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pissed for a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does a machine need to do to create empathy in a medical context where i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. if you listen to it's a feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us even possible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin pope francis meets me and ma
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leader aung sang suu kyi the pope was under pressure to release the violent persecution of myanmar's it will hinge up muslim minority in the talks didn't say enough to satisfy human rights groups and the rohingya themselves we'll go live to our correspondent also coming up in kenya a president who can yasser has been sworn in for a second five year term of office before the ceremony police had to use tear gas to separate his supporters and those who support the losing the election. and it looks like as if the controversial read life for satan is about to make it unexpected intervention in the formation of germany's next government we'll tell you why. hello and welcome i'm honored that she. pope francis held talks with me in mali the
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unsung suchi in the country's capital and maybe dull all eyes one to how the outspoken catholic leader would address the issue off the road king john was limbs which the one has said are victims of ethnic cleansing the pontiff said that me and ma was suffering deep divisions and urged respect for human rights but he did not name the minority muslim group and we go to our correspondent in myanmar in just a moment but first let's listen to a little bit of what aung san suu kyi had to say. it is the aim of our government to bring out the beauty of our diversity and to make it our strength by protecting rights fostering tolerance and security for all our most cherished and ever is to carry forward the peace process based on the nationwide cease wide fish fry agreement that was in the seated by the previous government. the road of peace smallholder is smooth but it is the only way that the needle people today dream of
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a just and prosperous and that will be their refuge their pride they join. joining me now is a southeast asia cars line bought in boston heartache is a new young gun me and ma boston the pope's comments were highly anticipated but he did not mention that in his address tell us more about what he said. i mean he didn't mention the word because well the thing is he didn't he didn't human rights groups didn't live in the run up to this address they were demanding that he mentions the word broken john and that he would call them by their name because that would that's what gives them an identity and that's what the myanmar government wants wants to deprive them of their saying they're illegal immigrants from bangladesh now so that's what human rights groups said they want him to say
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out loud and come forward and speak up on on their behalf now either he's gotten advice from from from other side step for example to the cardinal here the catholic cardinal here in me and mark and he said don't use the word because it will antagonize a lot of people in myanmar and it will deep in the divide that this country that are tearing this country apart there are many catholics but there are religious divides obviously so he opted not to use the word stranger but he did deliver a message of peace and he was very clear about the about the about the foundations of that love that he's in that it can only be brought about if if the rights of all religious minorities and of all ethnic groups are respected and if you. think about what the pope said in the past when he could vocally spoken out on behalf of the ranger then you can understand. that he was he shooting they were in jobs obviously
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in that now he also praised nonsense and she for her peace building process she of course the one who was trying to broker a deal but with all the ethnic or with many of the ethnic groups there are long running conflicts internal conflicts between the me and my army and the government and under the the previous government which which was a military government obviously and ethnic groups in myanmar not at a peace process is explicitly does not include the injured because they are not a recognized that the minority of this country they are considered here illegal immigrants from bangladesh nonetheless this is a piece of building process that the pope acknowledged and he said that it would be that it would be a difficult process everybody and one that can only be achieved in a spirit of solidarity and of tolerance and freedom and above to what the
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reception the others the pope in getting he's a first pontiff to visit the country before if you can. when the pope arrives here many people went to the airport to greet him the day they lined the streets ten tens of thousands of people lined the streets to watch the the pope drive by those who are mainly christians of course there are on the other hand also. buddhist nationalists who have taken the social media for example to express their their dismay with the pope and their anger and they've insulted the pope because they feel like he's he's by speaking up on behalf of the role in job he's interfering in internal affairs of me and mark but having said that the majority i would say of this country respect the pope as a religious leader and as a figure of integrity and someone who spreads peace around the world and we don't keep asking her to thank you very much for that update. turning out to kenya where
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after months of election drama who kenyatta has been sworn in for a disputed second term as president kanada took his oath of office at a ceremony attended by african heads of state and thousands of his supporters the presidential election was. run last month after kenya supreme court not a five the result of the original ballot but the new vote was boycotted by the opposition with said it would not be free and fair. for more not less go to our correspondent in nairobi catherine she joins me on the line from there catherine kenyatta was given such a rapturous welcome as he took his oath of office but the country is still deeply divided isn't it hasn't indicated how you plastic or not the people. who are we certainly feel it has just concluded that he intends to be a president for saying that the elections of the takes place on the twenty sixth of
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the election because he keeps on the eight year elections of not personality but rather competing visions it was almost like he was giving an olive branch is saying that you know severe or not he will be tested for anyone trying to unite the country and he will try and refute the constitution but ironically i see is making this statement get reported to people who've been shot dead in soweto which is a close to larger kuranda where the taking place where we were hard cock headed there and what about the opposition candidate and i know he had boycotted the election redone is it showing any going to willing to accept any out as reelection . it doesn't seem like he will always whether his arm of position support is the most well known fact the weeks have been saying that this inauguration process is actually a carnation incumbent presidents a good. idea they haven't recognized to send
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a check and they also ring i'm all the branches the sense that they're saying they're going to talk with their conditions especially prime minister. prime minister i would think any condition is there must be credible election for them to move forward to this country to look forward and then with no credible election then there is no point because that's basically the lever issue right now i'm standing outside i need to tell you because there's a crowd of people outside the stadium waiting to see president looking at us and we didn't mean to be co-chaired shouted lisa trying to keep the crowd under control and what i can see is a crowd gathering and they are basically it might now i'm thinking of your ingenuity to the country can we think of the next step being what the leaders who say this. kathleen london in nairobi outside the stadium with you know gratian of kenya has just taken place thank you very much let me now bring you up to put some
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other stories making news around the wild indonesian authorities have warned about the activist king on body could soon mando who is shooting massive columns of smoke more than three kilometers into the sky the government has ordered the evacuation of more than one hundred thousand people in the audience international ample grooming skills for a second day leaving thousands of travelers stranded. russia says it's lost contact with a weather satellite that was launched earlier today they say that a material or m. has not reached its designated orbit it was only the second rocket liftoff from russia's new. release in australia have arrested a man accused of planning a mash tooting on new year's eve officials said the twenty year old was trying to obtain an automatic rifle for an attack in melbourne's famous federation square police say the suspect is a known extremist and i sympathize. or your opinion
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a decision to extend the license for the controversial reads killer glad to say it's good end up complicating chancellor macas efforts to form a new government now the problem is that a minister in murtha's conservative bloc made a decision to vote for the license extension with the support of the party currently in coalition with them confused let's explain. say it has always been a controversial topic it pits the e.u. commission against citizens rights groups the chemicals industry against organic farmers critical scientists against support of scientists neither we killer has become toxic to germany's acting government and this in danger in the prospects of forming a new one. e.u. member states twice before failed to agree whether to bond like a saint or extend its license no decision was reached because germany abstained both times. germany social democrat environment minister
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supported the bond due to suspicions of the weed killer is carcinogenic and is killing off too many insects the agriculture minister from the conservative c.s.u. is on the side of the farmers and favored continued use of life for say the lack of cabinet consensus meant berlin abstained in the previous folks until monday when germany suddenly voted in favor of an extension. i spoke by phone with my colleague mr schmidt today at twelve thirty and made it clear that i was sticking to my no and that therefore germany has to abstain on this issue and cannot agree to the extension. this is and this is a serious breach of trust within the acting government i have to ask myself in light of this go it alone decision whether mrs merkel has her own people under control for america. i have no lawyer to know from kurt ahead of talks about a new grand coalition between the s.p.d. in the conservatives the timing could hardly have been worse. but the agriculture
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minister says he gained important concessions in exchange for his yes vote. if you let me finish i feel it is my duty in the government to take decisions that need to be taken. but i also decide based on the facts and nothing else that. when he's under the vote has bitterly divided the acting grand coalition the e.u. decision to permit use of life has said for another five years cannot be revoked whatever the possible dangers no one thoughts the efficacy of life or say when it comes to killing weeds the concern is that it could kill off any chance of germany forming a new government. and following this story i'm joined by our correspondent christopher springeth chris a lot of impact could this dispute have on potential negotiations in forming a new government. it could have quite a destructive effect if there are no consequences coalition governments in germany . have very detailed coalition agreements and part of that detail are the
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procedural rules that they agree upon the internal regulations if you want and one key regulation is that if two ministries held by different parties within a given coalition disagree on a given issue then the relevant minister. who is responsible for a vote at the international level or at the european union must abstain so what christian schmidt the conservative agriculture minister did was a clear breach of those regulations and this comes at a time when chancellor merkel is trying to build a new foundation of trust for a new grand coalition between her conservatives and the social democrats in fact it seems that there are quotes from some quarters here that the agriculture minute mr schmidt we saw in our report should resign after this controversy he's caused that's right the opposition greens have come out and called for his resignation
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schmidt's opponent in the cabinet the social democrat environment minister barbara hendrick she said that her resignation would be. would restore that loss of trust that now exists she didn't actually openly call for his resignation she said the ball is now in chancellor merkel's court she must do something to he or that loss of trust so we'll just have to see what happens so a lot of talk about trust here chris what can i get michael and the conservatives do to continue this damage. well pressure is growing on chancellor merkel to react in some way or other i don't know whether she's going to fire this minister he's actually from the very allies of christian democrats so it's slightly complicated for her to just get up and fight him she can do it if she wants she hasn't done it so far maybe she'll find some other way of centering him but the fact is the social
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democrats that she chancellor merkel wants to get into a new grand coalition will be saying to her. if. the procedural rules that govern such coalitions are not worth the paper that they're written on why should we come and talk to you i chrysippus bring it up on i'm interested here's thank you very much you're welcome staying in germany in chancellor angela merkel has expressed shock at a knife attack on a conservative mare known for his migrant friendly policies the attack took place in a kabob restaurant the western german city of tina authorities say it's likely the stabbing was politically motivated harsh time was taken to hospital but later released in two thousand and fifteen and the man became known nationally voice welcoming policies towards refugees. you're watching d.w. news coming up ahead. the lights are on at the berlin christmas market hit by
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a deadly terrorist attack last year but how safe do people feel at public venues in the german capital. but first it's business is good hard joins me now and it's all about this virtual currency called bitcoin which is surging it is surging is tipped to hit the ten thousand dollar mark soon actually last weekend alone the price of one bitcoin soared in value through nine thousand dollars because it is the best known of thousands of so-called crypto currency. those cryptic arises are digital payment systems in which the currency is created on privately owned computers using a technology called block chain it's bypassing any central bank and these currencies so can undermine monetary policy also investors are unprotected central bankers warn that bitcoin has no tangible value and is destined to crash it cons
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value is determined entirely by supply and demand so it is very sensitive to market developments for example when china decided to ban bitcoin exchanges in september its value slumped by thirty percent as marked in red here but it's soon more than doubled again more and more regulators institutional investors and big business are starting to taken earnest interest in the currency earlier i asked our financial correspondent yes carter if it's time for average investors to get into bitcoin now . well that's the ten thousand two hundred thousand dollar question i have two younger colleagues and they actually just started buying bitcoin so obviously some people still believe that is not too late to jump in but then also the whole block change of knowledge is rather complex and should i buy shouldn't i buy it really depends also on your risk level is complex we don't have that much we really don't know that much how it works so it's i would say there is
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a certain risk attached to it if it's too late who knows there's a certain amount of secrecy around the whole thing as well who invented is not quite clear and all that while central banks are worried about it well first of all kinds and and other cryptocurrency is as well and not really that regulated and if we talk about crypto what is really problematic is the so-called i see something like an i.p.o. for stock as an initial coin offering directly we could decide in a few minutes ok let's start to cryptocurrency and then we just need people to buy it and trust us so it's so that is one reason the whole regulation part and then just do we see a bubble that's also something what central banks are concerned about early this year cohen stood at seven hundred dollars now we're almost at ten thousand of the speed is just a pretty breathtaking it's mind blowing it is indeed the ceiling well the sky's the limit. so yeah it's really tough to tell but but one thing is for certain
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people are not just buying cryptocurrency is they're not buying bitcoins they're buying everything they're buying stocks they're buying currencies they're buying commodities and they're also buying kryptos and one thing is for certain it is still pretty young and and we will also see a certain question bitcoins at some point but that doesn't mean that in the long run they're justified yes go out on your correspondent on erev is a studio thank you very much. the world economy is growing at an ever faster pace for twenty eighteen the o.e.c.d. predicts global growth to hit three point seven percent in a report released on tuesday and here's the good part it's not only rich industrialized nations that grow developing economies all set to benefit more than . the company is one of globalization's winners they produce fans in germany china india and the us everywhere demand is climbing
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employees worldwide profit from it it's a trend that's been confirmed in a study by the organisation for economic co-operation and development or o.e.c.d. it states that people in industrial as well as developing countries profit from globalisation according to the study globalisation can bring down unemployment in many countries consumers like to spend money on products from around the world. the global economy will grow by three point seven percent in the coming year that zero point one percent more than in twenty seventeen according to the o.e.c.d. the us is the world's largest economy will grow considerably in twenty eighteen but the euro zone's growth will be slowing down at only two point one percent and that's mostly due to bragg's it and the unsolved debt crisis in southern europe japan's economy will grow by one point two percent according to the o.e.c.d. and china will grow by six point six percent and twenty eighteen. experts are
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predicting strong growth for export champion germany the number of positions for skilled workers is rising but refugees won't be able to fill that gap many of them remain unemployed the o.e.c.d. has suggested including more women in the workforce that's why children's daycare and kindergartens need to be built the o.e.c.d. is also calling for lower taxes and special tax breaks for working couples. germany still doesn't have a new government but that doesn't seem to be hurting business and companies are still posting profits and the latest figures from germany society for consumer research show that consumer confidence is rising. it will soon be christmas the most important time of the year for the retail sector in germany the industry has been doing well low unemployment and a robust job market have been fueling consumption since two thousand and twelve germany's most important consumer confidence index has almost always been rising
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steadily reaching ten point seven points from six point half a decade ago germany isn't alone things are looking up for the retail sector in the euro zone second largest economy in france consumer confidence levels for november beat market expectations making it the first rise in recent times the survey shows that the french are more optimistic about the future giving the retail sector something to celebrate about this holiday season and that's it for me back to america thank you very much at the bottom christmas market targeted by an islamist attack a year ago has opened for the festive season trophy for the kid and many more were injured when attack a drove a stolen truck into the crowds on the nineteenth of december last year for some caught in the attack the memories a state of painful. it's one of the german capital's most popular
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christmas markets last year it was also the target of a terror attack we're at berlin's by child plots. this is what the christmas season in germany is all about enjoying a glass of wine at one of the many christmas markets but can that be possible to enjoy when everything reminds you to those who lost their lives in last year's attacks let's find out. that any commercial survived last year's attack just he was selling mild wine to a customer when the truck smashed into his stall leaving him badly injured. and kept in a garden wolf we talked to comes in i just saw the truck approaching us then the hot to suddenly collapse. i can't remember anything after that i woke up as rescue workers were pulling me out of the wreckage. beneath us the guides. the fire vale
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do you know. it's holding on to. the truck had already hit a group of people before reaching the nice hot twelve people were killed in the carnage dozens more were injured. a year later security at the market is tight more police officers are on patrol than usual. this is the place where the truck plowed into the christmas market steering directly into a group of people these concrete barriers were set up to protect the visitors but they also keep reminding everyone of the current danger of further attacks. it's a danger that has become normal across europe. it's a different feeling it's not the way it used to be we were here the day before the
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attack and then it happened it's terrible. great with many others we can't hide after an attack like this it's a christmas market we have to come back. yeah via fire rating the fact that we're alive and we still have each other we won't let them frighten us. those who died are being remembered temporary site and official memorial will be unveiled before christmas. news from the world of sport on the international olympic committee has banned five competitors from the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics for life over anti doping violations the bans include the mitzi attune and cough and alexei and they go dialo to gold medalists from the four man bobsled team as well as by and by along a really
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a silver medalist romanova and. the latest bands bring the total number of russian athletes handed lifetime bans to nineteen the i.o.c. has sent it will decide next week on the participation of russian competitors at the upcoming young chong winter olympics. now here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you on the new pope francis has held talks with the leader of myanmar on song suchi he was under pressure to release the van and persecution of man mas muslim minority but she had come under fire for not stopping it. and president hu kenyatta off kenya has been sworn in for a second term in office of a ceremony in the capital nairobi earlier police used tear gas to separate supporters of kenyatta and those of the losing candidate or dinka. don't forget you know or has good news on the go or just download the app from google play or from
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the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use a deed of the app to send us photos and videos. i have more news for you in half an hour see you then.
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they strength in numbers and collective intelligence small homes of sticklebacks always manage to follow. yet a single one on its own come to that. so how do songs to bennett such capabilities. researches have found it is so. he said in an ode. to borrow today. it's beginning to smell a lot like christmas in verga news gingerbread city the margins do new world. adults and youngsters join in the baking to make this winter wonderland. the delectable tradition kicks off the festive season in norway. in sixteen d. w.
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. my first boss i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for. something as simple as learning how to write a buy side though it isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them by cycle of my home but it took me as the month might have. finally gave up and went on buying me and my cycles but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than riding a bike and now i want to meet those women back home who are bound by their duties and social rules and inform them about the basic rights my name is the about of the go home and i were needed.


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