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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2017 9:00am-9:16am CET

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well from the get go. this is d.w. news live from berlin the clock is ticking for german chancellor angela merkel talks in berlin on forming a new government go into extra time as
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a sunday deadline edges closer merkel calls on all sides to compromise but if a deal isn't reached germany could face fresh elections also coming up robert mugabe's own party is calling time on the veteran leader after nearly four decades in power the ruling party says it's time for the president to step aside a protest later today will back that up but will he go voluntarily. and the u.n. climate talks in the german city of bonn continue to close come to a close rather we'll see what was achieved and what still needs to be accomplished . i have a quote awesome good to have you with us time is running out for german chancellor angela merkel to form a new government another round of marathon overnight talks have failed to produce a breakthrough or. conservatives are seeking
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a coalition deal with the pro-business free democrats as well as the greens merkel originally said she wanted an agreement by thursday but now the parties have until sunday evening to settle their differences otherwise there could be fresh elections . after hours of wrangling chancellor merkel once again has little to show the day started optimistically enough merkel said it was just a matter of time until they can hammer out a deal but despite all of the difficulties in these negotiations i am determined to form a government as mandated by germany's voters it definitely won't be easy it'll definitely be hard but it's worth going into a second round of talks. that's why you know. there were still big divides to be bridged germany's green party and the variance e.s.u. are at loggerheads on many key issues including migration and energy policy. but we can't allow someone to say i won't discuss that everyone has to negotiate or
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having these talks doesn't make any sense there were a lot of other points of contention still to resolve like finance climate change and public transport there appears to have been some progress but by evening nothing was as concrete as it was supposed to be. we still have a lot to cover this means we must come to an agreement on the issues from the last round of negotiations it's going to be more difficult to be finished on time we will clear that we have to be finished by sunday at six pm. the new extended deadline had at least one person hopeful. the first and at least now each side has a better understanding of the positions that are vexing us in these negotiations. the schedule seems ambitious the parties want to come to an agreement by sunday evening at the latest with so many issues still unresolved but there could be more difficult negotiations ahead. difficult negotiations and
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a looming deadline for more insight on what all this means i'm joined in studio by our political correspondent rupert rupert good to have you here the parties there still talking is there any progress being made are they just kicking the can further down the road after the failure that we saw from thursday to friday night i think. what we saw yesterday especially the the trying to try out something that they were trying to rebuild some trust to be i have to see they have been sitting together for three weeks now and they didn't really gain any ground on the big conflict issues climate or billet on finance and so what they were doing yesterday was something they called a confessional procedure i'm glad merkel had talks with the head of the greens and she had talks with the head of the she is cute and she had talked with the head of the f.t.p. party then she started all over again so she was trying to find out ok where could
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be some point where where could we get into some compromise there it's kind of surprising that this started only now and it shows that angle americal seems to have understood that she has to take a leading role here but on the other hand it is surprising that it took three weeks to get here it took three weeks to get here multiple talks now but they've set a deadline for tomorrow sunday at six pm local berlin time how hard is that deadline. well it is another deadline i think it is a nice to have everybody wishes for but of course nothing will happen if the debt just goes away if the debt limit would be lifted in the end i think they could talk over the next week the the next really hard deadline is the twenty fifth of the member that's when the green party wanted to present to reveal the results of the talks to their membership they're going to have a party convention here in berlin then and the party convention is about to vote on if the greens should stop with coalition talks with the c.d.u. c.s.u. and the f.t.p.
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i think this is the real deadline there so the talks could go on for another week and everybody knows there are no alternatives so it's not really a deadline talks continue but if these talks at some point do collapse there's a number of things that could happen let's take a look if the coalition talks between germany's union f.t.p. and green parties fail president stan maya will have to step in the german president would nominate merkel as chancellor sent her party the c.d.u. c.s.u. has the most parliamentary members parliamentarians with an vote on merkel as chancellor the president has two choices he either makes merkel the head of a minority government in which she has to continually look for new majorities. or he dissolves the german parliament thanks calls for new elections in two months . fresh elections
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a possible outcome which of these do you think is most likely. a minority government for instance would be a premier to the federal level have seen some try outs in the state level but will be seen also there is that all of these governments they didn't last the whole election term so i think all parties involved kind of very careful to go into some sort of a minority government especially chancellor merkel of course than snap elections they are not really an alternative for parties and both of course they all know they wouldn't benefit the only party to benefit from this probably would be the right wing far right alternative for germany a of d. so i think in the end the parties aiming for an agreement what kind of agreement whatsoever because question in the end what will be how long would a coalition that whole budget last for the whole election term yes great uncertainty perhaps even after some sort of to the mission is made thank you for
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joining us and you want your insights to others top story now outgoing lebanese prime minister saad hariri has landed in france it's the first time that he's left saudi arabia since announcing his resignation there two weeks ago levanon had claimed riyadh was keeping hariri hostage but hariri denies that he's expected to meet with french president emmanuel mccall later on saturday in paris germany's foreign minister has caused controversy by implying that saudi arabia was holding her a hostage as a result riyadh has recalled its ambassador to germany and hariri himself tweeted to say that i've held up in saudi arabia and not allowed to leave the country is a lie i'm on the way to the airport mr gabriele. to zimbabwe now were a massive protest in support of this week's military coup is set to take place people from across the country are expected at the protest which is calling on president robert mugabe to step down the first protesters have already gathered in
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the capital harare the rally is being backed by war veterans it's happening after mugabe's own zanu p.f. party called on him to stand down the veteran leader has been under house arrest for the past few days and on friday he made his first public appearance since the military seize power earlier this week. surrounded by security robert mugabe attends a graduation ceremony on the outskirts of the capital in his presence his tradition that given that he's been under house arrest many were surprised to see him the press reported that my guy who normally travels in a luxury vehicle a school should by a large motorcade arrived in a civilian come. in a statement made on national television earlier the military said it was in gauging with. he's also released photos showing a meeting zimbabwe's army chief and two south african envoys who had flown in to
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mediate reports suggest robert mugabe is refusing to give up the presidency. tanks have been occupying key positions around the capital since the military takeover but there's been no violence and the situation is quiet. i was scared because i thought the army was going to cause havoc. but as you can see it's peaceful in the country. move people at first but now everything is normal and it's business as usual. mcgaha has ruled zimbabwe for nearly forty years analysts suggest the military takeover was to prevent my guy from handing power to his wife grace she has not been seen since the military took control. now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least five people have been killed in the kenyan capital nairobi during confrontations between police and supporters of opposition leader raul odinga crowds turned out to welcome back
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from a trip abroad the opposition leader had been visiting the u.s. and britain to discuss kenya's political turmoil u.s. president donald trump says he's delaying a policy that would allow elephant hunters to bring their trophies back from africa the twitter announcement comes just a day after the u.s. and now it was lifting a ban imposed by the obama administration the reversal was met with outrage by animal rights activist groups back in germany more negotiations but this time in bonn climate talks have come to a close with a last minute agreement on keeping the paris climate accord alive after extended talks delegates agreed on an action plan to help countries review their commitments to cutting carbon emissions in line with paris agreement representatives from nearly two hundred nations spent the last two weeks ironing out the details even though the world's largest polluter the united states is pulling out of the paris
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accord delegates in bonn say important progress has been made at this conference. for more on this let's cross now to our correspondent christopher spring gate who has been following the talks in bonn for us christopher it's good to see you extended talks went into the early morning the delegates came to an agreement on a process to review carbon commitments is this considered a giant leap or merely a small step forward. i would call it an important step forward basically scientists are telling us that the current level of commitment towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions puts the world on a course towards catastrophic climate change so more needs to be done now part of the twenty fifteen paris agreement is the so-called ambition mechanism that's a process of global stop to stop taking every country that's party to the paris agreement needs to report on how many emissions it's conj and assess whether that's
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enough and if it's not enough then increase the ambition of its pledges now what was agreed here in bone overnight is that that process is going to begin next year twenty eighteen and they'll be a first global stock take of progress made and whether that's enough at the next climate conference which is in poland next december sounds like some progress is definitely being made there but have these talks in any way been hampered by the us which is pulling out of the accord pushing for a pro fossil fuel agenda. well you know everybody was so worried that that withdrawal of the u.s. from the parents agreement might weaken the result of the world's resolve the world's solidarity if you want with the twenty fifteen paris agreement the opposite has been true there's been a fresh statement of support for the paris agreement the world standing by that agreement we did see a small u.s.
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delegation these talks they were constructive but they weren't the driving influence of years gone by so that leadership was missed that did slow things down a little bit christopher spring gate thank you for your insights you're welcome to sports now and the bundesliga is back after the international break but the time away hasn't helped as dortmund struggles continue the black and yellow spell to two one defeat in stuttgart with a low netting the winner in the fifty first minute it's dormant one in five games and the heat is now on for coach peter bosh after a great start to the season has just come undone. and the a.t.p. finals in london belgium is dov of golf and is through to the semifinal of the season ending a vent fan cruise past dominant team in straight sets winning six four six one to
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set up a semi final clash with switzerland's roger federer it may be tough going though as golf fan has not beaten federer in six previous attempts. in friday's other match grigor dimitrov maintained his perfect record with a straight sets victory over pablo crane a boost up the ball garion needed just sixty minutes to cruise to a six one six one victory he will now face an american jack sock in the semifinal later on saturday. stay tuned for more news at the top of the hour thank you for trying.


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