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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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and more to computer in this case. if you listen blitzer feelings are the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to the bottom don't go rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is d w news live from berlin the international arrest warrants for catalonia as exiled former leaders are withdrawn a spanish court says that it has made the move because carlos pushed along and four other leaders have shown
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a willingness to return to spain it comes as campaigning for catalonia as parliamentary election gets underway we will have the very latest from madrid. also coming up yemen plunges further into chaos as rebel celebrate the death of the country's former president and their one time ally meantime the situation for most people in government gets more desperate by the day. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. spain's supreme court has withdrawn an international arrest warrant for catalonia as former leader carlos pushed him on and four of his cabinet members pushed him on addressed his supporters via video link from brussels on monday where he has been in self-imposed exile since october a legal declaration of independence the court of majority says that it has
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withdrawn the arrest warrants because the politicians have shown a willingness to return to spain. let's get more now from journalist martin roberts who is following the story with us from madrid so martin we just heard the rationale there from the spanish court in order to withdraw this these these arrest warrants why do you think that they have done this now ok well as you say the election campaign officially doesn't the way today pushed him out of the other through former cabinet members in belgium running for public office they can only exercise i thought she was a willingness to read the first and he also gave two of the points very very interesting well is a legal technicality he wants to try then the other nine former cabinet members here on thursday but most importantly of all there's a hearing coming up in belgium on the fourteenth of december and he had no
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knowledge as it's very very likely about here in the belgian coast refused to actually push him out of the it was on charges of sedition and rebellion and that would severely show you know some of the judge's hands here so i think he's trying to like to have us how is this likely to impact the legitimacy of catalonia as independence claim and what is next for carla's pushed him on. well this is a very interesting question because there's absolutely nothing now to prevent him from resetting from society on the other hand if he was to do thus he would almost certainly be arrested and the question then is whether he can carry on his campaign behind bars in spain which may be no less difficult than doing it but i think you know conference from belgium the legitimacy well again. you know the nothing to stop him to this but i mean that would severely limits his action and the question is you know if he was the elect it's you know could see in theory yes he crudes
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they have a member of parliament. how he would actually be able to discharge his juices and whether you know the courts would less and less of a muscle a very big questions are yes is a very big question mark over whether it effectively be able to do us martin roberts with the latest from mr ed thank you saudi led warplanes are reported to have pounded the capital of yemen after what the rebels killed former president ali abdullah saleh he was fleeing the city after abandoning his alliance with the rebels and yemen's complicated civil war the attackers ambushed sally his vehicle and shot him dead. the house of the ex-president in flames in front of it supporters of the who thing rebels celebrate the death of the veteran former leader in yemen's capital sanaa hailed sunday's killing as a victory against their saudi led enemy. on this great exceptional
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historic day the day of the fall of the treasonous conspiracy it's a black day for the aggressor states in their conspiracies against our dear yemeni people. this graphic video likely filmed by sally's killers was widely circulated on the internet on monday it shows what's believed to be the lifeless body of the former strongman wrapped in a blanket and loaded onto a truck that was driven away. after stepping down five years ago sunday was long considered an ally of the who thing but in the last few weeks he unexpectedly switched sides and appealed for cooperation with the saudi led coalition sunday's assassination has also shocked yemen's internationally recognized president. hadi who's in exile in riyadh he called for resistance against the who sees. my condolences to the family and relatives of the former president. i call on all
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the people of our yemeni nation in all provinces that are still under the control of these terrorist criminal militias to rise up resisting the and renouncing. observers in yemen view sunday's death as a major setback for the saudi led military alliance and a boost for the hoofy rebels who now have virtually the entire western part of the country under their control the united nations is warning that the death of the former president will make an already complex civil war even more devastating. and for more let's bring in now jamie mcgoldrick he is the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen and joins us from the capital sanaa welcome to you jamie i want to begin first by asking sell a son we have heard has called for revenge and the arab league has also warns that solace death could cause an explosion in the security situation there in yemen how
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worried are you about a potential increase in violence here and what is the feeling there and sanaa thanks a lot you know for the last five days people have been under serious fighting in the presence of their own homes on able to get medical treatment and then war and food supplies terrify children and people in very difficult circumstances that this is eased up over the last twelve hours or so but there's been no strikes all the same the situation on the ground is very uncertain people don't really know what will come next people are bracing themselves for more air strikes there were twenty five last night one various buildings in the center so neighborly populated areas and right now we're trying to see what humanitarian assistance we can deliver. the populations have been affected specifically the death of salai how do you see this playing out i mean how do you see this impacting your humanitarian aid efforts in
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the country. well i think it's a very uncertain situation normally in yemen because no one quite knows how things are going to move on with today the former president so it is uncertain no hope this previous alliance will function and what the reaction will be from the government of yemen so do they call this should we have a very. very concerned. cause and might make over a difficult work challenge to get assistance at a time when people are starving or suffering from color and other diseases are breaking so the death of former president salih i think is only added another completely complicating dynamic to the very complex situation jamie with all jack the u.n. humanitarian coordinator there in yemen thank you so much for telling us a little bit more about the situation there at the moment in sanaa and in the country as well we appreciate it let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world lebanese prime
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minister saad hariri has said that he has withdrawn his resignation after hitting a deal with rival political parties the decision comes a month after her theory announced his shock resignation from the saudi arabian capital riyadh the move to lebanon into a political crisis a fast moving wildfire in the u.s. state of california has forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes the blaze in ventura county near los angeles broke out on monday and was fanned by strong winds authorities say that it could soon threaten a city of more than one hundred thousand people because of the fire is not yet know . the u.s. supreme court has allowed president donald trump's travel ban on six muslim majority haitians to go into full force the court's decision lifts injunctions issued by lower for it's a bad prevents most travelers from iran libya syria yemen somalia and chad from entering the u.s. as well as some from north korea and venezuela it could still be overturned.
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well u.s. president donald trump has also ordered the biggest rollback of public land protection so far in the country's history his order slashes the area of two wilderness areas in the state of utah by at least half now both of these areas known as national monuments were created by past him a crowd of presidents trump's move has got pro development lawmakers pumped and environmentalists seething. some of the most glorious natural wonders in the world those are donald trump's own words to describe this federally protected land hundreds of thousands of hectares that make up bears ears and grand staircase escalante. on monday trump took the rare step of massively shrinking these two national monuments the move could open up vast spaces for mining and grazing trump argued the lands protected
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status is federal overreach. because some people think that the natural resources of you to should be controlled by handful of very distant bureaucrats located in washington. and guess what they're wrong. but not everyone in utah is cheering over trump's clawback the. thousands of protesters lined up outside the state capital to protest the announcement environmentalists say it's an abuse of presidential power and native american groups say the move places ancient cliff dwellings and other sacred sites on the land in jeopardy they have filed lawsuits to block the order. trump has
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already called for a review of twenty seven other national monuments with the aim to slash them to. german foreign ministers it my gabriele has urged his country and europe to become more assertive on foreign policy issues and less dependent on the united states' traditionally close ties between berlin and washington have soured since u.s. president donald trump took office at a foreign policy forum in berlin gabriele said that the traditional view of the united states is having a protecting role is beginning to crumble but some of us will nonetheless have to remain our most important global partner there's no doubt we will meet and will cultivate this partnership in the future but it alone will not be enough to protect our strategic interests of the us withdrawal does not stem from the policies of a single president and the situation is unlikely to change even after the next
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election so there should be no doubt that germany and europe will need to do and risk much more than in the past. or more on those comments let's bring in correspondent mckayla now she was at the speech joins us now in the studio welcome to you. we just heard my gabriele say there that this isn't about trump what is it about that but isn't it isn't about i mean he put out a simple math basically saying that demographically soon the united states will be fifty percent plus people of european descent so culturally of course they would also be a distance but really what we heard today is a call for euro for germany to become more aware of their own geopolitical interests and a reminder he felt but more of a warning that there is no cozy place on the sidelines of the do your strategic game neither for germany nor for the european union so you can consider this as a wake up call from germany's foreign president putting it all into perspective for
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us thank you flora. moving on to football and byron munich have a serious score to settle tonight in the champions league they're facing john and while the french champions are most likely to win a buyer who would love to grab that number one spot it's not quite mission impossible when byron play host to perry says your man on tuesday night but it's close after losing three nil in paris in september to top group b. the bavarians need to win by at least four goals p.s.g. have conceded just one in europe all season so no one's expecting a miracle. about a month after if i use two teams will level at the top of the table and have the same goal difference i'd say we were playing to win the group. think but we need to stay realistic we're not so presumptuous as to say we're playing to win the world so if i miss it's as long as it's been in the open sea it might be about something
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else for kingsley come on as a native parisienne and a former p.s.g. youth player would love to get a result after delivering a largely ineffective performance as a second half sub at the parts of plants where much of people say the match is still one that goes through our heads and we'd love to get a little revenge but it's nothing against p.s.g. we want to show europe that we're still here and we're still one of the big teams in the champions league. you're watching news coming up after the break some breaking news special counsel robert muller has subpoenaed germany's largest lender deutsche bank to release data on accounts held by u.s. president donald trump their heart has the very latest that is coming up in just a few minutes. take it personally are you ready with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special.


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