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tv   Night Grooves - With Anastacia and Conchita  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2017 10:15am-11:01am CET

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you have to dedicate yourself to towards a something that you believe in and sometimes it just works out sometimes it doesn't but you have to try and otherwise is like only the women that they approached many of them they said no i will not be part of the project i'm afraid and i didn't give. him everything. give up never give up. recently also began to collect the women's stories to ask them about the challenges and they're liars. this woman in germany beat cancer twice. she fled with her daughters from war torn syria. and she works in one of the most remote regions in the world. is really not only heroes they are heroes of day to day life they are usually not noticed they go on notice them. but they are heroes for their family is the heroes for their friends and. i just had
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a breakdown. now their stories and photos have been published in a book called the atlas of beauty it's meant to send a message. it is everywhere in different forms of course i think it doesn't have it at the finish and i think this is our problem as humans because we try to put it in the books i think we have to take it out of the box and understand that beauty has so many forms. will set off again there are still many countries and more forms of beauty to explore her project is far from over. it's nice to see women being celebrated as heroes for their family and friends that's it for today thank you for watching see you next time.
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you ask.
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hey i'm in a state. that jim johnson house of. time anastasia oh my. two powerful singers show they can destroy. our. fifteen minutes. d.w. . unimpeded access to education and knowledge and the same opportunities for everyone. a central goal of the global community but what's the reality on the ground education for all the w.'s multimedia special
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the program dream aims to prevent the mother to child transmission of the virus. hiv positive women give birth to hiv negative baby's. mother the project is a hugely effective strategy in the battle against. more than one thousand eight percent of these children up on healthy. the german aids foundation is supporting dream in mozambique you can do something to give a baby a future without aids. make a donation safe a life. this
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is d.w. news live from berlin zimbabweans turn out in their thousands to demand president robert mugabe's resignation the streets of the capital harare are filling up with crowds celebrating what they hope is mugabe's imminent departure after nearly four decades in power we'll bring you the latest from our correspondent in harare also coming up the clock is ticking for german chancellor angela merkel as a sunday deadline for coalition talks edges closer merkel calls on all sides to compromise but if a deal isn't reached germany could face fresh elections and un climate talks in the german city of bonn come to a close we'll see what was achieved and what still needs to be accomplished.
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i'm not equal boss and welcome to the program thousands of people are gathering in the zimbabwean capital harare to demand the departure of president robert mugabe the rally is backed both by the war veterans and mugabe's own zanu p.f. party which has also called on him to stand down and gabi is said to be asking for more time to leave the presidency on friday he made his first public appearance since the military seized power earlier this week. surrounded by security robert mugabe attends a graduation ceremony on the outskirts of the capital harare his presence is tradition but given that he's been under house arrest many were surprised to see him the press reported that my guy who normally travels in a luxury vehicle escorted by a large motorcade arrived in a civilian car. in
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a statement made on national television earlier the military said it was engaging with mugabe. is also released photos showing a meeting zimbabwe's army chief and two south african envoys who had flown in to mediate reports suggest robert mugabe is refusing to give up the presidency. tanks have been occupying key positions around the capital since the military takeover but there's been no violence and the situation is quiet. i was scared because i thought the army was going to cause havoc but as you can see it's peaceful in the country. but now everything is normal and it's business as usual. mcgaha has ruled zimbabwe for nearly forty years analysts suggest the military takeover was to prevent my guy from handing power to his wife grace she has not been seen since the military took control.
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correspondent privilege was fun here is joining us now from harare privilege you've been admits the people what's the mood like we're hearing our celebrations what are you seeing. yes they're celebrating their celebrations for you right now i'm coming from the state house where people had laid siege. if the state tells but now they're. told to evacuate by the presidential got but the. people are celebrating. because singing. saying independence day has got it must go and everyone is eager to see and hear the received nation of ninety three year old president robert mugabe ok so the people are waiting they're eager for this to happen and there's obviously immense
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pressure on him to do this but are there any indications he'll actually resign so far he is still holed up in his private residence no if the state house we haven't had any information as to where he's giving up all. he's going to make an announcement it's in a time but this pressure this is what that is mounting and also spent by the province's from his party to say they have their lead do they want him to step down should put pressure on him there was a transit they are saying that if he doesn't say i am going there i'm going to take matters into their own hands it we don't know what they are going to do with it too much to use oust always to wait to see ok another actor in the situation is obviously his wife grace no gabi is there any news about where she is or what's going on with her. at the moment there's no news about it whereabouts
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the last there were reports that she had gone to into exile in namibia but then later on we had that she's in the country she's two with her husband but we don't know now whether she's to you around. thank you for that privilege most fun here in harare thank you you're welcome outgoing lebanese prime minister saad hariri has landed in france it's the first time he's left saudi arabia since announcing his resignation there two weeks ago lebanon had claimed riyadh was keeping hariri against his will but harry reid denies that he's expected to meet with french president emanuel mccraw in paris in a couple of hours. germany's foreign minister has caused controversy by implying that saudi arabia was holding him hostage as
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a result of riyadh has recalled its ambassador to germany and hariri himself tweeted to say that i am held up in saudi arabia and not allowed to leave the country is a lie a man on the way to the airport mr gabriele. now some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump says he's delaying a policy that would allow elephant hunters to bring their trophies back from africa the twitter announcement comes just a day after the u.s. and now it's it was lifting a ban imposed by the obama administration the reversal was met with outrage by animal rights groups the military and argentina has stepped up a search for one of its submarines the vessel went missing more than two days ago it was nearly four hundred kilometers off the argentinian coast in stormy conditions when contact was lost forty four crew members were on board the submarine was purchased from germany in one thousand nine hundred eighty five here
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in germany time is running out for chancellor angela merkel to form a new government another round of marathon overnight talks have failed to produce a breakthrough miracles conservatives are seeking a coalition deal with the pro-business free democrats as well as the greens she originally wanted an agreement by thursday but the negotiations have stalled over major policy differences on key issues such as immigration energy and transportation. with the political crisis looming and the prospect of new elections if they fail the parties have now taken the talks into overtime let's have a listen to what the f.t.p. chairman had to say. we still have a lot to cover this means we must come to an agreement on the issues from the last round of negotiations it's going to be more difficult to be finished on time we're all clear that we have to be finished by sunday at six pm. sunday six p.m. local time that's the deadline for more on what all this means i'm joined in studio
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by our political correspondent. roberta good to see you the parties there are still talking are they actually edging any closer to a deal or are they just kicking the can further down the road well at least that trying and i think they're willing to find a deal the problem is they're really going to reach that goal yesterday we have seen that what we've seen yesterday was a matter of rebuilding trust in the end i mean you have to understand they have been sitting together for more than three weeks now and didn't gain any any progress and what we saw yesterday was chancellor angela merkel trying to take a lead there and she what she was doing is called here a confessional procedure she was holding private talks with the leader of the greens then she was holding private talks with the leader of the leaders of the sea as you and then again private talks with the leaders of the free democrats and this was going on and on and on over the whole day or we're going to see today though is that they are going to tackle the real conflict issues they have been they have sat
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down now this morning and they're starting on the issue of climate and climate protection and energy which is one of the biggest problems and on the day they're going to tackle the problem migration the the issue here being are they going to find a solution on the problem of family reunion refugees allowed to have a family reunion yes or no and their positions are very far apart so if they are going to find a solution today i think they can reach a government if they're not going to find a solution today i think it's going to be a big problem big problem there's multiple issues multiple talks at hand now if these talks collapse a number of things could happen let's take a look. if the coalition talks between germany's union f.t.p. and green parties fail president ston maya will have to step in the german president would nominate merkel as chancellor since her party the c.d.u. c.s.u. has the most parliamentary members parliamentarians with an vote on merkel as chancellor the president has two choices he either makes merkel the head of
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a minority government in which she has to continually look for new majorities. or he dissolves the german parliament and calls for new elections in two months possibility of fresh elections in just two months ripper which of these outcomes do you think is most likely think both outcomes will something all the in both parties don't want to minority government would be something very new for germany at least on the federal level be seen it on the state level but here it will be have seen there is that all minority governments didn't last the whole election term and fresh elections none of the involved parties would benefit from this and they all know it so they're doomed to find an agreement and so i think there find some agreement till tonight till tomorrow night but the problem then will be what it will make can go a coalition government really hold to the next elections so even uncertainty if
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things work out the way that salute these parties helped right times of instability there for sure thank you so much for walking us through that and welcome. staying in germany now more negotiations but this time in bonn u.n. climate talks have come to a close with a last minute agreement on putting the paris climate accord into practice delegates agreed on a plan to help review countries their commitments to cutting carbon emissions in line with the two thousand and fifteen paris agreement even though the world's largest polluter the united states is pulling out of the paris support delegates and bond say important progress has been made at this conference. for more on this let's cross now to our correspondent christopher spring gate who has been following the talks in bonn for us christopher it's good to see you extended talks went into the early morning the delegates came to an agreement on a process to review carbon commitments is this considered a giant leap or merely
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a small step forward. i would call it an important step forward basically scientists are telling us that the current level of commitment towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions puts the world on a course towards catastrophic climate change the more needs to be done now part of the twenty fifteen paris agreement is the so-called ambition mechanism that's a process of global stop to stop taking every country that's party to the paris agreement needs to report on how many emissions it's conj and assess whether that's enough and if it's not enough then increase the ambition of its pledges now what was agreed here in bone overnight is that that process is going to begin next year twenty eighteen and they'll be a first global stock to take of progress made and whether that's enough at the next climate conference which is in poland next december. sounds like some progress is definitely being made there but have these talks in any way been hampered by the us
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which is pulling out of the accord pushing for a pro fossil fuel agenda. well you know everybody was worried that that withdrawal of the us from the paris agreement might weaken the resolve of the world's resolve the world's solidarity if you want with the twenty fifteen paris agreement the opposite has been true there's been a fresh statement of support for the paris agreement the world standing by that agreement we did see a small u.s. delegation at these talks they were constructive but they weren't the driving influence of years gone by so that leadership was missed that did slow things down a little bit. christer first brigade thank you for your insights. to sports now in the bundesliga is back after the international break but the time away hasn't helped dortmund as their struggles continue the black and yellow spell
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to a two one defeat in stuttgart with the break a low netting the winner in the fifty first minute it's dortmund's fourth defeat in five games and so the heat is on for coach peter bosh especially after the great start to the season it's essentially come undone. and international football there are celebrations in peru after the nation qualified for its first world cup since one thousand nine hundred two the team received a hero's welcome as they arrived at the presidential palace in lima where they were personally greeted by president pedro pablo kaczynski was the last nation to qualify for russia twenty eight thousand defeating new zealand to nail on aggregate in their playoff picture earlier this week. that's all the time we have for your update join us again at the top of the hour or you can check out the website and follow us on twitter for more details thanks for watching.
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and just in time he says this i think it's really important to give a bit of time and look back to the fans who make so much effort. over then you have got to need big international stars performing at michaels every of cup in amazing location there's minka hoses and make a house and there's a picture and country that are here and i'm a little nervous you didn't have to bring up. yes.
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me that. we don't need that. thank you when you do that thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you yeah that's right near. the shrine of anastasia. there are often issues that one shouldn't get right. in the names and that's to talk about the lessons miss you and your. father not so much thank you thank you thank. you thank you. yeah yeah. yeah. yeah yeah you know i call a spade
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a spade and say when i think this is forecast. i don't really say yes super safe yeah. well that's a brand. if you haven't fallen of a bone to hide anastasia candy had long out of your head yes it's had a very exact incision. as a naturally on the bonds and that's assuming. we're talking to somebody and a confident. yeah it's better and it started as my trademark because i needed glasses before and then about twelve years into my career i wanted to get my eyes fixed so i could wear glasses or not work glasses and then when i got my eyes fixed i was like i look terrible because i have a really long nose oh no i haven't got you know you know i think too long you know but the thing lies is that i'd only ever seen my nose for this because the glasses took up the rest of it i saw that if i can look at you know how i am right from all
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the way up here i'd like to choose to so. and i was like ok it's a real nose so you need to get over yourself unless it's done and. it's very real no i can move it and do all this kind of start was kind of my reason to you know. i said i was right so you have a surprise yeah you. know you don't leave the bits of the guy who got snowed under . here and. you know that that's not ok your body can't always you have to. yes of course i saw
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i saw katrina on the european contest and i was so excited to see so much. accolades which means they were so very happy with her and excited to see someone who is different so for me i always enjoyed and loved her and then all of a sudden a show like a a while back we had adjoining like the wall was in between our dressing rooms.


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