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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 14, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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so what does this mean then for the consumer let's start for in the united states for the consumer who benefits by overturning net neutrality well in general you could say that the big companies they profit the most from this decision and for the consumer we expect that we can expect that they first of all will have less choice because. to be companies. they will have more market concentration and this is in the end bad for the cost and i noticed a full face less and how is this going to work for people who are putting content online live stream for example here w news a lot of people in north america in the united states watching us via live stream will it become more expensive to watch us if we are on the fast lane of live stream well in the end. might for example be one of the companies that wants to
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bring the content to the customers and now for example the telecommunication provider can say yeah obviously you can you can get access to the to the customers but you might have to pay a little extra if you want to have good access. developer would have to pay more to the telecom what about the customer though are they going to have to pay more to have access to the fast lane yes because now and as they're in the market there's more concentration and less companies they can also charge more money ok so we've got people making profits on both ends exactly the developed and the consumer of course getting hit with the costs what about here in europe i know that for the past year net neutrality guidelines have been forced and they've been studied the results are we don't want to do what was just done in the u.s. right yes and in general we can say that the european that mentality rules are firm and strong. you know they're a little bit different from the u.s.
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but in general there are strong voices that support net neutrality as for example european commission as well as for example the european regulator the barrick and so they are pretty strong why is this that they believe that mentality is positive i mean it is positive because in the united states when you we've had a world of net neutrality since the beginning of the internet and that's where all of these big companies have sprung up a google yahoo facebook every everything has been possible they are does europe now have an advantage by having net neutrality in this is a huge market over the united states i mean what we see you know start ups being able to come here and have a greater chance of surviving well at least they might have easier access to european customers. this is what we will see now in the future as as now we have the the some say the great chance to see what actually is to truth because on the
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one hand we have the u.s. market that is that this challenging not entirely it and now we have europe that might continue and have a strong that we've had two rules and in europe we might see that this actually good for innovation good for innovation and we've got about twenty seconds if this decision by the f.c.c. in the u.s. were to be overturned and net neutrality would be reinstated would the internet as we've known it would we be able to recreate it or is it lost forever well i'd say the internet is in constant development as has a very good answer right there beer and running with the noir font or tone foundation here in berlin thank you very much ink you well the day is nearly done the conversation continues online still no fast lane or slow lane to find us on twitter either due to the news or right to be worked on t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember that no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow. it is another day will see that. the be.
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good. for. the be.
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this is the w. news live from berlin a school bus and a train have collided in southern france at least four children are dead several others injured the exact cause of the crash is still not known also coming up. the leaders of the european union's twenty eight nations are meeting in a final summit for the year european council president has warned them to prepare for a bruising battle plus. after more than twenty years of dictatorship the gambia says it is back so why. it's young people still leaving in droves and how can germany's president helps move the country's transition to democracy.
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i burnt off it's good to have you with us we begin with a fatal accident in the south of france where a train has collided with a school bus the interior ministry says at least four teenagers were killed after the train hit the bus splitting it into the crash occurred in the village of new less some fifteen kilometers west of keping young the french prime minister is at the crash site. we want to go to alex who corresponded to on elizabeth smart taishi joins us from paris i'm elizabeth what are the latest numbers of casualties and the conditions of those injured do we know. we still have a full of a town full of teenagers who died in the crash and about two dozen i do lessons who were. injured and have been on a spread among the various hospitals in the area and the house situation is bad enough that the the local custom all declared the day
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a day of medical emergency so that they can find hospital beds in the right operating theatre there is the actions of that crush and what do we know so far about how this accident happened.


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