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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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have been so before coming out for eleven months that's the longest of i've been away from a drink. and i'm with my mums in front of his face most. i thought back oh what's wrong come right back to square one to help me. i did my mum oh. god yeah i mean. there is a push to have a secondary gate to keep these ten to twenty homes completely separate from the rest of the homes that are already completely separate. i think it's a status thing more than a fear thing there's already a guy at the gate house of them with
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a gun. but you tell me. you know you know me to. be honest i'd rather live in florida. one of my next motivating factors is going to be the fact that i do want to eventually move to florida and have a second home. how will i lose grist i might be living under a bridge next week you know but. at least that i've tried. and i want it back to be a millionaire or anything like that and about one big house they've got about fifty a bit of wrongs you know i have all my families with me you know i would love that
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. i would love that. done. by myself somebody who. has walked away sometimes i wish i could say the cause of it wrong or spectrum i think of a dinner at night i don't want much of a life i just wish. it wasn't that easy. most likely i'll end up back here. but it won't be because i walked into a school and shot up a whole bunch of children or rape somebody or anything like that get of me because i probably got caught stealing a loaf of bread get a life sentence for. the way back.
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in the day w. that i may speak your language does it not. for content in dari pashto and order. specs for returning our with special refugee journeys like germany and the prospects for those returning home. to join the discussion along t.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. d.w. made for mine. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. or tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily life human rights are often. the lasting moment when minds
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. invisible hands live in the twenty first century starting december second phone t w.
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this is deja vu news live from her lead and all nighter in the german capital and the country is still no closer to a new government chasseur all of ackles conservatives holding talks into the early hours with possible partners how those discussions are set to resume around noontime we'll go to our correspondents covering them also coming up. the latest photos of robert mugabe it is the first time he's been seen since the generals took power in zimbabwe there are reports the ninety three year old president is refusing to step down to make way for a new leader. i'm also have the story of a refugee who's run from war not once but twice meet the syrian who fled worn is own country and found safety initially in ukraine only to flee again after fighting broke out there. and un climate talks in bonn draws to
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a close the target is an action. and to cut c o two emissions as outlined in the paris agreement we'll see what the delegates have come up with. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show can germany put together a new government while talks of between all americans conservatives the free democrats and the greens to do so went on into the early hours of this morning but disagreements over key policy saw them miss a deadline to thrash out a deal if they do not come up with one germany could be facing new elections. after a long night long faces chancellor angela merkel needed to strike a deal but after more than twelve hours of talks her conservative c.d.u. its sister party to c.s.u. the f.d.p. and the greens failed to agree their major sticking points the same as before
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migration climate change and transport policy earlier in the day merkel had been hopeful they could move forward into substantial negotiation. then that's killing if we succeed in this time of great polarization we can accomplish something with a really important country namely that in one of us from very very very different positions and never the less able to work together for the people of this country. the long night began with this document but the politicians failed to turn it into a deal. america's negotiators have been hunting for an agreement for a month now but the party said stuck to a number of key principles for the greens their top priority is reuniting refugee families who hold limited protected status but the c.s.u. says no. we had this limited special status in germany and now it's simply unsustainable we still have high numbers of refugees coming in so continuing this
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program is not possible as the. negotiations on all fronts will resume later today well with those talks set to pick up in about five hours let's bring in our political correspondent richard feed of all rupert what issues need to be resolved today for these talks to move forward our report indicates migration is at the top of the list absolutely brian migration is the one sticking point that has overshadowed other issues during that night some of the party officials said that many of the other issues didn't even get weren't even talked about migration overshadowed everything and as we already heard in the report of the problem with the fam is especially a problem with the family reunion issue all parties have added some red lines to this issue and that makes it so difficult the greens for instance they say family
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reunion for refugee is a human right and we needed for all refugees while the very conservative sees your party says no well we don't want to have a family reunion whatsoever and we even want to introduce a maximum number of people coming into germany and this of course a family reunion reunion would contradict this but contradict this ok now there are plenty of red lines out there right now there is also some optimism let's listen in to what the three democrat leader christiane lydon are out to say. we have differences of opinion. especially on the issues of immigration and finance . so we joins we decided. that we should use the next few days to overcome the differences we still have. and so he's still one historical project like this and an alliance between the f.t.p. the conservatives and the greens shouldn't fail because we need
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a few more hours and shaitan and get the deadlines and been pushed forward now is there the political will to work together between the negotiating parties well at least this is what they are saying as we have to sort chris and didn't know if the free democrats there but what we have also heard from the negotiations is that there is very little to compromise we have heard this for for instance the issue of climate protection and energy here again it's the green party that say we need to and the use of lignite power with the burning of coal for instance to make to create electricity while the c.d.u. the seas you and the field democrats said no we need this industry we need lignite so that we. so that we are not that store that we don't have to import electricity from the outside and they are not willing to get together there and this is the same with several other issues so they are saying publicly yes we need to
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compromise but in the negotiations they do something different now if these talks break death that could well mean germany is headed for new elections are voters ready for that. absolutely no. germans are not really used to get back to get been called back to the polls after such short after such a short time they're not even used to see such a long time of bargaining to form a coalition government so this is a very unknown territory for many germans and we also know that if a snap election would be what would happen that none of these four parties would benefit from it to the only party that would benefit would be the far right populist party a of d. that made it into parliament first time on the twenty fourth of the twenty fourth of september so in the end this means that all four parties which are now negotiating about the jamaica coalition as it call as it's called here they all
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know that they are doomed to to be successful and to reach an agreement ok report as you mentioned this is a highly unusual situation these negotiations taking so very long what does this mean for chancellor allah machall of all this is of course nothing that is strengthening her and sort of sort of where we have seen this already on the climate summit in bond this week where she was about to hold a speech she is considered to be the climate chancellor she has been dubbed climate chancellor not only in germany but also internationally and. and she went to the holt g.g. bridge it was giving her speech but she couldn't say anything she couldn't say our government is going to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide by by a percent and by by those certain percentage because the coalition talks more unfinished yet she didn't have any she didn't have anything to offer to offer so it
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probably wouldn't be too hard to say that by now she's acting just like a lame duck river devolved thanks so much for that we'll have more from robert when talks resume in about five hours thanks very much you know welcome. to zimbabwe now in the first photos of robert mugabe in detention at his home in harare have emerged now this is the first time some bobby's president has been seen since the military intervention on tuesday army leaders and a delegation from south africa met with mugabe to urge him to step down but reports from harare say well he's refusing to quit these images show robert mugabe meeting zimbabwe's army chief and two south african envoys brought into mediate at his official residence in herat it reports claimed the long term president is refusing to step down but mugabe is under pressure to resign zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan chang get ice at the president in power since
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one nine hundred eighty should go quietly in the interest of the country and elections should be called. a transitional mechanism. and the best and the nature and conduct of that mechanism be agreed up old by all nationalistic would. be reforms through free and a fair and credible election to be heard rumors have been flying about whether mugabe's wife grace is with him or whether she managed to flee the country before the military action on wednesday. grace's ambitions to succeed her husband are said to be behind the current turmoil last week mugabe sacked his vice president the army potentially saw this as paving the way for grace to take over the military's actions though have put a stop to her hopes for now. the sacrifice president emerson or non-god why is
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tipped ahead a transitional government backed by the military an option the african union said it wouldn't support it remains to be seen whether robert mugabe can hold on to his tight grip on power. time for more news now from around the world russia has vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to extend a probe of chemical weapons attacks in syria the mandate for the inquiry expired on midnight thursday the un has blamed the assad government for using the nerve gas sarin in attacks in the past and barcelona thousands of people have been protesting against the police for detaining two leaders of catalonia as pro independence movement demonstrators held candles and formed the shape of a ribbon which separates is where as a symbol of solidarity the two men are being investigated for their roles in pro independence protests in october. a huge fires destroyed a retirement community in the u.s.
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state of pennsylvania the blaze tore through the facility in the city of westchester overnight forcing residents to evacuate it is not clear if anyone was hurt officials are investigating how that blaze starter european leaders are meeting in the swedish city of gothenburg today they want to hammer out a set of twenty social rights that all you member states all signed up to now those rights would only be guidelines though some workers and unions are saying that doesn't go far enough. drums and flags from across the continent european workers have gathered in brussels to demonstrate for more social protection this is a demonstration for europe and social protection there's a summit in goteborg and we want all heads of government to put the basic rights for all workers into law in. europe has traditionally distinguish itself from the u.s. asia latin america and its social tendencies high taxes strong social safety nets and tightly regulated labor markets now the european commission wants in strong and
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these values in what commission president has coined the european pillar of social rights. even at the very least we should agree on a european union of social standards. europe cannot work if the chinese it's workers. like. a central part of the initiative is the so-called work life balance proposal it would allow new fathers to take more time off and encourage women to enter and stay in the workforce brussels hopes that the initiative will restore faith in the european project you know we are spending more than fifty percent of the social expenditures in the world and that's basically the his on the date of the european union that's what we want we want wealth to be distributed and to be flowing to everyone and not just to the happy few and yes i do believe that this is the critical instrument to make the loft again by the
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people. today there are significant differences between member states when it comes to social protection according to the battles month or so justice index access to the labor market education and health services vary widely across the e.u. as does the risk of poverty. and i would argue it's actually the main risk of the stick to ration of social rights is actually that something is being declared and you know basically nothing of this can can be enforced in courts and you know it raises big expectations among some people and you know it will achieve perhaps much less than then that from the outset the european project has been dominated by konami integration the social dimension was a mare by product of the e.u. will now make an ambitious political commitment and go to bork aiming towards a more social europe or to hell and now an oil spill that many feared was just a matter of time that's right bryan we're talking about the controversial keystone
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pipeline it's leaked spilling over eight hundred thousand liters of oil on farmland in south dakota keystone carries oil from tulsa and fields in alberta in canada to refineries in the united states the pipeline owner trans canada has tweeted an aerial photo of the affected area showing a blackened field the spill comes as regulators decide whether to give the go ahead to a second pipeline brinks known as keystone x.l. project has been at the center of a political debate b.s. locals protesting they were motivated by fear of potentially contaminating the regional water supply the project was stopped in twenty sixteen by then president barack obama but has restarted the trump administration. well job cuts german engineering joins the men's had been rumored for weeks now they have been confirmed thousands of positions around the world a set to go most of them in the company's fossil fuel division and at least two
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plants will also be closed well unions are criticizing the move pointing to the group's flourishing annual results the board says the cuts are a way of securing the future for the remaining employees. the wide ranging cuts siemens workers of long feared and bitter reality despite billions of euros profits the industrial giant is cutting thousands of jobs and closing plants around the world a total of six thousand nine hundred jobs will be lost three thousand three hundred will go in germany two plants in eastern germany will be shut down completely others around the country hang in the balance. long i've been in this company a long time and never seen anything like this four plant closures one likely to be sold off and so many people affected it's a real body blow it does is teeth the power and gas division is worst hit struggling to cope with the upsurge in renewable energy demand for gas turbines has
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tumbled drastically depressing prices and profits with production no longer economically viable siemens says it will try to avoid forced returned and sees as far as possible it wants to transfer effective workers to other vacancies within the company nonetheless the engineering workers union i-g. mattel accuses siemens of breach of contract and promises massive resistance to the plans. silicon valley is well known as the world's largest startup but you might not know that tell of efe is the second largest tech that is booming it booming making it very attractive to german comic has that want to develop self driving vehicles and are in need of expertise miss avies benz is now investing in a tech center in tel aviv hoping to race ahead of the competition russia stop and go in tel aviv but frustrated drivers could eventually become a thing of the past israeli startups have discovered the digital automobile some
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five hundred eighty companies are working on the concept ronnie willing steen co-founded tech startup or expansion or expansions technology is aimed at replacing drivers with algorithms radars and sensors. or he says building a sense or to enable autonomous vehicle detects. identify different kind of objects around and around the car. israel's never had its own auto industry but our expansions concept is already taking shape at bar ilan university physicists here are developing the laser for an autonomous vehicle which identify objects in three d. as well as analyzing their speed and distance. israel's tech companies are well versed in cyber security and internet communications many of them have their roots in the defense sector none the less a digital automobile presents totally new challenges for example the billboard over
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there. for us as human driver it takes us fractions of seconds to figure out that this is a billboard and it's not a real man but the regular camera for a camera with a computer it's not a very. german car makers are also interested in cars which can do that kind of thing. has just opened them a sadie's benz tech center in tel aviv it's a venue where the traditional auto industry and the high tech sector can. we as a kind of see all together very successful around the world and we were always faced with the question if we are sleeping if you missed the last latest trends. we haven't in the past but this should not allow us to lean back and say this will be the case the future as well but we have to be open and curious and learning from
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others as well and that's what we're doing here. tech companies like ota nomo focused on all the data a modern car transmits the company offers a cloud solution how does a driver drive fast safely there's a huge market for that kind of data despite data protection regulations it's become highly relevant for the auto industry. across the world an increasing number of authors are connecting to the cloud but it'll probably be years before they're intelligent enough to completely take over the wheel from the human drivers. have to by now for the latest in the u.n. climate talks in bonn that's right they're coming down to the wire now at the u.n. climate summit as it draws to a close in the german city of bongos shaders are racing against the clock that's because delegates are said to present a rulebook for emblem entering the twenty fifteen paris accords on cutting c o two emissions now it is of course of mammoth task involving thousands of negotiators.
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the climate conference in bonn is a flurry of activity its scale almost that of a small town with delegates bustling between cafes and events and in the middle of it all politicians are engaged in quiet negotiations over climate policy. there is a total of around twenty five thousand people here three or four thousand are involved in the actual negotiations another one thousand are journalists on the restaurant he applied with staging the event and helping solve problems through the dust problems at such a vast summit the most important thing for journalists is to keep track of the big picture we're always on the move but traversing the sprawling summit area from one event to the next has its upsides. we're now on one of the climate summit electro shuttles taking us right from one side of the summit to the
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other this is going to take his about ten minutes causing no emissions zero emissions at the exact opposite of zooming along a motorway with a powerful fuel guzzling german car we're making slow progress but it's a great opportunity to catch up on some reading. the heart of the conference is here in the delegations building countries have colorful pavilions here where they present information on the climate situation back home and millions of euros of business is also conducted here. this is. because it is fascinating right after paris to see how the character of these climate conferences is changing a large portion of the people are here to sign contracts and make deals and network to be able to better implement what's decided here. and many countries have already decided to transition from fossil fuels to wind or solar
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energy for them bond is serving as a market place meanwhile negotiators are discussing the implementation of the paris accord a tiring often late night job. i think you have to focus on getting through these two weeks because you have. so much to do and usually you don't become aware of the fatigue on the laser. some are already feeling that fatigue but the conference should soon be over either on friday night or in the wee hours of saturday morning . and we'll have more from that summit as the draws to a close later in the show. while the german bundesliga returns after the international break with the once dominant door and hoping to get back to its winning ways when they play stuttgart tonight dortmund have slipped down the table after a poor run of results and they will visit start guard without their star striker pierre emerick obama young who has mysteriously been suspended goal
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gator appear in obama young is out don't mean gave no further details on why he has been disciplined and dropped from the squad obama young was hoping to end his goal drought in the game against stuttgart the striker has been miscreants not lately no goals in his last five outings peter boss has been under pressure due to dortmund sudden decline from the top of the table to third their last win in the lead came back in september. on the ice the money you know if you don't win the big question . if you want to call that opposing wins then yes we feel the breeze that's for sure. and over the last three weeks the wind changed quickly in the us after the last international break the first match against leipzig and that's when it began and we definitely feels. that's not for me that's the challenge to once again turn
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it around. i'm sure will manage does mean the show. friday night could be perfect timing for dortmund to turn it around history is on their side the black and yellow one the last five matches in stuttgart stuttgart is not a cakewalk especially when playing at home this season so far they're undefeated. above. of dortmund on the road fire power league high twelve goals of. against the league's best home defense is the stage set for a thrilling match. ok let's start off with a dortmund's obama young mystery for that i'm joined by mark betters from the sports us morning mark do we know anything about why obama young was suspended what's the speculation oh well the german papers this morning are saying that he
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missed training a while he was late for training which isn't so bad it happens in football quite often the reason why this is kind of more important is that he kind of done the same thing before normally if you're late for training you might get a fine you don't normally get suspended for one game but he was actually suspended last year for a game because he went off to milan for a party without telling the previous coach tom stoeckel now obama as i've been quoted in built the newspaper in germany saying look i understand why i got the one game ban for flying off to milan without asking that was naughty but on this occasion i didn't mean to be late it was just normal anyone being late for work i'm pretty surprised i've been suspended for a game now this is quite key to dortmund season because he's wanted to leave for a couple of years now and everyone assumed he'd leave in the transfer window and amazingly stayed basically it is no big club so that means for him some motivation questions there well off the field perhaps but on the field he always gives one hundred percent and he's the star striker and he still been banging in the goals
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despite wanting to leave but now it really does raise the. and willie stay beyond january you have to think if someone big comes in from in january you will think let's take the money and get rid of this guy ok and there's some big questions about why it was suspended for head of this game tonight it comes as the worst parse possible time for dortmund after a poor run you know they're going to be able to pick it up when they face the court i mean it's difficult without him because he really is then main striker and all that play kind of focus towards him i think they might play ya milenko instead of him tonight but he's not really and out now strike a light of me on and yet they've not one in six games now in the bonus league or in the champions league so it really is a rule and i can't see them getting out of it to be honest not tonight with him and the owners they get title they can basically kiss goodbye to that because they've dropped out of the by the now firing on all cylinders and it's been a nightmare for coach peter bart ok so you see stood guard winning tonight. might not win but i don't think don't know when it could be a draw ok thanks very much mark from the sports desk. well i have some tennis now
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on the a.t.p. finals in london england where american jack sock eliminated the german hopeful alexander's vera to book a spot in the seventies he relentlessly used his power and deft touch to overwhelm the world number three and one zero have slipped up late in the last set was off for sock to grab victory winning six four one six six four becomes the first american to reach the last four of the a.t.p. finals and and here. this is due to be a news live from berlin still to come on the show will meet the syrian who fled war on his own country and found safety in his wife's home ukraine only to have to flee again after fighting broke out there. are back after a short. kickoff
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life it will probably be the favorite at the world cup in russia no getting around germany or defending world and confit cup champions plus we had a good qualifying round the pressure is always there but i think in russia it'll be even higher. great expectations how do you deal with them and what happens if they're down. sixteen d.w. . trying him i wasn't always successful i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth i had to find success and. there black and living in germany. has reminded me what that means on a daily basis presenter like it is nothing that. and i
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was. taking college a group and being you know different than the race. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seems as. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with an. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. .
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welcome back you're the news live from berlin our top stories right now germany's potential coalition partners have missed a deadline for agreement that despite all my talks here in berlin they'll resume negotiations around lunchtime as the macros conservatives try to form a new government with some very different part of. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe is reportedly refusing to step down that's after an emergency met with barmy leaders and a south african delegation as the country seeks a way out of its political crisis. while it's to ukraine now more than a million people have fled their homes in eastern ukraine since fighting broke out between the qip government and russian backed separatists it has been three years now and many have given up all hope of returning instead they're trying to build new lives away from the front lines one man had already done this before he's from
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syria. here in november for now the last stop on a long when dangerous journey the syrian yes yes levy and ukrainian wife maria the couple met while living in china the next step was meant to be damascus it was this idea to go back to syria it was already they started leaving in two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven. nobody thought also same in ukraine. syria was safe. after conflict broke out in syria they moved to maria's home city in eastern ukraine a place that you here had only ever seen on pictures in september twenty third team they were married without a single member of the groom's family present they had been scattered across the world but things were slowly getting better with help from maria's parents they opened a small hardware shop but within months the area became caught up in the conflict
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between russian backed separatists and the ukrainian government when their days of action flag i already understood that something big would have been but they couldn't just leave maria was expecting her first child a daughter that they would name eva. and also that i don't know just like it's. feels like one. explosion so it's like you since this is like this. one time was have been there i go i heard. why she said come back home but once i come back home and the buildings have there and i cut off. by the end they go up to a building just a month after their daughter's birth so they decided to leave everything behind and leave for here. we already have i have to when we have fought off this bridge it's broken we were driving in high speed and where i meant when we saw it broken.
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but their problems didn't end once they reach safety in here yet he and his family had nowhere to go and no way of making a living complicated rules mean most employers are wary of hiring refugees yet here is a project manager and had no shortage of job offers from abroad but his particular refugee status means he's not allowed to leave the country. so starting a business was the only viable option equipped with a coffee machine and a handful of accessories provided by a u.n. grant yet he was able to open a small coffee shop with a fellow syrian it's not enough to. move to three jobs same day then you can sort of i. lost my country and my wife also she's now here in.


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