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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2017 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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and welcome to the program thousands of people are gathering in the zimbabwe in capital harare to demand departure of president robert mugabe the rally is back both by the country's influential war veterans and mugabe's own zanu p.f. party it has also called on the longtime president to step down gabi is said to be asking for more time before he leaves the presidency he made his first public appearance on friday after being held under house arrest by the army for two days. a correspondent privilege move on here he is joining us now from harare privilege you've been admits the people what's the mood like we're hearing our celebrations what are you saying. yes this breasting the celebrations for you right now i'm coming from the state house where people had laid siege. if the state tells but now they've been told to evacuate by the presidential got but the. people
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are celebrating. because singing. saying independence day sky got it must go and everyone is you've got to see and hear. president robert mugabe ok so the people are waiting they're eager for this to happen and there's obviously immense pressure on him to do this but are there any indications he'll actually resign. so far. in this private residence no if the state house we haven't had any information as to where he's giving up or. he's going to make an announcement it's any time but this pressure this is what that is mounting and also spent by the province's from his party to say. they want him to step down should put pressure
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on him there was a trance as well they are saying that if he doesn't say i am going they're going to take matters into their own hands it we don't know what they're going to do with it too much to use i was always to wait to see ok another actor in the situation is obviously his wife grace mugabe is there any news about where she is or what's going on with her. at the moment there's no news about it whereabouts the last there were reports that she had. to go into exile in namibia but then later on we had that she's due in the country she's with her husband but we don't know now whether she's you around thank you for that privilege much fun here in harare thank you outgoing lebanese prime minister saad hariri has arrived in front is the first time he's left saudi arabia since announcing his resignation there two weeks ago lebanon had claimed riyadh was
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keeping hariri against his will but hariri denies that he's expected to meet with french president emmanuel mccall in the next hour let's further discuss this with journalist jakes again era was in paris jake thanks for taking the time to speak with us there's a lot of speculation now over her rear his reasons for traveling to paris why has he gone to france. well one of the first reasons is that lebanon is a former colony of france which gained bendix in the region after world war one so there are very strong historical and cultural ties there are you also have strong ties here and was even given a legion of honor this year but france has also been playing an increasingly growing role in international politics and diplomacy under maqbool ok so that's one of the reasons why he could potentially be going there but the original invitation from france was extended to his entire family but only his wife has joined him on this trip what's your take on this well we actually don't know
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where his entire family is his children might have come with and we are not sure only his wife has been seen with and leaving their residence this morning to go to the you say we don't know the whereabouts of the children there was speculation that macro would extend political asylum to the hariri family but then later made a statement that he would not extend political asylum and only expected to really stay few days and then this morning reuters reported her burial lebanese president michel louis by phone that he will be back in lebanon on wednesday for independence day celebrations ok so this situation then is further complicated because of the standoff between saudi arabia and iran and prior to her arrival in paris as you just mentioned french president emanuel gave a statement actually seems to criticize iran let's have a quick listen it's a good a false the phone of what france supports in the region is the respect of nation states and the respect of pluralism and minorities in each nation it immediately
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and in that context of his of iran which is for you ron to have a less aggressive attitude and then we will be able to day to clarify its ballistic policy which appears to be ill managed jake those are some tough words there how is macross intervention going to impact the wider issue here. well in the case of levanon saudi arabia alone on. is risking economic ties with iran we still have to see what comes of his meeting with harare but even before the nuclear deal with iran in two thousand and fifteen top french politicians and business executives went to iran to forge business deals if he upsets iran and goes against and interferes against their will then he could do major damage to those deals but not going as also as head of state and really intent on restoring france as a major international player in diplomacy you're a he has a big a big victory under his belt with negotiating a cease fire in libya so i think we just have to wait and see what comes of his
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meeting with later today many aspects to be considered by all sides jake's again narrow from paris thank you you're welcome the fall out from her resignation is also being felt at the highest levels of german politics germany's foreign minister sigma gabriele has caused controversy by allegedly implying that saudi arabia was holding her hostage riyadh has recalled its ambassador to germany in protest. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump says he's delaying a policy that would allow elephant hunters to bring their trophies back from africa the twitter announcement comes just a day after the u.s. and now it was lifting a ban imposed by the obama administration the reversal was met with outrage by animal rights groups. the military in argentina has stepped up a search for one of its submarines the vessel went missing more than two days ago
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it was nearly four hundred kilometers off the argentinian coast and stormy conditions when contact was lost forty four crew members were on board. the u.n. climate talks in bonn have come to a close with a last minute deal delegates agreed on a plan to finance climate initiatives which was a major sticking point at the talks the summit aim to come up with rules to implement the twenty fifteen paris climate agreement here in germany a time is running out for chancellor angela merkel to form a new government another round of marathon overnight talks have failed to produce a breakthrough merkel's conservatives are seeking a coalition with a pro-business free democrats as well as the greens she originally wanted an agreement by thursday but negotiations have stalled over major policy differences on key issues such as immigration transportation and energy.
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with a political crisis looming and the prospect of new elections if they fail the parties have now taken the talks into overtime let's have a listen to what the f.t.p. deputy chairman had to say. i'm sorry we still have a lot to cover this means we must come to an agreement on the issues from the last round of negotiations it's going to be more difficult to be finished on time we will clear that we have to be finished by sunday at six p.m. . sunday six p.m. local time that's the deadline for more on what all this means i'm joined in studio by our political correspondent. roberta good to see you the parties they're still talking are they actually edging any closer to a deal or are they just kicking the can further down the road well at least trying and i think they're willing to find a deal the problem is other really going to reach that goal yesterday we have seen that what we've seen yesterday was a motto of rebuilding trust in the end i mean you have to understand they have been sitting together for more than three weeks now and didn't gain any any progress and
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what we saw yesterday was chancellor angela merkel trying to take a lead that and she what she was doing is called here a confessional procedure she was holding private talks with the leader of the greens then she was holding private talks with the leader of the leaders of the sea as you and then again private talks with the leaders of the free democrats and this was going on and on and on over the whole day or we're going to see today though is that they are going to tackle the real conflict issues they have been they have sat down on this morning and they're starting on the issue of climate and climate climate protection and energy which is one of the biggest problems until mid day they're going to tackle the problem migration the the issue here being are they going to find a solution on the problem of family reunion refugees allowed to have a family reunion yes or no and their positions are very far apart so if they are going to find a solution today i think they can reach government if they're not going to find a solution today i think it's going to be
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a big problem they problem there's multiple issues multiple talks at hand now if these talks collapse a number of things could happen let's take a look if the coalition talks between germany's union f.d.p. and green parties failed.


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