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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2017 5:30am-6:01am CET

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hi beijing and later paris. i'm sure each is right she jockey to say but i have always been looking for places in the countryside with peaceful flowing water between silent majestic peaks that might give me peace and replenish my strength to the neighbors that's why i work in a fashion equal as i'm going to the with the meath that you hear before and after every concert or recording i retreat to the mountains to meditate and to work . ha ha to some code that you can too.
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i'm sorry to interrupt your beginning is very good but it could be even better if you call her. you need to push with the strength from the stomach don't just control it with your fingers beauty trying to you that you showed she called you with her. he says she's too it's fairly difficult try the first note again. try again go slower and i think from my own experience when playing the slower the keys are touched the better it sounds so go as slow as you can. just.
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the high notes. the whole goal though it's a big dream to boss something on us to set up a school you can understand if you bear in mind that the schools and universities in china would close to ten years and that there were no books no playing of music and that's an entire generation were denied the right to education to jews in the
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us therefore the big idea is to create a school that is she is looking for the right way to do that of all the little.
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or no to turn kind i always joke with western journalists teachers i say actually as a buddhist you didn't know that now did you and should i really think. so there is some truth in my words but thought. it was a for example if i put a loud two together they're linked because of the highest forms of human culture and art are all connected to one another to shampoo and image for the means to show
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she. box name means broke and lao tsu claim that people should be like water bringing blessings to humankind but not battling against the current to show. her to thank you for saying bad has become a dally ritual like meditating or having breakfast. so you. should say it's a habit and if i don't do it i feel disoriented and be fuddled so it is useful to. draw. treats which we wish and this china tour i've chosen the venue at the chengdu
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conservatory of music because i've always liked sichuan huge tragedy. and this one conservatory of music is the largest conservatory of music in china with more than seventeen thousand students shish. let the music continue to reverberate it doesn't stop. making. this part the certain very very interesting. master class you wish to master class in strangely something i don't like doing because the students are already very tense and you have to tell them what they did
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wrong in front of a few hundred people it gets to the point that they don't know any more what they have done wrong and are like a frightened little birds who sorts hoary. are going faster you going faster please relax let girls relax so i feel you're trying to get this over with quickly. put in years i think bach's music is very important for young people his balance the feeling of elegance there's no melodrama or histrionics his exact science of melody and the firm handling of style his interpretation of emotions and the way he expresses them is actually a chinese approach he controls it it's not a reckless and unbridled performance. is pretty damaging.
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to people who played well have a good pastor a solid and well built foundation. c.t.g. to egypt hark. back to.
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just a little bit being a trick i was most touched coming back this time by the young people to the church most of the people attending the concerts were on average twenty to twenty five years old something very different from europe where the average age is usually around sixty years the young people of china are so open minded i think they are china's hope for the future. she will. beijing is the highlight of the tour the city was the center point of view shall may's life until she left the country she started here and it was also here that her promising career was abruptly interrupted by the cultural revolution it was
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impaled jane that she picked up her life again as an individual and as an artist after her release from the labor camp friends and her foremost. does live here the concert in beijing is an opportunity for a family reunion. myers a cognate if my mother had witnessed this performance she would have fainted right there on the floor. my parents are no more but my four elder sisters are still alive right. and the most important member of the family the piano. it followed me to the farm for re-education and through labor camp and it followed me back again to beijing it's the patriarch of our family why do we need to get the keep and felt replaced yes we did years even years sheen this a whole hour my mother couldn't learn to play the piano because my grandfather forbade it she invested all her hopes and dreams in me she wanted me to realize her
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dream of playing the piano she invested all her energy and did everything she could for me in beijing during the cultural revolution she was afraid people would say i was playing the big western drum change even in the winter and they are very cold in beijing she would stand guard outside every night wrapped in a blanket. the conservatory of music is where i grew up i spent more time there than i did at home . so shoes. the happiest time of my life was from the
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age of eleven to thirty when i was just studying the piano learning together with my teachers and classmates. each shoes. but there were also the most excruciating years those public denunciations could get extremely cruel and i remember when i was twelve the whole school assembly of four hundred gathered together to criticize. that's not something i can ever forget . because. those days during the cultural revolution other schools would also gather here i remember the debating stage over there yes yes yes it was here public assemblies were always held here. you for a dollar a year returning to the conservatory was excited but i felt flustered.
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there's a word with the country about youth are shown by russia. it wasn't just a place for academic discussion or concerts your memories flooded back like scenes in a movie and caused a bittersweet feeling will you want to try to see it in our city you should use your be just the usual kind. nothing's changed which is the charges should change that's true do you remember so much happened here i do. concerts and also public denunciations were held here during the cultural revolution. i held my hands up until i lost the feeling in them shouting long live chairman mao. to the chief which those scenes from the cultural revolution are seared into my
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memory and they can never be removed surely you society should never forget that and the hortons of culture music and education she was sure it's the most crucial condition for a perfect harmonious society it's a suit regarding the tragic events of the past how can we ensure such things don't happen again some people don't have to say fashion no one has been made accountable nor has there been any taking stock of the past that the young i gingerly pin georgi or should or should we say there's not the courage to really face up to this past it remains a blank space in chinese history. year with. the concert in beijing was the toughest battle i had to fight. i chose the
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hall where i last heard. formants and which is therefore the most significant for me to go yes or. see what you did. act on. this in this chair blocking the way. that morning the rehearsal went badly that it was very cold in beijing the rehearsal was catastrophic beijing was definitely the most difficult concert of all there was an incredible audience young people there were also officials high ranking officials that were the daughters of deng xiaoping they were the people nicknamed the references they were intellectuals they were friends and many old friends from the conservatory it created to lots of stress that was actually absolutely sour because you'll get upset he will do it it's the most remote did he build.
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their claimed pin and stand count as a transform china has she placed a sold out concert halls the music school is no longer a refuge of the counter revolution and the mastery of an instrument no longer an expression of west unbowed while attitudes on the contrary owning a piano is now seen as a status symbol one that everyone seeks to attain but the dop chapter of the cultural revolution remains largely under wraps in her struggle against forgetting
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and against the suppression of memories to shell may keeps bringing attention to the wounds that still a flake chinese society. or are.
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you. i want to perform. just to let everyone know this generation still exists. the hardships experienced by my generation are many and not just physical there was no culture no music and even dictionaries had to be copied by hand. i want to tell everyone my generation didn't just disappear without a trace i want to bring glory to my generation.


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