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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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between backstage rooms soup discipline and a twenty four seventh's social media presence. superstar d.j. starting november twenty fifth g w. this is it every dues lie firm world and about good luck it's the butcher of bosnia is guilty of genocide and war crimes a u.n. tribunal sentences the former bosnian serb commander to life in prison for atrocities he committed during the bosnian war also on the show a new day and a new leader for zimbabwe supporters of incoming president emerson god are lining
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the streets of harare to welcome him back home that's after robert mugabe's stunning resignation on choose state brought almost four decades of offshore tarion rule to an end in gaza is due to be sworn in as president of zimbabwe on friday. and guber covers up a massive hack attack data from fifty seven million customers exposed but the right sharing company kept it under wraps and then paid the hackers to delete the stolen information. on leyla iraq thank you very much for your company and that's the former bosnian serb army chief accused of leading the massacre of eight thousand muslim men and boys has been found guilty of war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide
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judges at the u.n. tribunal in the hague have sentenced moderates to life in prison here's what the presiding judge had to say as he read out the ruling earlier today. the chamber finds. guilty as a member of fairies joined common enterprises of the following counts count to genocide count three persecution a crime against humanity well a lot of she was not in the courtroom when the verdict was read if they were moved following an angry outburst directed at the judge well that's after the judge denied a request by lot of the lawyers to delay the proceedings because their client's blood pressure was rising let's listen mr milosevic. has them let it sit. mr. mr knight if you.
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if you continue like this. we we we adjourn we. missed we adjourn we adjourn mr i'm not a chill be removed from the courtroom. that i'm getting mr milosevic we adjourn curtains down mr milosevic will be removed from the courtroom. extra nice in there i'm not folding the breakup of yugoslavia and the unspeakable atrocities perpetrated during the conflict defined the mid ninety's and frank often reported on events from bosnia at the time so it's very invaluable to have you here on this a very specific day the slow wheels of justice finally caught up with what happened they felt a lot of each guilty of war crimes of genocide put this in perspective for us how
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important what is the significance of this sentence basically very slow wheels and date after twenty twenty two years where he would acknowledge off to that for now what happened about instep and it's one thousand nine hundred ninety five and who was the main person responsible for the this world is not only important for the balkans but also for international justice let me bring you back to nine hundred ninety three when the international criminal war crimes tribunal for the for me was lucky i was founded now we have another international criminal tribunal the i.c.c. in the hague which means the basis of all this started in one thousand nine hundred three and it's going to continue the fact that the international community was able to bring this the trial to a man means that the international community and united nations already know what days in the twenty first century even after such a long period of time to finalize such a trial and bring justice to first of all the victims here in the balkans all right and of course the most important people in all of this are of course the survivors
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the relatives the loved ones of those who perished is there any solace for them what was their reaction to this verdict there was a look that had a look at the pictures broadcast live from poster child which is a step and it's a memorial on the spot on the ground found by the united states at the time by the clinton administration. i had the feeling that there was a certain feeling of joy of happiness of relics ation after all that pain but one shouldn't underestimate the fact also doubts. a lot of these them and organizing themselves in a group called the middle step and it's. they are full of sadness of especially because of the fact that the result of the military successes of not it's troops at the time is there and this is the. entity that the pope because and they have to live there because it happened it's a film's a part is that a village forms a part of this been dominated and to take and so i have the feeling that they are
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mixed feelings even today mixed feelings you were there in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. you were a reporter in bosnia share some of your experiences with us significant day i feel right of course all these memories are coming back on such an important important day. i have a right there shortly after the fall of supplements i was assigned for german press and radio there and i was one of the only ones on the base of the united nations at the time where the version of stop and it's a half a rifle was emergency help to organize by the international red cross and of course u.n.h.c.r. and of course this is something even as a prize a reporter you don't want to say to you often in your career this was in the heart of europe where we had where we had scenes that we knew as a post-war generation in western europe from the second world war and from the points and experience all parents told us and that was again and this is something
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of probably won't never never never forget it all right frank often ring in on that momentous verdict passed on by the i c two i to today thank you so very much for having me thank you. all right we're going to have to send bob way now where former vice president emerson gaga has arrived home in preparation to take power at day after robert mugabe resigned as president my god what took a private jet from an airfield near johannesburg while there he met with south african president jacob zuma is expected to be sworn in as him by ways head of state on friday he'll hold the role until the current term of the president expires next year. all right we can take you now to harare the your capital of zimbabwe where d.w. is christine and why is standing by she is outside the zanu p.f. party headquarters she joins us now on the phone christina anderson gaga arrived in
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harare already what is happening where you are how are people receiving this news. i know there is a huge crowd inside that compound ways the site of the escape court this is the case if it sounds hieratic and this crowd has been there since about one o'clock local time so it's been a few hours waiting till now that well we understand that he will at some point adrift this crowd and they are carrying placards as they really none of our presidents alexander richey. very proud of waiting for him to come and like i say we do expect that he will be addressing the crowd ok so we expect him to address the crowd or momentarily what kind of legitimacy does magog war have with zimbabweans considering that he was hand in glove with the mugabe regime. and it's very interesting you get different accounts from different people
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a lot of the people was yesterday i'm holding the black cars and then is that i've been telling you about scratching is they have you know say that he's a changed man that is above we had to be seized and that he will be a different person in fact some are saying that he's a born again christian and that perhaps will show that he's changed any note on the ticket to go those odds they are saying that because of where things are now the world would not want to repeat the errors that mugabe made but other people are skeptical i'm off limits and one of i mean he's known as the prophets out and that tells us that this isn't somebody who has a reputation of the out of the church choir so to say he is somebody with a very scary and disturbing to them drive cars so some people even going as far as telling me that they are more scared of my god what than they were about mugabe so it depends who you talk. today but you know as of now as i'm looking right now at a huge crowd standing outside cheering and waiting upon his arrival to address to address and write i imagine that expectations are sky high what do people
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want to seem godward to first. jobs later had that is really one of the major things people want jobs a lot of people in this country are unemployed conservatives in this with tell you more than eighty percent of people and it's going this economy is not functioning well infrastructure is the left a gaping i spent the day speaking to people in the health sector people who work in the transport infrastructure industry this country has been brought to a sense so really there is no cash in this country many people telling me they have not had health physical cash in their hands in months now so there are dire situations when it comes to the economy people once not that was to come in and put up economy they think that him coming in and being backed by the british and other governments around the world they think that that will open the door to investments and get this economy growing again and christine will become now of robert mugabe
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and his wife grace can they stay in zimbabwe do need to leave zimbabwe. we don't know much about the details in terms of the deal that they reached with with the generals but what we understand is that they have to give them immunity because we think that at any point well it will be possible got it will be prosecuted for anything we also don't expect that the while will be touch not just that he has a match and huge amounts of wealth as he says i'm talking about opening minds going to huge commercial bomb. they have a lot of property impossible case they don't have the actions that they really have a lot of options we don't know if they're going to offer to stay in zimbabwe. and if they all going to go out and did they like what they believe in exile we it would be i'll give way to see being at the quick lucky break is what they like being a full and could go in good south africa but if they do stay here and we don't anticipate that they will be maybe we need the end of that that they would have been doing it
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all right so no reckoning and happening in zimbabwe anytime soon christine wonder of reporting from harare thank you art want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. lebanese prime minister said hetty says he is putting his resignation on home after the country's president asked him to reconsider harare attending in the penguins day celebrations in the capital after returning to lebanon late last night as it's nearly three weeks since he certainly announced his resignation while in saudi arabia. u.s. singer and actor david cassidy has died he was sixty seven he was admitted to hospital last week after suffering multiple organ failure cassidy forced to fame in the one nine hundred seven these a star in the partridge family stelazine series before going on to become a teen pop idol. over has admitted it suffered
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a massive data breach last year hackers stole the names e-mail addresses and phone numbers of millions of its customers around the world all to make matters worse over paid off the criminals to keep everything quiet while the firm says it has fired two people over the incident but regulator regulators say that needs to be accompanied by higher fines. the revelation that knew about a massive data breach but did not inform of already has left the ride sharing company facing some tough questions sounding to me if you knew the hackers were there why wouldn't you simply report. that's the question we're now has to answer is worth nearly seventy billion dollars making it by far the leading ride sharing service in the world. the latest revelation has left some customers feeling uneasy trust and to them i feel uncomfortable for them now it's a little disappointing i mean as
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a consumer i mean i used to bernard i did i had no idea that. in the u.s. companies are required to disclose data breach information to the government so the ride share service could end up facing fines from the u.s. authorities and also other countries for hiding the information the revelation could also potentially expose to lawsuits from affected customers that could have a significant impact on its bottom line. before we let you go when i remind you of our main headlines this hour. judges as a u.n. court for the former yugoslavia have found the former bosnian serb army chief. guilty of war crimes and genocide and they have sentenced him to life in prison under a lot of just command to serve troops massacred thousands of muslim bosnian men and boys in the town of seven. need stuff in one thousand ninety five.
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and supporters of zimbabwe's incoming leader emerson gagliano are out in force to welcome him back home from south africa he fled there after being fired by former president robert mugabe earlier this month mugabe's stunning resignation on shoes day paves the way from god to take over power he'll be sworn in as president of zimbabwe on friday. all right that does it for me a little rock in berlin on behalf of the entire team thank you for your company we'll see you again at the top of the hour. the d. w.e.d. a center. c m i. find it a. few more of it. discovery. video and audio podcast and language courses. in the d w media center at media center done deal.


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