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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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so every young person needs to listen to crime fighters and share tell a friend tell a friend tell a friend. cried fighters. state by state. colorful. life yes. the most traditional. kind of all any time. check with a web special. take a tour of germany by state. on d w dot com. hello everyone and welcome to your own max among other topics we've got a royal romans and today show. love and loyalty you could
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a little about prince philip celebrate epic and verse a read. fashion on fusion the takeaway for designers in the city towing a clash of cultures. and give and take private objects friends are a life saver for under four on it rizzi if. there is a romantic ok's and to celebrate in britain today could another birth and her husband prince philip a celebrating their seventy's wedding anniversary this said i do in the post will parry it on november twentieth in one thousand nine hundred forty seven with a big jubilee they've set a record for the longest marriage in the history of british royal couple's of course over the years the two have experienced a lot of ups and downs let's have a look back to see if we can discover their own recipe for marital success. plain elizabeth the same. prince philip arguably the best known royal couple they
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have now remarried seventy years without a single marital scandal union embodies loyalty integrity and a sense of duty the beginning was suitably romantic in nineteen thirty nine philip batten was an eighteen year old cadet of the royal naval college in dartmouth during a routine royal visit to the college he was put in charge of chaperoning the king's daughters and princess elizabeth just thirteen knew immediately that this was the man she wanted to marry the queen was smitten. when she was princess elizabeth the very first day she ever mets prince philip he wasn't prince philip at that time. just a young officer that it was not the ideal match for a future queen of england he was a pamela prince of german descent elizabeth's mother in particular raised doubts about her daughter's choice. elizabeth was not to be swayed and stood by her choice
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. the wedding bells rang on november the twentieth nine hundred forty seven in london's westminster abbey hundreds of thousands of well wishers lining the street waiting for hours for a chance to cheer the newlyweds. soon had their first two children charles the heir to the throne in one thousand nine hundred forty eight and san their only daughter in nine hundred fifty then their lives took an abrupt and drastic turn elizabeth's father king george the sixth died in one nine hundred fifty two twenty six year old elizabeth became queen and philip the prince consort as the husband of the queen he was not to carry the title of king. the coronation was broadcast live on television with more than twenty million viewers worldwide.
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after elizabeth's coronation prince andrew was born followed by prince edward in one nine hundred sixty four philip had left the navy to devote himself all time to his royal duties i think they've grown into each other in a formal way you know they have their difference is they have their ways of dealing with things in different ways but they've come together as a formal couple as well so that when they're doing for the occasions they are very much as one they are the firm they are the family while the queen and prince concerts union has stood the test of time the same can't be said of the marriages of three of their four children. princes and. prince andrew. and diana divorced. prince philip and queen elizabeth have stood together and weathered all the storms
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to hit their family including the death of princess diana in one nine hundred ninety seven and the ensuing wave of animosity towards the royals from the british public. that same year philip and elizabeth celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. all families we went through the full range of pleasures and tribulations of bringing up children i'm not sure it's somewhat biased but i think our children have done rather well under very different and difficult and demanding circumstances. they're a team that functions like a well oiled machine today queen elizabeth and prince philip are firmly back in the british public school good graces. the give and take royal couple you know they they keep together extremely well they can have their times apart but they are professionally one of the strongest couples i've ever met. elizabeth has
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often mentioned that marrying prince philip was one of the best decisions of her life has been my her side supporting her for seven decades. prince philip officially retired from his royal duties in august but prince consuls is a lifelong calling in many ways he and the queen are emblematic of the ideal royal couple. that has to be the first christmas markets have just opened across europe so we are also getting into the festive mood at the top of our news for round up on today's express. tis the season for christmas markets. the popular tiffany amusement park and the danish capital copenhagen is a blaze and millions of colorful lights. it's the largest seasonal market in
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scandinavia. vienna is also getting into the holiday spirit. of the austrian capital city hall offers a cornucopia of delights at it and train. an enormous star shines above the square in romania transylvania has had a christmas market of its own since two thousand and seven. now it's regarded as one of the most beautiful and rumania. restoration work on jotters company in florence cathedral brought in a one hundred thirty five metre crane boom on sunday to inspect the top of its cross the world famous bell tower was designed by italian artist job. in the fourteenth century part of the restoration will involve refurbishing the wooden
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roof supports the cathedral is on unesco's list of world cultural heritage sites. monaco celebrated its national holiday on sunday the reigning prince albert and his family watched the ceremony which commemorates france's recognition of monaco's independence on november the one thousand eight hundred sixty one after the changing of the guard the ceremony continued but the man. nicholas cathedral. of sadness took note albert has recently become sporting a mustache. the traces that fasten leaves on society can see not only on the streets but also on the wrong way. around the wood for years now designers have been looking to different cultures both past and present for inspiration and of course often they
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find inspiration by exploring their own roots like. grew up in serbia is now living in his heritage is clearly reflected in his creations which are a modern take on traditional style. fashion knows no borders or boundaries he cites bridge takes what it needs and then transforms it into something new. and fashion tell stories. cademy of fashion and design sasha covert shavit she's holding a workshop this fashions are inspired by images from his childhood he grew up in the former yugoslavia during the civil war there. my inspiration is always my at
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the callback which is the serbian who lives here in berlin as a migrant basically. his work gives him an outlet to work through his wartime experiences. fashion is a way of leaving the past behind his collections allow him to pursue a path of continuous reinvention. a new book called traces fashion and migration. shows how the fashion industry has been enrich by immigration its authors are i'm sure drink could and all go boom hard. as i often find i realize that a lot of interesting labels the ones that people are talking about are run by people with an immigrant background eighty percent for sure and that this rich cultural mix is very inspiring that he and his. a cultural
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mix that makes for exciting street style. wear headscarves are worn as a cool accessory. if it doesn't i'm told we think it's great because you can see how fashion is also creating a change in society and feeling a spirit of amounts of patient three months but soon saw that fashion is also an expression of who people want to be the banding fashion designers are still searching for their own signature style. and often got if they come from an immigrant background if their parents were immigrants that's very often a big thing but once might have been an insecurity has become a strength back up. william fan is a german designer with chinese roots and a rising star in german fashion. website this
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workshop is called our self discovering which means that the students will spend four days figuring out who they are getting to know the inner them i think that's the greatest source of inspiration of. who am i and who do i want to be fashion is forward looking. i'd say fashion doesn't just pick up on social trends it also brings about change and fashion is incredibly quick. about doing us off and we'll still be analyzing a trend yet it's been around for a while already and is influencing people. and that's really valuable i'm with us i mean it isn't. here in europe and many museums and other cultural institutions wouldn't exist without the support of patents the guests and was lead to a wide range of culture activity in our next report we need to people who are
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committed to the arts but what exactly happens to an all motivates them to dole out portions of their fortunes here are some answers. cost of mallette is rich very rich but instead of going shopping he visits his dutch masters one hundred fifty five of them are hanging at the doctor's just museum in for him they belong to the miller collection a priceless gift from this patron not the comedian they have been sure i'm a millionaire but i don't live a life of luxury i wouldn't know how to give out all that money and i don't want a boat i don't want anything my money goes towards paintings exclusively and that's also my legacy what will remain of me are my donations. that they've been so well received and are of such importance has to do with the fact that museums themselves can't afford the market prices for such artworks. in munich.
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and has funded a museum devoted to lyric poetry since one nine hundred eighty nine it's her personal gift to everyone a place full of poetry. i was interested in these books and i wanted lots of others to be interested in them also. my skin as a patroness and heir to a hydraulic components firm she's given much of her fortune to the new her cabinet foundation it operates a library which houses fifty eight thousand volumes of poetry and is open to the public. preserving art for the general public is also christoph miller's aim after selling off a chef on a daily newspaper in two thousand and four he started buying paintings at auctions and giving them to museums these works by dutch masters from the seventeenth century comprise the largest a nation of paintings by old masters and germany since world war two dr gave us a nick is the collections curator. and it's called it's in there now comes what is
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probably my favorite painting at least by the dutch old masters or at the end plough. and. we've been lucky to receive this large donation. that alone is already a sign of recognition for the museum news. that it's being given such a gift the land with it all this attention and when dharma does it comes out of my exam card. along with the purchase of books or is in the high skins the nation pays the salaries of several employees they organize around forty five readings per year as well as a student poetry project. they also look after an extensive library. and have people who come here for the first time are often surprised that something
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like this exists especially people from abroad say they've never seen anything like it and no matter where they're from the p. people who come here to read are primarily thankful for this opportunity to get the thanks because there are very few places which concentrates so exclusively on lyric poetry that's why it's become an important reference center and meeting place over many years and decades and it's also juta the spirits of our founder here who have this enthusiasm this idea this love of lyric tree it's not a state run institution or a municipal one it's a private initiative. first of malice private donations are now estimated to be worth some fancy million euros but the speculative value means little to either the museum or its generous patron his motives are much more profound. i do it for the pictures too because i love them so much the danish ones as well
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when i buy a painting i'm responsible for it and for the painter who is long dead m l i want to do something for him i'm proud to have purchased the picture but not for its commercial value or as a property or that persists. i know that cabinet foundation acquires around two thousand volumes of poetry every year and it publishes books as well both on its own and in cooperation with other publishers. clown do you have our own publications just kind of happened. when authors came and we left them but they didn't have a book we just said well we'll make you one. patron they're much more than people who simply hand out money. and now it's time for our euro max xo to up today we're heading to northern ireland thanks to
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a viewer quest from costa rica. the lobos sky wanted to know more about northern ireland so we decided to visit the capital belfast for decades the northern island conflicts known as the troubles kept visitors a day a tourism has picked up the since the one thousand nine hundred eight peace deal and visitors are discovering the delights buffet has to offer lonely planet recently named one of the world's best region so visit and twenty eighteen but us is in many ways a brand new city with a host of attractions here are some highlights. the best way to start a day in belfast is with breakfast incident george's market it's worth a visit just to see the impressive architecture of the indoor market that opened in eighty ninety six a typical breakfast here is the off to fry. good and northern ireland the but you
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know read the sort of read and this little thing here which is called battle royal you can't buy these things in england you can buy these things in scotland are sausages have an aristo i can see called the west and the list is filled with. setting off from desmond hand the taxi drives past the city's vast collection of murals they're relics of the northern ireland sectarian conflict known as the troubles which flared up between catholics and protestants in the one nine hundred sixty s. and continued the decades. well know you'll find republicans are celebrating also some of the some of the things that happened over the years or so well for example you would have over my shoulder to the right you. are the public of commerce figures that by public finance were made to anyone ten of them. as a result of a protest. high fences and walls still separate many parts of the city and the
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residents. on the belfast docks as the shipyard where the luxury liner titanic was built a museum commemorates the doomed ship. the height of our belden at the cme height titanic was from cane to promenade deck from the bottom of the ship to the top ninety eight and the yellow funnel of titanic of the yellow they were roughly an hour ninety feet on top of that and he and. the titanic belfast was opened in two thousand and twelve for the hundredth anniversary of the ship's only voyage alongside replicas of various cabins as the last known photo of the titanic a large part of the exhibit is devoted to the linus construction.
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visit belfast head to the victoria square center a few stories up from the shop and a glass. box with an average of one hundred fifty four rainy days a year they can be no guarantee of good visibility. nearby belfast city hall is a playful building modeled on other city halls dating from the height of the british empire. the windows depicting historic events and stained glass are a must see for many of the marble clad holes and the council chamber are also open to the public. just outside of town fans of the hit television series game of thrones can visit familial locations in reality like the dark hedges. the train and the casa water they can try the hand at the bow and arrow in the original sashing. if it's too far back you might hit the
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side of f.e.'s or no door i need them. and my night falls in belfast it's time for a pint of beer at the corner pop there's a pub on almost every corner on the bit of luck it will feature life irish music. well plunging temperatures here in europe it's the perfect time for you it's. the place to have if you're in the mood for the cheese and a restaurant called the heidi that translates. well at its own identified one in
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the smith explain. a bit of switzerland in balance quite spec this strict not far from the spray river is a swiss chalet called. black. here in berlin you can go to the disco in a sweat suit will get married on the show so i think we can handle. just about. the restaurant is run by jennifer melinda schmidt she was born in kenya and grew up in switzerland where she didn't post a test to treat as i grew up in the alps in foot again in the bunny ears open and then everyone's going to hide really everyone so i thought i call my restaurant shots. at the black hyping two or more guest can order a swiss funded for just under twenty euros there are three types of melted cheese on offer mild spicy with truffles the fondue is served with vegetables and salad.
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is the service not like being in a beer tent in bavaria people drink good white wine good cheese and a very talkative and the music's great too. it's delicious a winter meal that really warms you up. and it fills you up to go how can you avoid getting into jesson. take an antacid. the boss has a better idea. of mockeries i always put a glass of cherry brandy on the table he jumps the bread into the brandy first then into the phone. but not every piece every six the seventh one one other. she won't be able to find your way home. but mind the bread doesn't fall off the fondue fork in that event swiss tradition dictates that the men buy a round and the women kiss their neighbor to their right.
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this swiss restaurant certainly brings patrons closer together almost one hundred twenty people can snuggle into the cozy chalet and because every visit should be a special winter treat spot society is open for just four months a year from november until february. cheesy fondue christmas markets more wine or something else perhaps we want to know what makes you get into the festive spirit sun was a photo with featured a selection of your andres on the show to find out more just go to our web page w dot com slash live if you take pod you will automatically enter a draw for this exclusive watch so good luck with that and i hope you can join us again tomorrow then from all of us in berlin thanks for watching. next time on your own the dog swelled has come to southwest germany at the twenty
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first edition of the times festival international companies are presenting their choreographies including several of european. it's a mix of hip hop asian martial arts and contemporary dancing that's out of this well next time on your of march.
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the fast pace of life in the digital no. shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the wittiest finds and interviews with makers and users. in fifteen minutes to.
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kick off the bundesliga highlights. dortmund sink deeper into crisis a stiff cock send them packing and down to fifth in the table. going off to go for braman as crews of trick against hanover. hansen their first win of the season. to go. thirty minutes on t.w. . had to find tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. it's just a really beautiful moment when you're able to share with people. with a club more air miles than some pilots. like const reference and with us now getting all. three german d.j.
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superstars can it get any more bombastic the music didn't exist we had no idea what we wanted to hear and how to do it ourselves. between backstage rooms self-discipline and a twenty four seven social media presence. superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth. long d.w. . they're black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i was. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the way. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seemed as. though i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the
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main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with a. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . the german chancellor angela merkel says she would rather face a new election than lead a minority government for party talks aimed at forming a new government collapsed off to the business friendly freedom of.


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