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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2017 3:00am-3:15am CET

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yes and demotions. no because each and every weekend on d w. this is e w news live from berlin sky high political stakes in the berlin tonight the next few hours could decide whether on love america remains chancellor of germany the talks to form a new coalition government have bogged down we're tracking the very latest. also coming up will his exit be dignified new pictures are published of zimbabwe's
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robert mugabe after a meeting with the military so what have they decided. is so. a five hundred year old masterpiece by leonardo da vinci becomes the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction so who bought this incredible painting. i'm sorry so much going to thank you for joining us a decisive moment could be at hand here in germany the political parties involved in talks to form the next coalition government have been wrangling all day and night and there is still no agreement failure could mean new elections chance on american express confidence there could be a deal tonight but serious differences remain we'll get the latest from our correspondents all in the talks in a moment but first this report. night has fallen in berlin but
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for the negotiators here there's still a lot of work to do before they can sign this document a sixty one page draft agreement for exploratory talks they must resolve points of contention like migration climate and transport policy then that's killing if we succeed and in this time of great polarization we can accomplish something was really important for our country namely that you know all of us from very very very different positions and never the less able to work together for the people of this country. a major political statement and an appeal to the four parties to overcome their differences compromise is the word of the day or it's i'm talking. today is a day when we can impression people with courage and energy and you solutions. that should also motivate all four parties today to come to the table in the spirit
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of problem solving and not in the spirit of saving face. because it's. easier said than done for for weeks now the negotiators have been searching for a consensus well each party sticks to its guns this means that we have to fight for the things that are important climate change a humanitarian assign a policy and an orderly right to asylum the greens top priority is reuniting refugee families who hold limited protected status the same policy is an absolute no go for the c.s.u. . we had this limited protected status as a special status in germany and now we feel it's simply unsustainable we still have high numbers of refugees coming in so continuing this program is not possible. negotiators have until early morning to reach the necessary compromises. and all of our salad days out following those talks for us there in berlin tonight
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high all over what exactly has been the sticking point here. well there's a number of very contentious issues on the table one of the most contentious ones is migration and the big holdout it seems is the bavarian see as you pause that has very different stances on this migration policies that need to be discussed here tonight it's quite a roller coaster ride as well the negotiations were interrupted they then continued we're not getting a lot of information at this point from outside this building behind me where the negotiations are taking place but that is generally a good sign because the negotiations are under way in the negotiators are back on the big table just a little while ago one of them one of the negotiators stepped out and we were able to speak to him he didn't want to of course give us too much information but he emphasized how dramatic the situation here really is by saying that they either
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find agreements here tonight or in his opinion they will not find an agreement at all because simply the political philosophies of the involved parties are two different so through that one step further all over if they don't find an agreement what happens. well if you do the math then there would be theoretically just one other option possible and that would involve the social democrats and going back so to say to a grand coalition but since they have ruled out doing so in cooperating with the conservative c.d.u. then there would only be two options left and one of them is a minority government led by the strongest party which is on the americal c.d.u. a very unlikely and unpopular scenario because this government will be doomed unstable and for his tory greiss i'm going to america will try to avoid this by all means and then there would be only one possibility left in these this is snap
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elections and also very unpopular because if you look at the latest polls then the far right if the party might become the stronger or even stronger than before and the c.d.u. could be weakened further and that would mean an end to. the presidency of her party and all this will avoid being basically her becoming chancellor for a first term so all of our a lot at stake there how tense is the atmosphere just briefly well if you can imagine that it is quite a tense atmosphere we've heard a lot of tough tone here in the debate in recent days and but the negotiators are very well aware of what's at stake and it will be interesting to see how the compromises here are going to look like if there are any at all he'd have to use oliver salat reporting for us thank you all ever. now moving on to some other
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news lebanon's former prime minister saad hariri has accepted an invitation to travel from saudi arabia to paris president i know i'm a call had invited to harry reid to stay for of the new days but his exact arrival date has not yet been announced lebannon had accused saudi arabia of holding hari hostage following his shock resignation earlier this month saudi arabia has denied the allegations and says hariri is free to travel to paris at any time. now to some other stories making headlines around the world russia has vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to extend the probe of chemical weapons attacks in syria the mandate for the inquiry expired at midnight on thursday the un has blamed the assad regime for using the nerve gas sarin in attacks in the past in the us the republican controlled house of representatives has passed a broad package of tax cuts with
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a vote of two hundred twenty seven to two hundred five the proposed overhaul of the tax system as a major policy goal of the trump administration it will need to pass the u.s. senate before it can be implemented and in barcelona thousands of people have protested against the police for detaining two leaders of colonias pro independence movement the demonstrators held candles and formed the shape of a ribbon which in many separatist where is a symbol of solidarity that you men are being investigated for their roles in pro independence protests in october there are new photos tonight of zimbabwe's president robert mugabe the first since tuesday night's military takeover the images show mugabe holding talks with the military there is also a delegation from south africa including jacob zuma who says the political situation will become clear very shortly the opposition has called on mugabe to quit but reports from harare say he is refusing to stand. these
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images show robert mugabe meeting zimbabwe's army chief and two south african envoys brought in to mediate at his official residence in herat it reports claimed the long term president is refusing to step down but mugabe is under pressure to resign zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai said the president in power since one nine hundred eighty should go quietly in the interest of the country and elections should be called. emphasizing transitional mechanisms. and. since the nature and character of that mechanism be agreed upon by old nationalistic would. be the reforms through free and a fair and credible election to be heard. rumors have been flying about whether mugabe's wife grace is with him or whether she managed to flee the country before
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the military action on wednesday. grace's ambitions to succeed her husband are said to be behind the current turmoil last week mugabe sacked his vice president the army potentially saw this as paving the way for grace to take over the military's actions though have put a stop to her hopes for now the second vice president emerson or non-god why is tipped to head a transitional government backed by the military an option the african union said it wouldn't support it remains to be seen whether robert mugabe can hold on to his tight grip on power. now an anonymous buyer has spent a record on a work by the renaissance painter and leonardo da vinci it is an astounding price for a painting once thought to be by one of the students previously of the work had changed hands for just a few thousand dollars but at christie's in new york it was a different story. thoroughly ladies and gentlemen we move to dick cheney the
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subject of modern day the masterpiece fallen out of christ the savior previous in the collections of three kings of england savior of the world poor traits of jesus christ one of fewer than twenty paintings known to exist by their own a son's master ninety minute looking for ninety five in house christie said the pre-sale estimate at one hundred million dollars but that was soon exceeded ninety five and i gave one third over it why not instead i have it one hundred ten million go give me one twenty the beating via phone just getting going on ninety has been you heard it you place your place with francois in a fifth place that one hundred ninety four leonardo at one hundred ninety million give me two hundred one ninety s. bit two hundred million is fish that you are good million two hundred million just how high could he go at two hundred eighty million dollars so we're all down
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maybe not. don't take a photograph quite the next milestone three hundred but you give it to ninety six. i thought so the three hundred million. and even though it's was in the top. three hundred seventy million back to france was plus three hundred and seventy million dollars instead of alone for long time it is. an auto salvage some of the selling here i christie's four hundred million dollars is the bit the piece is sold. with an extra fifty million commission for christie's the total price tag four hundred fifty million dollars the buyer has so far remained anonymous so we don't know if the public will ever get a chance to see the work again. just for its now this weekend's
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bundesliga action once door dominant to dortmund will be hoping to get back to winning ways when they placed a card on friday night dortmund have slipped down the table after a poor run of results and to top it off and said on thursday that their star player emerick obama obama young has been suspended from the squad for disciplinary reasons. go get her peer in obama young is out don't many gave no further details on why he has been disciplined and dropped from the squad obama young was hoping to end his goal drought in the game against stuttgart the striker has been miscreant's lot lately no goals in his last five outings peter boss has been under pressure due to dortmund sudden decline from the top of the table to third their last win in the league came back in september. on the ice that money could enter and if you don't you know if you don't win they'll be expression and interest if you want to call out opposing wins then yes we feel the breeze that's
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for sure. and over the last three weeks the winds change quickly in the post office after the last international break the first match against leipzig and that's when it began as well and we definitely fails. that's not for me that's the challenge so once again turn it around in d.c. . i'm sure we'll manage does mean the show friday night could be perfect timing for dortmund to turn it around history is on their side the black and yellow won the last five matches in stuttgart but stuttgart is not a cakewalk especially when playing at home this season so far they're undefeated. dortmund along the road fire power a league high twelve goal. against the league's best home defense is a stage set for three men. and just one more item from tennis roger federer
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made it three wins out of three at the season ending a.t.p. finals in london federer took on merit in a rerun of the summer wimbledon final once again federer came out of the swiss came from a sat down to win six seven six four six one federer will play either to team or doesn't go far in the semifinal on saturday. thanks for watching he does. your children like chocolate.


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