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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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my song jury of six. g.w. diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of. our innovations magazine for. every week and always looking to the future on. science and research. for
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asia. as you govern you come to live from but end but the right to our correspondent is in central istanbul i'm joined by the helicopter you know his political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the perspective closer d.w. news faster. they're black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i was. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the way. she traveled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seems as. though i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the
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main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with an. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. .
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this is g w news live from berlin germany is in an unprecedented situation after efforts to form a government fail that is the verdict of the german president drug culture steinmeyer up the pressure on the parties to reach a deal indicating that no fresh elections are planned for now. and chancellor angela merkel's political future hangs in the balance but she says she is ready to lead her party into a fresh election if necessary so what lies ahead for your ups biggest economy. plus zimbabwe's president robert mugabe ignores a deadline to resign mugabe's own party set him an ultimatum to step down by noon today or face impeachment those proceedings could start as soon as tomorrow.
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i'm sara kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. we begin with germany's political crisis talks to form a coalition government have failed and chancellor angela merkel has met with the german president here in berlin to discuss what to do next her political future has been called into question president frankfurter steinmeier has ruled out fresh elections for the time being here's what he had to say a short while ago. over the coming days i will talk to the leaders of all the parties involved in the exploratory talks. but not only that i will also talk to the leaders of those parties where an election program overlap couldn't allow the possible formation of a government. i would also meet with the heads of the other constitutional organs as well as the presidents of both chambers of parliament does talk.
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for more on the situation facing german politics and what the german president had to say a short while ago let's bring in political correspondent thomas sparrow he joins us from the german parliament in berlin i tell you thomas we just heard the german president urging all political parties to reconsider their positions and to find compromises in order to form a government and on to a strong and stable and sort of the leadership is not it's not quite clear so it's something that emerged today is that there is going to be brand america shaped hole in european politics for the next weeks and probably months and something that puts europe in a very difficult and bad position all right barbara vega with the european reaction tonight in brussels thank you very much. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines across the world u.s. president on the trump has declared north korea a state sponsor of terrorism trump said that the move to blacklist the regime again
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was long overdue john yang was removed from the list in two thousand and eight north korea and the u.s. are at loggerheads over kim jong un's controversial nuclear program charles manson the u.s. cult leader behind a killing spree in one thousand nine hundred sixty is california has died at the age of eighty three manson died of natural causes in a california prison he had been serving multiple life sentences for orchestrating the murder of actress sharon tate and six others in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine we want to go to another top story that we're following for you robert mugabe has ignored a deadline from his own party to step down as zimbabwe's president the embattled leaders refusal to quit following a military intervention is plunging the african nation into yet another crisis now lawmakers from his party are reportedly discussing impeachment proceedings zimbabwe is trying to shed almost forty years of mugabe's alter pratik rule we spoke to
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zimbabweans living in neighboring south africa about their hopes for a future minus mugabe. zimbabweans are celebrating what they're calling the new independence of their country. up until a week ago no one would have dared to protest against robert mugabe's rule in front of a consulate in johannesburg now. are making no secret of their contempt for him. even if you put a monkey as long as it's not just me james we can continue like this if not for us for our children and our grandchildren i believe. that well or even me i can do a better job than mugabe but not all zimbabweans and downtown johannesburg are feeling this kind of excitement for them mugabe's designated successor emmerson mining is as bad as the president. this man was just ten years old when he
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witnessed the massacre of the new the bella people that was more than thirty years ago he says the former vice president was behind the massacres you see people screaming. for help. things but they wouldn't get help with the. only thing that these people. killing their wives was just shooting in the air into the fields. more than twenty thousand zimbabweans died back then says lloyd. the human rights activist says the need to bellow were targeted because they were seen as critical of the government and he says there's evidence that implicates. who was then security minister. before you are very closely with president mugabe in terms of dealing ruthlessly with the opposition and and including perceived opposition you know any person who might pose a danger would pose
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a danger to political hedging money but many zimbabweans in south africa now want to look for. rather than back they see the chance of a new beginning for their homeland and many are already heading home so they can be part of what's happening. but many zimbabweans it seems like a dream too good to be true the days of their long term dictates are about who got it have finally come to an end but some people wonder what will happen in the post mugabe era will it just be the replacement of one dictator by another will there really be the democratic change that so many people have been waiting for. here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you german president prime falter steinmeier says that he is not yet prepared to call fresh elections after talks on forming a new coalition government collapsed steinmeier says he will now meet with the parties and urge them to rethink. you're watching news live from
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berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day we'll see you then everybody. make your small t.v. even smarter with a double or small. what you want when you want it. up to date. extraordinary.


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