several cups with varying degrees of success. we had a study breakthrough almost two years ago with the paris agreement. a universal accord verified in record time so that it came to came into force at cop twenty two in medication last year. and now we are in bonn cop twenty three working on the implementation face of the pet is agreement. we all carry that has parts ability of wondering the work that has gone before us and to fulfill our duty to safeguard the interests of those really present today and in the generations to come. it is a grave responsibility and we must all live up to it and with two days to go before
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we wind up our deliberations and let's do so on time i appeal to you all to remain focused on a successful outcome so opportunity can take its place in the proud history of this agreement. excellences distinct is delegates the fijians presidency commitment to advancing what we have called a grand coalition is of course build on the work of many others that went before from limit to parish to medications the process has been opened up to a huge number of nonparty stakeholders and this thinkers and doers have become vital allies in the delivery of our mission we have a lot to be proud of today we have made progress on many negotiating terms with good decisions that need to be adopted i'm also pleased to report that we have come
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to an agreement on that this is an relating to great twenty twenty implementation and ambition. this provides a balance between the interests of states at different stages of development and keeps this process moving forward excellence is distinct is delegates fiji has been very proud to lead this process and bring our culture and values to bonn and these negotiations the modest period that has been read the bonds old the idea of talent on that is now framing our dialogue our performance singers dancers and musicians our people this is not just entertainment you know accident sees it is to remind the world that we are not simply negotiating words on a page we are at it presenting the interest of our people and the places they call
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home we are followed those who have paved the way to focus on the most vulnerable people and the most vulnerable nations we do this not to present our people as victims but emphasized that their interests are your interests we are bound by a common interest and reducing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere this is humanity's mission i've said all along that we are all in the same canoe and you've seen the outside. it's symbolic of the journey we must all make together so excellences these diggers delegates with two days to go let stay the course let's reach our destination. you never would think you're done question thank you just been listening to the top twenty president frank by
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name iran are he's also the prime minister of fiji at the frontline of climate change his message climate change is humanity's emission leverage and gentlemen it is now my pleasure to invite the sexual entity which the. general of the united nations to disciplinary. thank. excellences distinguished delegates ladies and gentlemen i sank prime minister by name and four is remarks and i want to congratulate you on the remarkable presidency of the cop twenty three my sincere gratitude for the excellent work that fiji the government of fiji and yourself prime minister of been doing and you are
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right we need more ambition we must go further and faster together it is fitting that the easiest conference is led by fiji a nation on the front lines last month i visited other small islands facing the impacts of a warming world and. and domenico the recurrence damage was beyond belief the catastrophic effects of climate change are upon us and the voice of smile and island states that are in the front line of the impacts of climate change must be the voice of a soul in the battles in the battle fields thank you when the frontline is decimated the whole army is lost and the same would happen to the planet with climate change. floods fires extreme storms and drought and
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growing in intensity and frequency and increasingly everywhere atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide i then they have been for eight hundred thousand years climate change is the defining sarette of our time our duty to each other and to fifty generations is to raise ambition we need to do more on five ambition action areas emissions adaptation finance partnerships and leadership first reducing emissions the latest u.n. environment program emissions crap get reports shows that current pledges will only deliver to serve what is needed to stay in the safety zones of the various agreements the global carbon project reported earlier this week that two thousand and seventeen will see the first increasing fuel to emissions in city ears and the
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window of opportunity to meet the to the grid target may close in twenty years or less and we may have only five years to bend the emissions curve towards one point five degrees we need at least a further twenty five percent cut emissions by twenty twenty yet there are also encouraging signs of progress for years many insisting that lowering emissions would stiffle growth and that the end of our there will cost of progress today that dogma is there that we are beginning to decouple emissions from economic growth massive economies such as china and india are on track to surpass their parents pledges carbon markets are growing at merging the green bond market is expanding and it is exclusion of all countries to follow through on their perry's commitments . the agreement itself carr calls for raising ambition and so i urge you to use
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the twenty twenty revision of the national contributions to close the twenty thirty emissions gap ladies and gentleman the say the second area for greater ambition is adaptation mitigation is essential but climate change is already upon ours and will only worsen in the short term it is essential that we adapt and that we stress and resilience the green climate fund can play a catalytic role on these and i appeal to its members especially donna nations to bring this mechanism fully to life it needs to be more elegant more effective and more user friendly i've also asked u.n. system to promote adaptation and resilience efforts at the country level i commanded twenty fifteen pledged by g seven nations to provide insurance against extreme weather events for four hundred million more vulnerable people by twenty twenty and i welcome the announcement here in bonn led by the government of germany
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to fast forward these ambition the insurance industry itself as long sounding the alarm about climate change the industry is keen to provide coverage for people at risk and it is pressing business and governments alike to figure climate shocks into their planning policies and operations i'll do everything to facilitate these efforts. ladies and gentleman third finance great ambition on emissions of that nation and resilience is inextricably linked to funding we need to mobilize the agree the landed billion dollars annually for the velour being countries upholding this problem is is essential for building confidence and trust it is crucial for enabling all countries but especially the most vulnerable to face inevitable crime impacts and to grow their economies cleanly. in addition markets
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can and must play a central role in financing a low carbon climate resilience future yet narcotics need to be reoriented away from the counterproductive and the short. in two thousand and sixteen n.s.t. made eight hundred twenty five billion dollars invested in fossil fuels and high emission sectors we must start making bets on an unsustainable future that will place savings and societies at risk. earlier this year a report by the organization for economic co-operation and development show that bringing together the growth and climate agenda school their one percent to average economic output in the g twenty countries by twenty twenty one and if we have the economic benefits of avoiding the devastation of climate change impacts gross domestic product in twenty fifty would soar by five percent what happens to
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infrastructure investment will be crucial the world should adopt the single rule if big infrastructure projects are not green they should not be given the green light otherwise we will be locked into better choices for decades to come investing in climate friendly development is where the smart money is needed and i welcome the initiative of president marc grown to convene the one planet summit next month to focus on financing i'll be working to scale up international financing in renewable and energy efficiency projects to reduce at least one jigger drawn or more of carbon emissions by twenty twenty. the formation of a clean energy investment coalition as proposed by that mark is an idea worth pursuing and we should also work with the great that is their relation to ours carbon pricing these is a key instrument for driving down green loused gas emissions more than half of the
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national determined contributions to the paris agreement cite the need for carbon pricing last year carbon pricing initiatives generated twenty two billion dollars growing carbon markets in europe and north america and china's expected announcement of one of the world's largest emission trading systems are a good sign but to meet the perrys goals we need that least fifty percent global coverage and a higher price on carbon to drive large scale climate action ired g twenty countries to set a strong example ladies and gentleman the force and vision action is in partnerships the dramatic steps we need require action coalitions across all key areas and by all actors partnership with the private sector and local and regional governments and civil society we will make our or break efforts to implement the perrys agreements in particular the only way to keep below to the greens in the
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schools as possible twenty five degrees is to mobilize the private sector to move on and netaji transformation with government incentives such as in clean energy and transport policies business can move the markets to promote the green economy we need we need to engage global technology giants the oil and gas sector and the automotive industry so their business plans are consistent with the parents goals and we need to engage the agriculture and forestry sectors to ensure climate friendly land use but we must engage all actors national regional and local governments philanthropies and investors and consumers in the transformation to a low emission economy. cities and civil society can and must play a crucial role in bringing about these fundamental shifts next year the governor of california and my special envoy michael bloomberg together we are now and. will
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bring together cities states businesses and citizens' groups to encourage further commitments from these vital actors and one can see action everywhere at all scales at all levels involving a neverwhere the landscape of vectors and institutions let us build on this momentum ladies and gentleman fifths we need the heights of political leadership solutions to climate change really label us to meet many of the goals of the twenty city agenda for sustainable development i encourage you to be bold on your deliberations and decisions. and that's home by embracing low carbon climate resilient policy making you can set the world on the right path and where you lead business and civil society will follow in september twenty nine thousand i will convene a climate summit to mobilize political and economic energy at the highest levels more immediately in these twenty seven versity year of the adoption of the kyoto
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protocol and the twenty fifth anniversary of the adoption of the climate change convention i call on all relevant nations that have europe not done it too ready for i the amendment i also call on world leaders to ratify and implement the kigali amendment to phase down the use of either a floor or car bombs which destroy yours on layers and i can see have no greater way to show your people that you care for the well being of your citizens than to claim the mantle of climate leadership. show courage in combating entrenched interests show wisdom in investing in the opportunities of the future and show compassion in caring what kind of world we build for our children as a former politician myself i have no doubt that in today's world this is the pass to progress today and the meaningful legacy for to morrow. excellence is ladies and gentlemen ultimately there is only one ambition that matters to be able to
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secure a world of peace prosperity dignity and opportunity for all people on unhealthy planet sustainable and inclusive development the world counts on your wisdom and foresight thank you very much thank you to spin this thing to and to hear the terrorists the u.n. secretary general talking on the urgent need to take action on climate change she described climate change in germany it is now my distinct pleasure to invite is excellent see the french will determine the president of the republic of germany so ted is describing times the change as a defining trait of our times a night about to listen to the german president thank you to steinmeyer thank. you general. and tonio prime minister.
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to discipline. general secretary. excellent. ladies and gentlemen. it's not a week ago that i came to. visit to the south pacific back to germany. one image has stuck with me since then. flying back then i worked out the window. of hundreds of small islands and this was much more impressive than mundane statistics it was a picture of grace. of. countless families and thousands of tradition and culture. but it was not only that it was also a picture of vulnerability and it was an image.
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pattern of islands in the white sea of me oceania i had to think. as foreign minister in fact the. discussions i had with percentages of the small demand. which i had in the margins of the general assembly those were discussions. have always been special and they have opened. this thread. and to the situation of those who are most at risk from climate change i'm pleased to see so many familiar faces from small island states today in this conference. and for all others the same as i'm delighted to be able to welcome you here today as president of the federal republic of germany to the twenty third climate change conference here in hong kong so welcome.
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ladies and gentlemen during this visit which i just talked about i was showing an. extraordinarily newspaper article in new zealand. it originated from the. ultimate times. fourteenth of august. i'd like to quote. from the paper on the combustion of coal we leases large quantities of coal. the planet is becoming increasingly isolated and this may lead to a rise in temperature. and as it is quoted in a few. hundred years this effect could develop considerable potential. ladies and gentlemen you may guess where this is leading this is statement now out of the
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fourteenth of august two thousand and seventeen. from two thousand and seven. from an edition of the fall of august and listen carefully twelve. more than one hundred years ago. this was a very clever young white house so the unholy contribution of mankind to climate change had not even picked up speed by the name. but just in one point this article. from two thousand nine hundred twelve was completely wrong and effects of climate change will not be felt in a few hundred years no on the contrary we know the dramatic situation and we feel its impact already today we feel it. we hike through
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mt alpine alpine valley that used to be covered by place years fifty years ago we notice when land is increasingly flooded and at the same time in the distant regions town disappear just swallowed up by desert sand and we feel it when the gulf stream in the atlantic grows weaker and at the same time. being cut off from the polar ice caps but it impacts most felt if environmental changes would use more severe weather events year by year and that this destroyed the homes of thousands of people when devastating drought and hunger drive people away from their homeland and when this is becoming
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increasingly. crisis and strife. i have no doubt that this dramatic and urgent situation calls on us to hurry up. and to act with resolve. ladies and gentleman i'm all the more pleased. about all of those who have been actively involved in these negotiations and i know that there are many well known nations who've taken the lead and also some of those who view climate action with reserves but until recently. in this scenario the fast growing economies. play an important role mr goh tara just mentioned they are among the largest emitters among those also the people's republic of china the point of departure may be different. and in many sectors china still
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has a long way to go but the most recent messages from peking about decoupling economic and environmental pollution these messages have been clearly. and this is really an encouraging sign that this is precisely the energy i'm looking for this is the momentum which should now become a part of the international negotiations here after. you know if we have to live with occasional setbacks on the other side then i can tell you you know international politics as holds true for the climate can be compared to a cumbersome tank in particular once he's picked up speed and made millions some of . whom. are leaving the helm today to take the dengate might want to join us
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again in a few years times and come back on board maybe those responsible in the state capitals in municipalities enterprises in civil society and its side. to achieve something remarkable in the meantime despite heavy wind from their own governments they may keep up their own commitment and stay and continue in the halls taken in paris one fact is clear the historic climate of two thousand and fifty must remain. and the path we've taken until now must remain reversible. and we all have the obligation now to act in more specific terms harris will only be a true breakthrough. if the agreements will be followed by
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i am convinced. i would joint action. has been developed to make sure different rules and feeling is a model we have to devise constructive threat. within the framework of the united nations. i'm aware there are recurrent second acts and there are disappointments so the negotiations of copenhagen and many of you recall bitter moments of doubt. but now when individual players vilify multilateral coalition others have to make our voices heard more clearly for our rule based international structure for its institutions and in favor of the united nations. miles stones we've
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passed up recent years. few of us right. now ok how is it women sustainable development. agenda joy thousand and thirteen and have a low. at the many thousand tiny success stories the measures taken in cities and municipalities have taken on speed in the way of decision getting off the ground and setting the. because now they range from solar panels replacing diesel generators and caressing cookers. to fully electric public transport in industrial smog which in situ news. stories and the occasional disappointments along the past are worth the effort. and even beyond individual agreements. treaties this multilateral
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structure is in distant indispensable for a peaceful and prosperous future this who're provision is a strong hold against global concepts which are governed by the law of the strongest political arbitrary behavior and unchecked world markets which shape the destiny of mankind ladies and gentlemen what is important for the economically weak countries and small island states is the problem when they are the least they have at least contributed to climate change. but they other ones we have to fear for the homeland and they are the ones who do not yet participate in the world so i just realized the country and for this reason they often have to suffer in particular from natural disasters drugs and last harvests and
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they are also those whose voice is often not being heard in the international arena even though they need our solidarity in particular small vulnerable states. just the ones we owe the success of this conference to climate action is an issue of global justice. and this issue of global justice for some of them is has become an issue not for some time in the future but it's an issue for now this is clearly shown by the beauty and the many. who have become more uninhabitable after the hurricane years their culture and tradition have vanished island state says these don't have the time and it's not enough
3:24 pm
to speak about this situation we have to act on specific terms we have to help them to help themselves we have to act good. it's a good thing. that. the president makes music voices being heard. because it is a country which is also suffering from the impacts of climate change and very. therefore my fractures and my appreciation go to the government of fiji and i should also like to thank you personally for your commitment. prime minister by numerous thank you very very much on behalf of all participants to the conference. ladies and gentleman. at the end of my spiritual allow me to make
3:25 pm
a remark from the german perspectives about these negotiations you are preparing to watch. referred to as the transformative shift in the world economy. in our country we have been engaged in this transformation for some years it's our event our energy transitions i mentioning this for two reasons on the one hand we see an increasing number of intrapreneur ingenuity and some arctic knology in germany which help us. to reconcile economy and ecology in a positive way on the other hand listening to public debate i also know that there is. increasing consensus in favor of economic sustainable economic presses practice is curable preservation of what has been handed to
3:26 pm
creation and for effective environment and climate policies. luckily germany is not alone in this but many of the countries report sent to us here have come on board with us and i'm sure that others will join us and i hope that i have been able to give you some korean issue so at the end of this conference not only for the negotiations still ahead of us versus here but also for the tasks we have to complement accomplish at home every one of us is responsible for the future of our planet here. in this conference room. so. you to the final round of negotiations you have a special responsibility. for this i hope in our common interest i wish you the conference personally the best of success thank you very much
3:27 pm
thank you. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin you just heard the german president from five to steinmeyer address copper twenty three part of our live coverage of the united nations climate conference which is underway in the german city of bonn. before that we heard. the secretary general of the united nations and the proceedings were started by frank by name by ron markey is the president of cop twenty three and the prime minister off three g. listening to the three of them is my colleague christopher springeth he joins me from top twenty three i've just given up before the three leaders actually made their address there a young boy from fiji took to the stage tell us what he said. well
3:28 pm
that was quite a moving moment and very typical of this fijian president see of this. climate conference here in bonn bringing to it what the prime minister called the spirit means well come in fijian and as i say quite a moving address by that boy from a small island in the fijian archipelago. making all sorts of very valid points particularly saying that climate change is here to stay until we do something about it. and it was just symbolic also. he was a representative of the young generation who will be paying the price for the impact of climate change if we adults don't pull our socks up and get our act together let me just bring in this point let's weisz are the team leader for international
3:29 pm
climate policy at german watch the german think tank let's just wanted to get some feedback from you on those speeches we just heard the german president. frank talking about global justice talking like that young fijian boy about small vulnerable states who are paying the price of click climate change although they haven't really. contributed much to what is causing climate change the emissions how do you think the bawn climate conference this climate conference what sort of progress is this conference making on addressing issues of global justice. well i think both of the speeches we just saw the u.n. secretary general and the president of germany they did exactly what would be expected of them they reminded us all of the planetary urgency we're facing with the global climate crisis and of the fact that it hits the poorest and most vulnerable countries the hardest for example and i think that's what this
3:30 pm
conference and one does with the presidency of the fiji islands it puts the spotlight on on the small island states and of you know small or at least developed countries in africa for instance that have contributed very little to the problem so a conference like this where we're trying to set up the rules about implementing the paris agreement is about these these small countries and we've made some progress towards elaborating those rules but if i tried to put myself in the shoes of someone from such a country i would say the progress here has been to slow. ok obviously it is a technical climate conference writing the rule book that interprets the and implements the twenty fifteen paris agreement i'd like to address the issue of finance which is something that the u.n. secretary general. talked about he said that pledges from the rich nations basically the pledges they have already made for the climate
3:31 pm
adaptation fund the one hundred billion. us dollars per year from the year twenty twenty until the year twenty twenty five he was saying that. bringing that those pledges to life would build confidence in trust what progress is on a go sheet is making on that what are you hearing all there's two parts to that question one is the adaptation fund which is a relatively small fund but one that's crucially important for the most vulnerable countries and that's specifically set up to support adaptation projects in poor countries that are is targeted at the most vulnerable population groups. that fund needs a future and that's a topic under negotiation. because it was part of the kyoto protocol now that we have the paris accumulate needs to transition from one international legal instrument to a new home and negotiators have to figure out the technical details of how to achieve that and they've made some progress on that issue and i think actually that's an area where in the next two days we could even see a breakthrough here that would sort of ensure this future for that fund the fund
3:32 pm
also needs money already pledged fifty million towards it on the first day of the conference the fund came here with a fund raising goal of eighty million at least that it thinks it would need for peroration is next year and to support the most vulnerable so other rich countries have to step up now and provide more money which other countries are you expecting to step up a number of european countries have in the past given money to the adaptation fund such as sweden for instance and and of course we would hope today with the ministers arriving and giving their speeches that we would see further pledges i want to talk of the second part of the question as well one hundred billion question one hundred billion per year by two thousand and twenty. developed countries have presented a road map last year on how they intend to achieve that there are a lot of questions on that road map whether that accounting is accurate what we do know that the us has made clear that they will not contribute as we expected them so this will need revision and more discussion and that's been brought up here but
3:33 pm
not resolved so that's an issue that will keep discussing next year i think. and. beyond that of course this environment summit this. climate change summit is the first one since the american since donald trump announced that the u.s. would be withdrawing from the paris agreement so everybody's looking for a refresh commitment to the paris agreement is that the kind of thing your seeing in the corridors here you're hearing in the corridors do you expect the world to refresh that commitment to the paris agreement well i think that's what we have seen that the spirit and the word should that what the fijian presence he called to tell no a spirit which is the spirit of open dialogue trying to get there to solve a common problem we see that in many parts of these negotiations where negotiators have really tried to solve the technical tasks that they have to solve in sort of a pragmatic forward looking goal oriented fashion. but these are political
3:34 pm
negotiations with political differences where developed countries are asked to live up to their commitments to their legal and moral responsibilities pledging additional money reducing their missions and lacking behind so i mean it's not been a smooth ride on all issues there's been fights and so on but i think that that doesn't undermine the basic message that i think every country years trying to send which is we're fully committed to paris agreement and to its implementation we need to figure out these rules and we'll work on that ok looks from german watch thank you very much for now back to you in berlin emerita crystal before i let you go i just want your impression you mean there for a few days there's still a couple of days left of discussions what is the more they abbate optimistic that enough momentum has been better or is there a sense of frustration that so much more still needs to be done. no i think people here are realistic as i just mentioned a moment ago the bomb this bomb climate summit is
3:35 pm
a technical one you know we're not current we're not expecting any huge headline grabbing agreements like we had in paris with the twenty fifteen paris agreement this. climate summit is about writing the rule book for that interprets the paris agreement if you think of the parents' agreement as a constitution it now needs interpretation making it possible to be implemented so what i'm hearing from negotiators here specifically from the german camp is that good progress has been made on that rule book there is actually a draft on the table and. that drop that that is except essentially what the bonn summit is about getting that draft on the table some of it is very long i know for instance that the chapter on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is still one hundred eighty pages long so there is still work to be done but there's been good progress on that where where progress still where we're still
3:36 pm
looking for commitments and that's where there is a little bit of frustration that is to basically for rich nations to refresh their pledges to. donate funds to smaller nations that are suffering from climate change that's what a lot of delegates here especially of course from the poor nations are looking for and haven't seen yet exactly and of course a lot of commitment to do a risk to climate change given that you have about twenty of housen delegates there and representing more than a hundred and ninety nations just of us being good at twenty three thank you very much for your excellent doing excellent reporting today and in the days five thank you very much. ok let's take you to our other main story is zimbabwe which is in the grip of political turmoil after the army took to the capital's streets seize control of parliament and state television president robert mugabe has still in neighboring south africa that he is under house arrest but unharmed now the army
3:37 pm
says this is not a takeover but a corrective measure the military intervention comes amid a power struggle to succeed ninety three year old robert mugabe the soldiers took over a national television station to say it wasn't a coup to both our people and we will be your own borders we wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military or of. what this would fence force used to doing is to pacify a degenerate impolitic all social and economic situation in our country which if not addressed made it in your own it. but with tanks and military vehicles blocking off parliament and government buildings in the capital harare it sure looked like a coup. the fate of president robert mugabe and his wife grace is unclear but they
3:38 pm
appear to be in the custody of the military who said the family was safe the military intervention comes out to months of power wrangling about who will succeed ninety three year old mugabe he has ruled the country since one thousand nine hundred ninety but. last week mugabe fired vice president. he was widely viewed as the heir apparent and backed by some of the country's most powerful generals that sacking seem to clear the path among these wife grace to be next in line some welcome the military for now seemingly stopping her. says that development in the politics of our country in this fight is allowing the military to fight sports and but i think it's also a sign over the lift or zimbabweans because from the looks of things. listed there's been a stop to the family dinners the agenda that was being propagated by bye bye bye
3:39 pm
bye obama happy and his wife with zimbabwe's economy collapsing for some in harare the focus remains on getting by. drug this situation all we hope for is peace we don't want to be disturbed in our daily work we want to survive but when the culture of. frustration has been growing in zimbabwe it used to be wealthy but thirty seven years of mugabe have left the economy in tatters and the question of who will take over to try to repair it has now been blown wide open. let's go live to harare and we're joined by tendai biti is a constitutional lawyer and a former finance minister in a government of national unity and he's long been very active in the z. bomb be an opposition or welcome to you to what's going on in zimbabwe is what we're seeing a military coup if. it's like it died when it was make it dark and fluffs like a duck it's
3:40 pm
a duck so this is a cool but i think the lead boat is not important something you have to give you know political discourse the the the extent of the amount of pull crises facing our country we have many men have had to buy prison mugabi he's willing patsy and of course his wife demanded that something get it to give so what is important what is it in the right now is understandable to protect the consumption of zimbabwe to protect our democracy cannot at midday says the president joe biden mugabe and his family i'm safe custody but i've been reports coming from south africa the president jacob zuma says that riad mugabe is under house arrest what information do you have with his phone there's no question that ca the exit conceive is existed. on monday. the
3:41 pm
twelfth of november. is not in control i've just come from the i could use about the end of the i could visit but as they accept down completely and that's more peaceful road is blocked by an attack against so that's why i see this man twist i want labels it is what it's in extra legal activity i get is that since executive and that's. something that we need to consult which is what is the waiting for and the way forward to have to. make an easy one in that. becomes easy to not only. to craft a program in the. military so that it doesn't even occur and in this regards it will move.
3:42 pm
it all of the route of the u.n. security council. thank you tendai biti a leading figure in the zimbabwe opposition thank you very much for talking to us and d.-w. . turning now to australia where more than sixty percent of people have given their support to same sex marriage in a non vining post to the poll on the issue for under five registered voters cast a ballot on the issue the government says it will make same sex unions legal by the end of the campaign a celebrate the result across the country. she is of jubilation in australia. and some spontaneous proposals as it's announced that the majority destroyed voted for gay and lesbian people to be able to marry. today means everything to hear that a strike is the sixty one percent of the o.g.t.t.
3:43 pm
. we're just going to love and we're just so thrilled and happy thank you it's right thank you so much yeah. in mice and so high as thousands gathered in parks around the country to celebrate the results of the national postal service. it marks a watershed moment for gay rights in australia where it was illegal in some states to engage in homosexual activity up until nine hundred ninety seven yeah it's been a really special moment it's and it's a similar with my mom and i think. it's the point in our history the way of saying . we've got resoundingly for a better. country and that is so special. the voice is nonbinding been destroyed his prime minister malcolm turnbull said parliament would now legislation on the bill. i voted yes for a commitment i voted yes for love and now it is up to us here in the parliament of
3:44 pm
a strike to get on with it. get on with the job the people of task is to do and get this done this year before christmas. if the bill passes muster and it would be the twenty sixth country in a bone to legalize same sex marriage. and the second look at a map of the want to see where same sex marriage is already been legalized if a bill does pass the australian parliament the country will be added to this got the full. obviously a lot of people have been talking about this. still vote on social media and also should media desk has been tracking that joining us from a social media desk is my day a colleague jarrad reid welcome jared what have your fellow straight lines been posting on this issue well i'm reason we've seen love is in the air in a strat yesterday and before the results of the survey were announced there was
3:45 pm
a lot of trepidation people were very nervous but also very excited and that's you know. people are now very relieved that they've got what they wanted the social media has been filled with tears hugs marriage proposals and people and families coming together to celebrate for queerest rally and it's a moment of massive pride to know that hopefully very soon they'll have the freedom to marry it's also important to remember the older australians who pushed for this like this woman here yvonne gardner who's seventy five she told the i've been the guardian rather i've been fighting for this for fifty years and that's so important to remember these older australians who've been pushing for this for decades they've lived through times when being gay was illegal when they had fees for their physical safety for their employment and for more vulnerable members of the community like the trans community this is so historic and it's very important for them as well then for john abbott to destroy it for a few years and i realise it's
3:46 pm
a very divisive. issue about forty percent of the people voted no on this a referendum still everyone is celebrating i take it that's right and there was a there was a very big campaign and primarily day biggest argument was that legislating same sex marriage would have consequences for freedom of speech and for what children would be taught in schools about gender and about marriage but obviously astray and by and large have overwhelmingly rejected that argument but the people who have campaigned for the naivite have said that they will respect the results of the survey but and certain conditions and one of those groups is called the australian coalition for marriage they've put out a statement on facebook calling on parliament to ensure that any same sex marriage law ensures that proper protections for parental rights freedom of speech and beliefs are in place and so now we move on to the next battle what exactly will same sex marriage in australia look like all that's really needed is
3:47 pm
a slight tweak to the existing law that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman but there are conservative politicians who are pushing for religious exemptions to to whatever bill will be put forward and so it's going to be really interesting to see what form it will take and when it will happen the prime minister wants it to happen by christmas that's right and that is of course i mean how do you think this referendum result will affect gays and lesbians in australia and how do you feel about this plus the need well i am and i'm gay i haven't lived in australia for five years and probably because of that it feels like australia has lagged behind the rest of the world a bit on this issue and many people have been very upset that they have been subjected to this divisive yes campaign and that's summed up pretty well here by this tweet by a woman named rachel newman she tweeted my love is beautiful my marriage is sacred my family is perfect i didn't need a postal vote to tell me that people are quite real. leaved that we've gotten this
3:48 pm
far for me personally i'm now thirty four i grew up in western australia and w. where you had the third highest of yes so i think that's for me personally it's hugely important i couldn't couldn't have imagined twenty years ago as a teenager that there would be this much acceptance so i think it's really great from a social media does thank you very much for bringing this story to us as well as sharing your personal views on it thank you very much you're watching the news let's articulate at some other stories making news around the world lawmakers in russia's lower house of parliament have passed measures that would force some international media companies to register as foreign agents the move comes after u.s. pressure on russia state funded r.t. channel to do the same american intelligence has alleged r.t. was used to meddle in the two thousand and sixteen election russia denies these allegations. iran's state
3:49 pm
a media has said the death toll from sunday's earthquake on the country's border with iraq has exceeded five hundred thirty it was iran's deadliest quake in a more than a decade more than thirty thousand homes were damaged and survivors say it was slow to reach them. and here's one for the record books the largest diamond ever has sold for nearly thirty four million dollars one hundred sixty three carat flawless emerald cut gem seen here suspended from her jewel encrusted necklace went out of the have in geneva at the christie's auction house it was sold to a telephone buyer who wished to remain anonymous. mouthwatering stuff no money goes there from our business and finally a fantastic deal for us at the dubai airshow monica exactly almost the same league as this diamond airbus might be in trouble selling the a three eighty but the
3:50 pm
european plane manufacturer is doing well with smaller models at the dubai asho the company has struck its biggest deal ever negotiated u.s. investor indigo partners is purchasing four hundred thirty a three twenty neo single aisle planes for almost fifty billion u.s. dollars the deal gives us the upper hand in its order war with boeing for indigo partners the airbus deal would provide them with upgraded single aisle jet liners for their fleets of ultra low cost carriers across north and south america as well as europe now of janelle in the frankfurt finally finally a nice back to deal for airbus there do you think that that can paint over the disappointment so far of the dubai a show. well as you said the fact that it's the biggest deal they've ever struck that certainly helps and investors seem to think so as well we've seen the share price up by more than two percent and just to put to scale just how big of
3:51 pm
a deal this is four hundred thirty planes that doesn't that doesn't just constitute an entire fleet but having four hundred thirty planes would put you in the top ten biggest carriers of the world now these planes of course aren't just going to go to a single carrier which is air and frontier airlines are among the recipients but the deal is also allowing airbus to catch up to boeing which and now it's its own fifteen billion dollars deal with emirates ahead of us just generally though as you pointed out there airbus has been losing out to boeing in terms of the battle of the order books the standing tally before the airshow was about three hundred forty three for airbus and six hundred ninety four boeing as of november seven but if all the deals agreed at the dubai airshow come through well then we'll be seeing about race get so much tighter ok but of course it still doesn't make life easier for us flagship ship a three eighty just briefly do you think that there is any positive surprise for that particular super jumbo it seems to not have
3:52 pm
gotten that much traction actually at the dubai airshow but there's still some time left and you know certainly this is what air of us will be hoping for ok then i do my loan as very optimistic there for us i have something else i would like to discuss with you should just don't go anywhere for four right now. no because more trouble for folks of german authorities raided the offices of several senior officials at the scandal plagued automaker and this time in connection with a cushy salary paid works council chief investigators searched the offices of at least two top executives the raid was related to an investigation into the income of works council chief alston or the chief work is representative of the company and as much as seven hundred fifty thousand euros prosecutors say that could amount to an illegal waste of corporate funds and a form of tax evasion all right for more on that let's cross over to. our financial
3:53 pm
correspondent in frankfurt mail so how is fox one holding up amid to this latest turmoil well it share price isn't holding up at all we've seen a decline of one percent on this news and now that drop could have possibly be even deeper if if the news was actually a surprise now prosecutors had already said as early as in may that they were looking into potential irregularities when it came to the compensation given out to the works council but has been quite vigorous and its defense saying that it hasn't broken any regulations but so investors don't seem to be cheered by this defense and quite personally i find it surprising that investors are still shaken up by bad headlines coming out of fox firing but i guess it is their prerogative reminder that the diesel gate scandal has altered in an era of scrutiny for the company and i do my loan thank you so much. all right time to talk about the beautiful game
3:54 pm
that's right you can only mean football that's what i call it football of course soccer to solve a few and the two favorites for next year's world cup are germany and france met in the german city of cologne on tuesday night it was a final international test in two thousand and seventeen for both high profile teams. the friendly against france was coached yohimbe lives last test in twenty seventeen and both teams came out lively after half an hour and the marcial dance around nicklaus and played in alexandra like is that. an easy tap into good friend so one no lady. after the break it was turn to produce a bit of magic then taking advantage. finishing with aplomb through the capers legs fifteen minutes later france were back in front like his sats once again put through and go. to one to france. pace of purposes providing the strikers
3:55 pm
second on the knot but germany snatched a draw at the death last in to make it two two with defense splitting pass decisive . a satisfactory end to twenty seventeen for both coaches. and more football in denmark booked their world cup ticket with a dominant display against ireland on tuesday evening defeating the hosts five one island took the lead through shane duffy early on but the danes bounced back in style nine of the match christian eriksen grabbed three goals dashing irish hopes of staging a comeback. you're watching the news here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you. while leaders and heads of states have joined un climate talks in bonn the talks are aimed at moving forward
3:56 pm
the two thousand and fifteen paris accord which commits countries to limiting global warming to under two degrees the need is a hoping to resolve outstanding issues such as finance by the end of the meeting on friday. and zimbabwe's army has seize control of the state of georgia constant deployed tanks on the streets of the capital harare is denied it's leading a coup against the ailing leader robert mugabe as a power struggle over his succession wesson's. that's it for me under thought she might sarah harman is standing mushing have the news for you in a couple of minutes just david d.w. .
3:57 pm
he takes it personally with wonderful people winston. agrees that makes the game so special i do it. for all the true fans followed by
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a. kick off while. our interactive four. d. w. . will miss the something nice when i ask him to daughters or dealing with anyone at that and they killed many civilians with him in the us coming including my father why the things that i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became elish kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there you know. they're with us our innovations magazine for asia.
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every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. to buy your tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily life she writes a lot from the last thing on the. visible
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hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d. double. the state of the news coming to live from orlando a stark warning at the u.n. climate conference in vaughan u.s. secretary general antonio test says the world might have only farai liras to take the measures needed to meet global warming targets.


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