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tv   Check-in - Up and Down Berlins Kurfurstendamm  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2017 7:02am-7:30am CET

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party members would have the final say on any deal. from a circus in the streets of the french capital for some time on friday emergency services rushed to the area before the tiger was shot dead by circus. bridge over the river . was. we speak your language. for returning special. needs life in germany and the prospects for those returning. to join the discussion. and on facebook. for returning he's. made for mine.
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i am on chua first and i'm also known as the kuta it's berlin's most famous shopping drag right in the heart of the area known as c d west the boulevard is three and a half kilometers long and extends from the kaiser villa in the morial church at by choice plots all the way to god to no plots in the universe district. the prove to us and them is not just a popular shopping destination it's also
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a fashionable place to take a stroll the idea is to see and be seen. modern high rises bumped up against elegant nineteenth century buildings and there's one duty after the next but it's not all luxury here there are also mainstream chain stores independent stores and snack bars. i want to pack as much as possible into my trip along the course first my plan for today shopping culture and sightseeing we also head to the zoo and will be taken some coping very highlights too so let's go. also on the show a trip down memory lane how the quantum became berlin's most famous shopping street . we had to mongolia on our weekly bure video.
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and we enjoy a killing there a tour of porto with local food you have the opportunity you. buy starts the day with. shopping after all it's the major attraction on the cool and surrounding streets for stop the looks. department store. it's located on telling us it which is an extension of the cool jump germany's most famous department store opened in one thousand nine hundred seventy. shoppers will find everything they need and don't need to hear from porcelain decorative objects and shoes. to excess or ease. to school the. answer if it's food you're after there's an entire floor that's an absolute paradise for good mates. from
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a burger to sushi you're bound to find just what you're looking for. and if you're not hungry yet you can take something home for later exotic popcorn for example some coffee beans or a witch of pungent cheese. the cool food is a paradise for shoppers and also for culture of here's a brief overview of what you can find in the area you seems galleries theatres and cinemas you name it. the cool first and is a great place for offensive photography there are two famous museums right knee of by. c.e.o.
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berlin is an exhibition space devoted to contemporary photography it showcases works by famous artist and talented new commas. i'm is the museum for photography which features works ranging from the nineteenth century to the present. an exhibition on contemporary chinese photography and the cultural revolution is running till january. down the road is the show buena one of the city's most innovative the it is the building used to house a cinema but live performances are what attracts the crowds today. the laws i do know one of the shelbourne a stars has also made an international name for himself as a film actor. talking
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a film there are plenty of cinemas in this area to the top of lost is perhaps the most famous and it's looking very flush after being completely refurbished a few years ago. if you come here during the boleyn film festival in february there's a good chance you might go in space to our two. there are also museums on the cool i was curious about the story of berlin twenty three v drew's guide you through eight hundred years of history it's not so much about facts and figures but about getting an impression of life through the ages. this museum place to all the senses you can not only see berlin's history but you
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can hear it. touch it and even smell it. i love the interactive concept walking through the halls you can connect to the history on an emotional level. one of the rooms called the myth of modernity is devoted to the roaring twenty's. a decade that helped shape what the code is today. saying as don says actors and writers that don was they place to be in the one nine hundred twenty is underneath that is. this was where it was all happening.
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the g.m. and here ladies and gentlemen were on one of the liveliest and most glamorous boulevards in the city the core first and dumb of them could feel stood up. a bit of a got its name from the first name the princess of brandenburg. during the second world war large parts of the boulevard were destroyed reconstruction would take years. during the cold war in the divided city u.s. troops paraded down the avenue. and in one thousand nine hundred sixty three crowds turned out to see u.s. president john f. kennedy. two years later it was queen elizabeth a second's time line to just the people on the code on the neighboring streets and the kinds of in
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a more real church could feel the olympic stadium yesterday and for. the cold war era the first and was the center of west by land. but after the fall of the berlin wall it lost some of its drama the former east became fashionable while the cooldown seemed stuck in the past. but a lot has been done to banish the image in recent years many new buildings have gone up others have been renovated. at this it has been a huge transformation after the fall of the wall there were only cheap shops here but now it's much nicer to. invest more people are coming to the west to see what's going on. there's something new every day no talk of us noise posted like the
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christopher street day parade for instance all big celebrations after football matches. once again the qudama is one of the busiest time best streets in the city . my next stop is the zoo located just off the cool. it's home to some twenty thousand animals and oasis right in the middle of berlin. to new panda bears are the current favorite attractions arrived in the summer the public loves him.
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and then there are the tap ears i'm going to have zookeeper you can feed them. but what do they like to eat you know the south american flag as far as the top is in the mountains and the top is eat plants. like this and if you know yes raisins carrots apples cooked carrots what other names. when i was the boy were not ones maya. and i had to. live very friendly they use their tongues to take the food but i also had all teeth so you have to be a bit careful. should i put my hand out flat. just take the food like this and pop it into them out like putting a letter in a post box. how would i make a good zookeeper. if i like you can stroke him behind.
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on his am with him or look. like a brush you know. it's the first time ever that i've stroke and fed a tapir how cool. it's time for all of your video this week's was sent in by you want us from kowloon he went on a camping trip to mongolia with his girlfriend and they saw no and off exotic animals just like i am doing right now but in the wild.
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now we're back on the coup in berlin at the chi is a villa memorial church a local landmark. it was damaged in a bombing raid during the second world war the ruined remains today as a reminder of the destruction of war a modern church was built next to the damaged original in the early one nine hundred sixty. it has a separate build. and and octagonal. linares have nicknamed the complex the hollow jews and the lipstick and powder box. the interior is cast in a blue light it's designed to recall the old gothic cathedral school with their large stained glass windows.
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i have some questions for catalina stiefel the pastor here. forty for this century it is a memorial get a reminder of the impact of war why is this building so symbolic to five enough that there are hardly any traces of the wall left in the city almost everything is being renovated or rebuilt it's rare to see the destruction of war like this bomb tower in such a prominent place. in up to. some you call the q fifty to the church as very central and it's very well know them how do you deal with the responsibility as a pastor you have problems with. them. we try to do justice to as many people as possible. thanks to a visitors paul we know we get one point three million visitors each year and more than ninety percent to tourists so we're different of course from typical local churches and we do community work like any other church but we also do work for the
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city and then i'm going to try to do justice to this special place by having four to five tours a day for example. a few of us from. and it's a much better than an attack took place here in december of two thousand and sixteen twelve people were killed while visiting the christmas market here what were those days like for you know the appt as i was now. and that you know those were exceptional circumstances there was a lot of solidarity during those days that was what was positive about it. there were people here who helped others we're here for others comforted people that was very touching but of course i still wonder why why did this happen it's a question you can ask but there's no single easy answer. ok if you know thank you if you're welcome as. almost
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a year later flowers and candles still commemorate the victims on the nineteenth of december twenty seventh a memorial will be inaugurated a golden crack in the ground in front of the church will recall those who were killed despite this terrible event the chis of village in the morea church remains a place of recounts alleviation and buy chai plots remains the heart of berlin's fibrin city west district. as you know from time to time check in viewers invite us to their hometowns to show us the local highlights this time we visit on the appointee now to import oil and he takes us from one restaurant to another here is our meat a local flood. a lot and then the day when i do our morning for through i live in portugal and i love and also look for the food i'm actually considering and i go from place to place getting in drinking
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all i ever see in the in my life and today i'm going to do that with you as well and when you think it through a few places in town for that you can discover pour through through food and we're starting here at buy that he would have breakfast like any pork will have and would do it ressa and a cup of coffee. one of the things that i love to do in portugal is walking because while walking you can take a look at these beautiful narrow streets with a lot of these beautiful buildings that can go as far back as the sixteenth century and while doing so you're actually burning some calories you're getting some appetite to get some more food and you get to discover it and then that that's wrong and you know the corner in town.
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we just crossed the river from portal to wolf it's a close by port in which locals come through it's a bit off the beaten track of the. most well known through city places in forth but it's definitely a place for you to come through if you want to eat amazing grilled fish. or. although it's a hilly see it's pretty walkable as well and can also find secret beautiful views were downtown for. the.
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question. what's easy is. i hope that you enjoyed this journey through the streets of forth and using food as our guide and let me say that there are still a lot of things for you to experience an in finding your own reasons for you to fall in love with for two why not being a visit to the nightlife district where you'll find that there's a bit of everything for everyone there and be sure to have fun. come. close. to home or. must stand the test and get the right yes.
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just like in porto you don't need to look far to find a restaurant on the cool. coffee kunstler was already a landmark on the cool down before the war. coffee gloss has revived some of the spirit and splendor of the past and is popular with locals and visitors alike. but i'm looking for something else today something a bit more down to earth i want to carry worst. and you're screwed i'm one ninety five it's one of the most famous places to eat this hearty berlin specialty it's not the consul or bush but it's also a favorite with celebrities. even victory then roy where here x. german chancellor gads huda and tennis legend what was back up well and i think
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they liked it here. so let's give it a try cherry worst might be rather rustic but here you can also order it paired with a very elegant drink the menu includes not only beer and soda but also champagne an interesting mix. this coming nation is something new it's an acquired taste but it's kind of tasty. also on the usual the curry worst is served on china plates everything on the is a bit class year even a good old berlin worst exquisite boulevards have their fair share of exquisite hotels and there are quite a few around the core first dumb from the classic to the modern here are three recommendations for you not really cheap but certainly worth a visit. to. the camp in scioto bristol is
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most definitely a cool down classic. it opened in one nine hundred fifty two and was the first luxury hotel in what soon became the divided berlin. dozens of movie stars politicians and artists of stage here including michael douglas and col lagerfeld. grown dragon stayed here nine hundred ninety in the presidential suite of course though he was no longer president at the time. there are two hundred forty six rooms and fifty five suite. three restaurants. by just one. and of course a spa. venue a walled off
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a story a is just as luxury as the building is one hundred twenty metres high and has been nicknamed the tall fence to. window. to view over the nearby zoo and surroundings is certainly everything you could ask for. this five star hotel has one hundred fifty two rooms and eighty suites this. i'm sure small b. gives a glimpse of the luxury to come. in this design a hotel the day is an hour longer than most of the twenty five hours hotel also has a few other attractions up its sleeve. if you're more of a jungle person you should reserve of room on the left side overlooking the sea. if cityscapes a more you'll think then reserve a room on the right hand side. the
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popular among is located on the tenth floor if you want one of their signature cocktails you will have to line up for the elevator but the wait will soon be forgotten once you're in the first in the unusual surroundings and checking out the fabulous views. the cool person is one of the finest addresses in berlin what i really loved was the cosmopolitan elegance i can't think of a better description right now but i reckon you've got clipped us a famous german actress and singer and this song a first from one nine hundred sixty three was a tribute to the grand old boulevard. so they move in the post and.
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you know him but he. had a show for pneumonia in the van you know the night. and day he read. each night. and then.
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