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it's like this i could never completely disappear if you see all of these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black you're welcome. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is the news a live from berlin international arrest warrants for catalonia as exiled former leaders are withdrawn
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a spanish court says that it is done and because carlos pushed him on and for other leaders have shown a willingness to return to spain the move comes as campaigning for catalonia as parliamentary election gets underway we will get the latest from madrid. also coming up yemen plunges further into chaos rebels celebrate the death of the country's former president and their onetime ally meanwhile the situation for most people in yemen gets worse every day. and german minister german foreign minister gabriele urges europe to be less dependent on the united states and become more assertive in the world. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program. spain supreme court has withdrawn an international arrest warrant for catalonia as former leader carlist pushed
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a month and four of his cabinet members pushed him on addressed his supporters via video link from brussels on monday where he has been in self-imposed exile since october a legal declaration of independence the court in madrid says that it has withdrawn the arrest warrants because the politicians have shown a willingness to return to spain. let's get more now from journalist martin roberts who is following the story with us from madrid so martin we just heard the rationale there from the spanish court in order to withdraw this these these arrest warrants why do you think that they have done this now ok well as you say the election campaign officially doesn't away today pushed him on to the other full former cabinet members in belgium running for public office they can only exercise i thought she was a willingness to read and that's the first thing he also gave two of the points to very very interesting well is
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a legal technicality he wants to try and then the other nine former cabinet members here on thursday but most importantly of all there's a hearing coming up in belgium on the fourteenth of december and he's not you know it's very very lightly about here in the belgian coast refused to actually pushed him out of the it was on charges of sedition and rebellion and that would severely show you know some of the judge's hands here so i think he's trying to like to have us how is this likely to impact the legitimacy of catalonia his independence claim and what is next for carla's pushed him on. well this is a very interesting question because there's absolutely nothing now to prevent him from returning from society all the other hand if he was to do thus he would almost certainly be arrested and the question then is whether he can carry on his campaign behind bars in spain which may be no less difficult than doing it but i think you know conference from belgium the legitimacy well again. you know the nothing to
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stop into this but i mean that would severely limits his action and the question is you know if he was the elect it's you know could see in theory yes he crudes they have a member of parliament. how he would actually be able to discharge his juices and whether you know the courts would lessen of enough of a very big question so yes it's a very big question mark over whether it effectively be able to do us martin roberts with the latest from mr ed thank you saudi led warplanes are reported to have pounded the capital of yemen after who the rebels killed the former president . he was fleeing the city after abandoning his alliance with the rebels and yemen's complicated civil war the attackers ambushed sally as vehicle and shot him dead. the house of the ex-president in flames in front of it supporters of the who thing
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rebels celebrate the death of the veteran former leader in yemen's capital sanaa hailed sunday's killing as a victory against their saudi led enemy. on this great exceptional historic day the day of the fall of the treasonous conspiracy it's a black day for the aggressor states in their conspiracies against our dear yemeni people. this graphic video likely filmed by sally's killers was widely circulated on the internet on monday it shows what's believed to be the lifeless body of the former strongman wrapped in a blanket and loaded onto a truck that was driven away. after stepping down five years ago sunday was long considered an ally of the who thing but in the last few weeks he unexpectedly switched sides and appealed for cooperation with the saudi led coalition sunday's assassination has also shocked to yemen's internationally recognized president.
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hadi who's in exile in riyadh he called for resistance against the who sees. my condolences to the family and relatives of the former president. i call on all the people of our yemeni nation in all provinces that are still under the control of these terrorist criminal militias to rise up resisting and renouncing. observers in yemen view sunday's death as a major setback for the saudi led military alliance and a boost for the hoofy rebels who now have virtually the entire western part of the country under their control the united nations is warning that the death of the former president will make an already complex civil war even more devastating. and for more let's bring in now damien the goal track he is the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen and joins us from the capital sanaa welcome to
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you jamie i want to begin first by asking sell a son we have heard has called for revenge and the arab league has also warns that saleh is death could cause an explosion in the security situation there in yemen how worried are you about a potential increase in violence here and what is the feeling there and sanaa thanks a lot for the last five days people have been under serious fighting in the prisons of their own homes on able to get medical treatment and then war and food supplies to edify children and people very difficult circumstances this is eased up over the last twelve hours or so but there's been no strikes all the same the situation on the ground is very uncertain people don't really know what will come next people are bracing themselves for more airstrikes there were twenty five last night one various buildings in the center of neighborly populated areas and right now we're trying to see what humanitarian assistance we can deliver. the populations have
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been affected i want to talk a little bit more about the humanitarian situation i mean we've heard dire reports of food shortages cholera in fact we hear that nearly a million people are infected with the disease there that's an estimate produced by your organization in fact do you see any hope of getting citizens the help that they need. well i mean the blockade has been in place for about four weeks now and that has actually exacerbated three years of conflict and not time we turned up to a situation where you've got three or famine for seven million people who don't know how they're going to feed themselves the families on a day by day basis they depend on the international humanitarian community at the same time we had one million people or most who are affected by color there's a direct consequence of the collapse of all the health systems in this country and because of that people are very very precarious situation anything that exam as is there such as the five days of conflict the blockade all of these things just makes
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the challenges all the more complicated for us to deliver assistance to those populations populations need to assist the poor of a died a while it was opened very narrowly and we go into course one commercial on one humanitarian it wasn't enough we need the fuel to come through there right now if we don't have fuel and it runs a few weeks more color a lot will probably will bring assistance and this is an essential commodity for us specifically the death of salai how do you see this playing out i mean how do you see this impacting your humanitarian aid efforts in the country well i think it's a very uncertain situation normally in yemen because no one quite knows how things are going to move on now with the reported death of the former president salih is uncertain no hope of this previous aline's will function and what the reaction will be from the government of yemen so delay coalition we are a very are very concerned about the cause and might make our difficult work
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a real challenge to get assistance at a time when people are starving or suffering from color and other diseases are breaking no so the death of former president salih i think is only added another completely complicating dynamic to very complex situation. jamie mcgoldrick the u.n. humanitarian coordinator there in yemen thank you so much for telling us a little bit more about the situation there at the moment in sanaa and in the country as well we appreciate it let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world lebanese prime minister saad hariri says that he has withdrawn his resignation after reaching a deal with rival political parties the decision comes a month after hariri announced his resignation from the saudi arabian capital riyadh the move through lebanon into a political crisis a fast moving wildfire in the u.s. state of california has forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes the
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blaze in ventura county near los angeles began on monday authorities say that it could have sued threaten a city of more than one hundred thousand people the u.s. supreme court has allowed president donald trump's travel ban on six muslim majority nations to go into effect the court's decision lifts injunctions issued by lower courts the band prevents most travelers from iran libya syria yemen somalia and chad from entering the united states german foreign minister has urged his country and europe to become more a sort of odd foreign policy issues and less dependent on the united states traditionally close ties between berlin and washington have soured since u.s. president donald trump took office at a foreign policy forum in berlin gabriele said that the traditional view of the united states as having a protecting role is beginning to crumble. let's invent it was a very us will nonetheless have to remain our most important global partner there's
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no doubt we will meet and will cultivate this partnership in the future but it alone will not be enough to protect our strategic interests of the us withdrawal does not stem from the policies of a single president and the situation is unlikely to change even after the next election so there should be no doubt that germany and europe will need to do and risk much more than in the past. for more let's bring in correspondent mckayla who is standing by at a parliamentary studios in germany and we also have a man who is joining us from brussels so mikhail i'd like to begin with you because you were actually at the speech a little bit earlier by gabrielle and he seemed to imply there that his statement is not about trump if it's not about trump what is it about. well he appears to see more of a symptom of something that is happening do a strategic plea now it must be said that he is currently in the function of the caretaker foreign minister as germany is struggling to put together
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a government here there might be another grand coalition that might see him as a minister but that's not certain that also wanting to shift one of the pillars of german foreign policy essentially posing this as a wake up call for the need to take more respect of bonds ability for its own interests and europe to pull together because as he said you're really doesn't carry much international weight that is quite something for someone who will not most likely be in charge of actually shaping this very policy and of course this is also a clear message to the united states that germany is not really going to go along with everything that germany is recognizing that there also is an element of competition in this transatlantic relationship now post even and he doesn't really expect that to change so quite a sober analysis of what the future holds both for germany and the e.u. max does it appear as if the united states has heard that message have they reacted
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to it because we know for example the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in brussels today. until isn't already said something today together with the chief diplomat of the european union federica mongery need he replied indirectly if you will he didn't refer to cigar got to himself that he reiterated that security is strongest when partners share their part of the burden and that points to the main problem of what is it my god with the german foreign minister is saying and that is the millet military part of the cooperation between the united states and the european union or within the framework of nato and then that's where it gets interesting because later on of course the foreign ministers will meet in the framework of nato meaning seek not be able but it will be there rex tillerson will be there also and both of them know that nato only works because the americans shoulder well the dirty work the real fighting the germans usually say will provide training will provide medical assistance and that only works because the americans do the other part of that and
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see goblin that was that and that won't change in the next years because it takes so much investment and so much efforts and you need to convince for example the german public to do something about that so what he says the europeans do know but to really change it especially the military part extremely difficult not very easy to shift those dynamics there michela what's the view from germany is there the political will to execute some change here and just generally speaking the comments from gabrielle are they any different from what we have heard before because for example i'm going to merkel you know she had a similar tone this past spring in a speech that she gave as well. yes in fact she said that her assessment after she visited donald trump was that as she put it the days where you could just rely on others are now. directly pick this up he said there is no space anymore on the
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sidelines of global politics that brady the european union and germany must discover itself more as an actor in this field and that also included the risk of failure the clear message here also is i think max put it really well very concrete terms you can see it in nato basically nato would not be able to function without the united states europe actually currently as an international player is struggling to function because it is torn so many ways internally and god will actually said that the only nation he saw with a long term juice to teach it policy right now was china and that should let alarm bells ring in berlin brussels and d.c. keylock of now with the latest from berlin and max often there in brussels we thank you very much for both of your analysis on this transatlantic relationship and focus today we appreciate it. saudi arabia turkey and
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palestinian leaders have spoken out strongly against any u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital american officials had said that u.s. president donald trump could make that announcement this week trump had promised during his campaign to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem muslim and arab states have said that any such move would threaten diplomatic ties and the middle east. you're watching news still to come on the program president taylor's the wild west he slashes protection for wilderness zones in the state of utah protests and a lawsuit but also some praise from. a lot of joneses here now for more on the turkish economy which is in focus and business not looking too good right now sara investors certainly in turkey are alarmed by rapidly rising inflation which has had levels not seen in fifteen years
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now while good for exports domestic companies are trying to pocket their money overseas and that is a practice that the government frowns upon food prices in turkey are especially high but transportation costs have also soared this spike is especially hard on consumers but the rising costs are taking their toll on businesses too. the inflation rate has been on a rapid rise over the past year it's jumped to thirteen percent a level not seen for nearly fifteen years rising inflation is also putting pressure on turkey's currency for months now the lira has been losing value this is good news for turkish export hers the weaker currency makes their products cheaper abroad but this trend is worrying to domestic companies who are trying to ship their money abroad to avoid depreciation. the turkish government doesn't like the practice but so far it's been reluctant to go as far as banning such capital
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outflows. now for more on the state of the turkish economy i'm joined by gareth jenkins an expert on turkey from the institute for security and development policy in istanbul good to have you with us and i understand that you've lived in turkey since the one nine hundred eighty so you've witnessed many political up and downs how would you assess the current economic situation it's not looking particularly good it's not as bad as we've had it in the past and we always hear if you're in a major crisis ninety four collapse of the currency in two thousand and one i don't think we expect anything like that but in the medium term at least we're not expecting the economy to be going very well i you mentioned inflation is. now the. last value call placed in the underlying figures it's also very much out. so we're expecting them not to be very much growth in your column e. and of course we have
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a lot of political events uncertainty as well and the state of emergency for eighteen months which is not good that's how the turkish president spoke out now because obviously anchor is worried about capital flight but this some of the turkish statistical office at least released upbeat data given the economy of techie good mox how does all that fit together certainly with sky high inflation. i wish i knew the turks that the institute says to clean future change the way it calculates g.d.p. in december last year some of the changes were quite clearly quite transparent such as moving that the base year other things we still don't understand and when you look at some of the components of the city's tickle components that the tax that uses for the headline figure g.d.p. . figures don't don't make sense doesn't mean that turkey is in a crisis talks that it's saying everything is going well but there is a mismatch there so it's very difficult to understand and certainly if you talk to
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people in business their view of the economy at the moment is nowhere near rosy as the official view but i mean be being upbeat about something optimistic is one thing being realistic is another turkey is certainly very much dependent on foreign direct investment and we all know that that's decreased since last year's school does have a solution for that but no it doesn't i mean one of the thirst if you talk to foreign and domestic businesses is they say that the state of emergency has to be lifted having turkish actually translated strand status extraordinary situation and businesses say we need an ordinary situation in order to go to invest now on this and this is a looking very much a political instability well the high politicize ation of the literal system course anybody who comes into turkey wants to be sure that their man is going to be safe and for that you need a functioning judicial system which unfortunately turkey doesn't happen ok so so
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we'll have to keep an eye on turkey and certainly how its economy develops gareth jenkins thank you so much for your insights. also media giant facebook has announced a messaging app for children between six and twelve years old facebook messenger kids is controlled and monitored from a parent's account the company says they'll be no advertising and the only data collected will be the child's name some experts though believe facebook's intentions are good others are concerned that the company may have tyria motives. and that is something i would like to look deeper into with danielle winter who joins me now in the studio danielle what exactly could be facebook's altieri of motives or moniker i'm angry about this and i don't even have any kids isn't on boarding process basically getting kids used to facebook and social media at a young age but of course a lot of people are criticizing this move saying that facebook already doesn't have
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very good filters for taking bad content out of the system so how can we be sure that you know bad elements that say don't get into this app and contact your children now facebook say that they're going to monitor the use of this app in far more depth and look at reports of bad content in there very quickly but still facebook does a reputation problem on this front right now ok so there's a shadow of doubt i mean how can facebook how can anybody be sure that their kids it says here it's between six and twelve years old and using facebook anyway but the adult version well that's the thing that kids as young as six don't use facebook perhaps on that border age of you know ten eleven or twelve the sign of age for adult facebook sort of speak is thirteen years old so it is a little odd now if you see the pictures that we're showing there those are actors i mean we don't know if kids are actually going to enjoy this six years old i mean why can't they just go out and play football that's what i don't understand but
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anyway it's a problem market for facebook these thirteen year olds getting them encouraged to use this service rather than for example snapchat so basically facebook is trying to sort of used to it. so that when they reach that thirteen year old age that they recognize facebook and they say oh yeah i know that one of us i have for facebook well i mean they get to harvest this this audience that they can then report the thirteen years old it sounds really sinister but that's what facebook wants in the end they want data they want people signing up to their platform and contributing information. now kids date or six to twelve years old is not going to be harvested as part of this app but that is what facebook wants in the end and so they reap the rewards at thirteen years old and it does sound sinister but that's what a lot of people were saying i was just about to say i mean listening to you this really sounds sinister is it legal or it is absolutely legal but in a way the problem is more like it feels inevitable all the different big apps on
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line including snapshot including you tube and so on have a so-called kids friendly version and so parents don't really know what to do they can't just tell their kids ok these are really cool apps but you just can't use them it's also about getting them a more gentle introduction to social media which they will probably use when they're older what's clear is it is a social media moral maze and i know i'm not going to be having kids anytime soon daniel internet not quite sure what to make of that last statement of i thank you very much you're absolutely welcome for enlightening me about her facebook there. u.s. president donald trump has ordered the biggest rollback of public land protection in the country's history trump's announcement shrinks to wilderness national monuments created by past democratic presidents in the state of utah by at least half a move that's got pro development lawmakers pumped an environmentalist see that.
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some of the most glorious natural wonders in the world those are donald trump's own words to describe this federally protected land hundreds of thousands of hectares that make up bears years and grand staircase escalante. on monday trump took the rare step of massively shrinking these two national monuments the move could open up vast spaces for mining and grazing trump argued the lands protected status is federal overreach. because some people think that the natural resources of you to should be controlled by a saval handful of very distant bureaucrats located in washington. and guess what they're wrong was.
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but not everyone in utah is cheering over trump's clawback. thousands of protesters lined up outside the state capital to protest the announcement environmentalists say it's an abuse of presidential power and native american groups say the move places ancient cliff dwellings and other sacred sites on the land in jeopardy they have filed lawsuits to block the order. trump has already called for a review of twenty seven other national monuments with the aim to slash them to. a quick reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you before we go spain has withdrawn and international arrest warrant for catalonia is former leader carlos pushed along who is currently in self-imposed exile in belgium a spanish court says that it is because he has shown a willingness to return to space. today.
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