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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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around the world the thirty six dollars. runway was finished allowing climate change scientists. to continue the fight to research the benefits. that's the power of the train. making it. this is d.w. news live from berlin zimbabwe unstrung now in their tens of thousands to demand president robert mugabe's resignation the streets of the capital harare are filling
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up with crowds calling for his resignation after nearly four decades in power but he is resisting calls to go we'll bring you the latest from our correspondent in harare also coming up. the plot thickens lebanese prime minister saad hariri holds talks with french president emmanuel knocked on in paris two weeks after announcing his shock resignation in saudi arabia will go to the french capital. and the fate of german chancellor angela merkel hangs in the balance as a new deadline for coalition talks edges closer if the parties bayle to agree then germany could face fresh elections. i'm abby chua boss and welcome to the program thousands of demonstrators have filled in a stadium in the zimbabwean cow. but
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a harare to demand the departure of president robert mugabe the rally is backed by the veterans of zimbabwe's independence who are who have traditionally supported him in the past bobby's own zanu p.f. party has also called on him to stand down. is said to be asking for more time to leave the presidency joining me now to discuss this further is d w correspondent privilege move on harry from harare privilege you've been admits the people this morning what's the mood as it celebrate tory as we're hearing. it is celebratory. calling this independence you know it's bringing back memories of one thousand nine hundred eighty when zimbabwe defendants from. the united kingdom go on the streets speak to a lot of young people part of the crowd there saying that they want a president because this is the only president that they have known and he has not
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done to lead their lives so they're asking him to go this seems to be immense pressure coming from not just the military and his own party but people on the streets is there any indications though that he'll actually step down. so far i think he's still adamant and holding forth we haven't had any way. he has to resign we still. do a waiting game we haven't had any news is yet but from what they will vitter and say did yesterday they say that. god today and if he does not but if he is not going to say he is quitting they are going to take matters in their own hands and taking matters in their own hands they were saying that i me obes if that wants to sion but then when they went to the bush they did not respect
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for anyone therefore what comes after that they were saying if you doesn't listen to central schools today what do you mean by that they're going to take matters into their own hands and settle scores. it's subject to interpretation we don't know what exactly what kind of action they're going to take . you could interpret it is probably the ones to my church to go to their private residence or president mugabe right now the crowds it got that around the state house that they will see show state house where mugabe used to stay but not now no longer staying at the state he has been staying in these private ways i'm. sorry it's right at the moment thank you privilege much on hearing from harare for your insight. lebanese prime minister saad hariri is in fronts for discussions with the french president and that he will
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not call the pair have been holding talks at the end is a palace in paris i'm not crohn's invitation is the first time hariri has left saudi arabia since announcing his resignation there two weeks ago lebanon had claimed riyadh with keeping him against his will but hariri has denied this he's expected back in bruit on wednesday to take part in independence day celebrations let's discuss this further with journalist jakes again arrow who's in paris jake there's a lot of speculation over her airis reasons for traveling to paris can you tell us why he's gone to france. sure well originally. well yes so there are very strong cultural and historical ties between france and lebanon and france is a former colonial power eleven on which it was given mandates to in the region after world war one because of that france has been and has long stood by lebanon and offered support since its independence france has also been playing increasingly growing role in international politics under macro and so how rare is
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probably looking to harness some of paris's clout in the middle east so as he's trying to do this he's extended this invitation to harare what kind of help is hariri expecting from the call. well originally there was speculation that mack hall is going to extend an invitation for political asylum to riri and his family but not on the later made an official statement that that was not the case and they were just going to have talks and he only expected harry to be here in paris for a few days and he really also said that he would return to lebanon by wednesday for independence day celebrations. so then whatever once he's back in lebanon he can also give his resignation officially to president. ok but while he's in paris it seems mccraw is still trying to mediate in the region to avert a standoff between saudi arabia and iran how could this intervention of his impact
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the wider issue here. that's right as head of state macro is intent on restoring france as the leading force in international diplomacy and increasing its role on the world stage however by intervening in this scenario not always risking paris's own international relationships by trying to step in as moderator if he's too critical of iran or saudi arabia is putting economic times at stake before the nuclear deal with iran top principle editions and business executives went to iran to forge new business deals that will bring a lot of money to france if not grown upsets iran could do major damage to those deals also as for the standoff between levanon saudi arabia and iran we will just have to wait and see what comes of the meeting between that home and harare ok so mccraw attempting to hold up the balance here jake's again errol thank you for your insights you're welcome the fall out from her resignation is also being felt at the highest levels of german politics germany's
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foreign minister is the real has caused controversy by appearing to criticize saudi arabia's involvement riyadh in response has recalled its ambassador to germany in protest. now to some of the other stories making news around the world ousted caracas mayor antonio ledesma has fled to spain a day after escaping house arrest in venezuela he arrived in the red madrid airport earlier today was removed as mayor and detained in twenty fifteen on charges of plotting against venezuelan president nicolas maduro. u.s. president donald trump says he's delaying a policy that would allow elephant hunters to bring their trophies back from africa the twitter announcement comes just a day after the u.s. to announce it was lifting a ban imposed by the obama administration the reversal was met with outrage by animal rights groups the u.n.
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climate talks in the german city of bonn have come to a close with a last minute deal delegates agreed on a plan to finance climate initiatives which was a major sticking point at the talks the summit aimed to come up with rules to implement the two thousand and fifteen paris climate agreement they're talking in berlin to in hopes of forging a coalition government but time is running out for chancellor angela merkel after another round of marathon overnight talks have failed to produce a breakthrough party negotiators are now hoping to reach a deal by sunday night merkel's conservatives are seeking a coalition with the pro-business free democrats as well as the greens that's unprecedented at the federal level in germany but the parties are trying to overcome major policy differences on key issues such as immigration transportation and energy. there are many issues keeping these parties apart to elaborate on this further and what's holding things up our political correspondent report reader walt
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is a c.v. you had quarters covering the talks thanks for joining us immigration energy finance all major sticking points are the sides inching any closer to a deal at this point. well what the parties are doing right here at the c.d.u. how cool it is today is they are trying to tackle the two biggest obstacle obstacles to these talks and these are climate protection energy of course migration right now they're sitting together trying to find an agreement find some sort of a compromise so the lights on this afternoon they will go back on how hold sessions separately trying to find out if there is any common ground but we also you always have to keep in mind they have been talking about these points for the last three weeks now not being able to find i need frame and they have set themselves a new deadline they want to be finished by tomorrow night so that's quite a while they still have to go yeah as you mentioned we have
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a new deadline sunday six p.m. berlin time what happens if there's no agreement by that. well this is something all of them are not really hoping for they still at least openly say that they want to reach an agreement but if there's no agreement left them most probably there are two possibilities one of them would be that tries to form a minority government this is something we haven't seen in germany yet at least not on the federal level and would be it would be a rather unstable thing to do and we have seen minority governments only on state level and their all of them never made it to the full term so i think this is a rather unlikely cause and the other way about of course be new elections but this is something all of the involved parties don't want to do yeah they don't want to do that and this is unprecedented here in germany were relatively stable governments are the norm could this become a larger crisis. i don't think that this is going to become
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a larger crisis but this is i think the the new normal in germany that we see that the that the big parties are not big enough anymore to form a coalition government just with one other party that most of the normal we have seen in the past the new normal will be that the smaller parties are getting stronger and that it's going to be more difficult to form a coalition government. this is something i guess the germans just have to get used to might be something they have to get used to for a little while longer rupert meter wild thank you for walking us through that. to sports now in the bundesliga is back after the international break but the time away hasn't helped dortmund as their struggles continue the black and yellow spell to a two one defeat in stuttgart with the break a low netting the winner in the fifty first minute it's dortmund's fourth defeat in five games and so the heat is on for coach peter bosch especially after the great start to the season has essentially come undone. in saturday's late game hard to
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berlin host bruce emotion gladbach are to have struggled to find their form this season and they face a stiff test against the visitors who have won their last two games on the road. hatta tried their hand at fencing this weekend the players didn't fare too badly but an average performance won't suffice in saturday's clash against last season they beat the folds three nil it home but this time around berlin have struggled for consistency. one of the physics billing this as we want to play to win it's an important match for us we're sitting in mid table and winning this weekend will give us a boost from brasil mention gladbach have won their last two games on the road and scored five goals in braman and hoffenheim and it's not just the forwards who are scoring defender yannick fest has even managed to find the back of the net. bunch
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of we seem very good away from home we have a style of play that causes unease to our opponents were great going forward and switching to attack especially when we're away from home we've had a lot of possession and we've used to bowl well. glad midfielder christophe comma is set to make a welcome return to the starting eleven this weekend after a muscular injury this follows on from a broken nose and two ligament injuries the twenty six year old is an important cog in the squad. this being the moment you were young team with plenty of newcomers and we have to take that into account individual because of comma will be hoping to avoid a repeat of last season's clash when he received his marching orders after two yellow cards an important factor in berlin's victory against a club back. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you thousands of zimbabwe's are
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protesting in the capital harare to demand president robert mugabe's resignation after nearly four decades in power but the veteran leader is resisting calls to go and french president and manual not as the holding talks with lebanese. prime minister saad hariri in paris career arrived in france earlier today nearly two weeks after his surprise announcement in saudi arabia that he was stepping down as prime minister. you're up to date for d w news i'm happy but often join us again at the top of the hour for more things are watching. was followed by tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. of a movie it's just
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a really beautiful moment that you're able to share with people a little.


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