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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2017 11:15pm-11:31pm CET

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he is certain navigated the globe in that time if confirmed the french when a smash the previous world record set just last year by six days praise even came from up high. on behalf of my crew in the french navy i welcome you on your approach to france. a flotilla of boats greeted him on his arrival back in brittany along with thousands of well wishers. gather put on a show for the crowds and make sure he enjoyed the moment. you need good weather you need luck but the weather i had that i had good fortune to. his feet is so staggering that sailing officials will now check his boats g.p.s. data to make sure that the world record is genuine. well next up on w it's a bundle with highlights and not a says of a much day seventeen there were goals going or in sunday's fixture as a thirteen in total between the two games but all the details are coming up shortly
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a domain sign on the subject that shows d. w. in your room you could win a great prize d.w. dot com travel quiz. hello art welcome to the bundesliga here on d.w.i. in public phone in the us it's much day seventeen and the last games of the year are just it here to talk it all over with me are two top flight guests former bundesliga player michelle didn't say. these very own jonathan brand welcome to the show now let's take a look at what's coming up in today's show. leverkusen are back to where they belong this season among the lead. pock their form has impressed and they're on a mission to continue their oh ho ho down. the leipzig needed to nip
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their lackluster performances home against a real insight in season has been average to say the least. leverkusen is poor start this season is a distant memory they travel to hanover on the back of a twelve game unbeaten streak and among the leading pack this is in stark contrast to their hosts the ninety six ers have only managed to one win and their last six bundesliga games are suffering with a string of injury worries sang about on home turf hung over are a tough team to beat. hanover's fans were hoping for a christmas present but get her marching heinecke was out with a stomach bug laverick was in for their part missing their top scorer kevin fall and the visitors still came out swinging loans been good to you liam brown's one nil but their celebrations had hardly calmed down when hanover answered uli incog teamed up in hospital for the equaliser. then félix klaus got brought down in the
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box and after consulting the video replay the referee awarded a questionable penalty because food throwed converting the kick to give hanover a two one lead. but only briefly in the twenty fifth minute i'd near met meeting made it to all in this action packed affair and just before the half time interval it was klaus who hit the target to put hanover in front once again three two the first time this season the house of scored three in a half. at the restart leverkusen brought on liam bailey and it took the jamaican just two minutes to pull the side's level again. i what a display of speed from one of the foreign players in the bundesliga and he was at it again twenty minutes later bagging a brace to make it four three i four away goals wouldn't be enough for a laver couzin win. in the dying minutes cohen brown did out the four all scoreline
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in this pre christmas extravaganza. now it's time for our sunday conversation on match day seventeen and with me our former bundestag player at michel and of course his very own jonathan crane now i'm actually going to start with you michel how surprised are you by leverkusen this season i never expect to be scams what they did. today was per. it was a great game for us as a visitor and no hellish he has everything under control except from the beginning of the season didn't win five games i think for five games and that's why i'm very very surprised of old for political isn't it i mean you mentioned that star fans probably were thinking oh my god we're going to bad season right we had last year when we finished troth but they've quietly gone under
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the radar already what do you think their secret to their success has been jonathan . i think it's been a few things but if we summarize it more would its goals that the highest score is in the been this leak they create that pay c we saw that today leon bailey getting a goal on the break four goals and that was without that's what score a kevin fallen was on the bench and that brings me to my second point they've got such a strength in depth and headers has been able to rotate he's got so many good players union brands. and yet the players are still delivering they're all working together he's instill a sense of teamwork in the team they work for each other they came from behind a bit today as well they were the one down so i think had actual citizens a lot of credit and you mentioned someone who i want to ask michele about of course leon bailey no two goals today how far do you think he can go. i don't think that he will stay a long time in germany because to actually today especially today he he did a tremendous job two goals and he has to score another one an easy goal but
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he is a perfect perfect player in his age and he's so young and i know that some big clubs they are behind him and i don't like i said i don't think that he will stay long to join the singing for much longer now leverkusen of course are going into the winter break forth realistically jonathan what you think they can aim for the season as mr strong there a lot will depend on whether they can keep hold of the on by even before the move to leyva couzin from dank last year clubs were sniffing around in england were hearing chelsia interested in him leverkusen really need to keep hold of him to the end of the season at least if they want to kind of mount this challenge of the champions league momentum is another important thing drove games unbeaten it's brilliant but what happens after the winter break i mean michel you probably know as a player it's tough very difficult situation off that is when debris definitely have to be on top though as we could be talking about leverkusen well into the evening well into tomorrow morning but we're in any way there for the moment because we
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have of course another game to take a look at and of course that was like they were in need. three points if they were to avoid slipping further away from leaders by or nick a run of three games without a win some of them give up a second spot in the table to show on the other hand they're feeling confident after their midweek win against turnover overall their form this season has been remarkably poor than last time around but they had one player familiar to leipzig with a point to prove. davey celcom left light sick after making just two starts last season today he was in the first eleven for the six game running. and it took him just six minutes to punish his former employer the young german has now schooled in half of his appearances for him. but just one minute later his side suffered a setback jordan torn a rigger brought down team of vanna red card to have a movement from the lights extracted to by the foul. but had to persevered as
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a free kick found solomon clues to nil despite being down to ten men. in the second half celko struck again this time from a corner. one man down three goals up. taunting the red bulls with a kiss of the badge. when like sixty four through captain to the obama it looked like nothing more than a consolation three won. but in the ninety second minute a bull over the top put like six within a goal of a draw. three to the final score a painful finish for like six muscle helston back. but a night to remember the davies celko. guys i think we should start by taking a look at the bundesliga table at the end of much day seventeen and no change at
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the top with biron eleven points ahead of shellac and then look at third fourth fifth and sixth spot for teams with twenty eight points it's a tight race this season now let's take down looked on the other end and of course then the bottom is cologne still dead last time burke and braman round out the relegation zone mindset and stuttgart dangerously close to the top. now i'm going to start with michelle because i want to ask you do you think it's fair to say that the excitement this season is the race for second. oh it's very close so close like you say the fall teams are twenty points so but i prefer at the moment to chuckle because playing great to just go has everything under control he changed so many things in this club and if you remember last year so much trouble in this club but . as
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a newcomer. he had all this powell what everybody needs in this club you really should take a lot of credit because clary. called that released so much passion and he's come in and he's kind of rein that in he's also instilled in new team spirit in that squad brought out the best in some players who self confidence is maybe flagging and they are the comeback kings they're enjoying their football which is the most important thing to their right to see them up there and doing so well in the course is plenty of other teams in the mix who are already talking about leverkusen but anyway we're going to move on jonathan what's the main talking point for you so far this season i think one month ago because he's kind of the common link between two of the other talking points. and he's coming now dormant who would have expected that for a man who had won a single blues league or dame with colognes and then join a team that was supposed to be challenging for the tide so these companies sorted out the defense which was a big problem not fully there yet but i think the real test for them will be the cup match against by munich on wednesday then we'll see how far they've really come on the dig big match for them of course and they would really need that win
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a supposed to give them a good boost the confidence of change everything for us for the first part of the season so if they win everything is good but not perfect so and then you have to second half of the season and then you can change immediately coming back maybe on second position but it's a long long way yeah exactly it's a long way to the end of the season let's not forget that of course the break can change everything for many teams now michelle what about you what do you think how do you think the relegation battle is shaping because we focus very much on the top and the table but you know cologne you've mentioned they're down there at the bottom and things aren't looking very good me as a former some poly player i hope that hamburg as i were again. no i know it's boring but we would like to see them in a second they accidentally have the big derby in hamburg but no they are six teams it's a very very close run like in the on the top of the table the same but they have to be careful everything is coming after the winter break sold sold so far and if you don't. on the whole in your high level then you will be one of these one of these
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teams because you don't like several teams down there and you think well once even these a christmas miracle is for the last five teams christmas have gone down in the worst of a stout and when it's lead to history i really think that done for they seem to be planning for the future of really young scored by necessary necessity young young starting lineup because of the injuries they've got i think now they will be thinking ok that let's all look let's hope that that called on is coming back so makes everything very clear you know ask you real quick question number give me a one two for this season and give me your one team for this in. i'm going to go before. i think i'm going for darkened barna dormant that's right guys thanks so much for all your input well that's full time for the bone the status of thank you to our guests tonight michelle didn't say jonathan crane will be back in the new year with plenty more action the first bonus need a weekend is in mid january so happy holidays to everybody and all the best and
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twenty eighteen see you soon alfie doesn't. get. i'm in creative work and i want to find out what turns this medieval town world heritage status will be visiting the famous just few centuries and be looking at what else you can experience here in the run up to christmas. to. enter the conflict zone fronting the powerful two months ago motos most famous investigative journalist daphne car on the gun leads he was assassinated in
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