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it's at home in many languages. for thought of programming go on there it will be there so now because our innovations magazine for in asia the us from every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com science and research for asia. i p t twenty cricket don't think. tells them to and i make a few of them tell of the famous potato.
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greetings from chile berlin where we are still waiting for snow but feeling in a festive mood nonetheless with these topics. dazzling display offended and yet lights up the french city of. warning signs a german photographer captures climate change in greenland. and to me she treats a german christmas market serves up tasty grilled sausages. well admittedly we see a lot of lights during the festive season here in europe but many would argue the fed didn't yeah inly in central france really tops the bill so over four days the annual event is a field day for the world's best light artists whose incredible installations take over take apart decorate and embellished the city in turns of the overall impression is sheer delight and so of course our reporter was there. in the french
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city of dark winter nights have just become much brighter for evenings the fit to lumiere is lighting up the city center. over fifty light installations bathed buildings streets squares and parks in a warm cloud. like education there nuances it's very pretty the lights make things look nice. and he works like this help you discover new artists. it's really beautiful and it's really impressive just like the whole city. is a. little bit like now takes me back to my childhood sanaa graffiti and all of the music and. many of the installations don't just look nice they also tell stories on these facades everything revolves around france's
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most famous hand puppets. he was created by a silk weaver here in new york in the early nineteenth century. belgian cow holy poor now i learned how artists collected from portugal turned dyno into an illuminated figure for their project. over the hump he's a symbol a bit like the eiffel tower in paris but the people who are going to visit leo are going to the little bit in your museum and see a bit of puppet theatre. is sitting in my unit. is a marionette who has become a symbol which goes way beyond. so when they asked us to work on this marionette we said well that's a big responsibility city we've. dumped what. the animation artists from aku go always trying to create
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a connection to the places where they work and with the people who live there but their puppet theatre projection they shot footage with schoolchildren at leon's puppet museum is awful evolve wa in the film the children who go to see the pub appear to have themselves become marionettes they exchange their heads and their bodies with the marionettes so the children have to be dressed and made up like the marionettes my unit the fact alone yeah has a long tradition in laos it started out as a religious festival in the seventeenth century the people of leone prayed to the virgin mary to protect them from the plague and because the city was spared the own citizens gave thanks to her each december a tradition that continues to this day. to this december eighth people in the all usually put candles by they went to honor the virgin mary. they brought a different kind of light to the lumiere brothers with
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a cinematic graph they created the motion picture film camera in the eight hundred ninety s. . the music they do confluence is devoting a show to them this year. and this attraction of the light festival is also bringing cinematic history back to. on the walls of buildings of the plaster taro artist not on yet because that's her daughter dive into famous films as an animated character. i have been drawn to the cinema ever since i was very young that was my father repaired thirty five millimeter film protectors and i saw between two hundred three hundred films between the ages of eight and ten so movies have always enrich my life. the light shows can be seen all over leone but the post office two sisters stumble into the world of a video game. at the city's
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roman amphitheater there's a projection of a magical flying horse. and this illuminated flower garden is in no way says have come from the heart of the city center. this is the third showing folk puppet theatre she wants to see how it's received. little or reacting exactly the way we hoped they would because the public they say is the things in which their loss of who isn't ours and children calling out things and i've already seen people in the crowds were just as surprised and astonished. by a festival of light and a wealth of history two million people are expected to marvel at this mixture of tradition and modern light heart. mazing well from such
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a huge spectacle we go now to the arrival of one small bear here in berlin which is also cause for many many whites. berlin has another new polar bears a thirty centimeter long cut it was born on thursday in a berlin zoo and is now enjoying mother tanya's loving care in the whelping box the bird has lifted spirits here after time his last cup of fritz died of a liver inflammation at just four months of age back in march. the couple has not yet been named and it's gender is not yet known. and zuko hours are going to have to wait a while to greet the newcomer. the biggest ever christmas tree according to get this world records has been this central italy it's actually a tray shaped liason display four hundred fifty meters wide and seven hundred fifty
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meters long on a mountain slope. this year it's dedicated to science and research for the lighting so many italian astronauts post on this body send a video greetings from the international space station. and why i confess that however beautiful and satisfying it is to be in space i would have loved to spend this evening with you and enjoy the show. i sent a space hog to all and warm greetings happy holidays and merry christmas. the christmas tree has been a highlight of holiday seasons for thirty six years and will sign on until early january. on thursday the bow and state opera celebrated its two hundred seventy fifth birthday with a concert conducted by daniel barenboim the performance also marked a homecoming after a major renovation of the opera house that took seven years and cost over four hundred million euros. the first opera premiere is to be engelberg humperdinck
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hansel and gretel on friday the house on today and wind numbers among the world's leading music venues. well it's the place to go for climate change experts when they need to check the planet's vital signs greenland where ice cores drawn from glaciers show the earth's climate is in fact responding to changes in greenhouse gas levels but sadly the evidence of rapid climate change is already much too evident on the surface german photographer all of auto becca has been documenting shrinking ice sheets in greenland for years now and his pictures tell a beautiful yet tragic tale. all of us a baker has been exploring the world of icebergs and places since two thousand and three he's become an eyewitness to its decline ever since if the temperature were to rise by five degrees celsius by the end of the century such images would no
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longer exist. when you know that there is global warming and you see an iceberg like this and you can see how it is sweating all the ice is wet and shiny and water trickles down everywhere. water drips down into the sea everywhere. then you can see how fast it goes. all of us a beca has travelled the west coast of greenland with this camera four thousand kilometers in a rabbit dinghy his series of pictures entitled broken line office breathtaking images. in the typed of the. king to when the ice floats on the water it sounds like glass rubbing together if a fresh piece or just fallen off it beats around you and it's called. proud.
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when you hear this sound. among the. singing of the ice. and especially the beating for. you know when you feel like your in a champagne goblet cage. becker was born in one nine hundred fifty nine in taba minda on the baltic sea. he works with a large format camera that looks like it dates back to another era he says it's like putting up an easel and painting a picture. only to exposure as a possible percocet so he sometimes travels with days to find him it. if there's a hitch when the film is developed it was all in vain. all of us are back i used to be a carpenter then a graphic designer until he got bored. then he headed for iceland and greenland
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today many of his photographs hang in major museums the world over. he almost always too is alone once two hundred kilometers from the nearest village he had a serious accident. away from. being on the boat nonstop for thirty six hours because there was nowhere to stop and a three or four o'clock in the morning i had to drive straight north to the sun. it was just above the horizon and blinded me and the next moment everything was quiet and dark the doctor while i woke up again and felt something cold pointy on my chin and i couldn't move. i opened my eyes and realised that i'd landed on an iceberg i had concussion of the blood. it was running down me had broken ribs my boat adrift in art. and there was no one around. and i went into the water and followed the boat form after fifteen minutes i reached the boat i was exhausted
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because i was stuck there hanging on to the boat and i could not get in and i put my turn on the propeller fell for the engine and pushed myself up with my feet on the information of all. he survived and kept going on his expeditions he often doesn't meet people for days on end no assistant no distraction he also shoots the photos himself. he has walked the entire length of full rivers in greenland's interior rivers created by climate change no where else can you see the results of global warming as drastically as here in greenland more than two hundred seventy billion tons of ice are expected to melt this year. of the . dog for when i was on the inland guys saya company the researchers there we went to the measuring stations and they took the data and evaluated it they were surprised by these huge changes little exceeded their own forecasts and they were
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shocked by the extent that. in greenland so much melt water is generated each year that an area the size of germany would be flooded under one meter of water. the icebergs are melting and all of otter because images testify to that. well back to some happier news and the fact that berlin is not only the coolest hippest city here in germany but also a veritable melting pot with people from one hundred eighty nine countries making it their whole and this influx of nationalities has meant great things for the local color narry scene and in our series fifty kitchens one city were methodically sampling our way through some of the best eateries in town and this time we come to the cafe run by oil a standing much isn't from denmark and she's making or more precisely baking something typically danish namely oatmeal cookies with licorice.
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being moved out of the normal frame gives you some creative that makes you think in new ways to do crazy things which is good which is a good reason to move is that it. shakes you up it. allows you to do other things you can redefine yourself when you're. that's exactly what scorning mattie's and did she's an architect interior designer and now a cafe owner in twenty twelve she and her family moved from the danish capital copenhagen to berlin a new city a new project a special cafe in her search for a suitable location she found a former antique shop she and her husband spent more than two months renovating it they designed and built the furnishings themselves as an interior designer screening matters and has already decorated many boutiques and cafes our own café
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east and eden is seventy square meters in size. the eastern name comes from the book by john steinbeck east of eden and we had a list of names and one of them that we really liked was this because it contained the word east berlin and as the nice place we were. the to me so we decided to twist it a little bit and call it east and eden. was born in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven in a small town near copenhagen she grew up with two siblings after leaving school she studied architecture and lived in italy in australia and new zealand. in the eastern eden café office a small selection of food dishes that are easy and uncomplicated to prepare she says typically danish. as a teenager she didn't in turn she have been a cake shop i developed
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a passion for the trade. she makes all the sweet treats herself according to her own recipes. i'm lucky enough to have a dentist for a mother and growing up in the seventy's in denmark it meant that we were not allowed to eat candy sugar on weekdays we could have it on saturdays my mother really wanted to encourage us to to make food and there were so i i realized that it was ok for me to bake a cake and that was sugar so every day i would come home from school and i would bake something and so it's always been a big hobby of mine and. death something i've always been doing. danes are said to have a sweet tooth. ode biscuits with licorice are both popular and simple to make. they take only about three quarters of an hour including the baking time.
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they can easily be combined with different ingredients. for example with cranberries. the bees give a biscuit so fruity tasting. denmark is known for good licorice is not only eaten as a candy but also used to. the spice. licorice is extracted from the root of the licorice plant which grows mainly in the mediterranean region. nowadays many top restaurants also use licorice as a seasoning. and using. all the cuts in a recipe for me is like using a new spice it's not even thinking about the cuts when i'm using it it's like using cinnamon or scott or any other spice it gives it this really nice
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deep warm flavor to the formula and her family moved to berlin she searched for a suitable school for her daughter found it in a major district. here she immediately found it hard she likes the colorful mix of people who live here. misses a very. international place to be. we can all see it as our customers here in the cafe they come from all over the world good places to eat nice places to go for coffees good shopping nice supermarkets does everything you really need here so we never use
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a car in berlin we're always on our bikes because everything is close by. so it's it's a nice little city in the city. initially. only opened her company five days of the week but her concept has been so well received that it's now open every day. they have packed how can they like this at hanukkah will come. love that language for the final station in this week's series we're in the horton. a town that situated on the popular romantic road in southern germany and renowned for its very well preserved medieval old town and it's also known as germany's christmas capital year round thanks to its fine to craft a decorations by the local firm to avoid fog and it follows that it's christmas market is also extra special and dates back more than five hundred years not to be missed there is there franconian falls to a dream it's. a
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visit to the streets a rotten bore called their caliber in northern bavaria is like a trip back to medieval times many of the beautiful houses date from the fourteenth century during advent visitors flock here to visit the writer list mark one of the most attractive christmas markets in europe. over sixty market stalls are situated around the renaissance style town home and in the narrow streets nearby. friend coney and grilled sausages popular with visitors to the market. there's kitty punch grilled sausage and sweets they're all delicious just another made out where he grew up eating these grown sausages which makes us love the most of them all. they belong in a market like a someone that's margaret and. eric trumps
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a butcher shop supplies the market with fresh sausages prompts wife sonia serves customers in the busy shop. some comedian tourists are here to sample the grilled sausages it's delicious yes very good. we don't have anything quite this authentic at home we try to but we can't replicate it. the sausage meat comes from pigs raised by local farmers and me his season with onions for margarine white pepper a dash of nothing meg and salt. sonya trump grills the sausages on both sides for around ten minutes in this region they're usually served with bread and sauerkraut . i suggest is also good ideas and i mean this is a traditional grilled sausage prepared the old fashioned way in this natural casing and. it's a very fine and delicate sausage skin that has
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a little strip of fuss. but this gives it that special taste characteristic of the fred coney and growth sausage rolls only then is a truly offensive so grilled sausage can be found everywhere but if it doesn't have a spelling casing it's not a true friend kenyon sausage things. sonia looks forward to selling lots of the grilled sausages this christmas she says the colder it gets the more people work up an appetite for a hearty sausage. he's tourist from taiwan are willing to give one a try. meat pie one must also have been a sausage already told. sweets of a. soul sati it's just a christmassy atmosphere. or converts right or less mark got its name from a mythical horse might be seen as a bringer of good cheer. and here it's
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christmas all year round. cafe full farts christmas village located next to the writer list marked off for some thirty thousand articles for the festive season. even famous grilled sausages but you can't eat them. in the meantime nights this fall but a organ grinder planes are. the mississippi ambience the old town on the christmas market a wonderful it's my first time to visit out christmas month period and i know i know rable a man thing is cool as if it meant for me the christmas markets about mold and sausages and some mulled wine and the whole atmosphere when he gets up must be this . it's almost time for night watchman hans-georg baumgartner to begin his duties
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but first time for a sausage fingers it was something almost about a frank onion grilled sausage today as every night i'll be making my rounds i've done this every night for twenty five yes. people from around the world have come to explore wrote the book and it's medieval charge at christmas time it's an especially festive tour. and one more thing before we sign off and that's to announce the winner of this week's watch we asked you to send us pictures of the foods that make you feel all. mysie and this watch goes this week to carol it's sad it's true is from or a bitch in croatia who sent us this lovely shot of what looks like a traditional kind of donut very lovely with the flag in the background so thanks very much to carol and to all those who also took part in happy christmas and happy and peaceful holidays to all of you who may be celebrating enjoy it to the fullest and until we meet again i just want to just say.
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next time on your imax the highlight show shine now at hamburg's out for the morning concert whole successful design made in finland. on germany's biggest private display of christmas lights and more next time on your imax highlights.
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group. you know different. she travels across germany to meet other people and to hear their stories. so it seems. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so that's the main thing was to keep. you're headed down the can your mug shot of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about us because it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black young. afro germany starting december tenth w.
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a s. i p t twenty gave the don't thing. tells them to and i make a few of them tell of the famous potato. the state of the news coming to you live from berlin in israel.


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