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tv   Kino - The Movie Magazine  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2017 6:02am-6:16am CET

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only last year said he'd been lucky with the weather. freedom of expression. a value that a ways has to be defended and new. all over the world. are a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom.
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hi and welcome to the holiday edition of kino i'm here with. the host of our german show and we are talking about our favorite movie moments of two thousand and seventeen and looking back it was a pretty weird year wasn't it was a year of surprise and scandal of strong women and shameful but they were also some amazing films especially out of europe now definitely and three jog your memory we've compiled a list of our favorite moments here are the best the worst and the weirdest movie moments of twenty seven.
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and i don't see. ladies and gentlemen thank you very much in my bed. no way so what. for best picture. la la land i want. sorry now there's a mistake. moonlight you guys won best picture. but. this is not a joke i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. i
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was dreaming about working with them like i've never done the german language. and i couldn't have wished for a better director to do that. tony and my mom comes from a coach and i am an ambassador and this is my secret mission.
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from the moment. playing us but you can also not see this one is even. could spend thank. you that's about some of. the first but i think. i got to. capture him for trying. to do good. stuff. i. love. very funny but one thing that we really was aiming with with the square was that we
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wanted to have a content that we thought was important that was saying something about contemporary times. yeah i love the square was really my favorite movie of the year there and looking back almost all my favorites this year were european films i mean what was it like with you you know it's true but there was some really good movies from hollywood for instance the new blade runner but they were more science fiction and fantasy and far away from real life and the real problems yeah no definitely and that's why it was actually difficult for us to pick our favorite scene in the movie it's from the square again and it's drawn fight for real life the main character i mean director has just had a one night stand with a journalist. taking
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longer to get it. to myself get to me. thinking anything yes you are lying to me no no i'm not lying to you i know knowing yes you are and tell me what you think oh my god. yes you're the second we're done and you're going straight for the come to the trinity you know really going to have the what do you want to let go they know you like he's going he goes no you weren't christian let go no yes you're going like a child i'm not letting you know like i'm going like you know let go that you look up it's going to break your did you love both him me yet. loved that scene. watching it again reminds me why i love so many european films this year i mean they were films that were dealing with real life but they did it this sort of funny or optimistic or hopeful way and that's really i think what i
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needed this year given that real life seems so difficult and problematic absolutely i think a lot of people in hollywood in particular women would agree with you. but the real horror film this year in hollywood was not on the screen it was behind the scenes. this was the year that harvey weinstein became really famous for all the wrong reasons once an acclaimed film producer he now stands accused of sexual misconduct and rape his name has become synonymous with systematic abuse in hollywood. he led me to his bathroom pleading that i just watch him masturbate. it was the end of an era of shane it seemed became clear that this wasn't an isolated incident . other women came forward to accuse weinstein of abuse including angelina jolie. and when if poncho. the scandal gave birth to the meetin movement
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which lent a voice to fountains of victims of sexual harassment and abuse. it wasn't long before men joined in the conversation as well. kevin spacey accused of sexual abuse was the first to be knocked off his perch he was set to star in ridley scott's latest film playing the billionaire john paul getty the film had already wrapped when scott catamount space's career at now lies in ruins replacing him christopher plummer. was it a question of money or common decency money to spare no one has ever been richer than you are at this moment what would it take for you to feel secure. more. me to became the biggest social movement of two thousand and seventeen. the forward so expect many more heads to rome. the me to movement is still going strong and it's now spread beyond film to the
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worlds of business politics and even to ordinary life but let's get back to the movies we talked about our favorites of the year how about surprises what film surprised you this year for me it was berlin falling it's the director of actor turned director ken duken and it's a thriller about an attempted terrorist attack in berlin during the christmas season. what's amazing and terrifying about the film is how it predicted real events including the brutal attack on the berlin christmas market exactly one year ago yes also great action thriller which is something very rare here in germany and. i don't know if my big surprise this year was get out the film from actor turned director jordan peele so you guys coming up from the city yeah just heading out for the weekend i see your license please he wasn't driving i didn't ask who was driving i asked to see his id
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a black guy visits the family of his white girlfriend and gets a nasty surprise. using satire and the tools of the horror film peele makes a powerful statement about real life racism in america. is hollywood at its fastest being mainstream entertainment with a serious social message. but what about two thousand and eighteen what films are you looking forward to discard quite a few but i say top the list has to be steven spielberg's new movie after all these superhero movies finally something about real life a historical real life story it's called the post and i go on. the newspaper the washington post publishes secret government documents was a pentagon they forced president nixon at the end of the vietnam war. i might have something. must be precious cargo. just government secrets mail street as the publisher who spoke truth to power to supreme court next meeting.
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with we could all go to prison. looks like it's going to be a steven spielberg classic i'm very excited about a movie called the captain by a german director. who spent most of his career in hollywood during big blockbusters but now he surprised us with this new film it's completely black and white. a german disorder finds a captain soon a form. when i hear him live. and indict his most violent fantasies thanks it's a brutal and radical film about war crime from the criminals perspective. there was. no devil that's
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a very important film that i was we're talking a lot about next year but that's all that we've got time for for a look back at the year movies twenty seventeen of course we're back next year twenty eighteen for a new season of kino until then for all of us here happy holidays or somewhere in germany for. more to. images from an isolated country images from for the glory of. an italian
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to thomas for captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. in north korea and diary starting december twenty eighth on t.w. . truth.


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