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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 17  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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there are many people you know coming here watching what's happening or trying to get to trying to get a look on what's happening here some single protesters also criticizing the government and just the victims have done so in an open letter of the thomas just mentioned in the studio who were very much on happy with how the government dealt with with the attack in the aftermath but right now the mood is is a sad one and everything is focusing on the grief and giving some comfort. to the victims to the relatives of the victims and that's exactly what we heard there in the speech mayor who just delivered a very emotional speech thanking all sold the citizens here of berlin for their defiance that they've been showing in the run up to this event here and after the attack and. pictures here of this memorial covered in white roses and
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candles and pictures of the victims. and it looks like you have some what i guess the obviously gathered here today on the first anniversary this is my terrible terrorist attack that took place on bright side of plats. element for many people. this was a day that destroyed their lives twelve people lost their lives many more were wounded and we have expressed our grief here today with the bereaved relatives for that and with those who were injured here as well and have unveiled this memorial here i met with some of the bereaved relatives and some of the injured yesterday and we had a very open. talk and i believe that it was a very frank one on behalf of those who were briefed or injured and it
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showed from their point of view the weaknesses of the state and i have to speak now on behalf of myself and on behalf of the german government to say that we need to work to improve the way we deal with things like this. that we must do everything in our power not only to try to protect the people in this country but also to ensure that people whose lives are affected by attacks of this kind that we're doing everything we can to help them adjust to their new situation which is why the bereaved relatives and the injured i will be meeting again. soon to tell them what we have learned from my mistakes what we will do differently next time in order to help. to. overcome this terrorist attacks and to ensure that in. future we as the german
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state will do everything we can talk to help today is a day of mourning it's vivid but it is also a day just as one aiming to do better next time thank you. chairman chancellor merkel speaking there thank today is a day of mourning. she helped unveil earlier this summer moral side to the victims of the christmas market terror attack chancellor merkel also saying that she did meet some of the braves relatives injured they had an open talk yesterday she said that germany does need to work on improving how the country deals with attacks like this to protect people but also to ensure that people whose lives are affected to make sure that they are helped in adjusting to their new situation thomas that she had pulled back earlier after taking part in the opening of the ceremony and now coming to speak to the microphone something she wasn't expected to do what do you
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think that was important all there was some there were some hints that she could do exactly what you did just a very brief public appearance but it is as you mentioned that she was and didn't want to make the biggest speech of the of the events but yet again in this brief appearance she stressed that you had met some of the relatives at the chancery and also but only focusing on the mistakes that sheen away acknowledged but also saying that in the future germany has to to improve not only the security aspect in other words trying to protect people from these kinds of events but also when people are affected by these types of events trying to help them in the new situation that's something in fact that has been already discussed a few days ago and some of the ideas that have been mentioned in order to precisely help people when they're affected by these kinds of events is having centralized
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units having portals on line but people can inform themselves much more clearly also increasing some of the financial assistance that relatives and victims receive after such an attack so that they can at least with help of that financial assistance try and improve the situation they live in but i believe merkel clearly stressing here that the government. certainly could improve. when it comes to future circumstances to future situations like the one that's being commemorated today but stressing once again that today it's about the victims or today it's about expressing the grief and expressing the grief with the families of the victims she did say that she would be meeting with them again to share with them oh what has changed what your money has learned and what will be changed going forward it seems that the criticism that has been mounting in the past weeks and months has really affected the way the chancellor has been dealing with this i completely agree with you there and i think this future meeting is particularly important as
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a symbol as a as a message to those people who were affected and to germany as a whole that this is not only about something that they're going to discuss when they commemorate such events but also in the future if she's talking about improving if she's talking about about making changes and those making those changes that are going to be made also have to be made with the help of those who were affected by the attack a year ago and relatives who as you mentioned were extremely critical of angela merkel and the government not only after the attack happened but also before the attack happened in what they did to monitor the attack and which sadly did not lead them to preventing the the attack so in fact a very very strong open letter that the victims sent to the chancellor and i think that has certainly been received in the chancery and that has prompted obviously
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this reaction from the government saying it is not only about today we want to continue meeting with with the relatives of those affected more chancellor merkel said today is a day of mourning to honor the victims also the families of the victims but we were talking thomas about how germany has been changed and has changed indeed in terms of security as well let's take a look now at what germany has done at this point to prevent another attack. the the worst ever islamist attack carried out in germany was the work of a terrorist who had outsmarted the authorities. asylum seeker and his amry used fourteen different identities while living in germany. the police had categorized emery as dangerous and capable of an attack but they had lost sight of him. after the atrocity put it in decided to act. as
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a signal intelligence and government has made a number of legal changes for example with regard to the control and surveillance of immigrants classified as potentially dangerous also the streamlined deportation of these people should stop anything like the amry case from ever happening again at least in germany even if you know. it's now easier to deport potential foreign terrorists and this is happening if as in the case of honest angry they have no documents they can be imprisoned. fingerprints of asylum applicants and now stored in a central data bank along with biometric photos and if their status is dubious data can be extracted from their cell phones one year after the attack germany's interior minister believes that the authorities can no longer be tricked into accepting false identities and yes if someone you know is in the emory case enters
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the system using multiple lass' that will actually help us to identify that person as someone who's seeking to deceive us into your view that germany has also extended its use of phidias surveillance there are plans to install cameras and facial recognition systems at central locations. further measures include electronic ankle bracelets to money top the location and movements of potential terrorists as bad as mine as we put it in my opinion these were all symbolic measures that were taken to suggest to the public that something was being done to increase their security really that if you analyze the mammary case you'll see that the legal framework allowing him to be arrested was actually already in place. that someone for all mean by lies and half so named in berlin the most clearly visible action taken this year was the
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installation of concrete barriers at the scene of the crime but they cannot stop the terror on their own what is needed for more security is targeted prevention more effective policing and above all closer cooperation both nationally and internationally german authorities have done a lot this year but they still need to draw more lessons from the fatal armory case . fabienne funded mark reporting there thomas we saw there a wide array of measures that germany has implemented in this past year since last year's attack one of those being more surveillance that's if you will the visible side of the changes surveillance. you can see that for example in cameras that have been installed in public places in germany you also saw as we saw in that report of the concrete slabs the concrete barriers that have that have been placed in not
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only christmas markets but also another public events here in germany that's a direct completion of the type of attack that honest i'm really tired out that we not only saw in germany but also in other places that idea of taking a lorry or a truck and just driving it into a group of people so one concrete element in order to try and prevent that is precisely these these concrete barriers but there are other measures that have been put in place as we saw in five mins report that idea too to make deportations of failed asylum seekers all of potential. dangerous people much more easy. the use of uncle tax to monitor them a bit better is also something that has been introduced although that's something that's been extremely controversial because it has also been proven that many authorities are not necessarily very happy when they come to to using those uncle tax because they don't think it's the most effective means of of protecting or of my protect no monitoring these potential terrorists in any case
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a wide range of measures to try and prevent this from happening and it's important to stress that according to german authorities there are around seven hundred potential terrorists in the country the so-called. a word that we hear all too often here in germany to refer to these kinds of people there's been a lot of questions still and there are still a lot of questions being asked about why german authorities didn't do more to prevent this attack in just last. we thomas news coming out that authorities had assigned a special case worker to honest and that also they had seen that he had downloaded instructions on perhaps building a bomb on his phone that asks a lot of questions still about what germany can do in the future but if you reconstruct what happened in the months before the attack you will clearly see that there were mistakes basically in every area within the german security apparatus they simply misjudged i mean i'm reinserting cases they believed that he
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was a petty criminal someone dealing with with drugs and in other cases. there was definitely no clarity as to who was responsible for what they have been proposals off to the attached try and change a little bit that federal that that idea of federalism when it comes to security in germany because you have around forty institutions working together to try and prevent these last fourteen situations that cooperate here in berlin at the federal level at the state level when it comes to security measures and that just creates the chaos that we saw in the news i'm rick case where one institution does not necessarily know when they are responsible and when they are not responsible and i miss amerie who was someone who spent some time in berlin then spent some time in some other cities of germany well clearly exposed those difficulties when it comes to the different institutions and you to believe he had fourteen different identities that had been registered and also thomas the cooperation with other
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european authorities because after this attack on a summary was and ended up being found in italy that's that's correct and that's something else the german authorities have been trying to ask for changes because there are databases that a european level that cannot be matched with other databases in different countries so you can have one database for example you can have the fingerprints of different people there are other databases where you have the names and addresses but not necessarily the fingerprints. so that's something else that european level they're trying to to streamline that all the different databases can come together and that if you register one person in one place then you can find out about that person in other places as well all right a lot of conclusions that have been drawn from that attack a year ago our security correspondent thomas farrell thank you for that analysis and to remember to stay with you throughout the day for more on the anniversary of the berlin christmas market attack and check out the facebook page on our website we have plenty of stories there including an in-depth look at the fate of the first
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person who was killed in the berlin attack that was the polish truck driver will crush on. dot com for that. and a reminder of the story that we have been following here in berlin a ceremony has been held to honor the victims of a truck attack that struck a christmas market in the heart of the city when your chancellor angela merkel another german leaders joined with relatives and survivors for immemorial service america has said frank talks with survivors and relatives have revealed mistakes and the government's response. thank you for watching. living in the digital age. coming up computer generated mythical world. amazing animation and an hour for street kids but first game designer has
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become a modern dream job and the industry is booming at this year's german computer game awards the best were recognized to awards in the counter great concept by young talents went to teams from berlin universities. the artist virtual space came third in the newcomer category in this game players get to build their own space station which they then have to defend against approaching enemies team or fight is one of the developers. of info finish what i find super fascinating about virtual reality is that it offers so much potential for innovative games i see a lot of room for creativity and that's why i find game design so intriguing. it. that's exactly what he's studying at butlins university of applied science and he and his team want to explore all the possibilities offered by virtual space. they
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want players to be able to look at a space station from all angles and use the controls as if they were their own hand . i've always been into games all kinds of games ever since i was a kid. some much that i wanted to make my own or change others but i started making cartoon board games with my friends and eventually moved on to digital components and programming. video games has become a ubiquitous part of life since the one nine hundred seventy s. this year alone the booming industry is expected to make between seventy five and one hundred million euros. is one of more than two hundred game developers in berlin when i was head of the company is have a major summer to mobile game cherry splash it's been down they did more than seventy million times games designers have become increasingly professional over the past few years. there used to be
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a lot of people from other fields. but now the game design is a degree course at university and the industry has established itself there are more and more specialists who have grown up in the games industry works. with their specializes in social and mobile games which is a rapidly growing sector alongside more traditional computer and video games. so there's plenty of work for game designers. game design has already been a course in berlin for eight years only forty applicants are accepted into the coveted degree program annually. teaching methods are not traditional all new school students work on projects in teams so they can share their ideas and skills . game design doesn't pass game design is the whole area of game development on the
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fly it incompetence and design aspects visual aspects system designed with programming and technical implementation and your program your. that song experimentation is a prime and i'm and the jump and run game deo uses a new kind of split screen the game till come first prize at the twenty seven thousand german video games awards the winners got forty five thousand a year is cash and access to more opportunities. to come to those people the award gives us the chance to continue making games along the same lines as dio and to gain a foothold in the games industry. and who sits with us and most. when and introduce we're going to make the most of the attention the award is giving us and use the prize money to start our own company those with only. a few months are going. to begin with they want to remain independent and be their own bosses
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that will make it easier for them to follow their creative instincts. shifts there's a playful way to make money. time now for the shift right this time we have the best selling video games of two thousand and seventeen in fifth place come on sun and moon it's all two point six million times a british data analysis company has looked into this year's most successful video games once again the latest adventure is about collecting poker moms and battling your rivals child's play. involved places manlio cart a deluxe another nintendo hit the japanese game developers about dated their cult racing game it's got razor sharp super fast gameplay and novel combat options three point four million buyers are tearing up the road. a rise in zero dawn sold three
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point six million times and is this year's third favorite stone age tribes meet cyberpunks this game has won numerous awards but will the huntress alloy really be . able to save humankind. what is it the end. in second place is the legend of zelda breath of the wild it's the latest version of the one thousand nine hundred six counts classic and it sold four million times link the protagonist can roam vast and endless spaces. at the top is fee for eighty this latest installment of the football series boasts realistically animated players thanks to motion capture technology it sold six point two million copies making it this year's most successful game. that was this week's ranking. the british artist howard lee is a master of optical illusions he's gonna manage online fans with his clips and
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hyper realistic drawings but he's also confounded a lot of them deliberately. which object is real and which is a drawing. these videos are standard everyday objects that they're not as real as they seem. completely challenges his view is to spot the difference testing their preconceptions. he wants people to question the reality. of what makes a video great is the moment at which it becomes something you didn't expect it to be so whether it's that you were looking at a drawing and you didn't realize it was a drawing or whether you were looking at a drawing that then started moving and becomes an animation and mixes with reality . draws the objects but he also films themselves as he's drawing
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and he regards the final video as the work of us and he often posts the result on instagram when he already has almost one. hundred seventy five thousand followers it's not elitist in any way it doesn't require somebody to endorse it or to put money behind it it doesn't matter how old you are or how experienced you are how qualified you are anybody can be a drawing video painting an artwork or a video creation or anything online and it's judged purely on its own merits. and base is growing by the minute and so is this bank account he's not only selling his prints and drawings he's also making commercials. how is me use to teach us in new castle northern england that he has been devoting most of his time to making videos since twenty fifteen he's learnt
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a lot of the techniques online. it's been learnt through other people demonstrating it in their videos on instagram or on youtube into toils if i need to learn something the first place i goes you tube to try and find somebody to teach me how to do it normally i can. he's also trying his hand at animation. live models are starting to appear in some of his videos. his characters from hollywood films. is it real or is it fake how it can make you wonder if only for a second or two. shift is mind boggling. no short and sweet
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the shift. there are some twenty thousand almost sooths on the streets of germany. gloria used to be one of them but now he's one of the developers behind . and now for helping young people in need. the momentum on the line when you land on the streets alone you lose your points of contact but the app can help you find out where you can sleep where you can eat and it helps you to become more independent. most young people living on the street do at least have a smartphone it's often their last link to a seemingly normal world. with moakley they can use what sound to chat they can find out about where to eat sleep health care and also about three thousand drop in centers across germany which are easy to find wired google maps now the developing team hopes to expand the app so that it eventually covers all of europe.
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that was the upshot do you want to find out more about the digital world then check out our facebook page d w digital there you'll find all the latest news and trends as well as interesting apps exciting gadgets and even tutorials and of course all the shift reports are there for you to see like us post your comments give us your opinion he's at d w digital. as always we leave shifting through the exit. for our internet find of the week the rocky road to rock stardom. artist neil mendoza creator of the rock band of his own but not in traditional rock band with a lead singer a drummer and a guitarist his band is made of rocks miranda plays electro mechanical music and here it is playing the beatles classic here comes the sun.
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and next time on shaft. syrian refugee camp in jordan here refugees can now pay for their grocery shopping via iris scanning the world food program initiative uses this block chain technology transparency in humanitarian aid programs next time on shift. to us car tires are indispensable but the environment would be better off without them. german scientists are taking a closer look at the damage they cause. and they're searching for greener solutions
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in production. disposal. and recycling. to borrow to do in thirty minutes upon t w. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. an issue for thought of programming going there you know. now with us our innovations magazine for in asia the us for every week and old ways of looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. the required. angle for cutting our new rapid movement for.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin germany must do better those words from chance along the american letter memorial service for the victims of last year's christmas market truck attack michael admits mistakes were made in the aftermath will take a closer look at that responds also coming with every decision.


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