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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is d w news live from berlin remembering the victims of pi check plots a somber ceremony in the heart of berlin the city's mayor unveils a memorial to the twelve people who died in the truck attack on a christmas market one year ago today our correspondent is on the scene with every
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decision in every action we are now putting america first. donald trump lays out his vision for national security the u.s. president signals that america will play hardball and pursuit of its own interests . a turkish german journalist is released from prison in turkey but is still on able to leave the country will other jailed colleagues also be free. also coming up the premiere of ridley scott's new film with some last minute changes christopher plummer fills in the for kevin spacey after multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. and we'll look ahead to the upcoming games in the german cop as high flying chalk a hosa rejuvenating cologne in the round of sixteen. i'm
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serious almost kind of welcome to the show one year to the day that terror struck the very heart of berlin a memorial has been opened for the twelve people who died and the dozens wounded in the first major islamist attack in germany the names of those who lost their lives have been placed on steps and the scene of last december's carnage among the dignitaries honoring the victims and survivors german chancellor angela merkel and the interior minister thomas and german authorities faced criticism in the aftermath of the attack and many questions have been asked over whether it could have been avoided berlin's mayor michel going to offer words of condolence as you know great at the memorial this is a place that everyone who you can choose to grieve. to have a place to come to to commemorate those. killed to you. see we have the names of all of those who died. it is
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a signal that we're sending out crosses all religious and national boundaries as well and this gash commemorates. the attacks of the cold but we want to overcome this wound in our society we do not want to be divided by terrorism and hatred and this is why moral plaque is also a symbol of teller and taller and we owe that to the victims not just in berlin but across the globe and let's bring in thomas sparrow he is at the scene of last year's attack thomas as we saw a moving ceremony earlier with the mayor what has been happening at the moment. there's an eerie feeling here sumi an uncomfortable silence in a place that is normally full of people willing to celebrate christmas wanting to drink mulled wine or eat a sausage which is completely silent here right behind where we're standing it is
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in fact closed because of security concerns also because of the events that have been taking place here that event that you yourself mentioned with anglo merkel and with all the other dignitaries here in in berlin now where the memorial was unveiled people bringing candles bringing flowers also paying their respects bringing some signs saying for example that terrorism won't defeat them and that is also the feeling that we have from the people that we've been able to talk to here that they want to continue with their lives as much as they can but obviously things are different right here are bright eyed plots a place that will be remembered by germans because of that attack exactly one year ago thomas as we mentioned there's been criticism that the official response was too little and too late has that overshadowed events today to a certain extent you could say so because the relatives of those affected the
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relatives of the victims published an open letter criticizing. criticizing her government for what they described as political inaction saying that their response had been too late and that's also the reason why the german government have stressed that things have to change in the future that they will will be new measures different measures to try and help not only the relatives of those affected by the attack here but also people who might be affected by similar events in the future tell us what are those changes what will change in terms of how germany cares for the families of victims in the future. one element for example could be centralized units to try and care for those affected immediately after an attack has happened for example something else that can happen that has been proposed portals online to help those affected or also obviously an important issue is financial assistance there has been criticism that the financial assistance received by those who were affected here plots has been too little so those are
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elements that have been proposed that could change in the future and that could also change the way germany deals with victims of attacks like the ones that we saw here at project that's. thomas ferro at the site of that at christmas market attack last year thomas thank you very much. well germany security services have also come under heavy criticism for massive mistakes made ahead of that attack we'll have more on that aspect of the story a little bit later in the program first though some other stories making news around the world saudi arabia says it has intercepted a ballistic rocket fired by yemen's who the rebel group towards riyadh now this visit video that was posted to social media by witnesses shows a cloud of smoke but there were no reports of damage to the rubble said they were targeting the royal palace in the saudi capital. a detained chinese artist who filmed housing evictions in beijing has been released in time for his daughter's birthday police detained who are young at the weekend after he filmed authorities
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demolishing housing they called unsafe but which was home to migrant workers amnesty international confirmed who i was released yesterday on bail. south africa's oscar pistorius will appeal after judges increased his jail term for murdering his girlfriend last month's prosecutors successfully argued the libyans six year sentence for shooting dead steenkamp was too lenient and had it increased to thirteen and a half years now the country's constitutional court will make a final ruling. us president donald trump has laid out his foreign policy strategy in a speech that outlined a shift from past administrations his focus on protecting american interests first mirrors washington's changing role in the world the plan focuses on dealing with threats from iran and north korea and challenging china and russia both moscow and beijing say they'll welcome u.s. cooperation but warn confrontation could bring on losses for all sides.
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in a wide ranging speech donald trump unveiled his new national security strategy once more he used the blunt language that his supporters love and his detractors love with. with every decision and every action we are now putting america first with the strategy i am announcing today we are declaring that america is in the game and is going to win this dropping previous mentions of climate change trump instead focused on four main pillars. boosting homeland protection including building has wall on the mexican border promoting american prosperity by rebuilding infrastructure demonstrating military strength he said he would and mandatory defense spending limits and advance u.s. influence in the world. trump called china and
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russia great rivals saying they were determined to challenge american power. this has angered beijing china's foreign ministry said the new strategy was a step backwards. one pin to me we urge the u.s. side to stop intentionally distorting china strategic intentions and to abandon outdated ideas of cold war mentality and the zero sum game. the kremlin also cool trump strategy imperialist and said it cannot accept that it's treated as a threat. despite naming russia and china as the primary threats to u.s. economic dominance trump said he hopes to build a great partnership with them. let's talk more about this foreign policy vision with a boris foreman he's a professor of political science at bard college in berlin thanks for joining us did spend quite a lot of the speech attacking previous administrations and presidents for their
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lack of a foreign policy vision what was new in terms of policy here many ways i mean securing american influence in the world is nothing new that's something we've seen in every national security strategy ever since nine hundred eighty six when the first national security strategy was was drafted but in a sense there is a pivotal break from the american tradition i think which is to emphasize american values in a way that they are not congruent with universal values normally american exceptionalism is defined as something that is holds true american democracy something that should hold true for the entire world what trump is emphasizing is a zero sum vision of international relations as a competition between individual nation states so what will that mean concretely how how will america's relations with the rest of the world change. this we don't know i mean one of the purposes of this national security strategy is to congeal what has been said and what has been practiced in the last year into
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a coherent vision that you know which we can read and that's true. but we see many tensions and contradictions the a position that is articulated in emphasize these a view russia and china versus what he has done in the last couple of months talking to the heads of states of these of these nations and. forming tighter bonds it seems so there are a lot of contradictions also the european transatlantic relations are emphasized in a way that is almost surprising you mentioned russia and china he did see both of those there are mention both of those as the biggest rivals to the u.s. and he did mention the cyber threat from russia but he did not touch on the allegations of meddling in the elections what did you make of that well i mean he's been trying to get rid of these allegations ever since the first day in office. the threat of an obstruction of justice is still looming over him and it might threaten his presidency at some point i think that what this national security stretch does
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is to paint a gloomy image of an international realm that is dangerous and he can present himself as the strong leader that's something we've seen in the campaigns in the primaries when he was running for president and he's now picking that up again but china says this america first policy is only going to lead to isolation on the global stage is a right yeah but i think. heads of states foreign policy circuits are somewhat more immune to trump's rhetorics than they have been in the beginning not everything that is stated at some point in time is taken at face value because well security circles know that sometimes there are decisions that might contradict these prior statements at some point in time you mentioned yourself in the last few months we've seen such a gap between rhetoric and real policy in the trumpet ministration why is that and is that something we're going to continue to see i think that's been the one continuity in the trumpet ministration and i think yes this is something we're going to see this is one of the reasons he was elected president because he was
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seen as particularly authentic doing what his guts tell him this visceral impulse this is something that george w. bush was also famous for and i think this is going to stay around all right boris farman a professor of political science at bard college in berlin thank you very much thank you. you're watching news still to come prison cells as part of an election campaign as catalonians prepare to cast their ballots in a regional vote later this week some politicians have been fighting for support from behind bars. and look ahead to the upcoming games in the german cup as high flying shall co-host a rejuvenating cologne in the round of sixteen. but first it was a hack that made headlines around the world then you have more on that it sure did sue me president of trump's administration in washington has blamed north korea for the one of cry ransomware attack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide p.c.'s in over one hundred countries ground to a whole following the ransomware attack this spring hospitals across the u.k.
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were brought to a standstill also affected with german railway corporation torture bond french comic or no spain's telefonica and the russian interior ministry acas demanded a ransom payable in the crypto currency bitcoin to revive the systems and released databases north korea denies any involvement. a south korean crypto currency is shutting down and filing for bankruptcy after it was hacked for the second time this year it's concerns about security as trade bitcoin and other virtual currencies boom exchange told you bits had been hacked once before in april when nearly four thousand big coins were stolen in a cyber attack that the country's spy agency linked to north korea again according to a newspaper report that is you bit announced on its website that it had been hacked on tuesday causing a loss worth seventeen percent of its total assets. and yet because it almost broke
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another record today and is now hovering around eighteen thousand dollars it's up twenty fold this year as you know our until ten who's been following this story closely for us aaron is the big buzz more about the cryptocurrency itself or about the technology behind it from what i read at least well i really think that depends on who you ask when it comes to individual investors of course they're looking at this you know twenty fold growth that bitcoin has laid in this year i mean it's gone from i believe about a thousand dollars per bitcoin last year to as you said over eighteen thousand and that's incredible growth so of course you have individual investors looking at that and seen can i make a quick buck there should put my savings there on the other side because it is based on block chain technology and that's actually quite exciting i mean not to get too technical it basically were blocking means you have these huge public leisure's so that you're able to follow transactions from the beginning to the end and that has a lot of other industries like supply chain management or even vote in quite excited because it gives you the ability to follow
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a product from its production through every hand it goes to until it lands either maybe in your refrigerator or in your home and the same thing with voting it could give the ability for people to actually look at votes and make sure that nobody's actually tampering with the with them because they can follow the chain of the paper ballot from beginning to the end the great thing being you don't need the middleman know how secure. is it after having said all of that well as we've seen today bitcoin is vulnerable while the cryptographic algorithms that it's based on are very very secure and so far there haven't been a lot of successful attempts to attack those just like any bank the most insecure part of it is basically the front door you see a lot of these hackers are actually attacking the services where these digital wallets actually where the big coins are kept and they're finding ways to steal those or to gain access to the private key which is basically the key that opens up the bitcoin wallet that's still vulnerable and you get close and today is a great example of that and as the price continues to go up so does the boehner
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ability tell us about the significance of the risks for people wanting to get into this sort of a basement well i mean it's still very much on tested water i mean right now if you're getting into bitcoin there are two ways to do it either you buy bitcoins yourself like a normal. stock or normal financial assets or you go but mind them which is kind of a complicated process which allows you to create your own bitcoins now both of them are attached to significant investments on your part and at the end of the day there's the possibility of festen loss as we saw today and also the extreme vulnerability i mean we've we've seen a valuation curve on bitcoin that started here the beginning the year and it's all the way up there and for a lot of financial experts that reeks of bubble and we've we've also seen fluctuations of fifteen hundred dollars on an individual days so there's a possibility of making an incredible amount of money but also losing it as well there are lots of warnings out singapore and germany today yes they france last week a straight a it could be a topic of the next g.
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twenty a central banks worried that this employee being left out and banks themselves because they're the middlemen i referred to before or is this serious concern well certainly i mean we're talking about banks and central federal reserve banks and central banks there regulating authority and bitcoin cuts them out it cuts out the middleman which means it's very very. hard to regulate the industry so of course there might be some hurt egos there but there are regulatory concerns as i said some people worry that this could be a massive bubble at the same time we have seen people use crypto currency on the dark net in other places to engage in things like buying weapons buying drugs human trafficking and because you can't really regulate the industry very well it opens up the door to a lot of kind of dark areas so of course there might be some hurt feelings but yes there are also regulatory concerns that are legitimate and should be taken seriously or until then thank you very much for bringing us up to speed.
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to spain now where it is the final day of campaigning ahead of catalonia as regional election later this week the vote was ordered by the spanish government when it says control of the region following october's controversial independence referendum tensions between catalonia separatists and unionist parties remain high ahead of their state's vote and there's no telling yet which party is likely to come out on top of a prison cell in front of a shopping center the catalonian election campaign may seem strange at times in the town of a lot supporters of the region's independence can be symbolically looked up to show their solidarity with the catalonian politicians who themselves are behind as. nobody here focuses on catalonia as declaration of independence in october being dismissed as illegal by spanish authorities wanted me to do this us to do with our people's dignity of our politicians are only in jail because of their political
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ideals. across the catalonian countryside in towns like a lot support for independence remains strong. mad to set coral minas no longer needs to campaign the separatists have an overwhelming majority here. above the town hall the catalonian flag no longer flies the electoral committee has banned it . for years but in the mayor's office there's a picture of the deposed cattle and head of government car less pushed a month. if that posed a modest bill my president of course the legal strategy madrid is using in my opinion is totally illegitimate and only gives us more strength of course as them being so was most independent is that. in the neighboring village putsch to months party is holding a rally his chair is empty he left for brussels at the end of october so the candidate makes a live video appearance while in exile the catalonian election campaign is unusual
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at times yes those opposed to separatism in a lot feel isolated including prime on the socialist local councillor before we filmed him in a cafe other customers left the premises and. in my basketball club we decided not to talk about politics away from the same goes for my wife's family was the atmosphere is very tense in the last bit of it almost it is then so i know. only a few people turn up at the socialists meetings in a lot many say they are afraid to openly admit their political sentiments according to brahman. but in big cities like barcelona people are flocking to join those parties opposed to catalonia and independence here the socialist and the liberals are seeking supporters recent polls suggest that support for and opposition to
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catalonian independence is almost tied but the separatists dominate in the countryside they feel they're the victims of the government's. and there campaigning the jail in a lot also happens to be open at night. in football the german cup round of sixteen gets underway this evening with a standout match bringing together two teams with contrasting fortunes shall have been flying high this season there unbeaten in twelve games cologne meanwhile have endured a dismal campaign at the bottom of the bundesliga but they did back their first league win this season over the weekend. christmas came early for shock of this year they have lost since september and will spend the winter in second place putting them in a festive mood. on saturday they showed their fighting spirit against frankfurt coming back from to kneel down to seal a draw was but coach dominico to desk zero is wary of
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a rejuvenated cologne sign it. does from phones your own political act and he i don't see them as lacking confidence but as a team with nothing to lose playing against teams with nothing to lose it's quite uncomfortable swimming in him it took them seventeen games but cologne finally won in the bundesliga on saturday but they've shown better form in cup competitions with strong performances in both the europa league and german cup. with several key players back fit new coach to from a huge and back thinks his side have a chance against shall go i was able to munch of a top there a great chain among the top five in the bundesliga plots but every game has to be played and we can beat anyone has done ok we know shall career strong team but we've got our chances for sure mike every game we've played i the form book often goes out the window in knockout competitions and cologne players will be hoping
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they'll be repeating scenes like this on tuesday. let's bring in max merrill from database for time x. a shock us in a pretty incredible turnaround under tesco how to coach as well so far has been absolutely fantastic and he's kind of gone against expectation because he had a lot of doubters when he took over and rightly so in the thirty two years old younger than a lot of the pros that he's in charge of and he only had eleven games as a professional coach under his belt when he took over and he's taken quite an unconventional path into coaching really he studied engineering became an engineer got a masters in innovation management and only then did he think. maybe i'll take my coaching badges and become a football coach he never played as well and he was in a group getting his coaching lessons with nagual someone who's seen as the sort of shooting star of german football coaching but it was he who is top of the cluster desk oh and he's taken his other experiences out of football including the fact
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that he also speaks five languages and really done an amazing job at shelby's instilled a belief that they've had a lot of turnaround games where they scored late in the game coming back from not only to nil like on the weekend but also for neil and the dobie against dortmund so he's a great community communicates a great motivator but it's only half a season so far we'll see if he can make it last if it's not just a fluke so i shall go flying high what about cologne how important is for them to have a good run in the cup well i think it's less important really for them i think the fans would love to see it hooten back we have banging the cup drum as we should be but really the league takes precedence they've only got six points in the league that bottom of the table so now when the bundesliga starts up in january again they'll have seventeen cup finals to try and save themselves and avoid relegation after this round only eight teams will remain who is going to win well hold as dortmund was certainly a favorite but they're going to face by munich tomorrow so one of them is going to
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miss out other than that it's pretty wide open lights are going hoffenheim already were knocked out last last round and they would have been strong teams in the competition and tomorrow face live accusing the winner of that could go far and shell tonight's game if they go through against cologne which i would back them to do i think they can go far in the competition all right the german cup round of sixteen getting underway this evening max mel from database for thank you thanks to me. now world one hundred meter a champion justin gatlin says he is shocked after an undercover sting from britain's daily telegraph newspaper brought up doping allegations against his coach an agent the american sprinter has already been banned for doping twice an anti-doping authorities have a launch an investigation get leins past bands came in two thousand and one and two thousand and six the american sprinters recent agent robert wagner was recorded on camera offering testosterone and human growth hormone for a fictional client the undercover reporters were representing lawyers for this
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printer say he's clean gallants coach dennis mitchell talked about how athletes have access to designer drugs to avoid detection get lin took to instagram to proclaim his innocence about performance enhancing drugs stating i am not using and have not used p.e.d.'s i was shocked and surprised to learn that my coach would have anything to do with even the appearance of these current accusations i fired him as soon as i found out about this all legal options are on the table and i will not allow others to lie about me like this according to the telegraph report get lin also fired wagner who now says he was just playing along with reporters. so you're watching news still to come one year later and later what has changed since the first major is the most attack here in germany and what has the
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government learned from its handling of the incident. a turkish german journalist walks free from a turkish prison but still cannot leave the country now will authorities free her other jailed colleagues. and a first look at bradley scott's all the money in the world that's after christopher plummer replaces kevin spacey in the movie falling multiple sexual assault allegations against the actor. plus twitter takes on hate speech will tell you how it's all coming up in the next thirty minutes. december nineteenth two thousand and sixteen twelve people were killed in a terrorist attack on a christmas market in berlin why couldn't the police stop the islamist perpetrator
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mistakes miscalculations and missed opportunities our reports analyzes the authorities failure since the attack on the terrorism came to berlin. shows up in forty five minutes on d w. it's all about the moments that. it's all about the stories inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us in the inspired by distinctive instagram hours. d.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. they live to surf little danger lurks in the water we were the only old surfing waste and polluted water.
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basically this least of all as well as to back up what was on a ship full of official. length is only decent it sounds go somewhere everyday and see more and more broadly she much time on the sea gives me everything from blames the wind i have to give something back so you know blind to the latest music and already got to the restroom. waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea starting january seventh on g.w. . welcome back you're watching news our top story berlin has marked one year since an attack on a christmas market in the city by opening a new memorial to the victims twelve people died and dozens were wounded in the
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first major islamist attack in germany. while that attack a year ago was exposed cracks in germany security apparatus that failed to stop on his armory before he drove a truck into crowds at the christmas market there. looks at what you. has done since then to prevent another such attack. the end the worst ever islamist attack carried out in germany was the work of a terrorist who had outsmarted the authorities. asylum seeker and his amry used fourteen different identities while living in germany. the police had categorized emery as dangerous and capable of an attack but they had lost sight of him. after the atrocity put it in decided to act. as
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a signal intelligence in government has made a number of legal changes for example with regard to the control and surveillance of immigrants classified as potentially dangerous alter the streamlined deportation of these people should stop anything like the amry case from ever happening again at least in germany even if you don't. it's now easier to deport potentially foreign terrorists and this is happening if as in the case of on is only they have no documents they can be imprisoned. fingerprints of asylum applicants and now stored in a central data bank along with biometric photos and if their status is dubious data can be extracted from their cell phones. one year after the attack germany's interior minister believes that the authorities can no longer be tricked into accepting false identities and yes if someone you know is in the emory case enters the system using multiple lass' that will actually help us to identify that person
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as someone who's seeking to deceive us into your view that germany has also extended its use of phidias surveillance there are plans to install cameras and facial recognition systems at central locations. further measures include electronic ankle bracelets to money to the location and movements of potential terrorists as. we put it in my opinion these are symbolic measures that were taken to suggest to the public that something was being done to increase the security really that if you analyze the emory case you'll see that the legal framework allowing him to be arrested was actually already implies. that someone for. in berlin the most clearly visible action taken this year was the installation of concrete barriers at the scene of the crime but they cannot stop the terror on
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their own what is needed for more security is targeted prevention more effective policing and above all closer cooperation both nationally and internationally german authorities have done a lot this year but they still need to draw more lessons from the fate. that's been fundament reporting there let's bring in our chief political correspondent and a crane. as we mentioned chancellor merkel's government has faced all sorts of criticism for its response to the attack since last year and she did make some remarks following today's memorial ceremony let's listen to what she said. i have to speak now on behalf of myself and on behalf of the german government to say that we need to work to improve the way we deal with things like this. that we must do everything in our power not only to try to protect the people in this country but
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also to ensure that people whose lives are affected by attacks of this kind and that we're doing everything we can to help them adjust to their new situation which is why the bereaved relatives and the injured i will be meeting again. soon to tell them what we have learned from my mistakes what we will do differently next time in order to help. to. overcome this terrorist attacks and to ensure that in the future we as the german state will do everything we can talk to help. someone have a chance what they're saying germany must do better how significant was that state . it was quite significant and here she is speaking to criticisms about the german government's response these a v the bereaved families that's a whole different set of criticisms apart from those about prevention and
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protection of public places so essentially the story behind this is the following the german government responded after the attack a year ago with a great deal of concern about public opinion in general they're eager to give the message to germans that this kind of thing would not happen again and that the german government wouldn't because by terrorism in doing so with that focus they somewhat left out of the picture the immense distress that was felt by the families of the victims some of them waited for days before the government even told them whether their loved ones were alive or dead others were sent bills for autopsies even the invitation letter for them to participate in today's ceremony apparently included statements about the fact that taxi costs wouldn't be reimbursed all of that is germany's president said today looked like a very cold very detached reaction and he said that some families had even told him
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personally they felt abandoned by the state that's what she's speaking to right there she did meet with the families yesterday but it was the first time that the chancellor herself actually did meet with them since the attack on the let's return to prevention and protection of public spaces as you said because there were glaring failures by security services wanted. first of all what fabienne mentioned standing there at the side of the attack soft targets as they've come to be called open squares like that in germany a year ago were not protected by those concrete barricades that you now saw put in place there they also they had some police presence but not anything like as intense as it is now so that's the protection side the prevention side is that and there it is there were basically failures in a number of different levels but absolutely key and again this was mentioned in the report was the failure of different local and national authorities to cooperate
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with one another there were a lot of good rules in place but the fact is that some of the working force and some of them simply slipped through the cracks because authorities weren't talking to each other there are some moves to change that but much more can still be done w.'s chief political correspondent linda crane thank you melinda. now according to turkey has released a turkish german journalist pending trial for terrorism michelle of told whose case has tested the already strained relations between berlin and ankara total was arrested earlier this year in what human rights organizations have called a targeted crackdown on free speech in turkey. mischler total can finally embrace her family members again she'd been in a women's prison since april when she was arrested in istanbul her three year old son also spent time with her behind bars. i'm very happy but also very exhausted and this is been a huge sacristan i still have to process. thank you steve
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in the coming days i'll get a clearer idea of what actually happened and be able to say more. but told those new freedom only goes so far turkish authorities have refused to return her passport the charges against her membership in a left wing group turkey considers a terrorist organization remain her trial is still set for spring for the german government to those release is a good sign but not a final resolution. on this. we aren't in place yet where we can say everything's being. definitely not and there are still many existing difficulties but this is a clear signal towards the easing of tensions that a step in the right direction or of course very happy for him is told to falling. toto as one of several german journalists or human rights activists arrested in
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turkey this year the german government considers them political hostages to lose release comes on the heels of another turkish court ruling in a german detainees favor the sociologist is now free to return to germany after nearly two years detention that leaves eight german nationals still behind bars in turkey our correspondent in istanbul dorian jones is standing by dorian toll is out of jail is this a sign of hope for other germans that are in prison right now. well it certainly is what they will be hoping for given the fact that a lot in october peter storrie no he german human rights activists too was released from. detention while his trial was going on but story that was allowed to leave the country but tolo is being forced to stay in turkey and will wait until her trial completes in april and she still faces very serious charges and could face up to fifteen years in jail and there's
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a lot of unhappiness in berlin about the fact she still has to remain in turkey until recently the turkish government had rejected any calls from germany to release imprisoned journalists and human rights activists what has changed. well i think that there is a concerted effort on both sides to deescalate tensions they realize that it is not helping anyone last month the german foreign minister made a surprise visit to turkey and we have seen efforts on both sides small steps to try and deescalate and the release of tolo is seen as another small step but the fact she's still in turkey indicates the size of the problem still facing both sides in resolving tensions as is the fact that there are eight of german nationals in prison which burling consider as a political. story and jones reporting from istanbul dorian thank you for keeping us up to date. now in a bid to make the world of social media a better place twitter has launched an offensive against hate groups it's unveiled
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new rules resulting in a right wing extremists and trolls being banned from the platform but will it really make a difference let's bring in once that has written and see me at our social media desk all right that story let's see if we can have was light on the line as well was i just saw you i don't know if you can hear me. really where was that ok great why is twitter doing this. hi sue me well there has been a lot of criticism over the years and people have accused facebook and twitter for a lot of things from swinging the u.s. election to enabling neo nazis now that criticism picked up some steam back in september when twitter decided to verify the account of this man here this is jason it kessler he's an organizer off in your nazi rally in charlot spill earlier this year that left one person dead and this caused a big backlash against twitter why would a very five someone accused of being a nazi and a lot of people saw this as proof that twitter was not doing anything to prevent
3:43 pm
hate speech and as a reaction to this twitter has temporarily decided to stop to to stop very fine accounts of people and last month they have announced that they're going to come up with new rules and they would suspend accounts promoting violence or hate speech and their rules they are saying users may not affiliate with organizations that whether by their own statements or activities on and off the platform use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes and those rule kick those rules came into effect yesterday immediately dozens of accounts linked to racist groups and hate speech began to disappear from the platform one of them is j. to france and the deputy leader of a group britain first and the person who is anti muslim videos donald trump retreated last month neither her nor her party leader paul golding can tweet anymore and twitter has also suspended the account of britain's first oh is this
3:44 pm
going to affect these groups these people. well it is actually a huge thing especially for marginal groups like britain first who have barely scraped the one percent mark and local elections but they have created a huge following on social media and of course they are crying foul and now and the their party leader paul golding of britain first has posted this petition here asking twitter to reactivate their account but twitter is actually not their only outlet for a while now people who've been kicked off twitter for their views have been gathering on platforms like gap which is also described as the twitter for the far right and as you can imagine there have been of course people who have criticized this move by twitter and one of them is this user here who is actually. addressing twitter fondo jack dorsey and he says your attacks on free speech make
3:45 pm
me sick you sense of the right citing violence or hate yet the violent and hateful left continues on a post i can't decide for myself what views to hold so we have to keep in mind that these new rules have just started so we have to give it a bit of time to see whether it would really effect hate speech or not all right our social media editor was like thank you. and ben is back now and then some people getting ready for an early christmas present a few people at least trump i would say and most of his mates the super rich and big corporations wall street has just opened the dow jones industrial making only moderate gains some hesitation there in comparison to yesterday's excitement over that tax reform bill it's set to go through congress today and the senate and could well be signed into law before christmas. the biggest gift goes to corporations who will see a permanent tax cut from thirty five to twenty percent individuals would see smaller tax cuts with higher earners benefiting more they would also be temporary
3:46 pm
expiring at the end of two thousand and twenty five so while low and middle income earners would see more money in the first few years their taxes would eventually go up without an extension of the cuts even if temporary those cuts allow some skeptical republicans to get on board most may households well see their taxes go down the bill could hurt individual earners in another way it introduces a new inflation index that could push them into higher tax brackets sooner the plan sticks closely to the familiar republican themes assuming tax relief for businesses and the wealthy benefits society more than tax cuts for low and middle income earners this is good news for the american people we're going to get the economy roaring back again and improve pay and increase jobs and make america more competitive in the global economy but in the final version republicans have not lived up to trump's promise to drastically cut the paper work behind their taxes or for tax cuts the do not further inflate america's ballooning deficit. that means
3:47 pm
the most expensive overhaul of america's tax code comes as a christmas gift to some but also as a present that has been bought on credit. let's go over to an advice in frankfurt our financial correspondent there when i look at the dax today it tells me this is a wait and see for trade isn't it to do trade is there way you would expect this bill to get watered down in the next days. well actually nobody really expects it is expecting that it's going to get watered down but we have seen it with wary is law initiatives from the trump administration that that knee end they didn't go through so i think people are still hesitant when it comes to believe thing that this tax bill it will be a sweeping tax bill will actually be really pasi the legislative process and politically could it end up backfiring on trump in any way considering as we
3:48 pm
pointed out a lot of the benefits are going to big corporations and the super rich. well if you look at who actually voted for them yes one could think that yes it could actually backfire because he was voted by like the blue collar workers and he was saying he'll good going to make lives better especially for that class of people his thinking is kind of their friend when you go and read about him you get the feeling that he will think that if the the rich better off and also corporates are better off then they will go and invest the money and will create jobs which then will be beneficial for exactly that class of people and that's how he is selling his policy that if american corporates are doing well they will also create jobs and that will make america as he always say ses ed great again in his own words and the super
3:49 pm
rich will think great as well having that whole class of people working for them as you point out then advised bob thank you very much from frank good. everybody is writing a record third quarter to book its first full year of profitability in the company's history the holiday apartment rental platform recorded revenues of about one billion dollars last quarter up more than fifty percent from the previous year company officials say bookings have risen by the same amount with significant growth from emerging markets like china the news comes at an auspicious time for a b. and b. which is set to begin public trading next year and is expected to be one of the. people do things to paul that cannot be undone for any amount of money we have to pay this simply isn't possible my financial position has changed really in thirty seconds ago you said it was a good day i have never been more vulnerable financially than i am right now as you
3:50 pm
can with all due respect nobody has ever been richer than you are at this moment. drama that was a scene from all the money in the world the new film by british director ridley scott it is based on the true story of the kidnapping of sixteen year old john paul getty the third in the refusal of his billionaire grandfather to pay the ransom and we have karen from culture with us karen this is really scott's a second film of the year but this one actually got a lot of buzz because of a change in the cast this was an unprecedented move sumi ridley scott replaced two time oscar winner kevin spacey after multiple allegations of sexual assault were made against again that happened about eight weeks out from the intended release of the film which was originally december twenty second now it's been moved to the twenty fifth in the role of j.p. getty sr was recast with canadian actor christopher plummer who was very much in
3:51 pm
the spotlight at the premiere last night in los angeles where his christopher plummer at eighty eight years. he accepted this role immediately. you can see him there with ridley scott on the red carpet along with the actual lead actors michelle williams and in just a moment you'll see mark wahlberg not really scott literally we shot all of the scenes with spaces character it was a move the costume an extra ten million dollars that's a quarter of the movie's original budget but he and the production company felt that it was necessary to salvage the film that in this situation with the bases name on it obviously it could cloud its oscar chances and possibly even dampen put a damper on its commercial prospects so an incredible feat in the very short time that it that was available so let's let's have a quick look at the film. michelle williams plays the mother of kidnapped yesterday
3:52 pm
the first is an agent hired by the family to oversee the investigation. must be very frightened right now i know i'm frightened for him. because out to the people. i don't care why you did this but i asked as a mother that you think of your own children you have the child you once said my boy free thanks to the agent's job is hampered by the billionaire grandfather the kid now refusing to play is the rent son. my father an all new buys the best. time you to do whatever it is he pays you. don't know how it's because again six books you've read so severe that. no money to spare no one has ever been richer than you are at this moment what would it take you to feel secure. more . get you the man that gets you the man is always the engine of this and they can not use and character mysterious character who i so it's themselves true
3:53 pm
wealth. and so are trust of the writer to go with the writer and follow the right. listen to it all in the space we were short because we were constantly refer. to. the pretty people. on the phone there's a. levy has already picked up three golden globe nominations including best supporting actor christopher and best that first full michelle williams as the distressed mother. my child in prison to be going down to maybe take it easy and then you know not to mind all the money in the world a movie with an amazing product on and off screen full. and all the bigger statement from bradley scott than to change the cast last minute
3:54 pm
absolutely you know this is happening obviously in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal and ridley and and his colleagues decided that they had the opportunity to make this film a turning point of sorts for change in the industry of ridley scott obviously a director of incredible repute who has the stature to do this kind of thing i mean he's also very much a feminist among directors so he's making a statement he's known for his strong female characters and it's it's really a sign that he stands up and and says this kind of behavior would just be tolerated has kevin spacey waited you know he has been very quiet apart from his initial apology to the first accuser and as far as i know he has not apologized to ridley scott the interesting thing is that he was also fired by netflix for the for the final season our house of cards so yeah it's not looking good for him but the interesting thing is that scott actually wanted christopher plummer he was on his wish list at the beginning so to cast him in this role you know he says that plant palmer's performance was really much the better and let's just have
3:55 pm
a look i mean we can all look at the old trailer. that was laid off there with kevin spacey in the role and species character was you know an octogenarian so he was caked in prague. it make up to make him look the part which is interesting in any original film campaign this physical transformation and seeing there was a really big deal so obviously any hopes for the oscar for makeup are definitively dashed and all of the coasters in marketing had to be redone. really chapeau to christopher plummer for stepping in and doing this entire thing in nine days he did all of the shooting in nine days. and it's a testament to ridley scott who's also by the way turned eighty in the midst of all of this just what an incredible talent he has to sort of you know complete the scenes redo the whole thing get the whole crew onboard and get it done in time and all the money in the world coming out next week is our twenty fifth of december in the states yeah right karen holmes from culture thank you karen. we just have time
3:56 pm
for a minder of our top story that we're following for you at this hour berlin has marked one year since an attack on christmas market in the city by opening a new memorial to the victims twelve people died dozens were wounded in the first major is on the such attack in germany. will be right here at the news desk in just a few minutes away.
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from. december nineteenth two thousand and sixteen twelve people were killed in a terrorist attack on a christmas market in berlin why couldn't the burmese stop the islamist perpetrator
3:58 pm
from the. stakes miscalculations and missed opportunities our reports analyzes the authorities failures the attack the terrorism came to berlin to. close up in fifteen minutes on d w. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and new. all over the world. are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom. the something nice print i as came to dealing with anyone at that and they killed many civilians. come including my father. i was
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prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on d w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning s d w may for mine. this is really news live from berlin honoring the victims of the terror attack at pride check lots of saumur ceremony in the heart of berlin the city's mayor on bills a memorial to the twelve people killed when a truck plowed into
4:01 pm
a christmas market year ago today we're at the scene also coming up.


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