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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2017 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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thank sports news just briefly now and in the champions league byron munich. three one on tuesday night but only finished second in their group the results which included two goals from korean teen to low so gave byron a measure of revenge for the defeat that they suffered in paris earlier in the campaign both teams go on to the champions league knockout stage which will be drawn this friday. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program vick cawing is it a solid rally or a ball monica jones has that story and a whole lot more coming right up just as you know i'm sorry kelly in berlin. me. he's a doctor what kind of diseases can be healed spawns a reporter so what part of his employment has been inside the year the president. cost him the cotati draws on
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a wealth of insight he totally different experts in all fields of medicine are. in good shape. d.w. . stories of people who've world over the information they provide. the opinions they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. at. from one thousand to more than twelve thousand dollars in less than twelve months investors in bitcoin angulo take the grip the currency just keeps popping on the value we ask whether the trendy commodity could be headed for
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a bust. of business i want to get jones in berlin and we start here in europe where the european commission is presenting proposals to restructure the euro zone today saying the aim is to strengthen the foundations of the euro common currency now there are three key aspects to watch out for. paris one's a. big eurozone funding package as a show of solidarity in the face of financial shocks opponents to this idea like commission presidential one such a fund to be small and symbolic now secondly what becomes of the euro group president the commission plus political leaders in france and germany want a european finance minister instead but it's not clear what exactly this role would look like go for one once the european finance minister to be an commissioner
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others want to hold to the idea of e.u. member states electing such a minister now finally a french president. once this finance minister to control all of the european union's finances and not just for the euro area so this is something we'll certainly keep an eye on for you and hopefully later speak to our stock market expert to see how all of this is going down there in frankfurt but first turning to a major success story bitcoin the cryptocurrency is the past twelve thousand dollars today soaring from less than one thousand dollars at the start of the year the sky is the limit it seems but analysts warn that the price surge is based on nothing but speculative frenzy and that the asset bubble is poised to best know that doesn't stop some stock exchanges i'm future markets from joining the party.
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bitcoins may be a mystery for most people but many are intrigued by the crypto currency bitcoins are mind in massive data centers such as here in china the currency only exists online there's no bank or financial institution behind it the cash flows are anonymous and there's little oversight and yet big coin is currently enjoying an unusual run. at the start of this year one bitcoin was worth one thousand dollars but for weeks there's been a lot of hype surrounding its more recent surge in value on wednesday its price reached a record high of over twelve thousand two hundred dollars that means bitcoin has jumped in value by over eleven hundred percent an unparalleled rise. it's even called the attention of the reputable trick cargo commodities exchange which announced plans to begin trading bitcoin futures investors will be able to buy and sell bitcoins at a fixed rate this will make the currency much easier to trade even japan's on board
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bitcoin is listed on stock exchange now the once julius cryptocurrency is well on its way to entering the financial mainstream. and if you recognize the voice that was daniel into my colleague and he is back here with me in the studio to tell us a little bit more about bitcoin i'm sure that you've bought some how many have you got i don't know because i lost them. there was a while ago it is unfortunate because apparently a few years ago with the same value that you could get a pizza for in those days you can now buy a house so what would be nice monica like that ok but that way you're still here with us which is good news and there are other investors of course who really making a killing right now i mean how are they reacting to this development well i mean because it is driven by social media so that's where they've been reacting and they've been gloating on the line i'd like to show you some tweets on this actually
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just take this twitter user and investor you a wall. all street try to spent years in school learning the minute finance ten years of one hundred hour workweeks super excited about your ten percent returns this year me a bit corinna read some books some stakes enjoying nine hundred percent returns this year clearly gloating there and to give you an idea about the scale a big charlie below tweets at two hundred four billion dollars because market cap is higher than ninety six percent of the companies in the s. and p. five hundred only twenty one. so it gives you an idea of the scaled there and also being powered by social media means means inevitable and investors feel vindicated this post by to coney i'm on reddit how people saw me when i talked about bitcoin at the start of the year clearly a crazy person and how people see me when it cost ten k. intelligent and sophisticated i think is the idea that trying to get across the way you can blame them they're very happy and gloating as you mentioned as well but i mean how exactly does bitcoin differ from. other commodities or currencies that are
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currently traded why is it successful commodities is really the word there it is more of a commodity than a currency because it isn't stable medium of exchange once it becomes or if it becomes a bit more mainstream and you can go out to your local shop and buy something with declines then you can call it a currency until then it's just too unstable and that will be the thing which seals the fate for better or for worse of because so it will we ever be able to go out to the shop because that's what people ask me a lot you know i mean how do you actually buy something with bitcoin well it's very easy to use the thing is that not many places accept it because they're worried that if they take in because they won't be able to exchange them into dollars or euros which is what they need to pay their taxes so quickly and so if someone like starts accepting bitcoin which has been rumored that would be a game changer then everyone would start buying back cards and start using bitcoins
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online and then you might even see your. local shop accepting it as well all right which see in this amazing rise from one thousand dollars at the start of the year to twelve thousand how much higher can it get is now the time to join the party no i don't really know i mean people smarter than me have said that it is definitely a bubble but when you see that c.m.a. and nasdaq are offering big coin futures when you see that the banking up revolution which is backed by moscow cod is going to be offering bitcoin as well you see it is moving into the mainstream and so it could be the time to invest but then the bubble could bust any moment who knows if anyone then it's daniel winter thank you so much for joining me in the studio. while deutsche bank is complying with a u.s. probe into donald trump's alleged links with russia trans lawyer initially denied investigation has issued a subpoena against the german lender now a source within the bank confirms to the financial times that special counsel
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robert miller ordered them to hand over information in fact the source said that the only situation where the bank can legally hand over customer data is without a court order it's a sign the investigation could now be moving to trump's russian ties before his presidential campaign now entrepreneurs in tokyo have been cashing in on the huge success of nintendo's super mario video game for seventy dollars an hour you can hire a go cart and drive around the city as your favorite video game character but now the city is cracking down saying these rides can be dangerous tokyo police have introduced a ruling which requires the mariel cards to be fitted with seat belts still firms like to operate a maverick odds say they'll comply with the law now if you don't have enough cash to invest in state of the art technology that comes straight from the assembly line use your own ingenuity that's what a man in mexico did when he decided to retrofit his old folks beetle with electric
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engines. with fourteen batteries under the hood hector ruiz drives into mexico city's rush hour traffic and electric beetle with zero c o two emissions a rarity in the mega metropolis with five million cars jockeying for position smog blankets the city people choke on exhaust fumes. yes there's ways that i will this here is my contribution it shows that we can all do something for the environment we have the same air in china india germany and europe everywhere. really spend four thousand five hundred euros for his electric motor the batteries were customized for his needs how many kilometers can he actually drive per day how fast can he drive. with the wind in this city and he has a car that costs sixty thousand over ninety thousand euros and can go faster than one hundred fifty kilometers per hour. in
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a city we can drive faster than twenty or thirty kilometers per hour. passed built the motor himself replacing combustion engines with batteries that's what the fifty eight year old does all day in his workshop sustainability means that you don't always have to get a new car. it's a big advantage that we have when we use it's already been built transform it into something which can still be used but without a negative effect. most of the population can't afford to buy a new electric car but since it's mostly those residents who are causing the air pollution it might be the smartest idea for the government to subsidize the modifications only three thousand euros for an electric car. distance performance charging the batteries from home pos can customize it all. if.
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people always wait for someone else to find the solution. but it doesn't have to be that way you think it will be done by people like you and me. we can see ourselves as part of the solution and then solve the problem. bigger faster and father but why hector always is serious when he says he's thinking about his children's future retrofitting cars his affection to an economical why wait any longer. they were talking about electric cars in the eighties we've been waiting for decades but i know the car industry only offers really expensive ones i don't want to wait any longer i'd rather have one built for me. that's your business. thanks for watching.
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and. fasten your seatbelt. look at this.
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travel guide. megacities. you know my biggest urban centers are growing crowded effect can be catastrophic as housing gets scarce rents skyrocket and traffic congestion gets out of control how can our been growing made sustainable and social the future of our cities made in germany in sixty minutes. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one division and a few newspapers with official information as
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a journalist i have worked all of the streets of many canvassed and their problems are always the same forward to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption we can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see the white voters who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny person i work a d w.


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