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tv   Doc Film - Afro. Germany  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2017 4:15pm-5:00pm CET

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and living in germany she's reminded of what that means on a daily basis. if you see. if. she travelled across germany to meet other people and to hear their stories. for your country but you're still. forty five minutes. looking for the artistry. edge of the seat drama. joy and jubilation. please god it all hopelessly highlights.
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you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin i'm under attack here is our top story four people have been injured after an explosion at one of new york's busiest transit stations not far from times square police told detail we did a suspect is in custody a number of subway lines have been evacuated. you're seeing live pictures coming to you there from new york we're trying to get hold of our correspondent costume for naaman who is following that incident but let's just first take a look at those pictures coming out of new york where the police chief is due to make an address and tell the public more about what's been happening in the heart of new york city as you can see preparations are being made you have a whole lot of journalists waiting to hear the address by the police chief there to give more details about explosion the reports we've been hearing so far that it was
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a pipe bomb an improvised explosive device latest report says several people have been injured the initial report said only one person had been injured and that person was believed to be the suspect who's in custody an official in new york has told me that there is a suspect in custody more details about the suspect are not known as yet but we are hoping to hear more from the police chief in new york but i think we still have to wait and while we wait for the police chief to come in new york let's now move on and we got him back to new york as soon as the police chief talks starts talking now moving on here in europe parts of europe have been covered in a blanket of snow all of this is drawn footage taken in the netherlands but the reality for travelers on the ground was less tranquil than these pitches a show there was chaos on the roads in britain after the heaviest snowfall in four
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years in germany also got its first heavy dusting of the year here today were travel disruptions but for many it was also an opportunity to have a bit of fun. that day of going nowhere fast however intrepid. this the site for thousands of passengers at germany's frankfurt airport snowplows and the ice is unable to stop the cancellation of more than three hundred flights there on sunday. widespread destruction across britain to tens of thousands of passengers left without flights at europe's busiest airport london heathrow. while police advised those attempting road journeys to stay home unless travel was critical the heaviest snowfall in four years created treacherous conditions. can i repeat are you looking at it it is just horrible to be stuck like this is that we freeze them very. hard
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scary very yeah and. northern europe has been covered with snow with temperatures dropping well below zero. the cold front brought with it high winds this passenger ferry was stranded for several hours after running aground near the french port of cali weather warnings are in place across much of the country. but for those who didn't have somewhere to be the freeze provided ample entertainment. suppose it's great for the children finally we have snow. i hope it will be as why does this come christmas. is often all too often so. people across the continent able to simply enjoy the snow the forecast is good more wintry weather is expected over the coming days. did i not on top story and that
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explosion and the hot off a new york city correspondent cason phenomena is tracking that story and joins me now from there asking me been waiting for the police chief of new york city to make an announcement meanwhile bring us up to date on the latest on this story in new york city. police now say that four people have been injured in this incident including the suspected perpetrator apparently the man had improvised explosive device strapped to his body and that explosive went off apparently not as the suspect expected it to do and if that was of course lucky for all the people who were in that place because there could have been many more victims if this was a big explosion but so far it seems that even the man who had this device strapped to his body survived and is currently being questioned by the police the place
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where this happens near times square near the port authority bus terminal is one of the busiest parts of new york particularly around this time of the day when a lot of commuters millions of people on their way to work and this bus terminal in particular is the busiest bus terminal in the world more than seven thousand buses are going there every day more than two hundred thousand people taking buses to that terminal or leaving from there they are also many subway stations and so could have been many many more victims here and as it is said the suspect is in custody and he's being questioned by police have any more details in much about him from authorities all from witnesses. nothing has been confirmed so far so we hope that when the authorities will give that press conference in
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a few moments that we will hear more have been rumors that the man might be bangladeshi american but again unconfirmed i have to say also we don't know if his background has anything to do with this incident what the motivation might have been so no information on that so far there's only speculation but maybe in a few minutes we know more now this incident took place just a few days off to donald trump declared jerusalem as a capital off israel and there has been a lot of outrage in many parts of the one obviously growing any connections between that decision and this attack. well as always in these situations when it is not yet clear what is behind this attack than speculations and i got it i have to say once again this is only speculate as to interrupt you here because we see that the police chief of new york city is coming
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up to the microphone and he's about to address people them side of interrupted us let's take a listen to what the police chief has to say and perhaps we get a little more clarity on what has just happened in the heart of new york city. you know what savage. i thought was going on at the border was got sound was good right good morning at seven twenty of this approximately seven twenty this morning we had a chair related incident in a subway in a passageway between our forty second today the forty second and seven. governors going to speak the mayor is going to take time to give us more details again i was going to talk about some of the minor injuries and enjoy a lot is going to talk about subway service governor thank you. thank you good morning to everyone the first news this morning was obviously very bright new and disturbing. when you hear about a bomb indeed in the subway station which is in many ways. one of our worst
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nightmare. the reality turns out better than. the initial logic but they shouldn't here. you had a number of law enforcement agencies that did a fantastic job. the n.y.p.d. ph d. the board of police the m.t.a. police. they were all on you see behind us representatives of all the agencies award unaided the assistant director of the f.b.i. those sweeney is here so everyone worked together. there was an explosion the police commissioner will go over the heat. it was a minor it was a effectively low tech divide. there were several injuries we hope minor. and that was extraordinarily well there was a disruption in train service and bus service wire all sweep was
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being gone that's all being restored now as you'll hear from joe lhota the subway station subway service at seven forty second street is being restored look . it's born and by. on how to put together a. family and i think we've lost the sound that was the new york governor andrew cuomo a speaking he praised law enforcement agencies that he was just giving you a few more details let me down draw in our u.s. correspondent carson phenomena cason is one of the initial response from the governor of new york tell us more about what he said. yeah basically he confirms again that new york. in
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a way was lucky to have experienced this new incidents with just a few casualties of course for those people involved especially those in a sense it's not so it was not a lucky day obviously but there could have been many many more victims here as far as we know there were he said several injured the number we have so far is four including the suspected perpetrator he also said this was a low tech device once again confirming what sources had reported earlier so and that also that device apparently didn't go off as intended by the perpetrator because otherwise there would be definitely more people injured or even killed at this very very busy place in new york where tens of thousands even hundreds or thousands of people rushing to work every morning so that was basically what's
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under a cool mode the governor of new york state had to say so far and once again of course praising the law enforcement offices and other first responders who once again good very good job according to the governor and obviously there have been incidents like that time and again so it's in a way already you can sad routine even though you never get used to d.c. end of events and cousin if that thing we seem to have got sound back to new york let's have a listen to what the governor field is saying. because what beacon to the world and we actually show that society of many faiths and many backgrounds going to work and we showed it democracy can work. in our enemies want to undermine that the terrorists want to undermine that so they you're on to attack your. a new york city is blessed with the finest one for certain and what our first responders did today
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was another example of the ability to address a situation quickly contain it and make sure people are safe. let me just say it's very important for my fellow new yorkers to know there are no additional known incidents at this time there are no additional known activities and we will wait for a full investigation of course by the n.y.p.d. and the m.t.a. police and order story please the f.b.i. but at this point in time all we know this is one individual thank god was unsuccessful in his aims there are also no credible and specific threats against new york city at this time but we will give you more information of course as the investigation unfolds. the first responders. responded brilliantly now the mission of the n.y.p.d. is to secure all major transit hubs and major sites in this city so you'll see
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expanded n.y.p.d. presence today all over the city new yorkers and come to understand when you see our specialized forces when you see those long guns and those highly trained officers that's something that should be reassuring to you means why d.d. is on alert and out in force and that means you're saying. finally want to say. the governor invoked that phrase we can't say it enough times when you see something say something this is the difference maker we've seen it time and again when an everyday new yorker see something it doesn't make sense hear something sees a package gets a feeling that something's wrong don't hold it yourself tell a police officer they are the ones who can take the information act on it it's so important to speak up because you could be saving many lives by doing so. i'll finish by saying this. this is the most. place on earth we've proven time and time again that. just over
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a month ago the program nine eleven but i proved again today that terrorists will not win we're going to keep the new yorkers let's get back to our thanks. to you just being and listening to the meadows new york. just a couple hours ago you have to understand these are preliminary facts and approximately seven twenty below ground walkway which connects the i and d. line at four to win. with the. line at four two one seven and that's the shuttle at times square and the. police were called to her reported explosion responding units found an injured twenty seven year old male identified him as. a k a y e d u l l a h. and wounds to his body. at the scene of the case this male was wearing an improvised. explosive device
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attached to his body. he intentionally detonated that device. looks like there were three other people in the immediate area also sustained minor injuries but going to talk about that the subject was placed in custody and transported to bellevue hospital. response to the scene included members of the transit bureau. division bomb squad counterterrorism police state troopers and joint terrorist task force in addition the n.y.p.d. strategic response group the critical response command. other key transportation hubs now the locations throughout the city as progression every measure is. transit system video and further if you wanted to be a witness on the way there are a background investigation into this being conducted by the joint terrorist task force we're asking anyone who may have any information about this individual. or incident call the terror hotline now it's eight hundred eight n.y.c.
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safe just as the governor said as the mayor said we are new yorkers we don't live in fear if you see something that doesn't look right you have an obligation to come forward call nine one one flag down a cop or give us a chance to investigate hi dan i was going to talk about the injuries now dan. thank you jim s.p.c. commissioner mentioned the perpetrator dead to device it caused burns to the hands in the abdomen also lacerations are e.m.'s personnel removed the perpetrated to bellevue hospital where they're being treated now three other people that were in proximity of the explosion removed themselves two of them took themselves to mt sinai west one to mt sinai queens all with minor injuries that are consistent with big in the area of the explosion that is ringing in the years and headache so we have three minor injuries to people that were in that corridor and serious injuries so the perpetrator that's at this time.
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thank you as the commissioner the both of them the mayor and the governor both said earlier this morning we received an alert a potion that happened in the tunnel and immediately the m.t.a. in the transit authority shut down the lines on the on the eighth avenue line they'd see the many of them were rerouted i will tell you right now they are all back the only destruction we have right now is that on both the seventh avenue line as well as the eighth avenue a line where by passing the time for a forty second street corridor and also the shuttle between grand central and times square is currently shut down we expect it to be back up and normal by by this evening's rush hour i do want to also state that on november sixth just a month or so ago we had a tabletop exercise with the n.y.p.d. board made our effort. and you that look something like this ever happened and the
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result of that was that two hours we were. totally up to speed and getting our passengers around. not all the n.y.p.d. but also of our little for their patients thank you. earlier church questions heard. the question is is our subject out of anything for. the bars or the investigation here we're fine. ok you're seeing a live pictures coming to you from new york city where a re off officials have been addressing the incident which took place in the heart of new york city there was an explosion and we've been waiting to hear details and now there's much more clarity about exactly what happened we heard from the marrow of new york city a bill de blasio. talked a lot about the resilience of the people of new york and what the city has been
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through and said they will not be cowed down by this latest incident we also heard from james on d.l. hughley commissioner of n.y.p.d. he talked about the suspect who's been taken into custody and give us more details about that and then we had another official talking to us about. the injuries which have taken place one person who has been been injured. the suspect himself is injured and three others and we were told with all of them with light injuries let me now draw in our u.s. consul in carson phenomena who's been listening to that press conference in new york city constant now we know a little more about the suspect who's been in custody what did the n.y.p.d. commissioner have to say about him. well i think the biggest takeaway from this improvised press conference clearly was all of the officials are
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talking about an attempted terrorist attack so clearly this is seen as an attempt to mass killing which did go wrong fortunately for new yorkers and that apparently the suspect was taken into custody injured after that improvised explosive that was strapped to his body exploded but not to the full extent that the attacker might have intended and he has clearly an islamic name the officials have so far refrained from saying this was connected to any political question such as the recognition of jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel that you mentioned or other causes or any terrorist network so we still don't know where this is heading obviously the police also said these are things which are still under investigation also if that suspected attacker shouted anything before
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he tried to explode his device so probably in the next few hours and days we will get more information on that but clearly the authorities say this was an attempted terrorist attack right constant phenomena tracking that story from the heart of new york city thank you they much i mean is up to date about the explosion which has left four people injured one of them including the perpetrator and three others but all the injuries that we've had minor injuries ok let's now move on to a bit of sport and that's going and going to come to this. ok let's have. joining me now in the studio is chris hansen the going to be talking sports in a bit chris malcolm really good to have you now but first i want to take a look at the last sixteen let's give obvious. to figure out what is happening in the champions league soccer scene draw has been held in new switzerland today and
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they are plenty of juicy matches to look forward to in the new here i'll be talking to chris about them in just a bit first just take a look at the draw you went to space tottenham hotspur basel take on manchester city porto lock horns with liverpool severe go up against manchester united reigning champions real madrid battle paris angel man shock third on the ets roma chelsea take on barcelona and by munich face. for more on the champions league joel i have with me chris how you turn from the fourth desk now. chris again you know by now the last film inside left in the champions league this season and they're up against a tough team is that a good draw for them i think it's a great draw considering the other possibilities out there could be could have been tottenham for she to us is a team you know i don't expect much i don't expect them to put up a big fight against byron munich by munich has been there before plus you have to consider the fact they have europe i think is back between the post they didn't
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with spin or rush right now they're still waiting for a healthy manuel neuer his left foot is injured last i heard that he has trees is happy to be able to stand and take a shower so there's really no time table that concerning when he will make his return but i think this draw is an easy pass to the elite eight and i think byron has a way to see who they are joined with next but the last time they played was in the late nineties a good space she tossed they had no problem winning the two legs to neil i find it so hard to see that i would see that as well as the defending champions riyadh madrid i've not been in fine fettle i was. a betting person i would put the money in power saying but do you have the expert what's right you know i hate this particular time because you have real madrid they're trying to play for a three peat we are the champions league three times in a row now facing with p.s.g. it could have been a worse match up for them because as you mentioned real madrid
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a little stuttering a bit domestically and so forth p.s.g. only other hand they just set a record of goal production they scored twenty five goals in the group stage they have superstars and they paid for the superstars and neymar is mad money. but then of course have the door winner cristiana rinaldo so it's going to be a superstar match up i do give the slight edge to p.s.g. because it comes down to firepower i think in this particular match up and it's sad to say it will be said. to see only one of these teams advance but i do think p.s.g. will move forward leaving rio madrid put ok not to see out that it against boston no not also a draw neither side would have reached what can go either way yeah this is this head to head is really evenly matched to me slight advantage going to chelsea but they play the last time these two sides face but another was in two thousand and twelve but then you have to look domestically what's happening barcelona of course they have leo messi that means anything's possible they're leading the league or right now so i do give the slight advantage to them because that domestic success
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tends to translate over to the european stage and i do expect messi and company to . put aside in and get rid of chelsea ok so the bottom line we have lots of exciting matches to look forward to next to chris harrington right from us for says we have to be even there thank you so much offensive to have had you in the studio thank you. you're watching the news a recap of the breaking story coming in from new york new york authorities say and explosion at the city's port authority bus terminal was an attempted terrorist attack one suspect has been taken into custody and few people were reported injured new york matt believe the c.e.o. said apologies new normal credible or specific threats to new york and he said quote the people there are safe. we have more news coming up for you in just a few minutes sara how much is standing by to save the d.w. if your cat.
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me speak your language they don't get up. for content in dari pashto and for good prospects for returning to our web special. journals like germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. t.w. made for mine so far. it's all happening. pretty quickly cut. your link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and welcome to news after killing program tonight from born in germany from the news of these events and why i would say de deputed comes to africa join us on facebook at t w africa.
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the news coming to live from berlin that attempted terror attack in the heart of new york city authorities say a twenty seven year old suspect strap a bomb to his body but no one was killed and the suspect is now in custody let's be although it was terrorism. thank god it. will go live to our correspondent in the u.s. for more also coming up. and i see a reception for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as he tells foreign ministers their nations should recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. welcome to the show i'm sara harmon it's good to have you with us we begin with some breaking news authorities in new york have just held
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a press conference after an explosion at new york city's port authority building one suspect has been taken into custody new york mayor bill de blasio said that authorities knew of no more credible or specific threats to new york now this incident occurred during the morning rush hour at the intersection of forty second street and eighth avenue not far away from times square for people suffered minor injuries. of the area by police and other first responders immediately followed the blast appears mayor de blasio speaking at a press conference just moments ago. and let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not she is ultimate goals. thank god our first responders were there so quickly. are u.s. correspondent carson vaughn naaman carson you've been following this incident the mayor just called it an attempted terror attack but not
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a very successful want to sounds like what more can you tell us. yes thank god not a very successful attempt apparently that suspect which was identified as a twenty seven year old named actually it's. some reports say he's from bangladesh but that has not been confirmed so far so the suspect who is now in custody tried to explodes that improvised device that he had strapped to his body but apparently it didn't go off as intended or maybe it also went off early that is not quite clear if he really intended to explode it at that point or if it went off prematurely anyway it went off a ledge apparently in a underground passage way so not on the platform where of course a lot of people would have been at that time the venue of this attack the port
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authority bus terminal is the busiest bus terminal in the world and also a major public transport hub in new york there are hundreds of thousands of people going through there every day and particularly at that time when the attack happened or the attempted attack happened there would have been many people around many potential victims all that did not happen but as we just heard from the mayor of new york this seems to have been an attempted terrorist attack ok describing a nightmare situation for most new yorkers and why p.d.'s confirm they do have a suspect in custody this twenty seven year old man tell us what you know about him . well once again not much really apart from what we just heard twenty seven year old the name indicating. he is a muslim some reports say that he is from bangladesh but that is relying on the
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sources so we don't know that for sure and also we don't know if the suspected attacker that suspect has any affiliation to a new major network like the so-called islamic state or qaida so we don't know that this is all part of the ongoing investigation all right so still some open questions but it sounds like many new yorkers are going to be breathing a sigh of relief this morning that's carson vaughn naaman thank you very much for your reporting there's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world right now russia's president vladimir putin has declared victory in syria and ordered a partial withdrawal of russian troops he made the announcement on a surprise visit to an airbase in syria where he met syrian president bashar al assad russia has been the syrian government's main backer during the country's six year long war. saudi arabia is to end its thirty
4:52 pm
five year long ban on cinema it's the first one will open early next year and the move is part of changes that are being introduced in the conservative country by mohamad bin selma a powerful crown prince. india's main opposition congress party has selected raul gandhi as party president he succeeds his mother sonia gandhi he faces the tough task of rebuilding the party that governed india for decades before prime minister narendra modi's hindu nationalist government. in two thousand and fourteen. israel's prime minister has urged european governments to follow in the united states is footsteps and recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel benjamin netanyahu says the move is simply a recognition of reality and as a step towards peace with the palestinians but his words got a firm rebuff in brussels where he's been meeting with foreign ministers. a rare ok
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asian but you mean it was a rival in brussels marked the first visit in twenty two years by an israeli head of government let me say of this quite historic opportunity it's far too long for friends and partners as we are a big moment made even bigger by donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital just days ago what president trump has done is put facts squarely on the table peace is based on reality i believe that all or most of the rippin countries will move their embassies to jerusalem recognized crucial in this israel's couple but instead the reception in brussels was as frosty as the temperatures outside the council building protesters gathered to condemn mr netanyahu visit now they are inviting him so they will talk but there is nothing to talk about you don't do such things but what he's doing in israel. to the palestinians. the decision to move the capital needs to be discussed between both
4:54 pm
sides it also can't be up to europe or the united states to decide that. it doesn't need to deceive the e.u. ministers also shook their heads at the move. we do not agree to denounce. the capital to be the final status issue and in particular of course tourism is divided between east and west and east jerusalem. on another fundamental question the union cemented its position a commitment to a two state solution yet there worries that the united states are no longer a credible mediator blues and also we've been waiting already for several months for the american plan and if one is not forthcoming then the european union will have to take the initiative you know i've been in this incident but even if the e.u. stepped up its peace efforts the question remains if it has indeed the ability to
4:55 pm
really make a difference in this conflict. well for more on this i'm joined now by our process correspondent barbara fazel barbara thanks for being with us tell us what kind of reception he received there it was cool in fact even if we saw fit or we come a greenie sort of cheek kissing bibi netanyahu i mean that's diplomatic politeness but in general nobody was really thrilled to see notes on ya hear the visit had been in very short notice and the prime minister had invited himself because he had not been invited by the foreign ministers it was season to see a new friend who had sort of facilitated this very short visit and also a meeting was the head of the european commission somehow did not happen for reasons unexplained bad weather was the explanations now the building that.
4:56 pm
the european counterparts in and the commission are about fifty meters apart so it can't have been the with it must have been something else diplomatic mature logical problems. a lot of people are saying the u.s. can no longer play in this role as the honest broker between israel and the palestinians what opening does that create now for the e.u. to play the role of mediator. the problem is that the european union isn't ready to step in really we've seen that the french president mccrum who's eager to sort of gain profile worldwide as a troubleshooter and mediator in each and every conflict. minute and you know yesterday in paris that he would be sort of ready to step up to a certain point oh ever he has to unify the european union behind him and he doesn't have a plan we just heard the french foreign minister say we've waited for the u.s. plan and we've waited and waited and nothing happened but the e.u. didn't take the interim period to sort of formulate their own goals to sort of make
4:57 pm
up their own peace plan and sort of push it forward they've just been sitting back and waiting and they somewhat haven't really yet gotten over the shock after the obama years of the very one sided policy that donald trump the american president is presenting at the moment so it's mostly the they would need a lot more time to sort of get together and really push an agenda here ok briefly netanyahu is comment that e.u. country should move their embassies to jerusalem is that just wishful thinking barbara yes mostly sorry it is because even the two countries who had sort of said oh yes we might think about it the czech republic and hungary sort of immediately was drew their words more or less and said yes but it was more theoretical the jerusalem is split and that we would think only of one side of jerusalem and hungary even doesn't really want to do it because they say we are also for a two state solution so there's a lot of talk talk of amongst those countries but and usually they don't really
4:58 pm
realize what they're talking about vale she sees through the tall talk for us there in brussels thanks for being with us today. well the german chancellor angela merkel and senior german lawmakers have condemned the burning of israeli flags in berlin this weekend merkel said she rejected any kind of anti semitism and seen a phobia and that our government would fight such incidents with full force three flacks were burned when thousands of propellants city and protesters took to the streets of the german capital. burning israeli flags in berlin have sparked outrage from the german government prompted by u.s. president donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital thousands of part of palestine demonstrators gathered in berlin over the weekend. we unanimously condemn these violations of constitutional principles we oppose all forms of anti-semitism and xenophobia this was the
4:59 pm
last more than one thousand people gathered at berlin's iconic brandenburg gate near the u.s. embassy on friday where anti semitic slogans were heard from some protesters ten people were arrested with charges including assault in violation of the law of assembly. as a second demonstration on sunday tune a half thousand demonstrators march through berlin's noyon district flags bearing the star of david weber and. for historical reasons germany is always particularly vigilant when there are protests against israel fizzer also never far away the time to semitism could fuel violence. or warning flags is illegal in many places our chief political correspondent linda crane told us more about the legal situation here in germany. here in germany it's not against the law her say in fact it is viewed as a form of freedom of speech that is taller rated by the law but there are
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a couple of exceptions to that and in fact we called the berlin police to get a clearer view of how those exceptions work exactly one of those exceptions is the burning of flags that have been removed from embassies for example that would clearly be illegal it would also be theft for that matter secondly if the police in the course of approving a particular demonstration say well yes this demonstration can go forward but we will not allow flags to be burned at this demonstration then the police absolutely may arrest protesters who do in fact burn flags against that particular rule and that was the case here at the demonstrations in question the police had made such a condition and it was not respected by the protesters so that that is the general picture but very important to remember germany's constitution enshrines is the very heart of the legal system here that human dignity is inviolable and that means that any protest where flags are burned if that shades into defamation of minorities if
5:01 pm
that shades into any kind of incitement to violence then that is absolutely illegal and unconstitutional. that was our chief political correspondent we want to create our minder of the top story we're following for you right now four people have been injured in an attempted terror attack at one of new york's and busiest transit stations police say a twenty seven year old man detonated an explosive device strapped to his body he was among the injured he's now been taken into custody authorities say they're not aware of any more specific threats to new york. and that state of the news i'm sarah harmon in berlin will join you again at the top of the hour for more news and updates. your homeland because of persecution of sixty five people found
5:02 pm
a new home in a foreign land with their stories and music they've built bridges to the past. and the future. after the scare starting december seventeenth d.w. . the perception that. the ahead in blue eyed has never been sure and will never be two.
5:03 pm
people always. asked me where i'm from it's not possible to be german and black. from the moment i get up and leave the house in the morning i'm confronted with racist views images and styria types of people. as a child alice wanted to have white skin because i've heard bed being black and not being able to blend in and i was kind of sticking her out of the group and being you know different than the rest i didn't want to be different. i am traveling around germany to talk with other black people about oh experiences with racism my first stop this ham that's where i was born in.
5:04 pm
i had absolutely wonderful parents and that helped me a lot in difficult situations. i mean i always had a lot of friends about what i do remember. that we played these funny games like who's afraid of the black man and tender little negroes it's called in german so and i remember that sometimes they ran after me and said yeah nothing can hurt me in something like janice an african yanis an african and the problem is that african men something bad.
5:05 pm
i first met sami do looks when i was a teenager and have today's one. gemini most successful event doesn't help on. the voyage fredricka but it will. be an action that may could prove any moment he died. with a lot. of usable results. i've come to see semi in this doing well as you. say the way it was this had a number of top ten hits and us all in all the a million records. like today he also produces other musicians. but as a kid i wanted to be white and hugh that's right. yeah as a kid white and as a teenager i really wanted to be black. that's nice only still needs to
5:06 pm
not have this ambiguity it seems so clear cut like on the white sides and white people just knew who they were black people did to me i felt like i was in the middle i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. and the challenge of really does that's mission for me the feeling of being caught in between is something imposed on you from the outside i mean people always say don't you feel tall until conscious black and why do you feel. the fed this yourself don't find it unusual why should i have to choose whether. i'm fucked by me or guns for you one thing that caused me a fair amount of confusion right from the start was that i have straight hair. just to spite me and it was of a machine and when shooters and when she could sneak going on top of the stand in grade school if some kid called me the n word and i reacted defensively or aggressively they'd say he's in a lousy you're not really a nigger because your hair is straight with me so for me that was like ok i'm dark
5:07 pm
enough to get called the n. word but my hair isn't frizzy or curly enough for me to have the right to get upset about it to me that was the first concert. addiction that was imposed on me from the outside world that's he wrote a song a song about hughes didn't you it's the song that was the she was it so i told him i wrote the song in two thousand and eight at the time i was reading a harry potter book to my son in the evening at bad times and and one night he said he wished he were white and because then he could be like his friends i mean the moment and all you have to do is paint that thing on his forehead and wear around glasses and he'd look like harry potter mr michabou loves that's lindsay else we have reports of and i wish him good but that made me realize that there's an acute shortage of dark skinned superheroes so i wrote the song and made a really nice video to go along with it. his issues with us with. the.
5:08 pm
advice coming to. come down a bit. i'm sitting down. when they leave. for that. period of. time i was well like i don't like it i don't like that song but. by the last guy. this is not much longer you know i'm that's a long maybe a long long time so we don't like. much money and i was like man i'd like to be friends talk to it's a high i can remember when i was thirteen i was into novena and that's when i started going to politics and the other kids would say. why you're listening to that and the should be listening to black music i did and i liked it more and then it was the best music scene whatever that means hip hop and r. and b. album from the school on down in to see you know and then all of a sudden yes
5:09 pm
a black person a part of the majority of i'm up on my money and i mean and then with these positive associate. yes it's. it's who you notice of those that go with us well from a single i think that's one of the main reasons i became who i am been lots of long where this rep thing this rap was the first thing that gave me a home court advantage so to speak i'm for tight houses i just had to let my pants hang a little bit lower paying less in this case my cap to the side move like this. and everyone was into it it looked authentic and it fit well with my exotic status this was the i did graffiti deejaying collected records started producing rasping and and beatboxing all the hip hop disciplines except breakdancing that was too much work so you're telling me you're not just body type. only with words.
5:10 pm
as a journalist i don't have a home court advantage. when i decided to become a journalist and became an anchor i was actually i think the first female black anchor and germany i didn't have any role models. not the baby alfie. for me it's really important that children you know when this watch on the t.v. that might see me and think oh wait i can be on t.v. and read the news and i don't have to have a job to trust fields the face the stereotypes for me that would be great if i could help bring dump area in that sense. that people have been living in germany for four hundred years. i
5:11 pm
do support them yeah. he was born in one thousand twenty five and belin. well why did your father come from cameroon to germany back then come a one by you had to tell the room was a german colony we'd done for you. just as people used to dream of going to america. at that time many young africans wanted to come to germany. this was there was no such thing as what we now call racism. at least not as we know it today. it only started to take shape when the young african started asserting themselves for instance by marrying german women oh. well in the reaction was there taking away our women. in quincy in the name once he had the following way.
5:12 pm
and now you appeared in ethnographic exhibits also known as humans zeus what was it like stan's affordably imagine human being. being exhibited like objects literally exhibited earth present from what they supposedly represented of namely africa with vast skirts and drums dancing saunas. didn't the idea was that people under splay were forty exotic. and were showing spectators what their homeland was like this in. basically it was just a big show. me i am a good i'm going to good numbers show evidence how crazy istead us a german was supposed to imitate this will receive in. africa i was just such a huge continental us and he's a consummate. widowhood trott's i was and i'm
5:13 pm
a black man so of course i should be able to do that as that's how it is it's in my blood and let's talk about the nazi era it's so hard to imagine because black people would obviously attract attention in every genre that was so racist that's right as a mom both to kind and. we didn't need to wear yellow stars. everyone could see we were aliens. did you know a lot of other black people in germany where you were everyone knew everyone and there were so many call o'neill films made back then that many of us would meet up as part of the cast. yet that's me. this is mine and that's my closest student like the fact that the shot
5:14 pm
a close up of me. and everyone who was in black was in that film. and it. is a good thing i was sixteen at the time. and it struck me that my god we're all here together. he can take us away without anyone noticing or not us his oath they did that and then thought it weighed very heavily on me this. is good thank god that never came to pass but in the we were too few in number to matter to the nazis that could. and i know you know all contact with white women but by as well have been horrible home. i would have been sterilized.
5:15 pm
and i might also have been charged with racial defilement being a solution and. you say that you took great care not to get too close to white women or girls. was it like how you being all are trying to become invisible how can we imagine that a little force that see men the sleestak that's the right word invisible we could become the on the of course with a face like this i could never completely disappear. but i tried. i think of sense i really did have some smoke and skipped as i and the main thing was to keep your head down can your mouth shut. i made sure i did that as well. to the point that i started to start or. yeah i started. them understood listening to the difficult often horrible things you experienced. how did you find the strength to go on but one of
5:16 pm
the w.c. well i have to say with god's help. but i became a religious person the league as i mentioned above. then. that's what you owe. to you don't you michel always says there's nothing in the german constitution that states what the german is supposed to look like but some people haven't gotten the message for them we asked the exciting. when i was a child complete strangers would touch my hand say it feels like a bird's nest. right. oh my god it's good to see you. i watch breakfast t.v. every morning i turn on the set and think and afro german woman on german public t.v. be as we're so proud of you. oh you're just such
5:17 pm
a wonderful job does one thousand two months the story by putting your made look at your hair we have to talk about that yes we do. that we'll work in some coconut oil. like many. came to london is that yes i think it is enough now my love your curls ok and then i would always wake up this movie's a look these are the hurdles. but now i'm really happy to be talking to s. that don't call the founder of cars a knuckleball cully hamner that's how sometimes i think that black people's has
5:18 pm
really politicized it's like a political statement whether you have to have. it naturally the stereotypes that they have is messy and wild that doesn't go all the but in the professional but also how the afro hair just isn't acceptable. our society still doesn't comply with our ideals of beauty. look at beyond saying she's a black woman she's a performer of the she's the embodiment of empowerment but she still wears a straight blonde we've made it and you know i've met women who work in law offices in places like that we get into trouble if they wear their hair naturally that kind . not to mention hot off to the south can you tell us about the natural ham movement does is sort of fell into it. it's about allowing people with afro textured hair to wear it naturally without causing a fuss or having to feel self-conscious. that's what life is about that with
5:19 pm
accepting yourself on the a good set of names absence of times. change. to feel comfortable in your own skin that's the goal but it's not so easy. i think the problem is that if you see all of these stereotypes about africa about tribes about being primitive of that barrier a native underdeveloped. it hits you. part of the problem of the images from the days of colonialism and the lin dance to streets named after german nice and colonialists. and berlin in one thousand nine hundred four that european nations had to climb when they carved up afaik and to colonies. was. bought. by me at a street festival aimed at forcing the city to change the name from the us.
5:20 pm
and here was just a crazy akins political scientists and activists wife it's important for you to remain districts the term of one of the oldest german words. person box should look at the roots of the term it has a latin and the greek roots morris and morris and guess that means dark or black but it also means stupid heathen and primitive and so we see already in the origin of the word that there is this idea of black inferiority but then we look into the history of the street name if we see that the street was named quiet its name in the context of the brandenburg involvement in the transatlantic and slave meant and to prize how would you say that's germany to deal with this colonial history i think as a huge problem. a lot of aspects of german korean history are not widely known we
5:21 pm
can't even begin to understand national socialism without looking at the colonial and to see that it's because we find that there are ideological political but also personal continuities linking german colonialism and national socialism. please and i set off to uncover some of the traces. off colonialism in the german capital. ok i think i moved to berlin ten years ago but this defers time i'm seeing this fresco can you explain why i'm a c. so we had the house and this here shows us the trail of tobacco so you see and slaved african men harvesting tobacco then enslaved african women packaging the tobacco then it is sorted and weighed you know as a white overseer and then it's package further it's made ready for shipment and you
5:22 pm
see one of the white overseers is already lounging and having a smoke but then you see the ship departing for them not you you see it's berlin because you see the silhouette of the german the french dome so this clearly explains the source of the wealth that was used to build this place right but of course it also implicates the people that frequented here and the suffering that is also depicted here. black people are often defined by this skin color so when known south african artist robin vote placed with the stereotypes he experienced apartheid in south africa now he's been living in berlin for four changes. i. could tell you this year i could see you working on a new p.c.'s. i have a work in process and it's award guy some alderman this is about myself african i
5:23 pm
did thirty. and of course the africa is a strong some bull it's interesting that you chose here of course i can identify with that but what does i mean what what what detail at a for him play for you he became a way to to classify a place been sold to a place through he to. who would you pick to kind of the stand and before the racial category. saying that if they go through my head they say it's f i have i am exactly the public categorized as cause that is colored always mixed race. so if the goal waned we invaded to find you here because you guys as white how were you classified as on a farm classified as scarlet as if it is a person of mixed race and so on might be and so my grandparents and. in many ways
5:24 pm
my cultural background is quiet complex because i know you know we don't associate ourselves with black and neither white. sorry. i know you view it as black d.c.'s german content what i think is in the german gone pics i'm viewed as out of oh really so that's actually pretty interesting. i use off as a way to subvert but also to to play with. and on the valve will watch these kind of cultural labels off. this particular piece really expected me to painting everything needs to be defined it needs to be categorized and i'm trying
5:25 pm
to nabi explore the notion of something that is completely in this something that is completely undefined. i was born in one nine hundred eighty one and in the early ninety's we had a serious offer to to vases to taxi in germany and also and highest to get it and selling it was really backed by stan the second key. during the attacks. it was really heartbreaking to see and it frightened me so much as a child. and i think that's something that is also very scary if you look at the recent vice and racist attacks on refugees in germany and so few of the people who take them were caught and put on trial and i think that's
5:26 pm
a very dangerous message to everyone who experience racism because it means ok you can be attacked but you know you can attack people but you can get away with it in that it gives us the message ok people can do to you whatever they want they won't be put on trial. and that scares me a lot. about us an apprentice truffaut working in the eastern german state of sex and he on what he hasn't been living here for a very long time in two thousand and thirteen he fled book enough awesome for germany his job gives the twenty eight year old some stability but my but otherwise his life is often difficult recently he will speak not by a right wing thought i meet isa and the town of pool where he lives as a few eight months ago an upright chia tell us about that you should get right i
5:27 pm
went into the stall and saw a man and if with a woman and child. and he said why didn't you look at that shit dish using the n word for us to look at this black piece of trash didn't. i didn't say anything about ownership i went to the counter to pay this guy and he went like this. and i said what do you want from me and he says i'll show you i went over there and he hit me three or four times like this. you know muzzle history of how bad the way you hurt many boa i listen to i felt a lot of pain in my stomach and i come down the block for about a month. and we're not home. but how does it feel when no one steps in to help you when you're being beaten up and you often treat it with hostility and it's hard to get and i'm at how do you cope. with it in a cause you're so i'm always afraid when i go out now in a store to see when i go to work i'm afraid of what might happen along the way.
5:28 pm
people make just just like i'm going to cut your throat or it is seeing and they shout go back to where you came from should do that to me every day. this is the courthouse in the town of stand up it's where the man who beat up he says i'm trying. how do you feel knowing you're about to see the person would take cute as it was shown above i'm not afraid. i can't wait to see him again flop and look into his eyes dizzy and fall saddam is you're. the attacker who has a long criminal record was found guilty off assault and sentenced to ten months in jail but he appealed was just a reason for his hearing. the.
5:29 pm
cameras aren't allowed inside the courtroom. after a four hour asked the conscience. and how was it for you today to assure me i never expected it to go so well and abusive plus i'm very pleased to mysticism this secret. the conviction is upheld but the attack intends to appeal again. once you wake up in the morning and just switch on the radio or you switch on the t.v. you're confronted with all these stereotypes about africa and it's really difficult to talk about racism in germany because once i experience it when i talk about
5:30 pm
racism people say oh you're too emotional you're over reacting the comfy true i'm sure the person didn't mean it that way so they don't really take it serious and that it's really hard because i feel like i am not taking seriously my experiences . well those were to get up close to supers. i suppose racism will now be bred because of the shame all kids. and listening in the author of this play is the artist and writer garda kilamba story she's originally from particle but has lived for many years a billion. for me it took a lot of effort to research election history because there was nothing that was presented to me in school for example what all of us silencing play in your ads i
5:31 pm
think in the last works that i've been doing i'm very concerned with this question of silencing and speaking and with the with the fact that it's not that we have not been producing nodes or have not been speaking but we believe in a system that constantly silence or make these knowledge is invisible racism is really with the for equally for me a ghost that our society never took care of and never cared because we live in these very white narcissistic society that don't want to deal with it and then says well for me you are not black i don't think that you are like. that in a way as a. suzumiya thrive when did you. start feeling that no i don't believe this dominant narratives you just talked about when
5:32 pm
did you figure out a set no not this can't be it there must be something else. i don't know if i can tell you. but i believe it has always been there. now as a mother i when i am with my children and i hear them bringing the topic of racism even though they are two in four five it's just time five. it is still i see that the up. aware that it's not right and it's extremely complicated to explain such a brutal history and this is the trauma of black people and people from many other than us for us who went through similar experiences collective experiences that you cannot explain and apply any logic to something that is so absolutely more illogical and not aggressive because this is aggressive i call i do not want to
5:33 pm
be. let's now turn to a question that i've heard more times than i can count how come your parents of white the and suck my biological father came from zimbabwe but actually the mother from germany directly after i was born in hamburg i was adopted by a german swedish couple. and for me they are my parents. this is india parish she too was adopted i grew up in best germany she grew up in the east we are inside an old guard tower from the days of communist east germany the war divided berlin until one thousand nine hundred eighty nine in the us biological father is from guinea he was studying at the university of light see how many met her biological mother but she was married and her husband was in jail nevertheless he said he could imagine raising the child. star money. but he didn't
5:34 pm
know that i was going to look the way i look at it as that i would be a black child. aunties a man who died. and this man was a hard core rightwinger. and. he got out of jail soon after i was born. it was obvious that i wasn't a white child. and had hired and he tried he attempted to kill me. or and my left him with my biological mother saw him dangle. me out the window bad so in all likelihood she said before the child is killed i will send her away. if he had and at some point she decided to put me up for adoption. out of the influence of. a lie in the last move warden's i think that subconsciously in any case you never forget that
5:35 pm
you were abandoned by a biological parents you were born and were unwanted you take that with you to your grave is she in kin to me it still seems unfair to just give away a child like that. and end for it to you. joyce all. wake up in the other works as a duck trainer and has adopted several neglected dogs. we bought and how was it for you and play school. yard you probably mildly valar just as thought one problem was the teachers who thought we shouldn't eat with the other kids to finish with an argument as. we were supposed to wash our hands really thoroughly as if something could rub off on the other kids. we have all complete
5:36 pm
see in vermont and thousand who were devoted to the country and we weren't allowed to nap near the other children. amanat and gordon's friends my parents did everything to protect us. they gave up everything they had to be there for us kids they fought for us they did what they could and i think it was the right thing that they may have to spoil any. other thing you hear so often oh adoptive parents can never be the real parents but that is complete nonsense you really feel the love they have for the children just like any other parents. and absolutely they protect you and do everything for you and your family whether someone gave birth to you are not absolutely for me blood relationship is meaningless. behold new boots for one task for me to and
5:37 pm
for me it's immaterial and them and it and as my parents told me about how they drove to the children's home and lights where i was. and i crawled straight into my papa's arms. for me it was clear that's my papa and that's really great but this might impact your and yard as well today as to tire churn and that's how it was until the end we were really close. that's resuming a father no i didn't. it wasn't until the age of seventeen that indian i met her biological mother. jones and you had no one to go off and. we went for a walk and she sat here and i didn't want you to turn out so black yes that was the very first sentence i heard from my biological mother. and.
5:38 pm
and i said. ok well as of what to expect. talking with other effort germans i found out my experiences gives me strength that's one reason why i'm a member of the initiative both black people in germany every year they hold an annual meeting this is the first time i'm attending. tamada by the by the frog or through the chef in the kitchen in zion alf god invited us pos terence a hole in the house and temperate too it's a control issue it's put off sharon to do well to or is holding us on taney his rating up to the final round two hundred seventy people have come to the initiative and you omitting the group was formed over thirty years ago. talk to dallas and the steering committee. if that diet you tell me how was the
5:39 pm
initiative found it what it was thanks to two happy coincidences the first audrey lord was in berlin because my and who was our great aunt. was she was an american writer from the black feminist movement in the us she was teaching in berlin when we were in because over the course of her time there she met a lot of black women who came to her reading. but discovered that they didn't know each other. so she hit on the idea of connecting them so that they could exchange experiences on dot com she also brought out what i believe is the first book of stories born by black people about black people in germany. crossing the secret mission to mention indorsement i am a black man everyone is welcome to read aloud at initiatives me to you and when i look at a white man i mean a reason why i'm. going in the glowing in the night when i think about.
5:40 pm
this is the theme of this meeting is somehow meant in south korea was it mean. because i can palm and mentions empowerment mean showing black people especially young people you know that there was a lot they can do with themselves up from that they can take charge of a lot of things develop themselves and establish new perspectives of self care within a society influenced by racism and entails ensuring that he was a black person stay healthy protect yourself and grow stronger in the mission it's a mixture movement but it involves politics but also drinking smoothies or doing yoga or sports or. at the buddhist because some. give it a somewhat. the go.
5:41 pm
into two thousand and eleven he played in the german national team. yet. a day in the life of someone. not good at even cost today was the very first black german national player and you were also one of the first i know. you started playing for germany in two thousand and one what was that give up just for this time last summer every possible way i was not afraid to cross that it was more half an hour what does that mean and how excited they were going to be. let's just say i was the first really blackwater's was the first black africa and that's why. i felt it wasn't easy for me back then to the side as i could have played for
5:42 pm
john and i was told off for going back to i had decided to play for going to the time of. the figure i was in ghana but then they didn't play much on the go back to germany and germany was very insistent about it and at some point i said ok i'll play for germany are going to it was very rewarding very interesting it wasn't easy but it was nice for you but it wasn't easy as there are some people some idiots who don't want to accept us and that was my big problem and i want also to see you do something for your country but you're still the black guy here's an example i was team yourself after the world cup in two thousand and six we came in third in people accepted us and then suddenly a month later you get the food and call the neighbor during a match and that was a moment where seriously consider no longer playing for germany it hurt to have a little. bit of a courtroom after hanging out this so-called booth get a somewhat became a household name and today he's the minute child cheick is under twenty three's he
5:43 pm
was going up in ghana. five hours away from. fires and it was a small village where people didn't have much notice when after school we play soccer with balls made of socks that's what hides when i look at myself he has everything he doesn't know what to do. with money possum i had to struggle to get two square meals a day. so that was how i grew up and it affected me going to submit all that made me said goals and say i have to give my all to achieve something else with russian and i sometime over the coming where i honestly don't know that. i can no longer understand why as a child i wanted to be white even if it takes a lot of strength and energy to deal with racism and to hold your head up high i wouldn't want a different skin color or anything and never. being
5:44 pm
black means so many syrians it means me that i'm seen differently but what's going on inside that something else. is just it's nothing more than a skin color and i hope my blackness blooms and becomes my beauty where all the same i look first and foremost i'm a person with a yes at my age i wouldn't want to change anything about who i am is not where people about but i'll tell you one thing lacks are pretty cool cool don't you think you are. so wrapped up. in.
5:45 pm
winter when the man is in the job because foolish house is the movie. from the after the burger the best this garden. seeks but. the best spot to visit. during. w. freedom of expression is. a value that old ways has to be defended and new. all over the world. are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. dot com to freedom. migration and asylum seekers remain hot topics in europe. but european politicians
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struggle to provide answers while those who fled wait for what might come and worry about family members back home i feel very shame because i am german to save europe and the refugee crisis incites outlook's phantoms of the cost. to switch on d. w. . this is data news coming to live from far away and.


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