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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2017 9:00am-9:31am CET

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and there are make the invisible visible. violence against children disappear. this is the news live from berlin germany remembers a night of terror one year ago a failed asylum seeker drove across into a berlin christmas market killing twelve people and injuring dozens it was the first major islamist attack to strike the country has enough been done since then
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to help those devastated by the attack also coming up with every decision and every action we are now putting america first and president trump lays out his vision for national security it's one where competition will edge out compromise when it comes to america's interests. and a german turkish journalist is released from a prison in turkey but is still unable to leave the contrary will other jails colleagues also be free. i'm dr thomas welcome to the show. one year ago today terrorists struck in the very heart of a failed to nation asylum seeker and drove a stolen truck into a crowded christmas smarted here in the german capital twelve people died dozens
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were wounded in the first major is a must attack here in germany we'll talk about the criticism german authorities have been facing in the aftermath first we have this report. christmas in central berlin and this truck races towards the market full of people but doesn't stop the driver deliberately steers into the crowd. people have been eating sausages and drinking mulled wine now dead an injured lie among the wreckage of wooden stalls. you heard glass breaking was off people like shouting screaming. and crying and there were like people out there things that were obviously injured . and you were sitting on the ground you heard. the man who'd been behind the wheel escape to italy police found him nearly
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a week later and shot him dead german politicians initially seemed reluctant to label it a terror attack but the so-called islamic state soon claimed responsibility even then later is urged people to stick together their hostility to the perpetrators hatred will not tempt us to hate. it will not divide out togetherness. this year people have been determined to carry on as normal but precautions have been made concrete barriers set up around christmas markets now in germany show an underlying concern. and here a bright child plants there's more a makeshift memorial to the dead today it makes way for a more permanent reminder. our political correspondent joins me in the studio to talk more about this now good morning one year on is germany better prepared i guess you have to say yes there have been
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a lot of measures taken to try and prevent this kind of thing from happening again police measures measures to try and coordinate better between the various police and security institutions in the sense i think you have to say yes but obviously no country can assure with one hundred percent certainty of a something like this cannot happen again ok now the victims' families have had their very first meeting with on the machall since the attack and they have been extremely vocal in their criticism of security services especially the chancellor let's let's look at how that may be what. survivors of the christmas market attack attended the meeting and so are two to the others whose words a psychological like victims' families and america are invited to eighty of them in total it was an uncomfortable encounter victims are angry at her government. for months we have already here last may at a memorial service but she wasn't. mentioned why
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did twelve people have to die in vain why were so many sky. because the german government filed attack and this armory was known to police but he was able to carry out his plans before meeting with the victims on monday america promised to do better. so i know that some might have wished this meeting to have happened earlier but i think it's important to stress how much we feel for the injured and victims' loved ones and how much we want to improve things the. market is in favor of performing the security services and increasing psychological and financial kaffir victims the government special representative came up with the ideas they have to follow the compensation for victims' loved ones isn't enough only ten thousand euros for parents who've lost children or children who've lost parents that's low by international standards. but the opposition says the
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government's plans don't go far enough this pope doesn't want his there needs to be an inquiry into the armory attack german should know exactly who he was and who was behind him and stick to a year after the bell and shark attack the wounds that left remain open. why did the chelsea take so very long to reach out to the survivors and to the families of the victims frankly difficult to say and i don't really have an answer to that i think in the end you have to say that this kind of emotional. situation is something that. very difficult to handle and she has some sort of reticence to get involved in these kind of emotional exchanges i think that this party behind it formally she is saying well you know the state president in other words the representative of the state not of the government spoke to the victims everything was done by the book as it were but in fact you have to say that in these situations you can't do things by the book you have to do things that people need
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and that's really where the failure of america personally i think and of government has been most the most crucial ok you know as we saw in that report as we've been reporting it now turns out that the attacker and his armory was being used by authorities as an intelligence asset still eluded the police have there been any repertoire sions for this complete breakdown in security replications in terms of anybody being fired the personal consequences for some of the police people involved and so on none at all in fact yesterday the government spokesman said that the government's trust in in the main in the lead of the internal security of the internal intelligence agency remains intact and you have to say that the various security agencies in the federal states in the central states and so on there coordination their cooperation was disastrous in this situation didn't know this person they followed him he was being observed and still he was able to commit this
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attack it's really quite inconceivable that it could have happened like that have been two inquiries already on the parliamentary level at the state level and i think it's very likely that in the central parliament there will also be some sort of inquiry on this. thanks for that. and we'll have much more on the story throughout the day you can also find out more by going to our website w dot com now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour u.s. investigators say a passenger train that derailed onto a busy highway was traveling nearly three times the speed limit at least three people were killed dozens were injured when the amtrak train left the tracks it was the inaugural run of a new route linking the cities of seattle important. south africa's governing african national congress has elected a new leader deputy president cyril ramaphosa defeated president jacob zuma exwife
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in a closely fought race that puts him a big step closer to south africa's top job. all of the a.n.c. these last three leaders have gone on to become president. protests have turned violent in argentina over the government's planned pension reforms authorities say about one hundred people were injured dozens were arrested in clashes outside outside the legislature in buenos aires plans to rein in pension costs are part of president mark reason efforts to curb spending and bring inflation under control. and the united states president trump has laid out his foreign policy strategy in a speech that outlined a shift from passiveness variations is focused on protecting american interests first mirrors washington has washington's changing role in the world the plan focuses on containing china and russia as well as dealing with threats from iran and north korea. in
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a wide ranging speech donald trump unveiled his new national security strategy let me begin once more he used the blunt language that his supporters love and his detractors love. with every decision and every action we are now putting america first with the strategy i am announcing today we are declaring that america is in the game and america is going to win this dropping previous mentions of climate change trump instead focused on four main pillars. boosting homeland protection including building his wall on the mexican border promoting american prosperity by rebuilding infrastructure demonstrating military strength he said he would end mandatory defense spending limits and advance u.s. influence in the world. trim call china and russia great rivals
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he also said washington had no choice but to deal with the challenge posed by north korea's nuclear missile programs. our campaign of maximum pressure on the north korean regime has resulted in the toughest ever sanctions we have united our allies in an unprecedented effort to isolate north korea however there is much more work to do america and its allies will take all necessary steps to achieve a d. nuclear ization and ensure that this regime cannot. threaten the world. but on monday it was the united states that was isolated at the u.n. security council when the us ambassador nikki haley vetoed a resolution rejecting trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital after all fourteen other security council members back the measure what we witnessed here
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today in the security council is an insult it won't be forgotten today for acknowledging a basic truth about the capital city of israel we are accused of harming. the record will reflect that we were jet that outrageous claim. the video highlighted washington's isolation over trump's declaration that the u.s. embassy will be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem. the let's bring in carson phenomenon standing by for us in washington carsten the president launched a blistering attack in that speech on previous president's policies what did you make of that. officially it was a speech on national security but the effect of this was an election campaign speech catering to strom's base he was hocking back to his inaugural address in january basically and defending his record the end of his first year in office back
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then in january he had already talked about the forgotten men and women who had been neglected by america's elites and by the governments who had failed them by. agreeing to bad deals and he did this again in a speech on monday once again blasting previous governments and presenting himself as a kind of protector of america against the evil world outside he said he would protect america against bad trade against terrorists criminals illegal immigrants and so on and pretty much was a summary of donald trump world view where he doesn't really have a positive view of vision of how to minister lobel is ation it is all about surviving in a competitive world ok now in a speech the president also described china and russia as america's biggest rivals
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right now he said he would also seek partnerships with them how can he square that with his american first policy. well once again he thinks about partnerships on a case to case basis for instance when fighting terrorists or when dealing with countries like north korea then he wants to cooperate with these countries it was actually quite interesting that he singled out those two countries because it is well known that donald trump is actually quite impressed by authoritarian leaders such as bloody putin or xi jinping it shows that a lot of advisors who are quite critical of these two countries in particular have made their influence clear in writing this strategy and of course donald trump also wants to show that he protects america against any foe including china and russia
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carson phenomenon for us in washington this morning thanks very much carson. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show. a great relief that's what germany calls the release of journalist national autoload from a turkish prison doesn't offer a hope to dozens of other jailed journalists in turkey as well. oh thank you for the news a good new immersive exhibit in a long time takes visitors back to the world of one of the most successful of all time. also music to the ears of investors the new american tax code is being received very positively as you know investors really loving it brian global stocks surged monday on expectations that united states will pass its massive tax overhaul later
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this week as the dow jones industrial average closed at a record high in new york while the take heavy nasdaq composite index briefly broke the seven thousand mark for the very first time in its history markets in asia and in europe also end of the day mostly positive territory president ots trump is expected to sign the tax bill before christmas the bill would permanently slash corporate tax rates and is widely seen as a boon for businesses and well see americans. u.s. president donald trump seems to want to play santa claus this year. well we have a tremendous spirit for the tax reform this is going to be one of the great christmas gifts stability before but trump's tax reform gift will mostly benefit large corporations it shrinks that tax burden from thirty five to twenty percent for mid-sized companies the tax cut is slightly less generous their rate is capped at twenty five percent meanwhile tax rates for ordinary employees will hardly
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change a tool in fact allowances for low and as went even be as high. it was a breach in any plan. but perhaps the greatest threat of the tax reform is it's cost two point two trillion dollars over the next ten years money the government doesn't have but trump has an idea of where the money can come from. we think four trillion dollars will come flowing back this is a country that's going to go overseas that's stuck there for years and years trump is hoping the new one time repatriation tax will incentivize u.s. companies to bring their profits back home where they can be reinvested and to the economy through stock buybacks at the moment u.s. companies have to pay thirty five percent tax to bring their foreign profits back home. let's find out what's moving the markets today here in europe and standing by for us in frankfurt and then i think investors here in
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europe they also seem to welcome the tax cuts. yes they do i think there was a lot of those reactions already in the market by yes said i of course if the united states is going stronger if the economy is doing better and manage analysts are expecting that the back tax reform will actually able companies and united states to invest more money in the country and by about also to revive economic growth in the united states that's a good message also for german companies as they're selling a lot of their goods to the states and they're also investing a lot in the united states so bottom line is a lot of that euphoria already is prized in the markets the markets today have started off the day rather muted all right now but we are headed for the traditional year and rally and folks walking. out from the crowd already.
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yeah we don't really know whether we get a strong year and rally because the markets have rallied so much this year and all that cheap money provided by the central banks especially the european central bank that there has been a huge rally already so about having said that looking at those folks buying shares there done incredibly well above all against the backdrop of the huge crisis the company was in and still somewhat is in because of the diesel scanned but it has actually managed to convince investors convince the public that they're really trying to turn around and become twenty investing a huge sum of money into electric vehicles in two thousand and eighteen might be a transition year according to analysts but all in all folks flying isn't a very viable track with that back to you and it has been from food thank you so much for this. evan b. is writing
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a record third quarter to book its first full year of profitability in the company's history the holiday apartment rental platform recorded revenue of about one billion dollars last quarter up more than fifty percent from the previous year bookings have risen by the same amount company officials say with significant growth from emerging markets like china the news comes at an auspicious time for a b. and b. which is set to begin public trading next year under six picked it to be one of the u.s. hottest debuts. well it's a good story but there's a little bit of. it's not yet a happy ending there but it's as the house released a journalist it has released her but she still has to remain in the country monica court in turkey has released a turkish german journalist pending trial for terrorism mashallah told those cases tested the already strained relations between berlin and ankara she was arrested earlier this year and what human rights groups are calling
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a targeted crackdown on free speech in turkey among those also arrested there's another turkish german journalist and his huge l. he remains behind bars free at last. after being held in a turkish prison for seven months michel a total can finally embrace her family members again back in april she was arrested in her istanbul apartment and taken to a women's prison her three year old son also spent time with her behind bars we followed her to her lawyers office michel and told me once to see a few words to the media. i am very happy but also very exhausted this is been a huge circus that i still have to process i believe in the coming days i will get a clearer idea of what actually happened and be able to say more and. all that. but going to germany is not an option for michele if she still
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faces charges in turkey and was only released on the condition that she doesn't leave the country german researcher shadow god is in a similar situation in general two thousand and sixteen he signed a petition together with more than a thousand other academics urging the turkish government to end violence in kurdish areas now they eric used engaging in terrorist propaganda for the band kurdish workers party p.k. k. he lost his job as a university professor and cannot leave the country. so it gives it to here fast i'm stranded here. my life has been taken from me. and it's leaving skivvies and i live here without work a place to stay money and my family be here shot of god he pulps that after his trial his travel ban will be lifted he wants to leave turkey as soon as possible. michel atolls trial is set to
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continue in april she is charged with being a member of the marxist leninist communist party a group classified as a terrorist organization she believes she's being tried for another reason. all in all this is we are journalists and we were a thorn in the side of the government i am free today but i'm waiting for dennis you just to be free to all i really can't see a difference between the two of us i hope you will be able to enjoy his freedom soon hopefully this isn't like oh. dennis you jel has been detained without charge since february michelle a totals release could be a sign of hope well is it for the very latest let's bring in dorian jones our correspondent in istanbul just told those earliest mean we could soon see other imprisoned journalists released as well. well you
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know certainly the home tools released all fall of the release of peter in october on similar serious charges but story that was allowed to leave the country while too little hasn't been able to be given a possible back she's still in the country and there's a great deal of i think frustration being voiced in berlin over that fact the german foreign minister when with the german chancellor did voiced concern about this given the fact that she's still facing very serious charges that trial will resume in april and she can still ultimately face fifteen years in jail but still overall that is have a relief that she's out of jail given the fact she has a three year old child ok let's focus in on missile lottos case there was some confusion last night first it looked like she was going to be sent back to germany what happened exactly well indeed she was made to be released from prison but then she was taken into police custody again no one quite knew way she was being taken to and why there was even some reports that she could face automatic deportation
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that was a rumor that was put around by one of the opposition members of parliament but ultimately she was released after many hours of wait and anxious wait for her supporters and family ok briefly if you could dorian does to lose release indicate an easing up in the tensions between germany and turkey well i think that is that is suddenly the huntley's was being described as a first step but we have to have to realize that there are eight of the german nationals in prison many of and burning considered as political hostages until that situation is result i don't think any hope of any normal i think should or even improvement in relations daryn thanks very much for that. ah the. world why even though they
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broke up in one thousand nine hundred. has just opened up in london for a look back at a band that took the seventy's. the typically drab nine hundred seventy s. british living room it was a time of endless strikes and high unemployment part of the backdrop that saw abah catapult to find a slice of glitter in the gloom. i. thank. you this is getting close to what it was like this is not one of those huge technically advanced exhibitions this is. a warm. super trip it is a guided exhibition in small groups of visitors pass through nine immersive routes
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that explore important moments of the band's history including polish studios in stockholm with the big booted superstars made many of their indisputable hits and the brighton grand hotel room where the stage during the famed one nine hundred seventy four eurovision song contest the win would see apple go on to become one of the most successful bands of all time the fishing leave the nearest subway station for the super trouper exhibition is waterloo in london it was always london. and the u.k. . to have a number one in this country was all of us our biggest dream super trouper not chinese celebrates the life and music but also the political and social context of their rise i. feel. and thank you for
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being with us you're. back with more at the top of the. the drug hell of kabul. no one but later hidari dead is coming she's an angel for drug addicts. and provides an opportunity.
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cold turkey withdrawal. without try. to. imagine you're a child. and you can't live in your home country. and things are good in macedonia it's not good all the kids hate me and a lot of kids would go ninety minutes. to children to face our two part documentary as well a new life in germany in forty five minutes on. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education and opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger
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promising journalists now making names for themselves all over the. song might get along the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom a sense is like that feeling of day you can visit it with your car come back from. mine in your fifth ward and i work at the. opportunity prosperity optimism that's the power of global trade global three thousand brought to you by d.h.l. .


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