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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context would i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. if you listen let's feelings on the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us by compatible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w . this is deja vu news live from berlin growing pressure on the trumpet ministration as a former national security advisor pleads guilty to lying to the f.b.i.
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. michael flynn also tells investigators they spoke to russian officials at the request of individuals close to the u.s. president also on the program. german police are investigating a suspicious device that caused the evacuation of a crisp market in the town of potsdam near berlin. and honored for fighting injustice and investigative journalist as a by john is one of four winners of the alternative nobel prize. i'm michel henery welcome to the program. a dramatic turn of events in washington former u.s. national security advisor michael flynn has pled guilty to charges that he lied to the f.b.i. prosecutors say flynn covered up. his contacts with russia after donald trump's
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victory in last year's presidential election reports also suggest flynn said a senior member of trump's team directed him to talk to russian officials. have. michael slim leaving court in washington d.c. to cries of lock him up from protesters those words hark back to last year when flynn led chance for then democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton to be sent to jail. flynn said a senior member of the trump transition team directed him to make contact with russian officials. when confirmed u.s. media reports say that senior member is u.s. president donald trump's son in law jarrett coercion or if true the investigation would move much closer to trump himself democratic lawmakers have reacted with renewed calls for the investigation to include more people linked to the president you know it we've got a number of major figures like donald trump jr i want to bring back your question
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or particularly in light of some of the supposed comments that general flynn may have been making. we've got other individuals like michael cohen and others that we still need to come back but i we've got more facts together. for the coming off i think we're going to serve as for the president he has remained uncharacteristically silent about flynn but that may have to change michael flynn was a very close advisor to trump his guilty plea raises the question how deep will the probe get into president trump's inner circle. thank. you news correspondent carson vaughn naaman joins me now from washington d.c. carson i know it's a bit late for you there but can you tell us has there been any reaction so far from president trump or his administration on flynn's guilty plea.
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yes. for president trump has basically tried to distance the white house from michael flynn he said that microphone worked for this administration only for a very short while and also said that microphone didn't implicate anyone by name in his plea both is technically correct but of course michael flynn was national security advisor only for a few weeks but he still was one of the most important biases of donald trump during the campaign after the complain and he was definitely part of donald trump's in a circle here and also he might not have implicated anyone by name during his plea but it seems clear that he has made a deal with the prosecutors and they are looking at the transition team prosecutors say a senior official in the transition team director michael flynn and according to media
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reports that seems to be jarrett cushion or the son in law and senior advisor to president trump. is there any indication of how far this probe will go. now come under the spotlight. well obviously. he is under the spotlight already off the d's reports that doesn't necessarily mean he will indict or anything is probably in trouble but the question is what did he actually do directing michael flynn in this is not an offense in itself i mean this is normal part of a transition from one government to the next to also contact and bassett us from other countries the question is did at some point maybe also lie about his role in this whole affair and then he could be in trouble of course the question also is a very important advisor here is charged with many important fields by president
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trump like remodelling the american bureaucracy chinese relations or relations with china and peace in the middle east so if he comes under pressure that means trouble for donald trump even if the president self is not implicated yet as a person thank you karsten elsewhere president trump appears to be heading towards his first major victory the us senate has narrowly approved a sweeping tax overhaul which will slash payments for businesses and the rich lawmakers that if i think the one hundred forty nine to back the package the takes trump and the republicans a step closer to their biggest legislative win of the year the bill will add nearly one and a half trillion dollars to the u.s. national debt democrats say it's a giveaway funded by the taxpayer they lacked the votes to block the change and now they go back to cost of our naaman our correspondent in washington d.c. . carson would you call that a victory for trump. yes it is definitely
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a victory for trump this is his first major legislative achievement having said that the achievement is not there yet one hundred percent both the house and the senate both chambers of congress have now passed versions of the text reform bill but those two versions very different in many details so there still has to be a process where those two versions are reconciled and then the new bill has to be voted on in both houses again so the republicans are not there yet but it's very likely that they will go through with it that this tax reform will become law because basically the republicans desperately want such a success if possible before the end of the year so they can show something to the voters before the midterm elections in two thousand and eighteen and that is why they have been pushing through these bills with such haste without any public
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hearings and with last minute amendments until the early hours of this morning customer naaman thank you very much. staying in the u.s. and the state of hawaii has tested a nuclear attack warning siren for the first time since the cold war. the test follows the launch of another missile by north korea which claimed it could hit anywhere on the u.s. mainland estimates suggest it could take as little as twenty minutes for a north korean missile to strike hawaii. founders government has given its army and police more powers in an effort to deal with the violent protests and unrest in the country the government said it was suspending constitutional rights and also imposing a curfew for the next ten days at least one person has died and twenty people have been injured in the demonstrations over last week's presidential election opposition leaders are contesting the election results and demanding many ballot
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boxes be required to. german police are investigating a suspicious device that was found near christmas market in the city of potsdam outside berlin police evacuated the market while they examine the contents of the package security is high in the area after last year's truck attack in berlin but authorities say the device in part of them was probably a fake bomb. attendant booths and empty streets the vacation left this usually crowded area deserted news of a possible bomb near parts timbs popular christmas market spread fast causing disbelief and unease among locals in esslemont that moves us and i first we thought this had to be a joke maybe some kids milling around but it turned out to be rather serious you only realise the threat after a while a month from now we're just keeping a safe distance i will see what happens next flashing blue lights and sirens in the middle of market stalls and festive decoration the haunting reminder of events in
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berlin last christmas. in an attack claimed by so-called islamic state tunisian asylum seeker and his i'ma be killed eleven people when he drove a truck into a crowd at a christmas market in the german capital. even though these memories are still fresh christmas market visitors in berlin this year shrugged off the idea of a possible new threat. book proposal i've heard what happened in potsdam but it doesn't upset me too much i don't care what are we supposed to do hide at home. it's worrying but it shouldn't stop us from what we're doing. after the two thousand and sixteen attack police in berlin and other german regions plan to increase security for this year's christmas market season in parts them however it's unclear whether authorities could have prevented major damage if the package had been a full scale. to us this was an absolute surprise
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there were no indications of a possible attack if the package had been a real explosive device it would have been an actual threat. but for the time being we have no proof that it was actually equipped with a proper detonator. it was more like a well designed fake bomb. experts destroy the package which contains nails and wiring but the feeling of uncertainty a german christmas markets won't be dealt with that easily. our correspondent kate brady joins me now in the studio welcome kate first off have any more details emerged about the package and who may have sent it well at the moment as we've heard from the from them but police this morning they're now saying that the device was most likely not explosive all we know so far is that it contains nails cables batteries and also
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a powder but no detonator has been found and so the next task at hand for investigators will be to find the culprit and who actually sent this package of course the motive behind that is also still unknown we heard from the interior minister from jim bakker this morning he said that it's still too early to say whether the christmas market was in fact a target there could still be a political motive behind this device and more it could even be that the pharmacy where they six where the device was delivered to that could have also been the target and thinking back to the attack at last year's christmas market in berlin just how high are skirting measures in in berlin right now germany remains on high alert across the country at the moment especially with the christmas markets underway now head of the christmas season and the german interior minister for mr massey a said just this week that the threat of
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a terror attack in germany remains simply high any time any place but he also reiterated as well that christmas markets do still remain an entire group part of german life and german culture and as we heard in that report just now it seems unlikely that many germans are going to be staying home simply because of incidents like we saw last night kate thanks very much. he may have heard of the nobel prize but what about the alternative nobel prize its official name is the right livelihood award and last night at a ceremony and sweden it was given to four people for their efforts to fight injustice. they aren't famous but the winners of the right livelihood award known as the alternative nobel prize have dedicated their lives to social justice human rights and government transparency four people were awarded it this year and environmental lawyer from the us a human rights lawyer from india a disability rights activist from ethiopia and investigative journalist from
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azerbaijan. and the immensely please present the twenty seven thousand right livelihood award to my friend. for courage and tenacity in exposing corruption of the highest levels of government to outstanding investigative journalism in the name of transparency and accountability but is my love couldn't leave azerbaijan to accept it despite international protest her country's government has kept a travel ban against her in place she can only appear via video since the prices founding in stockholm in one nine hundred eighty the right livelihood award has been given to one hundred seventy people or organizations from sixty nine countries . and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you former u.s. national security advisor michael flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. that's after he was charged as part of the special counsel investigation into
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russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election. police in the german city of parts to have destroyed a suspect package sent to a pharmacy in a controlled explosion it has now been revealed that contained nails cables batteries and a firework authorities evacuated a nearby christmas market as a precaution. that's your news wrap join sick. at the top of the hour in the meantime you can check out our website or follow us on twitter thanks for watching d. w. news. germany is a strong country. and we have achieved so much we can do business in.


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