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tv   Close up - Glyphosate - The Sick Children of Argentina  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2017 4:15am-4:46am CET

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less and my. u.s. president donald trump today phoned palestinian president mahmoud abbas and confirmed his plans to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem it's a step that would be tantamount to recognizing the disputed city as israel's capital something that trump promised during his presidential campaign reiterating statements made earlier in the week abbas ward truong that moving the embassy would endanger the middle east peace process and provoke unrest in the region. are we've got team coverage on the story now i'm joined from jerusalem by my colleague tanya kramer and in washington our correspondent carsten phenomena good evening to both of you tanya let me start with you how are palestinian authorities how are they reacting to this phone call from u.s. president donald trump. yeah we understand mr term had these conversations with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas also the king and they issued
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a statement afterwards saying that they were in town informed about the intentions of mr trump to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem it's not clear when this will happen there's no time to give not you know the framework in which is will be done there no details given in that but the statement by president and all the details you've been hearing over the past couple of hours stressing you know that this so much concern and they're warning about the impact for the region and they're also stressing that the palestinians will not give up on their claim on east jerusalem as the capital of the if you just state according to international resolutions so i mean this is a cause many of the concerns of for many leaders individually have to stress that came from egypt from jordan from turkey from saudi arabia everybody is saying this is a dangerous move and it could establish the beach and president trouble also called the jordan's king abdullah. and we know that abdulla has in the past said that this
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type of move would in danger stability in jordan why is he so worried. i mean jordan has a lot at stake here jordan is traditionally the custodian of the holy sites and the other marks are compared into a sense that everything that concerns east jerusalem also concerns jordan and you should not forget there's also a lot of palestinian refugees living in jordan so what he also expressed again today in that statement is he also warned about the danger to go ahead with this move without having the framework of negotiations and he's also you know this is concern you know many variables from people i talked to today on the palestinian side at least you know that this is setting new paramita jerusalem such a sensitive subject so symbolic for a lot of people and i think it leaves a lot of people here with a lot of uncertainty now how this will play out and carsten moving the u.s.
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embassy to jerusalem it has been u.s. policy or goal of the u.s. for decades but it's never been implemented right. basically all the presidents and the clinton have been kicking this can down the road every six months because twenty two years ago the us congress passed a law the jerusalem embassy act which says that. is the capital of israel and that the us embassy should move there now that law gives the president of united states the chance to postpone the implementation of that law by a six months at a time if it is in the national interest of the security of the united states and that has happened again and again bill clinton and george w. bush and then barack obama have all postponed the implementation of this again and again donald trump also did it one day in the summer this year but only grudgingly
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after he was. supported in this by his advisors and allies of the united states but now he seems to have changed his mind it could be that he declares he wants to the embassy in jerusalem but still postponed the move for six months so legally not much would change but it would still be a game changer politically and diplomatically in person is there any sense there in the u.s. that the timing of this being suspicious that that trump is doing this now to divert attention from the f.b.i. investigation into his campaign's connections to russia. there is a sense certainly but it's difficult to prove and to be fair donald trump seems to really believe that the u.s. embassy should be in jerusalem he has promised that during his election campaign now he has broken some of his promises but he's also kept some when you look at the issue of the paris agreement on climate change on the travel ban against some
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majority muslim countries and now maybe also in this case the point is that donald trump needs his core supporters his base if he wants to control the republican establishment and part of that base is the conservative pro israel lobby and their christian conservative. eventually. partners and supports us so he wants to keep that base and he will proceed with that apparently no matter what all right kirsten phenomena in washington and tanya kramer in jerusalem to both of you thank you the palestinians are reportedly planning a day of rage to protest the move the discussion on social media is turning to how this may affect the security of the middle east john the secular from tel aviv tweeted we will have a definite escalations of terrorism and violence hamas has called for a day of rage and for continuing violence which could trigger new intifada drum's
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declarations of ended two state solution brought additional problems and the twitter user. he's based in london wrote day of rage doesn't really have to be an aggressive word this is what gives the west the impression of angry muslims you see how they use the words to trigger anger inside their follower circle and the national security roundtable a u.s. nonprofit tweeted on each day the u.s. or each day of rage rather the u.s. should cut thirty three percent of its funding to the arabs they need to stop raging and windy. well in his strongest language yet germany's foreign ministers ignore gabriele today explained why his country in europe can no longer depend on the u.s. as a guarantor of peace security and the rule of law ties between berlin in washington have soured since u.s.
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president double trump took office and at a foreign policy forum here in berlin today gabriele said that the traditional view of the u.s. is the world's policeman is changing partly because the face of america is changing what you do united states as i understand it is no longer responsible for the static librium of the arena rather it is a combatant on the sand court of our belief that the united states was a protector as a matter of course despite occasional differences because long ago begun to crumble . the book and poets of today take back control and make america great again for the battle cries of our time back and again those words say it all they are about the restoration of allegedly good old times we are seeing a return to borders and the supposed strength of national states. is not so nice to us. in the foreseeable future
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a majority of us americans will no longer have european i don't know about latin american asian and african roots. that's why the relationship of the united states and europe will no longer be the same as it once was including after donald trump. for i'm joined now by our political correspondent kate let's start with that last statement there from the german foreign minister about changing ethnic demographics in the u.s. i mean i was trying to imagine today when i heard that do you think signal governor would he have been able to say that if we were in error of president barack obama is that of president trump well it was quite a bizarre comment to make and it's not a doubt going to raise quite a few eyebrows in washington and many people are not going to be asking exactly what gabriele meant by that and how a change in demographics can change this transatlantic relationship between the
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u.s. and germany which traditionally has been based on common values but of course it does beg the question would we have even been haring this somewhat somebody speech today from gabriele. obama still in the oval office of course global politics and this transatlantic relationship between germany and the u.s. has changed somewhat dramatically since trump took the presidency yet the german foreign minister today said this is it all because of donald trump so what is it about that well what he was trying to say is that trump isn't a coles of this change in global politics right now but that he's a symptom of what's happening geopolitically and so as a result of that he said today that germany and europe needs to take more responsibility for its own interests and the same time it's clear from the message that gabo is sending today that lynn is also aware of this element of competition
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which has a risen in the transatlantic relationship and that's going to continue as well gabriele said after trump's presidency which shows that he isn't alone responsible for this change i mean ok so you've got the foreign minister talking about paradigm shifts but what does that look like on the ground me how likely is it there. we do see a change in foreign policy coming from europe's strongest country or well unlikely to see any immediate changes overnight gabriele said himself that germany is going to continue to invest in this relationship with the u.s. but simply that the two countries and no longer fully aligned and of course it's also important to remember that the consensus over germany's foreign policy is working with other countries and what we've had today is actually nothing very new some of the comments that he made were really in direct reference as well to comments that we heard from german chancellor angela merkel early in the year when
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she herself also said that the days when we can rely on others like she has said that before as well. keep reading thank you very much. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write directly to me brant goff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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list for purists. to move east in luxury. and really innovation. accelerate into the future. and buckle up for the l.a. auto show. driving. to. argentina for decades farmers here has been using a controversial herbicide like to say. now cancer and birth defects are on the
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rise as are the voices protesting against the use of chemicals in agriculture people here are speaking up. like to say the sick children of argentina. in forty five minutes on d w. this is you giving is counting on somebody and let's go right to our correspondent news in central istanbul i'm joined by the helicopter did of his political correspondent on the stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about the perspective closer d.w. news sasa. losing your home life because of persecution in the city. starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country. five people who found a new home in a foreign land. with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the
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past and the future. after the escaping starting to center seventeen w. . o. and welcome to drive with the motor magazine this time new s.u.v. from japan we test the midst of eclipse cross. backing up with these thanks to be used trailer assisted. and the latest from the l.a. auto show and. this year's wass angeles not a show as always is a showcase for american brands like cadillac and g.m.c.
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here you'll see huge cruisers and brownie pickups with plenty of power under the hood just what americans like best. some of the best known examples are the ram truck and the lincoln navigator. but other renowned manufacture. scherzer showing off their latest models in l.a. to. her cd z.m. she had copious mers points out california is the u.s. his biggest car market l.a. is one of the most significant automobile shows in america and latin head of marketing for porsche says his company loves l.a. and he was a fan of these i don't love affair. here's how porsche presents its new dynamic duo the seventy thousand bucks here g.t.a.'s and the seven eighteen came in g.t.s. are the top models in their ranges. i'm going to beat him in the complaining says
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that despite all the talk about connectivity and digitalisation many customers want something pure and filtered and analog i think it's not us police just us us is it because you just can see to me and i look. porsche wants to cater to those desires with a new nine eleven karate luring the peeress are it's reduced weight manual transmission and mechanical rear differential lock. meanwhile toyota has a new version of the camry this compact mid-range sedan has been around since one thousand nine hundred eighty three and although it is a top seller in much of the world it's not on offer in europe. toyota's luxury car division lexus is drawing attention with the new addition of its are actually three fifty customers had clamored for a third row of seats and here lexus has provided. with
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the mercedes benz has brought several highlights to los angeles first the s. class convertible the open four seater is the lap of luxury and profits from the developments in the hard top as class models. i lie. number two is the third generation of the c.e.o.'s. that is kind. for see these chief designer gordon way going to says everything is new in the third generation of the c.l.s. which created a design icon and a new class of ford or coup pace. this is the first time that a car has been permitted to look like a design sketch the way designers drown them enthuses with a small roof and an exaggeratedly flat silhouette that makes this car spectacular just let us although it is a spectacle. the c.e.o.'s is being released with
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a completely new selection of three six cylinder engines two diesels and a gasoline. engine. for c.b.s. am g.'s project one is heading in an entirely different direction that's i got his mustang is my nurse says the one displays all the technology that is currently feasible it's one point six liter v six engine was adopted from a formula one race car. for electric motors give a speedster more power a total of seven hundred forty five kilowatts allow it to reach speeds above three hundred fifty kilometers an hour. not quite that fast but still very sporty is chevrolets classy corvette but then
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trade show offers more than concept cars and mass produce vehicles. or you can also see one of a kind creations like this key a stinger souped up by the tuning pros had ways goes customs and here's a concepts nomo below based on a g.m.c. pickup truck that has a rack for snowboards and his chain. allow him to tackle the mountains. if you want to really eccentric an extravagant ride try this to save three wheel buggy it sure to catch up and turn heads. like cars.


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