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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 11:00am-11:31am CET

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good so you. do something for your country but you're still the black you're welcome. afro germany starting december tenth from t.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin the so-called butcher of bosnia faces a life sentence for genocide bracco a lot of the former bosnian serb warlord is accused of ethnic cleansing in the one nine hundred ninety s. a verdict is due with the u.n.
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war crimes tribunal this morning we'll go live to the hague also coming out. jubilation as president robert mugabe resign the man who once proclaimed only god will remove me steps down after thirty seven years in power so what's next for zimbabwe we'll get an update from the capital harare. also failed coalition talks have catapulted germany into unprecedented political uncertainty but is berlin really facing a political crisis our correspondent takes to the streets of the capital for a closer look. and a controversy over overs cover up of a massive pack data from fifty seven million over customers have been exposed to the ride sharing from kept quiet and even paid the hackers to delete the stolen information.
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i'm simply so much kind of good to have you with us judges that a u.n. court have begun reading out the ruling in the trial of the bosnian serb military leader right. now lot of has been charged with war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide a model chad's been in court today to hear the ruling on his heart just many of which relate to the massacre of thousands of muslim bosniak men and boys in the town of in one thousand nine hundred five the massacre was carried out by serb troops under his command and our reporter catherine martin's is standing by outside the courthouse in the hague for us hi catherine good to see you so the verdict as it is being a read out what have we been hearing and what is the sentence that reichl is facing . so the judge a started was an enumeration of facts regarding the valar crimes. on the one side to the regarding the seats of sarajevo on the other hand regarding. massacre
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regarding the siege of sarajevo first of all the charges found that crimes against humanity committed out after the geneva conventions geneva conventions are essentially a list of do's and downs when it comes to armed conflict so this is the first first thing they're judged as found. because of. systematic infliction of terror systematic murder and a systematic purpose to hit civilians when it comes to the siege of sarajevo when it comes to the massacre of srebrenica it was a very of a to it's how the chances will. the church as a verdict will be will it be a genocide or not the judge has confirmed that the crimes committed in
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srebrenica constitute a genocide so the crew terrorists are all mad for words for the definition of genocide no confusion here it is not yet. about the responsibility of the personal responsibility. from. larger church this is something they will right now start to read out but at the time coincidence or not when they wanted to start to read out regarding their personal responsibility right gun law to to is present in the courtroom asked to go to the toilet and this was granted my the judge just so there is right now a break and they will resume with the facts and if not. ragon larders i'm sorry is really personally responsible this is something we will hear in with within an hour catherine these are charges dating back to the balkans
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war in the early ninety's why has it taken so long for justice to run its course in this case well the indictment was rendered quite quickly by the i.c.c. why in one thousand five. of the seven it's a massacre but of course not it indeed was sixteen years on the run why was that possible largely because it had gone large it really had a large protection not only by his family but also by a kind of serbian elite army be the church and also we have to be in mind that a long time the serbian population considered him as a national hero and they were very reluctant to anyhow reveal information which could have. led to the arrest of ragon large so all in all this are some reasons why it took so long time so it had really to be a new serbian political elite over for example prime minister targets to really go
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forward and to push for the arrest of. lard and so this is a reason why it took so long finally to get it really in front of the i.c.c. why. catherine martin's reporting for us outside the courthouse in the hague catherine thank you to zimbabwe now where people are celebrating after president robert mugabe announced his resignation the shock announcement ended nearly four decades of rule that followed a tumultuous week that saw military takeover mass demonstrations and a desperate mugabe clinging to power in the face of impeachment proceedings. underneath on the streets of harare thirty seven years of robert mugabe's rule has come to an end d.w. correspondent christine monday on hand to witness history.
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that was. the. just minutes earlier members of the zimbabwean parliament listened as the speaker of the hives read out a statement from robert mugabe i wrap it up and then in terms of folks who like to see one all because two thousand of them bob we're here by for my tender my resignation as the president of the republic of way with immediate effect. the speaker went on to read mugabe's reasons for stepping down. my decision to design. is what i'm talking on my blog and out rather than will my cause. for the welfare of the people who walk with over
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my desire to ensure. more peaceful and none. that's on the. national security. and. mugabe's departure marks the end of a crisis that began last week when the military intervened to stop the rise to power of mugabe's wife grace thought then developed into a popular revolt. a new tutor will be named within forty eight hours but for now zimbabweans are enjoying what marks the beginning of a new era in their country. our correspondent christine milne well in that report and she joins us from harare with more as the focus that turns to mugabe is long time deputy hi christine good to see you so emerson i'm in god why is widely expected to take over now and he said to
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return there to harare soon and we have heard reports from the state broadcaster that he would be sworn in on friday what more can you tell us well that is a tsunami and we are awaiting his arrival was he had fled the country fearing for his slice he is now due to return from south africa any moment now and yes he is expected to be sworn in on friday that is the initial plan at this stage how are people been reacting christine. people are excited in fact i was walking around the streets of the capital this morning and you know the revelry. has has died down much less gone back to normal but it is still the talking points that everybody you. is really having the discussion about the future of this country a lot of people still in shock believe that really we're talking about the first day with republic mugabe not president of the focus of the excitement is still
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there but life is continuing as sunni people are looking forward to the return of innocent now go to to take over and run this country going forward at least for the short term sunni looking to that future christine what can zimbabweans expect will anything change under a new leader especially under someone who was actually closely linked to the mugabe regime. the city the way this is all paid out you know zanu p.f. right now in the eyes of the people is the party that's the liberation thing from from robert mugabe and guys and innocent and that general who we saw a week ago making the announcement that the army had taken over constantine jane that these are two very controversial figures in this country to fit people people who have been known to to be ruthless people who have been known to to to really be in forces off mugabe is full of mugabe's term. and so right now because robert
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mugabe has gone there you know people are also. almost glossing over all of that right now but that the reality is that the future is very uncertain and those who can take a step back a worried now about these characters coming in and taking the fall because questions are are they going to change or they simply going to be worse some people see it than what we saw with robert mugabe many people even saying an old man will follow me this morning and say you know i actually think now go is worse than then will god be but it remains to be seen really but what the constitution sais is that none of us should only really stand as president for the remainder of her up macleod based him off to which the country must go to a general election that would mean up until july next year ok and christine just briefly if you can where does all of this leave robert mugabe what's happening happens to him and his wife grace. well that's the question everybody's asking we know that this family has amassed incredible wealth of the is i'm talking about
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owning huge assets like mines huge commercial farms prophecies in all corners of the world essentially at least wait until sanctioned so they have the option really to take calls and go anyway they they can choose where they're allowed to go and it seems that as if they have been guaranteed immunities here that they would be prosecuted and that for the most part they wealth isn't going to be touched so we don't know gets about the fate of the mugabe's whether they'll choose to remain in zimbabwe or they'll choose to go broad and if they do choose to go abroad we can only guess. christine money reporting from harare christine thank you for that update now to some other stories making headlines around the world lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he's putting his resignation on hold after the country's president asked him to reconsider to allow for more dialogue career return to lebanon late on tuesday it's been nearly three weeks since he suddenly announced his resignation while in saudi arabia. in turkey the trial of eleven
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human rights activists on terrorism related charges is set to resume today in istanbul among the defendants is turner killing the chairman of amnesty international and turkey is still behind bars eight of the other activists including german national paper started no were released on bail last month and all of them deny the charges in argentina plain searching for a missing submarine of spotted a possible object on the ocean floor argentina's navy lost contact last week with the submarine there were forty four crew members on board if the vessel is intact it's feared that its oxygen supply could be close to running out. now to a big controversy surrounding chris of cover as more on that story certainly not the first one over has been in the news for alleged sexual harassment of its former c.e.o. claims of trade secrets theft and multiple federal criminal throws now the company
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admitted that last year it suffered a massive data breach. hackers stole names and email addresses and phone numbers of millions of customers and to make matters worse were kept quiet about it. has shocked the world with what appears to be one of the most massive data breaches ever but that's no longer the only scandal i didn't inform some fifty seven million customers around the world until this week that their personal information could have been stolen by hackers in twenty sixteen but the breach happened last year and after the company found out it paid the hackers one hundred thousand dollars to keep it all secret. is the world's leading right sharing service its estimated value is nearly seventy billion dollars. the company's revelation would do more than just harm its reputation in the u.s. companies are required to disclose data breach information to the government so the
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ride sharing service could end up facing fines from u.s. authorities and other countries for hiding the information the revelation could also potentially exposed goober to lawsuits from affected customers and that could have a significant impact on its bottom line. for more let's bring in our tech editor constantine klein who joins me from the studios in bonn constantine personal data of fifty seven million years or so has been affected in this case what more can you tell us. well according to what tells us no personal information per person financial information has been stolen just email addresses phone numbers and names which is bad enough but in addition to that also the data of six hundred thousand us drivers have been stolen and those included their driver's license numbers which is of significance in a country where driver licenses are also substitute as personal i.d.'s of course compared to other recent cases this is
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a minor one remember the equal facts case equally facts is one of the leading trade of agent rating agencies in the united states and they had the data over one hundred thirty million u.s. citizens stolen including deciles which acuity numbers which is the number of the number of indication for us citizens so all in all a pretty bad picture here or sad after it paid one hundred thousand dollars to the hackers the data was the lead what are we to make of this oh well this only works if you accept the concept of the honest crook and it doesn't leave a will in a very decent light was c. also has released a statement saying that no credit card numbers bank account numbers social security numbers that were downloaded anyone infected off the hack will be notified still we know that has been operating under its founder and former seal travers' kalanick bending the rules or avoiding the rules in india for different markets now if it's in a bad light again and also it might be under investigation very soon new york's attorney
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general eric schneiderman already has launched an investigation constant inclined to use tech out of her thank you so much. the fifth round of nafta talks has come to a close and the three countries involved have yet to resolve any major differences u.s. officials brought up some sort of issues at the meeting donald trump made revamping the agreement which he calls the single worst deal ever approved a key element of the election campaign but throughout negotiations canada and mexico have continued to resist u.s. demands the areas of car manufacturing and agriculture where there are still no signs of solutions the next round of talks will take place in december. let's gets get some assessment on these talks from our financial correspondent conrad bosun in frankfurt conor no progress in the nasa negotiations how much of a concern is this to financial markets i have to say christophe
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investors on the financial markets are pretty cool when it comes to the nafta negotiations at least if you look at the prices the rally on the stock market has picked up again there was a new record high for the dow jones industrial average in new york yesterday as well as for the nasdaq index and also in toronto the stock market there is trading not very far away from its record high and in mexico the equity market well it's come down a little bit from a record high in august but it's still trading much higher than at this time of the last year it's as if investors were saying we deal with the problem when it's there but for the moment we choose to be rather optimistic now despite this apparent optimism there are pitfalls and what are they and how could they impact companies here in europe. if you talk to people here in frankfurt in the financial community
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the concerns are not so much mediately for businesses in europe and having to deal with you know the united states mexico or canada where people here are concerned is the way how those nafta negotiations have been going you have on the one side the mexican's and the canadians which seem to address those negotiations the old way you know get prepared know your details talk and then eventually find common ground and find a compromise on the other side. here the american team negotiation team behaves very differently they came up with maximum positions they don't budge and it's as if they're waiting you know for the mexicans and the canadians to lose then of them gives in and this is not the way how european negotiators when they
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have to deal with the u.s. want to be treated a lot of work remains of the nafta talks conrad burns in frankfurt thank you so much more now on the political turmoil in germany sumi thank you christophe now failed coalition talks in germany have catapulted the country into unprecedented political uncertainty berlin has long been an example of stable leadership but now uncle americal is the first german chancellor since world war two to fail to form a government so is germany really facing a political crisis our correspondent took to the streets of the capital for a closer look. this is a symbol of turmoil in germany is his story but it's also a symbol of peace the brandenburg gate in brawley. a lot of countries have looked on germany as a big can of hope in these uncertain times to the bracks it with rising far right parties and populism for many people rolled wide germany is a safe harbor and a guarantee of stability but is that still true. many european visitors in berlin
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say yes i'm from spain and well and now yeah i can see there are many more the stable than spain or catalonia because spain is going through a lot of things now so just for that and one economically i think it's also more stable with mainland and we considered a lot more stable country going to the might even yet missing because obviously unlimber say is happening but since to pro-business free democrats broke off coalition talks germany's political stability is starting to look. all of a sudden it's unclear which parties with govern germany and what will happen next a minority government new elections and what does this all mean for chancellor merkel the chancellor it's been michael's home for the past few years but her grip on power is weakening her future uncertain a lot of journalists rolled warred have been trying to understand the secret recipe
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of challenge anglo merkel success that's kept her in the driving seat of politics one of those journalists is my colleague hans brant who's not just standing by here he's basically covering this entire mayhem for days now hans what is your take what comes through the political status quo of chancellor merkel is she needed for stability for security in june any well certainly she's doing very well she's been in here for several years she's feeling at home there if new elections were to be held this. very likely that she will win with her party she will continue to be chancellor for another four years or so on the other hand i'm going to knuckle should give up or should be forced to give up that doesn't mean that chaos will break out takes me to the bundestag just across from the chance for that too stands for stability but since the election in september germany's parliament is looking more fragile they don't quite know how to handle the situation they're starting now
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to put together committees which do the real work and any parliament but the congress put together the exact committees because the exact cabinet will be behind that so there's a great sense of uncertainty in parliament as well is and what does chelsea merkel say to all of this is nothing. when it's constant talk of deep reflection hans when it comes to the future of germany anything to add absolutely it's not going to try to say look things are in my hand you can be real be assured that i will look after things in my hands things will develop without any problems everything will be ok i don't worry too much i'm in charge but in fact things are very uncertain we don't quite know how this is all going to play out because things sound certain and everything and anything is possible this could be even the beginning of the end of chancellor merkel's political carrier.
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soccer now in a mixed night for the german sides in the champions league it was crunch time for dortmund they needed a win on match day five and they did take the lead against tottenham with returning striker pierre emerick obama young scoring the first goal but tottenham struck back to harry kane and going to win two one the result means dortmund are out of the tournament although they may still go into the europa league. it was a better night for rb leipzig who also needed a win when they travel to monaco van i was like six hero on the night he scored twice in the first half to help his side to a four one victory leipsic are now level on points with second place porto in group g. and a win in the final group game could see them progress to the next round now despite australia's national football team qualifying for next year's world cup in russia socceroos coach and you posted announced his the shock resignation on
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wednesday the fifty two year old australian revealed his decision in an emotional press conference he said the job a taken a toll on his family life but declined to go into specifics it comes a week after his side qualify for the world cup playoffs. back to some news now a dramatic footage has emerged over north korean soldiers defection the pictures show him racing across the border under fire from former comrades the soldier is now recovering in a south korean hospital this is one of the most heavily guarded places on earth and this is a north korean soldier about to make the most dangerous and deeding decision of his life to defect to the south. korea's pasta north korean checkpoint his comrades raise the alarm and give chase. over the bridge of no return the driver is within touching distance of freedom.
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regime soldiers make one last bed to catch him. just metres from the white demarcation line disaster struck as he crushed his jeep the young man soldier had to make the crossing on foot with his pursuers firing forty bullets on his back. one even crosses the border before retreating a violation of the armistice agreement start two minutes later the badly injured soldier was seen amongst a bed of leaves. and for red imagery shores host south korean soldiers crawl to his . doctors say he is in recovery. our top story that we're following at this hour bosnian serb military leader is at court in the hague to hear the ruling on charges for war crimes crimes against
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humanity and genocide the presiding judge found that genocide was committed instructor needs but he has not yet announced a verdict in modest case. you're watching t.v. news from berlin oh we'll be back at the top of the hour but we leave you with images of the jubilation in zimbabwe after the resignation by president robert mugabe thanks for watching.
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