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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d. w. . this is t w news coming to you live from berlin a political crisis looms in germany after coalition talks collapse the head of the liberal free democrat party unexpectedly bails out of negotiations on forging a new government is this the beginning of the end for a chance for uncle americal will bring you the latest also on the program confusion
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in zimbabwe as robert mugabe digs in the beleaguered president defines pressure from his senate p.f. party to step down his opponents are now threatening protests and impeachment. and the best of the bonus league will have all the thrills and spills from the weekend's game. flow i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. exploratory talks on forming a new coalition government here in germany have collapsed the business friendly f.t.p. bailed out of negotiations saying it failed to find common ground on key issues with chancellor angela merkel's conservative alliance and the greens rakhal announced she would talk with the german president later today it's not exactly
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clear what they'll be discussing one option is to call fresh elections or talk about that in just a moment but first here's how the night of negotiations played out. it was for a climax of a coalition talks the head of the free democrat sleeze for building to make an announcement he said his party was pulling out of the negotiations. we were being forced to cast away our principles and everything that we fought for over the years. we will not let down our voters by standing behind policies of which we're not at all convinced. it's better not to govern than to govern badly so that you. could buy. probably doesn't. there was no immediate confirmation that the talks had collapsed for some time the other party chiefs remained inside and then they came out to face the cameras led by chancellor angela merkel
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three confirmed for talks had indeed collapsed she expressed regret and was open about the difficulties she encountered by we've seen and heard a lot during these dogs. are very different styles of negotiating. it's in all sympathy the greens to some getting used to the free democrats resolute. but we believe that we were on the right path to securing an agreement. i think. there was disappointment over what some felt could've been and already some finger pointing the co-head of the greens placed the blame for the failure squarely at the feet of a free democrats vons it is we were open to an understanding up until the last second we were prepared to go the extra mile when it didn't seem possible to go any
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further but the other parties have to be prepared to do the same and this evening one wasn't. the collapse of the talks now puts merkel in a difficult position she could try to form a minority government if those attempts failed new elections may be the only way out of a deadlock. or for more we've got all of our limbed joining us now from hamburg his political scientist at the university of you know thanks for being with us this morning how do you read this why do you think these talks on forming a government failed. well i think in general i want to say that these exploratory talks if they have been very difficult from the very beginning on i mean we have seen full parties with different very different audiology is pre-committed to different policy goals and in addition they all pursue a different strategic interest so that made it very difficult from the beginning
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but i what we also have seen i think is that we have seen witnessed a lack of trust between the sexes and in many ways not only distrust between the two ideological camps on the left and on the right but also the trust within one camp the camp of the right center center right parties i mean it starts with a system parties between the christian democrats. michael and the bavarian christian democrats but it goes for soem sort of distrust between the liberals and . which is ok i think in this context ok as you say there were differences between these parties going into the talks they knew that we all knew that but now the talks of broken up the greens are accusing the f.t.p. of a lack of will of not wanting to form a coalition the f.t.p. are the ones who have pulled out of the talks is that your impression the f.t.p. did not want to form a coalition. i think there are several indications for that i mean it does not
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the way they presented their withdrawal i think i read that as a strategic and deliberate decision to withdraw and that goes back i think to the to the experiences that the liberals have made and america from two thousand and nine to two thousand and thirteen and now they want to portray themselves as an independent party and then they're willing to do whatever it takes to to underline that over what do you see as the most likely scenario now moving forward now that these exploratory talks of failed new elections a minority government. minority government would be totally new but i mean we have to admit that the situation is extraordinary and maybe extraordinary means are called for but minority the minority government is not what the parliamentary system is all about it is about stable government that means it was
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a clear majority to the smaller than fifty percent of the parliamentary seats and for that matter we have to seize so to say what the future will be but but i mean i i think that there will be talks with social democrats if they want to riyadh into the talks so to say but that is not likely and then eventually we'll see steinmeyer facing the decision off new elections so fresh elections possibly for germany and this is a time of great uncertainty not just for germany but all of its partners to what does this mean for them starting with germany's partners in europe. bad news basically. i mean we have seen that already was a climate summit and and but. if we don't have it if we only have a managing chancellor. and the rest of the government is also only on the managing base then it must restrict itself through. well to to
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a low level decision making process that say and we are facing and take europe we are facing huge and important questions what is the future for europe the european context young younger and mccraw have taken up the challenge of reforming the you come up with with important ideas and it needs germany together with these two leaders it needs a strong chancellor to push for reforms and the european context and as long as we don't have fresh elections with a stable government i don't see that this is going to happen on a vote thank you very much that's all of our limca joining us from hamburg is political scientist at the university of maine. a great deal of uncertainty in zimbabwe today as well that country's embattled president robert mugabe has defied expectations by not resigning in
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a widely anticipated speech to the nation mugabe stressed that he was still in power despite mounting pressure to step down now his own party has told him to go by noon on monday that's today and that's no less than an hour from now or face impeachment. zimbabwe's longtime president robert mugabe addressed the nation for the first time after being sacked as zanu p.f. party leader his expected resignation was not forthcoming merely an acknowledgement that mistakes had been made as the president of zimbabwe and as sam commander in chief i do acknowledge the east shoes they have drawn my attention to and do believe that these were raised in this spirit of honesty and out of deed and that tree are to. full dished up be a foreign nation and for the welfare of our people not only did mcgarvie
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not announce his resignation as expected he further pledged to preside over the upcoming zanu p.f. party congress a clear slap in the face to his own party who had given him twenty four hours to resign or be impeached. zimbabwe's main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai said he was baffled by mugabe's failure to step down as were many ordinary citizens. all this week to this week's next and. despite everything that he has done to be with dignity and to just walk away. and we just think. it's true that. he so stubborn. with the confusion following mugabe's speech the way forward for zimbabwe suddenly seems unclear.
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time to look at some other stories making headlines around the world today kenya's supreme court has upheld the result of the country's presidential election the court dismissed an opposition petition claiming the vote was not conducted according to the law president can the otto won the rerun vote on october with ninety eight percent of the vote the opposition boycotted the point. at least fifteen people have been killed in a stampede near the moroccan city of esther we are reportedly while food aid was being distributed in a market media reports say all the victims were women food aid campaigns are common in remote poor areas of iraq and charles manson the u.s. cult leader behind a killing spree in one thousand nine hundred six california has died at the age of eighty three manson died of natural causes in a california prison he had been serving multiple life sentences for orchestrating the murder of actress sharon tate and six others in one nine hundred sixty nine.
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sailors some bonus league a soccer action from the weekend on sunday shock a host of hamburg looking to stake their claim as one of the league's top clubs hamburg meanwhile we're down at the wrong end of the table. if shaka are having the best season in years and they haven't lost a hamburger at home since january twenty seventh fifteen minutes in gideon young brought you haven't gone up leon down in the box penalty for the hosts franco de santo took the initiative and gave shaka an easy lead his first goal since march twenty sixth. after the break the guests had the better of the chances. hamburg seventeen year old shooting star set up aaron hunt who hit the post was on shell because. with ten minutes on the
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clock shall go on the attack again and it paid off have gone up leon got the books donaghue netted shock as second. hamburg lose their fifth away game on the bounce well shaka are up to second in the table for the first time in five years. and staying with the biggest league braman or looking to grab their first win of the season over the weekend they were up against head over who had impressed since their return to the first of asian. bremen fans had gone three hundred thirty minutes without seeing a goal at their home ground stop men next closer had yet to score in the bundesliga this season but that barren run ended after thirty nine minutes. in bottles finding the net tough to cruiser played him in. the break bremen fans
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finally with a raise and to celebrate. kind of the start of the second half stronger but their own finishing let them down. and up to fifty five minutes braman broke on the counter cruiser making no mistake his first goal in games moments later crows again. bremen fans couldn't believe their eyes three nil up. and bremen weren't finished yet crows are complacent in a twenty two minutes hattrick. the game finishing fourth and handing the club its first win since april their goal droughts that if. so how does a bonus league table look following a match day twelve check it out here by and are now six points clear at the top of the table chock a jump for second place by blood shoot up from eight to third in the bottom half
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how to berlin tumble to fourteenth place and frame and move up to the relegation playoff spot. and just for we go a reminder the top story we're following for you here in germany preliminary talks in forming a new government coalition of collapsed they ended after the business friendly three democrats pulled out party side at the reconcilable differences with merkel's conservative alliance of the greens just a black hole could now try to form a minority government or face new elections. or you news for them thanks for. trying him i wasn't always successful i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth i had to find some success you know came.


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